Spandex Dreams Pt. 2 "Home Alone"

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The warm days gradually got cooler. And as the days passed, so did the summer season. September quickly came around and it was officially back to school. David and I were entering the 10th grade, Chad the 9th. The good part about that is the fact that Chad finally joined us in the same school. Although we were in different classes, we still had the opportunity to steal a quick glance at each other in the hallways.
Nothing changed between us after that one incredible night. We acted as if nothing happened at all even though we both remembered it very well. Not that we were ashamed of the nights events, no, not at all. We just had to be careful so no one would suspect anything. But, on those rare occasions when Chad and I did find ourselves alone, we made sure to use it wisely with a flirt or quick tease. The three of us were the best of friends and we did what every normal kid would do at that age.
This school year I decided to make a small change to my extracurricular activities. Signups for school sports were approaching. Wrestling was the sport of choice for me. Swimming was David and Chad’s. While we were talking about the pros and cons of our particular sport one night after school, David had made the suggestion that I join the swim team this year instead of wrestling. I thought it through and placed my signature on the signup sheet for the swim team with David and Chad.
Practices were brutal on me. I wasn’t use to exerting that much energy for such a lengthy time. Wrestling uses bursts of energy to overtake your opponent. Swimming, however, required a much larger adrenaline rush for longer periods of time. Never the less, I kept up with my friends and gradually got better at it. I even won a few races against opposing schools. But I couldn’t help but miss wrestling. It was the constant body contact that made me long for the sport. But I digress.
One night, after a particularly gruesome race, our team grudgingly hit the showers. It was silent other than the hiss and spray of splattering water coming from the nozzles. My teammates and I were washing the wretched stench of defeat away from our bodies; along with chlorine from the pool. One by one, my team mates killed the water with a squeak of the handle, made their way through the maze of lockers, and changed from their Speedo Jammers into their regular clothes before exiting the building.
I was in such deep thought that I didn’t realize that I was the only person left still in the shower. Maybe it was a bad idea to take up swimming this year. It felt as though our losing streak was all my fault. I was the one holding our team back. ‘They’d do better without me.’ I thought to myself.
I reached out to turn the water off, grabbed the towel, and quickly dried off before I found my locker. I was so wrapped up in self pity that I didn’t even hear someone approach, grab the towel from the bench, and snap it at my back. I was instantly pulled back to reality and heard a very familiar voice speaking to me.
“There you are. We’ve been looking all over for you.”
Chad, who was already dried and dressed, ‘snapped’ me back into reality with my very own towel. I was so lost in my own mind that I didn’t realize that I was the only one left in the locker room. Since I was getting a ride home with David and Chad, they couldn’t leave without me and naturally came looking when I was nowhere to be found.
I turned to face him.
No matter how many times I look at him, he never fails to take my breath away. My very eyes themselves seem to have their own mind when he’s around. They scan his body, taking in every form, every shape, and every color. From his blonde hair, striking blue eyes, and chiseled jaw line; to his Broad shoulders, curving down to his muscular chest and to his smooth swimmers legs. One pass isn’t enough, so my eyes repeat the process in reverse. I don’t have to hide my interest in him anymore. It was only the two of us in the locker room and I took every advantage of each passing second that I could. And when our eyes met, something happened. It was as if numerous sparks went off all at once, triggering a fiery rage within us.
Before I knew it, Chad had leapt over the bench and forced me backwards, my back pinned against the wall of lockers. He pressed his body against mine almost violently, and aggressively pressed his lips to mine. Our tongues reached for each others, twisting and turning with each shallow breath. My eyes rolled back and my blood began to flow with every increasingly rapid heartbeat. A few short seconds later, I was fully erect. I knew Chad was as well because he then pressed his entire body against mine. He was hard, and teased me for a minute with grinding movements.
Just as things were heating up, Chad broke away, leaving me standing there hard and horny, wearing nothing but my tight Speedo jammers. He looked at me intensely. I could see a wild lust in those hypnotic eyes of his.
“Hurry up, get dressed.” He said, handing me my jeans. “You’re sleeping over tonight. I already asked.”
I slipped into my jeans, threw my shirt on, and followed Chad to the car.
“What happened to you?” David asked once we were in the car.
“I must have lost track of time.” I replied, carefully stealing a glance at Chad.
“I meant during the race. What happened? You sucked tonight dude.”
“Thanks for the encouragement David.” I said in defense.
“Chill Braden. I was just sayin’. So you had a bad night, big deal.” Then he changed the subject. “So, you’re staying over tonight right?”
“Yea, sure.”
“Sweet! You can help me get past this level I can’t beat on play station.”
Once we were at their house, David had wasted no time at all and dragged me down to the basement and insisted that I give this aggravating game a go. He wasn’t kidding. We spent the next hour screaming and hollering at the TV before his mother politely threatened to run over the Play station with her car if we didn’t go upstairs for dinner.
It was always an event having dinner with my friends. You just never knew what was going to happen at any given moment. With three teenage boys, a crazy cat, and a dog that carried its tail as a weapon, anything could happen; and it usually did. Sure enough, the dog decided to help itself to an entire hotdog sitting at the edge of David’s plate, practically swallowing it whole. The cat must have gotten jealous because she pounced on the dog and proceeded to chase him around the house. We had a good laugh.
After dinner, we gathered the sleeping bags from the closet, some pillows, and headed for the basement where we were spending the night. Their mother called after us.
“You boys be good! And David, don’t forget you have a dentist appointment first thing in the morning!”
“Ok ma!” David said as he slammed the basement door closed behind him.
David ran back to the TV, which had his game paused on the screen, and continued playing. Chad went into the bathroom, and I sat on the couch behind David and watched him play. A few moments later, Chad came out of the bathroom wearing nothing but his Speedo jammer. I did a double take as he approached me. He noticed my reaction and furrowed his eyebrows. I see him like this practically every day. Shouldn’t I be use to it by now? Nope! His lean, fit body is always candy for my eyes and they can’t get enough.
As Chad came closer to me, he looked to make sure David was still glued to the TV as he sat on the floor just a few feet away from it. Once he was convinced David wasn’t going to pry his eyes away from the game, Chad sat down next to me and gently started to rub my leg. This was enough to bring my soldier to full attention. I was still fully clothed, but even so, you could still see a very erect bulge through my jeans. He took my hand in his and placed it on his pulsing, hard dick. His hard shaft was smooth and silky through his jammer as he forced my hand up and down. He held my hand in place firmly. Then began to hump and thrust. I looked into his eyes. And when I did, he licked his lips erotically. My eyes rolled into the back of my head in lust.
“Shit!” David yelled.
At David’s startling yelp, Chad had somehow managed to slide to the other side of the couch and cover himself with a nearby blanket before David turned around. I quickly adjusted myself as well.
“Screw this game.” He said as the controller became airborne. “Let’s play some pool.”
We played numerous rounds of pool and somehow, by the third round, we managed to turn it into a sword fight with the pool sticks. Because David had an appointment early the next morning, we decided to turn in earlier than usual. Each of us unrolled our sleeping bags on the floor, but not before I changed into a jammer Chad had conveniently left on the bathroom shelf. I didn’t think he’d mind. In fact, he looked pleased to see me in them when I came out of the bathroom. The TV was on, and an episode of ‘In Living Color’ was playing. We laughed until we fell asleep.
We were awoken the next morning by a very irate mother. Apparently David didn’t hear her numerous yells down the stairs for him to get up and ready. So she came like a bat out of hell stomping down the stairs.
“David! Get your ass up and let’s go! We’re late.” She hollered as she grabbed and shook David’s sleeping bag.
Fifteen minutes later, David and his mom could be seen driving out of the drive way, and down the road, leaving Chad and myself completely alone. When the car was rounding a corner and out of sight, Chad turned to face me. The look he gave me was loud and clear.
“My room. Now.” He said as he pointed to me and then to his bedroom.
His room was small, but comfortable. The nightstand was short but long; and resting on top was a collection of trophies and a small television. A desk was set at the far end of the room directly across from the door. His bed sat snugly up against the left wall. I’ve been in this room many times before, but this time was going to be different. There wasn’t going to be any homework done in here now. My heart began to beat faster.
Chad closed the door behind us and brushed past me to draw the blinds shut before turning to me.
“Finally!” he said walking closer to me. “We’re completely alone.”
He stopped a foot from me and scanned my body up and down.
“Do you have any idea what you do to me?” Chad asked; his bulge visibly growing.
“I have an idea.” I teased.
He placed his left hand around my side while gently rubbing my smooth chest with his right. I reached out with my hands around his sides and firmly pulled him closer to me, filling the gap. Our solid steel dicks briefly rubbed, and then rested on each others. Our eyes locked once again, and the sweet taste of his lips and tongue soon followed. It was a fierce and passionate kiss that only increased or already fiery desire for each other.
“I’ve wanted you since I first met you.” Said Chad when we temporarily parted our lips. “And now here we are, alone in my bedroom.”
“So what do you want to do then?” I asked.
“Everything.” He whispered.
It was all I needed to hear. I wrapped my arms around his body and squeezed him tightly to mine, pressing my lips once again to his. I used my hands to trace his body as I kissed his lips, his cheek, his chin, his neck. Slowly moving down past his Pecs, I kissed each abdominal muscle. He stood there and ran his fingers through my hair as I made my way down his voluptuous ‘V’ shaped waist, pointing the way. As my lips caressed up and down his pulsing hard cock, I felt him shudder.
Resting on my knees, I slowly began pulling down his tight Speedo jammer; exposing the tip of his hard, thick member. My tongue swirled its tip and Chad’s body trembled. I looked up into his eyes and he smiled. Slowly, I continued to remove his jammer, making sure my hands contoured to his curves as I slid them down. The feel of his smooth skin gliding down his buttocks, down his muscular thighs and calves, sent a tingling sensation coursing through my veins.
Now, standing before me, was the guy of my dreams; completely naked. Every smooth, sensual curve of his body was now exposed. As swimmers, we get better results if there is no body hair. And there he stood, clean shaven… everywhere. He was absolutely, breathtakingly, Gorgeous. I wanted him. I wanted him bad. Nothing was stopping us now.
I wrapped my hand around his hard dick, and slowly moved my fist up and down his shaft. Chad threw his head back and moaned. I increased my pace with each stroke, and his breathing became rapid with each succession. I looked up at him as I continued jerking. His head was thrown back, exposing the Adam’s apple. It moved up and down his neck as he moaned. Although I couldn’t see his eyes from this angle, I’m sure they were firmly rolled to the back of his head.
As my lips wrapped around the head of his cock, Chad’s moaning grew louder, and he began to breathe through his teeth. Each breath he took hissed through his tightly clenched jaw. I moved my mouth lower, taking each inch in stride. I was careful not to graze him with my teeth as my lips moved up and down his shaft. My hands lightly caressed his sides as I moved my head back and forth along his rock hard dick. I sucked him like a lollipop, creating a natural vacuum which made it easier to slide my lips over his now pulsating cock. Faster and faster I moved, now using my tongue to examine all of his 7 inches. He gasped, and I got a little taste of his pre cum, which is surely going to be an earth shattering orgasm. But it was just a taste of what’s to come. Pun intended.
“F**K!” Chad moaned. “Oh my god. That feels so good. F**K!”
I moaned and went down on him faster still, every inch gliding in and out of my well lubricated mouth. I could hear Chad’s breathing become deep and irregular as he grabbed my head with both of his hands firmly. He held me there with a gentile, but firm grip as he took over and moved his dick in and out of my mouth himself. My eyes closed and I squeezed his butt cheeks as he thrust his pelvis back and forth. The tighter I gripped him, the faster he moved. We were like two wild animals as the violent fire within took over. Every muscle in our bodies were tense. He squeezed a handful of my hair and thrust his dick in and out of my mouth faster and harder than each previous hump.
I felt his balls slap my chin in rapid succession as he f***ed my face hard and fast. It didn’t bother me. I was enjoying it as much as he was. I loved how he moaned in pure pleasure as he slid his cock in and out of my mouth. His humping thrusts were so fast and so hard, I could tell he was at maximum pressure. His steel shaft began to pulsate as my tongue glided up and down it. His moaning and incoherent words were proof of that.
“Oh f**k me!” he said in between each shallow breath. “I’m gonna cu…”
He stopped dead in his tracks, carefully pulling his throbbing cock out of my mouth. He held his breath and stood there with his eyes shut tight and jaw clenched shut.
“Don’t move!” he said through his teeth.
I kept as still as I could. But he was squeezing my hair so tightly now, it was really starting to hurt. I forced myself to endure the pain.
“I’m not done with you yet.” He said again, desperately trying to suppress his orgasm.
He took long and deep breaths until he finally got himself under control. When he opened his eyes and relaxed his tight muscles, I stood up and pulled him against my body. Our embrace was more than casual as we exchanged saliva. We moved our heads from side to side, tasting each other. He licked my lips.
“I wanna feel you inside me.” He said, grabbing my waist and guiding me to his bed.
My knees gave out as I backed into the mattress, and I fell backwards; my back resting on the soft covers. Chad’s eyes were like a wild fire, sweeping across my body. I could feel the heat from his lustful gaze burn my flesh. It was the heat of passion, pleasure, and desire.
He crawled on top of me, and rubbed his hard, naked dick against mine. I felt myself tense up as he moved his pelvis up and down the bulge in my Speedo jammer. His lips brushed against my skin. Stopping every few inches to softly kiss my trembling body. He moved from my lips to my neck, down to my chest and across my stomach. His hands never stayed in one spot the entire time.
I was so hard at this point, I felt as though I was going to burst. Chad then proceeded to trace the outline of my bulge with his nose before kissing every inch. I twitched.
“You like that?” he asked.
“Yea.” I said as my fists clutched around the blanket.
In a wild frenzy, He pulled my jammers off and threw them across the room; then landed on top of his trophy collection, knocking one of them over. His focus was so intensely on me, he didn’t even hear it fall to the floor. And if he did, he showed no sign that he cared.
The next feeling that coursed through my body was so intense, that my back arched in the air by pure, pleasurable reaction. My fists closed tighter around the blanket and I squeezed. My jaw clenched shut, eyes rolled to the back of their sockets, and my muscles flexed taught as his lips slid up and down the shaft of my cock. I could feel his tongue twist and turn as he went faster, taking all of my 7.5 inches.
My heavy moans turned into pleas of pure pleasure as he went down on me.
“Oh.. F..**CK!” I said in a gasp. “Oh f***k yea.”
He must have taken those words to heart because when I spoke, gasping for air, he firmly grabbed my dick in his hand, while continuing to suck. His lips, along with his fist, moved up and down my throbbing dick in the same fluid motion, moving faster and faster.
“Ahhhhh!” Was all that escaped me.
I arched again, breathing rapidly. I couldn’t help but to thrust my pelvis up and down a few times before I took a deep breath.
“Chad! Oh god! I’m gonna… I’m gonna.”
There was a sucking ‘pop’ when his lips parted and he released my pulsating cock. I struggled to hold my mounting orgasm back; a bit of pre cum oozed out. My toes curled when Chad licked the tip of my dick clean.
For a few minutes we just lay there on his bed, trying to catch our breath. I stared at the ceiling.
“What are you thinking?” Chad asked.
I looked at him. Oh those eyes. “You of course.” I responded with a smile.
He jumped on top of me and purposely banged my dick with his one hard time; and leaned in so that his nose was pressed against mine. “Well…Tell me exactly what you’re thinking then.”
“Alright. “ I said. “I’m thinking how amazingly gorgeous you are. And that I got to fulfill my fantasies with you.”
He smiled and kissed me, ever so softly on the lips.
“You are my fantasy.” He said. “And I’m still not done with you yet.”
“oh really?” I asked with a crooked smile.
Our bodies moved together as one. We rubbed our legs, arms, chests, and dicks against each other. Our lips welded together once more as our free hands took full reign of our sweating figures. We rolled around on his bed, changing positions from top to bottom until Chad ended up on top of me once again; the pulse of his hard cock could be felt though mine. He had a good rhythm going as he humped me, and I began to moan in ecstasy again.
“Ride me Chad!” I yelled.
“F**k yea!” he moaned in response.
He stopped only long enough to reach for his desk draw; where he withdrew a small bottle of KY lube; and applied some of it into his palm. It was quite warm as he grabbed me, I wasn’t expecting that. It felt good as he twisted his hand around my dick, up and down my shaft; spreading the lube all over.
He aligned us up and slowly began to lower himself down on me. At the point of penetration, I inadvertently bit my tongue and gasped. So did Chad. I could feel the tightness as he slid lower and lower, until all of me was completely inside him. In slow, fluid motions, he moved up and down; making sure the lube was working properly. We both felt it, and it was.
After a few minutes of this slow, pleasurable sensation, Chad silently decided that it was time to pick up the pace. As he moved faster up and down, he added a humping motion with it. I love his humping motion. It tightened around my cock when he moved like that. A sensation that had me moaning louder than ever. It must have had the same effect on him because he was just as loud as I was.
Faster and faster he bounced. My cock almost exiting him as he pushed harder and harder.
Somehow I was sitting up as he bounced on me, my hands rubbing his back with each decent. Our breathing was heavy and our bodies started to sweat. I forced myself to open my eyes to look at him. His eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily through his nose as his tongue traced his lips. His muscular chest arched toward me so that his pecks and abdominal muscles were highlighted with the tension. He hit a spot that instantly paralyzed me for a few short seconds before I moaned again.
“Aaahhhh!” I moaned.
Up and down he moved. Faster and harder. Moaning the whole time.
“F**k me Braden!” Chad yelled. “F**k… Me…Hard!”
Even though he never slowed down, I’m sure his muscles were getting tired. I could see a couple droplets of sweat flow down the side of his face. He leaned in and forced me back down on the mattress, and looked me in the eyes.
“Bang me.” He said between breaths. “Bang me hard. I want you. I want you to f**k me hard.”
And when I thrust my dick hard and fast, in and out of him, he threw his head back and screamed.
“F************k! Oh F**k y ea!”
In a fit of wild lust, I grabbed him by the shoulders and threw down on the bed where I was just laying. I looked at him, Both of us panting; and I felt a droplet of water streak down my face. Oh god this was HOTT. I lifted his legs one after the other and threw them over my shoulders. When I was reinserted, Chad reached out, grabbed my arms, and yanked me down on him where he stuck his tongue down my throat.
“Do me.” He said. “Hard.”
I sat back up and held firmly onto his legs as I thrust back and forth, in and out of him. Now he was the one gripping the blankets with his fists. I was biting my lower lip while thrusting my pounding cock in and out of his tight, smooth ass.
“Faster!” he yelled.
I leaned in and did as I was told. We both moaned louder.
The bed was shaking and slamming up against the wall. Good thing nobody was home.
“Harder!” he demanded.
Another command that I followed. I pulled out to the tip of my dick slowly, and as he wanted, I slammed down on him hard and fast. You could see the shock wave ripple through his skin as my balls smacked his ass.
Again and again, I pulled out just far enough before rocketing my way back down with a slam.
We were both moaning uncontrollably now. Chad twisted and turned in pleasure as I continued to give him what he wanted. Harder and faster I humped. Sweat now flowing from us both. He then started to thrust his very hard dick up and down as I f**ked him. He moaned loudly again.
“Oh… F**k that feels… so good.” He moaned.
His movements became faster and more wilder themselves, and before we knew it, we both tangled together screaming and hollering, humping and thrusting, jerking and f**ing. I could feel the pressure start to mount.
“I’m close.” Chad breathed.
“Me too.” I said
“Fuck me!” he said loudly. “Bang me hard! Fuck me Fast! Make me cum!”
My only reply was, “OH F**K!”
I raised myself up onto my knees, and secured Chad’s legs over my shoulders as an adrenaline rush so strong coursed through my entire body. As a wave of energy came over me, I lifted Chad up and thrust my dick hard and fast.
“OHHHHHH F**k YEA!” He screamed
We fell back onto the bed, never stopping, and I closed my fist around his throbbing, pulsating cock. I managed to match each jerk of my wrist around his shaft, with each thundering pound of my dick.
My eyes flew to the back of my head and I cried out. “OHhhhhh Gooooodddd!”
Faster and faster I thrust, always keeping the same pace with my hand secured around his dick; following each movement carefully.
Harder and harder still. Banging him, slamming him hard and fast.
Chad arched his back and bellowed…”F**k Me I’m gonna cum!”
I moaned in response, now penetrating him deeper, harder, and faster than ever. My hand gliding up and down the shaft of his smooth, rock hard cock.
We both reached climax at the same time. I could feel his cock throb in my hand. My dick pulsating inside him.
“I’m gonna cum!” I said, breathlessly.
“Me too!” he said. “Cum inside me.”
Hard and fast we moved with eachother. Up and down. In and out. Faster… Harder. Deeper; we moaned in ecstasy. At the same moment, we both let out a gasp as the pressure within could be held no more and we both erupted.
Chad hollered as I jerked his dick in succession with each pelvic thrust, and thick, ropey jets of jizzm came shooting out with each orgasmic twitch. His moans matched his orgasm.
The feeling of his tight bottom as I slid my dick in and out of him was a pleasure that can’t possibly be described. And when I could no longer hold back the mounting pressure, I released it. With every thrust I entered him, every hard and fast bang of my balls against him, I came. I could feel the warm, sticky streams of cum flow out of me and into him.
Slowly, we wound ourselves down, until the final twitch of milky semen oozed from us. We fell, side by side on the bed wiping the sweat away from our eyes with our arms.
“Wow.” Chad said after he took a deep breath. “That was…”
“Amazing” We said at the same time.
I took a moment to admire his perfect body, and I used my finger to trace the lines of his own fluids that escaped him on his chest before we cleaned up.
After we got everything back to normal, we showered and got a quick bite to eat. We were back in our Speedo jammers and in the pool just as David and his mom pulled in the driveway.
“Hey!” David yelled, when he saw Chad and I in the pool. “Hold up, I’m coming in too!” And he ran inside to change into his jammer.
“You boys alright?” his mom hollered to us.
“Yea ma! We’re fine.” Responded Chad. And she too disappeared into the house.
David joined us in a matter of minutes, making himself known by doing a cannonball into the center of the pool. We made whirlpools, and played a game of ‘Marco Polo’. I accidentally bumped into him when I was ‘Marco’, and Chad playfully pushed me.
“What’d you push me for?” I asked him in an aggressive, but clearly playing tone.
David looked at us.
“You were in my way.” He responded in the same manner, casually throwing a wink in my direction.
“Hey now.” Said David. “Calm down.”
“You want some of this?” Chad said now pointing to himself.
“Woah! Woah! Woah!” David said now halfway to us.
“Yea, I do!” I yelled back.
Chad then looked at me through silted eyes. “Bring it!” he said.
We both Let out a loud laughter that echoed through the yard. A bird that was perched on a branch flew off into the distance at our startteling outbreak of laughter.
David looked shocked as well. We must be very good actors if he thought we were actually being serious. And when we laughed the dumbfounded look on David’s face made us laugh even harder.
“What?” David asked. “What did I miss?”
He had NO idea.

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