Tittyhawk - The Wrath of Commander Titjob

The Wrath of Commander Titjob

Selecting mates based on favorable characteristics.
In the not too distant future, Humans have begun to evolve.
The favorable characteristics?
Sexual prowess.
The next evolution of Mankind is here

and it wants to fuck your brains out.
Willing or no

Book 1

The City. Bustling with activity and crime.

And the HAWK.

5'3” tall with raven black hair, large perky breasts and pale skin like marble, Tittyhawk is the Dark Mistress of the City, protector of those who would fall prey to the sinister ministrations of the new sexual mutants. Her costume accentuates her own powers, being just a cup-less corset, thong and thigh high stiletto heeled leather boots. A mask covers her face, obscuring her identity. And between her large mounds is a tattoo of a hawk, circled by an intricate pattern of whorls and knots, which glows with a faint blue light.

She bursts through the night, her white breasts shining, nipples proud and erect. A bank alarm has gone off, her tits humming in the direction of the outburst. Using her increased strength and endurance, she runs through mid-town, startling four hobo's, a crack dealer, and a prostitute servicing her fifth regular of the night.

BOOM!, the blast rings out from the direction she's headed.

Approaching the bank on foot, she stops and sees three hooded men running out of a massive hole, the cops blasted on their asses by the would-be-masterminds who detonated some form of explosive to knock the wall open, allowing a free escape or so they thought.

“STOP! In the name of the HAWK!”

The men turn in unison, jaws dropping as she runs towards them, her tits bouncing with each step, jet black hair trailing behind. Once within a few feet of the nearest assailant, she notices that he and his buddies crotches are all tenting, “Not today, boys!”

Kicking with her heeled foot, she drives the point of her toe into his dick in the soft spongy bit right above his balls. Yowling in pain in a high falsetto, the first robber drops. The other two men snap out of their stupor long enough to see her lick her fingers, and then tweak her nipples between her thumb and forefinger, shooting a bolt of blue energy at their dicks from each nipple, sending both crumpling to the pavement and the sack of money flying up and onto Tittyhawk's ample cleavage, which then bounces into her waiting hands.

Turning, our heroine tosses the bag to the stunned and quite erect bank teller, “Put it away, and keep the change.”

She saunters a few feet, long enough to get the entire populace gathered and staring at her ass or tits, then jumps on top of a nearby building with a single leap, sprinting away as she does, the people of the City stopping their bickering and TV watching and babysitting to make love of some sort, lust filling their love muscles, brains unknowingly manipulated by her aura of sexuality.

Another successful hunt for the Hawk.


The Next Night

Jane Weather's sits at her computer, trying to work out how to tell this latest slug brain that his, services, were not wanted.

“What's up?”

Her fiance walked in, his sweats tenting due to Weathers aura of sexuality, a byproduct of her powers, “Another asshole wanting in my pants.” Jane's sarcastic tone conveyed her feelings on the matter.

He snorts, sitting behind her on the stool and circling his arms around her chest, the emblem glowing softly blue, “Who now?”

“The really old one”, disgust.

He laughs and squeezes her tighter, “Will they ever learn?”

She giggles and snuggles in closer, his warmth giving her comfort. Like all men, he'd want to fuck her. Unlike the rest, though, she would let him. He took a giant whiff of her hair, then began nuzzling her exposed neck, hair falling into his face as she moaned, her back arching, neck moving itself to his mouth automatically, her form contouring to his.

Grabbing the back of his neck, she began mewling as his hands cupped her breasts through her shirt, lifting the massive breasts with ease, their softness exciting him as he grabbed her nipple lightly and pulled upwards, her breasts seeming to float with barely any pull. Releasing her right breast, he moved his hand down her stomach, playing small designs on her torso, firmly muscled but soft, the fabric irritating him with his need to feel her flesh.

Spinning around, Jane moved on top of Jake, her fiance, grinding her crotch into his thigh, moving her head in and kissing him deeply, their tongues intertwining as he grabbed her ass and lifted, her mouth disengaging and his latching onto her right nipple, sucking it through her shirt, the pert nub getting erect. Moaning louder, she reached down and began stroking his hardening cock through the fabric of his sweats, the tip touching her clothed clit with every upward grind of her hips, setting her body on fire with each grind of her hips, each thrust of his.

He stopped sucking, lifting her tight shirt off her body and pinning her arms behind her back with it, eagerly attacking her right breast again, this time sucking in her nipple and pinching down lightly with his teeth, while his right hand grabbed and massaged her left breast. She moved her body front and back, her pussy getting wetter by the second, the crotch of her jeans soaked and leaving a trail on his thigh through her overflowing panties, now saturated with her juices.

Lifting Jane up, Jake carried her to their bed, spinning and putting her on her knees, face in the bed as he grabbed her supple ass and squeezed, then grabbed her jeans, unsnapped them, and pulled them down to her knees, exposing her panty clad but soaked honeypot. Grabbing each cheek and spreading them, he moved his face down and inhaled deeply, her aroma making him want her harder, then shoved his tongue into her wet hole as far as he could, forcing her panties into her pussy, her moans of approval echoing around the walls. Removing his tongue, he curled it and began sucking on her clit, also through the material of her panties, moving his lips over it and gently sucking it, hand moving panty away from pussy, his middle finger fucking her hole as she screamed into the covers, her ass quivering and shaking, his tongue and mouth working her clit eagerly.

Reaching a hand to one ass globe, he spanked her, a loud smack followed by a grunt and groan from his fiance, “Harder!”

Smiling, Jake obliges, smacking her ass as he eats her out, causing her hips to buck forward, her first orgasm, overpowering and leaving her breathless. Stopping his feast for a moment as his fiance recovers, Jake removes his clothes then pushes Jane onto her side, lying down in the 69 position and grabbing her hips, moving her over onto his stomach, his now exposed dick inches from her mouth. Ripping her wet panties off her body with an initial rip of the waist band, then a second, more forceful rip down to her crotch, exposing her entire womanhood in order to better taste her sweet nectar.

Diving back in, her pussy juices coating his face, she begins groaning and moaning, face inching closer to his cock head with each passing minute. As she begins coming for the second time from his oral ministrations, she engulfs his member, her throat swallowing him whole. He tenses as her tongue snakes out and licks his sack a little, her throat convulsing around his dick lodged deep in her throat, then continues fingering and eating her out, her pussy clenching around his intruding finger.

Removing his face from her crotch, Jake lays back and enjoys her skillful mouth play him like a fiddle, her tongue snaking up and around his crown and down the center, sucking a ball in then moving back up to continue sucking him eagerly, her arms still pinned behind her back.

Groaning, Jake moves Jane off his member onto her side, moving her shirt all the way off her and her jeans off, exposing her pale white flesh to his gaze. Her pussy was drenched, the fine strip of black hairs over her mound glistening and her thighs as well. Her tits heaved as she looked up at her man, his broad chest sweaty and muscular. Spreading her legs, he positioned himself at her entrance, rubbing his dick head up and down her slit, getting her used to his girth. Average length, but with some girth to it, Jake began to slowly push his cock into her snatch inch by inch, her moans as he slowly penetrated her driving him wild, her ass pushing furtively back onto his dick, each agonizingly slow inch pushing her further towards another orgasm, inch by slow inch.

When his pelvis hit her mound, he gave a small forward thrust, almost as if to make sure it was in all the way, then began slowly pumping his cock in and out of her quivering pussy, groaning along with Jane. He fucked her at this tempo for what felt like eternity, when her breasts began to swell as she finally came for the third time, her pussy clenching down hard on his cock, forcing the blood flow to stop on the way out and engorging it, her vice like grip with her velvet lined pussy forcing his hips to hers as she began grinding them in small circles, her juices leaking down her ass crack and soaking the sheets, her legs tightening together, grinding her clit with her smooth thighs.

“Oh god, honey! I'm coming” he panted and began pumping hard, his dick moving slightly as she cooed and encouraged him, her breasts beginning to lift her body up off the bed slightly as Jake came, his back arched as she lifted, his dick rubbing her g-spot just right and sending her into a fourth orgasm, her body convulsing her onto her back, Jake still pumping his seed into her, the hawk tattoo pulsating and glowing brightly with it's blue light.

She screamed, then fell gently back to the bed as she shook slightly, Jake's body falling onto hers and following her down as they both lay back, exhausted.

He smiled up at her, and then the phone rang. The red one. Getting up, she ran to the kitchen and answered, then ran back into the bedroom and hit the tiny button under her desk, revealing the closet she kept her costume in, “What now?” Jake asked.

“Some nutjob with his dick out is terrorizing the strip joint downtown Apparently he's causing some sort of panic by claiming he'll titfuck the world or something. Later!” She kissed him and got dressed, jumping out the window and running towards downtown.

Just another day?

Not in this city.

Book 2

She ran, her breasts humming in the direction of the stripclub on 22nd and Vine, though residual hums could be felt pointing her towards lesser crimes. Her run startled a few hobo's and prostitutes, also causing 2 pregnancies, preventing a rape (Turning it into a consensual tryst), and accidentally starting an incestuous three-way.

Tittyhawk arrives at the stripclub, “What's the problem officers?” She has arrived at the Oral Suite, a well known, high class stripclubThe male cops all tent in their uniforms as she asks, all blushing and stuttering, the female officers clenching their thighs together and suppressing groans. She ignores them and walks into the club, a large group of women fucking the patrons in a corner, each girl with large amounts of cum on their chests. A man wearing a business suit and with his dick out was titty fucking a stripper on stage, his prick at least 12 inches and thick, red glowing veins pulsing as he humped between the strippers massive tits. Her eyes were glazed, much like the other strippers. Then Tittyhawk felt it; he also had an aura of sexuality, though hers kept his from working on her.

As she watched, the man started coming, thick ropes of it landing all over the dancers tits, chest and face, her mouth working overtime to try and swallow it all, even though it was like trying to catch all the water from a garden hose full blast. It glowed red as it hit, then slowly faded. As he got off her, she stood and spoke, robot like, “What do you want me to do, master?”

He cackled, then saw Tittyhawk, his prick staying hard and even twitching a bit as he gazed at her breasts, her symbol glowing blue as her powers fought his. “Grab her and bring her here!” All the strippers turned and began advancing, the man's eyes turning glazed; apparently her aura was working on him, despite his not working on her.

She was startled as hands grabbed her from all over, lifting her up and bringing her to the man. Attempting to fight them off was no use, as they all exhibited great strength. As she got within reach, he grabbed her tits and sucked her netherlips into his mouth as they lowered her hips to his face, her labia juicing up at his ministrations, a moan escaping her lips as fingers probed her asshole. She looked up, and saw the patrons fucking the strippers as they in turn rubbed her all over, her body quaking with sexual energy. The man with the horse cock began moving up her body, the dancers in his spell moving her down and getting her ready to get tit fucked. As his monster cock wedged itself firmly in her cleavage, she let out a moan, his dick hot and sticky.

He began pumping in and out, his dick hitting Tittyhawk's chin with each in thrust. Her tits were like velvet, his cock engorging even more as she began taking the tip into her mouth, her tongue working into his piss slit as she did so, his groans reaching rather loud heights.

The wall of dancers all writhed around them, their cries of lust exciting the two super powered lovers even more. Each patron fucked a tight and oh-so-willing hole, moans and groans forming all around them, the cops sirens and bullhorns drowned out. Women were sucking, nibbling, and tonguing Tittyhawk's entire body, as well as the man titty fucking her.

Tittyhawk's tits began to glow, as commander Titjob's cock began pulsing. As he thrust faster and faster, Tittyhawk felt a dick enter her pussy, one of the patrons getting under her and starting to fuck, her groans getting sharper as an orgasm began to build. Wrenching her hands free, she grabbed her tits and squeezed them together, latching her mouth to the man's dick head and sucking for all she was worth, the massive load shooting down her throat as he came, his groans turning into grunts and then pants as she kept sucking, his cock getting larger, her stomach becoming slightly bulged as the cum filled her up, her own orgasm sending shock waves through her whole body.

Commander Titjob groaned, “Get off Get her off of me!”
She giggled with the dick in her mouth, then rammed it deep down her throat, her breasts squishing his balls and forcing his dick to wilt, all the dancers coming to their senses and screaming, patrons busting out of their sexual revery to get dressed and run out, embarrassment and shame intruding into their lust filled senses. Tittyhawk kept sucking Commander Titjob's dick until all the cum was out of him, her powers keeping his hypnotic powers in check.

When the police pulled her off of him, she smiled and walked away, “He'll be popular in prison”, her ass sashaying left and right as she walked.

The cops laughed, then cuffed him. Another job well done for Tittyhawk.

Or is it?

Book 3

Jane Weathers, A.K.A. Tittyhawk was dreaming.

She was back in the strip club, this time riding Commander Titjob's massive cock, her pussy clenching furiously around it's pulsing length. She began shuttering to a climax, her tits pulsing with light, her hands clenching against his shirt as she rode him in reverse cowgirl. She was coming hard, her face a distorted mask of pleasure and pain, her tits lifting her off of her lover, his hands gripping her hips and pushing her down hard on his cock as she got near the tip


“Jane!” her fiance Jake is shaking her awake, the red phone ringing in the background.

She sat bolt upright, shaking the sleep from her shoulders and standing up. Answering the phone, Jane acknowledged the speaker. Putting on her costume, she ran out the window after kissing Jack, his boner having to wait until she got back from duty.

As she ran out the window, jumping to street level, Tittyhawk pondered the recurring dream she had been having ever since taking Commander Titjob down. Normally, she wasn't into having her pussy or, for that matter, her asshole stretched that far. However, she kept having these recurring fantasies she shelved the thoughts for later, zeroing in on her latest suspect.

A man with a mysterious bulge on his back had robbed a local bank. Police suspected the man of having some sort of explosive device or worse, a chemical agent on his person. With her persuasive powers of sexuality, Tittyhawk was the only woman for the job.

She closed in on his address, a facial ID scan identifying the man as Thomas Kinkade, a normal 26 year old computer tech. No priors, though he had recently been fired from his job for taking an entire month off for sick leave. Tittyhawk jumped to the roof oh his apartment complex,, ripping the stair door off it's hinges as she ran down them, her tits bouncing as she jumped down each step.

Once she got to the second floor, she entered the hallway and searched for apartment 204. Inside the building, men began fucking wives, dogs fucked anything they could, and boys and girls eagerly masturbated, an activity that they would have been doing anyway.

She found 204, and kicked in the door, finding the robber, Thomas Kinkade, naked from the waist down, his back bulging outward and his hand furiously masturbating his thick, 7 inch dick. She was startled, but quickly recovered.

“Stop! In the name of the HAWK!” Tittyhawk ran to him as he turned, his cock throbbing in his fist. As she grabbed for him, he grabbed her, slamming Jane though the table in his kitchenette. As she lay on the ground groaning, he removed his shirt, revealing a massive dick on his back, right in the center between his shoulder blades, erect and oozing precum.

Her mouth began to salivate, as her pussy began to moisten up, her new found lust for giant cocks overcoming her senses. She leapt, slamming the man to the wall, his back-cock piercing it and knocking out a man fucking his wife in the ass, her grunt of approval as his dick popped out of her evident.

She grabbed his hair, and threw him on his hands and knees, straddling him as if he was a horse and she planned on mounting him. The dick head pushed at her aching pussy lips, the cum dripping out of her hole and lubricating his cock, the head pushing her lips around it's massive girth, her body shaking from the contact, sending her into a massive orgasm.

It was at least 2 ½ inches thick in diameter, her pussy eagerly, but slowly taking it in until the head popped around her lips, a moan of approval followed by a small whimper as he arched his back, forcing it in another two inches. She groaned as she started falling down it's length, easily a foot long, orgasming, her pussy letting loose a torrent of juice down his back-cock, her legs weak and wobbly.

He groaned, evidently feeling it as well, her pussy glove tight and pulsing, trying to milk his back-cock for all she was worth. She kept sliding down the shaft, finally halting when her ass hit his back, all 12” in her pussy vibrating with each breath Thomas took. He was grunting and groaning, his hands giving way and his hips up in the air, her body falling on top of him, though her tits kept her weight from his head. She continued riding him, her control returned and her lust for his cock only greater. Impaling herself on his massive extra fuckstick, he began to thrust with his hips, her hands reaching under him and beginning to jack him off, his regular cock throbbing in need.

Tittyhawk came again, her tits beginning to glow and her pussy clenching tighter around his cock as she started furiously jacking the suspect off, his back-cock burying itself into her over and over. She stopped jacking him off, her hands gripping his shoulders and riding him hard, grinding her whole length on his massive back dick, her body moving like a belly dancer, her breasts swaying enticingly, glowing with nipples erect.

Soon, she had worked herself up to an unbelievable fourth orgasm. As she came, a huge jet of come began shooting into her pussy, filling her every nook and cranny with loads and loads of come, his back-cock throbbing and seeming to get bigger as it did, his back arching and shoving what felt like an extra two inches into her cervix, sending a pleasant aftershock through her whole body, milking a few more dribbles of girl come out of her stretched and sopping pussy.

At the same time, his regular dick began to shrivel, pushing up into his body and dissappearing entirely. After he stopped shooting, what seemed like hours but was closer to 2 minutes, she jumped off of him, her tits aimed at his body, ready to shoot energy. However, it was unneeded. He was unconscious, his back-cock rock hard and still leaking come, his face blank and his normal cock still inside his body.

She walked out of the apartment, letting the police apprehend him.

It's a nasty job, but someone has to do it

Book 4

Jane was sleeping again, again dreaming of Commander Titjob.

The dreams had been getting better, but she still craved a huge dick. Her fiance normally satisfied her, but lately she'd started using a dildo she'd bought at a sex shop when he wasn't around, 14” long and 3” wide.

She felt a tongue on her pussy, her body pushing her ass towards it, a moan issuing from her lips as she woke slowly. A finger began poking at her asshole, and she groaned, trying to move her hands to her ass to spread her cheeks, but finding them tied up. Opening her eyes, she found herself on her knees, face in a pillow, hands and feet tied to the bed posts.

“Good morning sexy,” it was a female voice. Turning her head, she saw an Asian lady wearing blue spandex, light brown hair and blue eyes giving this beauty an exotic look.

“Who are you? What's going on?” the woman smiled, then began eating out Jane some more, sucking in her clit and using her tongue to lap at the same time. Jane moaned, her back arching, pushing her ass into the woman's mouth. Her index finger finally worked itself into her asshole, the tight ring of muscles tightening around the intruder, sending shivers up Jane's spine, her symbol beginning to glow as the pleasure mounted.

The woman moved her face off Jane's pussy, then stood, her spandex outfit covering her body except her tits. Those stuck straight out, pushed up with the force of the spandex. As Jane looked, she noticed a massive dildo sticking out of her crotch, twitching as if it was alive. She gasped.

“ You like my fuck stick?” She caressed it, her moan and the twitch of the fake blue cock causing Jane to moisten even more, “Synthetic materials, semi-organic, and all for you”Jane groaned and shoved her ass against the woman's crotch, “Who are you?”“My name is Amy” she grabbed her ass, “And I'm here to fuck Tittyhawk to death!” She rammed the dick home, engulfing all 9” of the big blue cock right into Tittyhawk's pussy, her scream of lust piercing her apartment. “You like that? You like getting raped by my girl cock, my fat,” Inward thrust, “long,” out and in with a quick one-two motion, “girl cock?”Amy started fucking her slowly, each in thrust dragging across Jane's g-spot, her clit getting pummeled by her pelvis, Jane's tits beginning to swing roughly as Amy picked up speed.

“Oh God yes!” Jane nearly screamed it, her body bucking back and forth as much as she could, trying to get this Amy woman to fuck her harder.

Amy smiled and continued fucking her slowly, her hips rotating as she shoved the dick in over and over, her own excitement rising as she began keeping a steady pace, slow and hard, the sounds of wet flesh against wet flesh everywhere, a soft squishing sound that made Amy fuck Tittyhawk harder, her own tits swaying as she did, her nipples small and dark brown.

Jane began to come, Amy grabbing her massive, soft tits and squeezing softly, pinching and rolling her nipples as she did. She shuddered, a small orgasm of her own sending her into a fit of ramming, Jane's pussy leaking juice down her thighs, Amy's speed picking up as she shuddered again. The Asian continued fucking her, 4 more orgasms sending Tittyhawk into a stupor, her pussy and ass moving up and down involuntarily as she came, her eyes rolled into her head and her body limp. Amy grabbed her arms, holding them at the wrists on her ass, rope cutting slightly into her flesh, her other hand slapping Tittyhawk's ass until she woke up groaning.

She pulled out as Tittyhawk came a sixth time, pushing the head of the dildo against her ass, then slowly pushing in, her asshole slowly opening up, pain tightening the muscles in her asshole so that the Asian stopped, unable to move on.

“Your asshole is tight!” Amy panted out, her face a mask of pleasure as Tittyhawk pushed her ass back, forcing a few inches into her clenching anal cavity and sending Amy into a harder orgasm, her blue fuck stick twitching in Jane's ass and flexing like it was trying to shoot a load into her, though nothing came out, “God, I'm cumming!”

She shuddered, her body falling forward, forcing the entire length into Tittyhawk. screaming as a sharp jolt of pain lanced through her asshole. She shook, making Tittyhawk come around the pain, her pussy squirting juice onto Amy's legs and crotch. She lay there panting as the Asian regained her breath, getting up and starting to fuck Tittyhawk's asshole raw, her moans of pain being replaced with groans of pleasure, mewling into the pillow as she continued fucking her, coming twice before pulling out and shoving the dick back into Tittyhawk's pussy, alternating holes until she came again, Amy's face red and sweaty, her stamina giving up as she collapsed onto Tittyhawk again, who began clenching her dildo with her pussy muscles, milking the fake cock for the come that it didn't have. Tittyhawk, regaining her strength, ripped the posts off the bed, flipping over and getting on top of Amy, latching her mouth to her titties and riding the fat blue cock, Amy's moans of pleasure being stopped when she passed out, Tittyhawk coming 5 more times as she rode her into a coma, her tits getting bigger and bigger as she fucked her until she couldn't move.

Falling asleep, she woke later that day, her fiance shaking her awake, asking what happened. They called 911, an ambulance taking the comatose Asian to the hospital, her blue fuck stick still pulsing and twitching as she groaned in her stupor.

She found a note on her person, tucked between her tits. It was a bill of sale, a hit put out for Tittyhawk by C.T.J. … Commander Titjob

Book 5

Jane Weathers woke. She was bound, and blindfolded. Again.

“What's going on?!”

Laughter greeted her question, then a familiar voice chirped up, “Hello, Tittyhawk.” It was Amy.

More laughter as she struggled, her head woozy.

Hands began groping her, soft and small, pinching a nipple or caressing her thigh. “I've drugged you and now I will kill you.”

Many hands lifted her up and began caressing her whole body, her tits tingling and nipples rock hard as small hands poked and prodded her until she began moaning uncontrollably, her pussy leaking juice as they placed her on a soft cushion filled bed.

Then she was left alone, the sound of clothes being removed from many bodies all around her. Someone straddled her chest, a dick slick and huge, began fucking her ample cleavage. She couldn't feel any balls though. Just a moist hole where they should be.

“You like my hermaphrodites?” Another voice, Commander Titjob's, as she felt a dick enter her pussy, and another poke into her asshole as a moist mound was shoved in her face and a dick draped on her chin, “They will help me kill you.” She was involuntarily moaning, her pussy and ass clenching tight,m though not tight enough, her assailants forcing into her, her cry of pain stifled by the pussy forcing itself onto her mouth.

Tittyhawk tried to get out a, “Why?” but all that came out was a muffled sound of questioning.

“Why? Because we are tired of you're fuckery!” A female voice, this one coming from the one fucking her asshole, though not Amy's.

They pounded her roughly, each dick coming and then moving off, replaced by another faceless hermaphrodite, Tittyhawk's eyes being covered. Soon she was filled with come, her holes becoming slick and frictionless, her face a gooey mess as she came over and over, her whole body being used by every person attending her death by fuck.

She lost count at the amount of times she was fucked, how many times she came, how many assailants were having her, roughly at times, her pussy and asshole ripping, the pain somehow adding to her pleasure.

She began choking a bit on the come, her face and body a sea of semen and pussy juice, her holes and cleavage being fucked over and over, dicks and pussies shoved in her face, her nose always in a crotch. She felt a tongue on her asshole at one point, a small mouth sucking her clean and being replaced by the huge member of Commander Titjob, his 12” cock fucking her red and swollen asshole roughly for a half hour before giving up his place to the stunning Amy, who tag teamed her asshole with a well hung hermaphrodite with huge tits, her 8' fuck stick ripping Tittyhawk's asshole a little bit, her scream of pain muffled by a cock deep in her throat, her only clues to the assailants the voices, roughened by use, urging her to come harder, calling her a slut, etc.

They flipped her over, savagely slamming her pussy with massive fuckstick after fuckstick, her tits never glowing as she was raped, her pussy drenched and swollen, her lips red and meaty as she lost her energy, each come shot draining more and more of her power.

Soon, commander Titjob began pounding her mouth, his balls flapping over her blindfold and undoing it, her soaked snatch being double penetrated by two hermaphrodites, her asshole by Amy and another hermaphrodite. She was bleeding, her mouth filled with jizz when she died, her body continuing to get fucked until all the life drained from her, her corpse remaining lifelike afterword, the last shot covering her lifeless eyes.

Commander Titjob walked away, his mouth a permanent grin.

“You were tops, doll but you're done.”

The 15 Hermaphrodites and the two villains walked off.



“Jane Weathers, AKA Tittyhawk.”

The coroner examined the semen covered corpse, her skin lifelike and still a little warm, “No tissue damage or decomposition” he lifted her arm, come sloughing off her body, dried and yellow, “if they hadn't just told me she was 2 days old, I'd think they were nuts.”

He continued his exam, eventually collecting samples and washing her off, taking care to take time on her massive tits and thoroughly used pussy, “Probably rape case looks like they fucked her to death.”

He turned the recorder off, his eyes glued to her ass, his hands probing her globes, her skin soft and warm.

He knelt and sniffed, her pussy scent strong in the room, her lips seeming to moisten at his ministrations. He stood and unzipped his now fully erect cock, shoving into her snatch, his grunts of approval and closed eyes making him unaware of her tits, pulsating and red, under the sheet.

After only a few seconds he comes, his dick popping out, 4” and skinny. He covers her up after cleaning his dick, placing her corpse in the freezer.

To be continued

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