Some of Samone's life story. Part two

When Samone found a lovely on face book and as she worked as a school teacher, and had the entire summer off. She decided to go to Ghana to meet her new found girl friend. She was a sweet girl who loved fucking. She like boys and girls alike. She liked sucking boy cock and getting a mouth full of cum, but also loved sucking a hairy pussy and getting a mouth full of cum. The sweet little girl of 22 name was Abena.

Samone had traveled half way around the world to meet this wonderful woman that she had meet on line. It was a 2 day trip, and with all this time, all she had to do was worry about this meeting. The only experance with others were being raped by her father, and the relationship she has with her sister. She was so worried that things would not work out and her trip would be for naught.

As her plane pulled into the airport, Samone was so nervous. Abena was to meet her at the airport She debarked the plane and went to collect her luggage. As she was gathering the bags, she looked across the room.

Her mouth fell open. There she was. Just as in her photos only better. Her breast were gigantic. Her hips were like most other African women’s hips. Wide and big. Abena stood there with an unbelievable look on her face. I didn’t know if it was a sad face, or a happy face. We both just stood there looking at each other. We started walking forward. When we were face to face, I looked into her beautiful brown eyes and I slowly put my arms around her neck and went on my tiptoes and let our lips meet. So gently my tongue entered her mouth and was met with her tongue. We stood there in the middle of the terminal holding each other, and in a shuttering lip lock, like we were afraid if we stopped, it would all disappear. As my head quit spinning, I realized people were watching us. I slowly broke the kiss and while staring into her eyes, I said, “hello. I am Samone. Are you Abena?”

She smiled and grabbed two of my bags “I have a taxi waiting” Very little was said on the way to Abena’s place. As they arrived, the driver place Samone’s luggage in the sidewalk. The two girls carried the bags into her house and as they entered and closed the door, they both drooped the bags, and Abena grabbed Samone and began holding on so tight, as they kissed. It was getting hard to breath they were kissing so deep and hard. Abena broke the kiss and grabbed Samone’s hand and pulled her into the bedroom.

As they entered the bedroom, Abena grabbed her again and started stripping off her cloths Abena was a large woman and had no problem stripping Samone naked. In a flash, Abena was also naked. As they hugged, they fell back onto the bed. Abena pulled Samone on top of her and continued to kiss like they couldn’t get enough. Their hands were all over each other.

Samone’s hands went ot Abena’s breast. They were so large. She had never seen breasts that large. She found her nipple and was so worked up she didn’t realize she had pinched it so hard. Abena let out a loud moan and pulled Samone’s hand tighter into her flesh. Samone’s hands were all over the breast. Pinching, slapping them back and forth. Pushing them up and down. Her mouth went to a nipple. Samone knew it was larger than normal. She felt blessed. As she felt the nipple grow by her sucking and nipping it, she felt Abena’s hand reach Samone’s hairy pussy.

It was so wet. In went one, then two fingers. In and out. Flick her clit before going back in. Samone had never experienced such feeling. It was all so new, she didnt know what to expect. It hit. Samone froze it felt so good. Abena took the pause to turn Samone around to where her pussy was over Abena’s mouth. Samone’s head was between Abena’s luscious thighs. Both girls acted like they had been starving and pussy was the only thing to eat.

Samone actually felt like she was into Abena’s pussy up to her ears. She knew her ears were wet. Abena was working on the pussy in front of her face. Juices were running down her jaw and puddling on her neck. Her arms wrapped around Samone’s ass to keep her from bouncing away. Samone knew she was getting close. At that time Abena stuck a wet thumb into Samone’s asshole and started wiggling it. That was all it took. Samone raised her head and started screaming. As the climax hit her, the gushs started. Samone had told Abena that when she was on top, she almost always gushed. As Abena sucked and drank all the pussy juice she could, it put her over the top. She didn’t gush, but her hairy cunt started oozing the whitest cum, and a lot of it. This was new to Samone, but she sucked and licked all she could and was disappointed when it stopped. She was in heaven. She rolled off Abena and collapsed on the bed.

She had only been to Abena’s house for about one hour and they had tasted each other’s hairy pussies, had the taste and smell of each other’s cum on their lips, face and neck. All four titty nipples were hard and long. Samone lay there in Abena’s arms with her head between her chocolate tits.They were both purring in each other’s arms. Samone was amazed with Abena’s brown skin. Samone’s skin was also brown, but there seemed to be a difference. Abena’s was so smooth. It had what looked like little freckles all over, especially her tits. Samone tried very slowly to lick them off. It wasn’t working, but neither girl wanted it to stop.

“Abena. Have you anything planed to do tonight besides making our pussys wet?” “I had wanted to take you out tonight and show you off to all my friends. I know they wouldn’t believe I had someone like you unless they saw you.” That made me pause. She really thought well of me. If she wanted to show me off, then let’s go for it.

“We have to discuss some ground rules before we go. Am I suppose to act like I belong to you, or get flirtatious with them?” “Samone. I have a few close friends that I share most things with. They think, if you go along with it, we may share so good times.” “Does that mean we may share the bed?” OH shit, she was smiling. I am dreaming. Come this far, meeting my dear sweet Abina, and she is going to share her main girls pussies with me. “I will not wear any panties. Shall we wash our smelly pussies before we go?”. I think not my dear Samone. I loved the taste of your two day old pussy. Another few hours is just going to make it better.”

We first went to a bar where Abena was sometimes a disc jockey. The blacks from that part of the world lived to dance and sing. When they danced, they looked like they were fucking on the dance floor, or trying to, while the music blasted away.

Abena introduced me to her first friend. I saw Abena run her hand against her friend’s pussy when they hugged. I wondered if my pussy would get rubbed when I hugged. I noticed the friend get a wink from Abena. I got the hug and I thought she was going to try to make me cum right there. She wouldn’t stop. My legs got a little woozy and I started to moan. Abena stepped up and said “now, now children. We mustn’t do that for to long”. I saw her friend lick her lips like they were parched as she backed away.

We walked over to another friend. I received the same welcome. After getting my pussy rubbed, I went to Abena. “Sweetie. I’m ready to take these two home right now,” Nothing was said, but as Abena turned to walk out the door, the other two followed along.

Beni had her car and we all jumped in. As we pulled away, Beni asked if we should stop and pick up Teti. Abena looked at me and asked if I was up for some cock. I knew Abena knew I didn’t fuck cock, but there were three pussies there that could take the cock, I would just get to lick up the leftovers. “Let’s go for it.”

Teti was a tall black man. He was glad to see us. He gave all three of them a hug and kiss. He was ready and he went with us in his car. I thought I would never get to experience this if I had not decided to fly to Abena’s. I was so excited. My pussy was free flowing. With no panties on and Beni and Sera playing with my pussy as we were introduced, my cum was getting my pants wet and was running down my legs. I know the others could smell the sex (my pussy) in the air.

I knew I would get an opportunity that not many others would experience in a life time. Beni, Sera, Teti, and Abena was going to service me tonight.

As we go to Abena’s house, as soon as we were inside. Beni rushed to me, put her arm around my neck, and pulled me into a wet, lip locking, tongue swirling kiss. “I have been hearing about you, and after seeing you tonight, I have to have you” She knew her way around Abena’s place and took me by the arms and pulled me into a room with a bed. She turned around, grabbed me and we fell on the bed. Her hands were all over me. I was already turned on and by now my pants were soaked. Beni saw this and grabbed my pants and said “these need to go. They are wet and it hasn’t been raining.”After removing my pants, my shirt was next to go. No bra. I lay on my back in a strange new world with four people I didn’t even know until today. Beni just looked at me naked laying there. She smiled and in a flash, she was naked. There were no hugs, kisses, titty grabbing, nipple pinching, she just dived into my sopping wet hairy pussy. I could hear the slurping sounds. I could feel her lips and tongue. She was all over my pussy.

Wow. She just went in with at least three fingers. Not slow, just rammed her fingers in like my daddy did with his cock when he raped me. This time it felt good. As she was rough with me, I could be that way also. I grabbed two hands full of hair and moved her face where I wanted it. I don’t know how she felt about licking assholes, but I shoved her down there and held her tight. I then felt her tongue try to invade my pucker hole. She was going in quite deep. I was very happy with this. I knew she must be experienced in ass licking and that meant I was going to get alot of ass licking tonight.

It didn’t take long until my ass was bouncing up and down. I held her head tight against me and as I felt my pussy cum gushing out, she was so close she was having a hard time breathing. I let her up a little but then pulled back to suck up some more cum. She was trying to get it all. I had fallen back on the bed trying to catch my breath and she was still licking and sucking all my wet hair all the way down to my hairy asshole. If there was any cum left, she got it.

I was still catching my breath when she turned around and shoved her ass up to me. I thought she wanted me to give her a good tongue lashing, but no. She wanted me to smack her ass cheeks. Not easy, but as hard as I could, This was new to me but I began. I was hitting so hard, it was hurting my hands. She cried for more. I tried to keep it up and all of a sudden, she screamed, fell forward, and acted like she was fucking the bed. Rubbing her cunt up and down the bed.

I remembered her fingers going in my cunt, so I rammed three fingers between her bruised cheeks and right into her pussy. She was still spaseming and I could feel some cum leaking out of her pussy, and it made it so easy to go in. It was so easy, I put in four fingers. She shoved her cunt up in the air and said “more”. I tried my whole hand and it seemed easy. I had never fisted anyone, but I remembered Abena had asked me if I had ever been fisted. This was Abena’s doing. She had taught Beni well.

As we lay there on the bed and in came a naked Sera. “Samone. Come quick. Abena said to come quick”. I pulled my hand from Beni’s cunt and I heard a little plop. I rushed into the room with Sera. There on the bed lay Abena with her spread knees in the air with her hand over her hairy pussy. “Come here dear Samone. I have something saved for you. Teti has done a wonderful job for you. I am very full. Come help yourself.” As I looked over at Teti, he had a huge smile. I also glance down at his cock. It was about the size of my father’s and again I wondered how other women could stick that giant cock inside themselves.

Abena pulled away her hand and she was right. Her pussy was full of cum and it was running down to her hairy ass. I rushed to the bed and dove between her raised legs. My mouth went to her cunt. I sucked a full mouth full on the first suck. I swirled it around in my mouth to get all the taste I could, and then I saw it running down to her ass. I next went there. I got all the leaking cum, but while I was there, I tried to run my tongue up her ass. She felt me and she took her hands and pulled apart those large bouncy ass cheeks. I could easily run my tongue in until I ran out of tongue. I had never had my tongue that deep in an ass hole. I went back to her cunt hole. I lingered there sucking, trying to get it all out.

As I was getting into enjoying all this man cum I felt something on my ass hole. I paused and raised my head and saw Sera. She was giving my ass a good licking. I went back to Abena’s pussy. It just couldn’t get any better than this. So much man cum for me to suck out. I knew Abena had a large cunt hole. She told me she had been fisted many times before. I think she held about a pint. The cum just kept come out.

Sera’s tongue was going in deep. When she was finished licking my crack hole, she shoved in a finger. Then I felt like about two fingers in my cunt hole with something on my clit. This was so great. I had been sucking out the man cum for about two minutes and I was about to explode. It was here. I raised from Abena’s pussy, screamed, and the pussy juice started flowing. Sera felt it coming and as it started, in went about four fingers into my pink hole. At least three into my asshole. I could feel her tongue trying to catch all my cum. I have never had such a cum before in my life. I had never had four fingers in my cunt, and three fingers in my ass. For this, I paid the price. I was sore. I flopped over on the bed.

I looked over and Beni was sucking on Teti’s cock. She could barely get the head in her mouth. She had spit on it and was using her hands to go up and down. Her hands wouldn’t go around his cock, it was so big. Teti seemed to be enjoying it. His head was leaning back and had a smile on his face. Sera also went to Teti’s cock. She and Beni would move their mouths up and down the length, from his balls to his head.

Abena came to me and said to get ready. About that time, Teti stiffened and said “now”. Abena jumped up and went to the girls. Sera put her mouth over the end of Teti’s cock and caught the first spurt. When her mouth was full, Beni put her mouth over it. She kept it there until her mouth was full. Then went Abena. She knew when he was about finished. She was very experienced with Teti. She swallowed about a mouth full and then held her mouth there until Teti stop shooting cum. All three girls turned to me and grinned. I know Abena knew I didn’t suck cock and never would, so all three of them came to me and offered me all their cum. Sera gave me a kiss and when she did, I received her mouth full of man cum. I licked it all from her mouth, and licked her lips.

Next Beni come to me. She tilted my head back and opened my mouth. Her head was over me and she let it slid from her mouth to mine. I couldn’t get it fast enough, so I moved up into a kiss and sucked all I could. I finished by licking inside her mouth for all the cum I could get.

Now was sweet, sweet Abena. I knew this would be special.. She slowly put her lips to mine. Ever so slowly she opened her mouth and let the cum ooze in. She would let some in and then stop. Then a little more. Some how she knew when to pinch my nipples. One arm around my neck, pinching one nipple. Then she let the cum gush into my mouth. She pinched my nipple so hard, my cum came right then. I spread my legs and shot cum all over the room. As I looked at the others, they had the look of astonishment on their faces. I soaked them and the room with pussy juice. The left over taste of cum in my mouth, Abena holding me tight, no more cum in me to cum out, I was completely satisfied.

Abena went to the others and said something to them and they slowly put on their clothes and left. Abena crawled in bed with me and held me tightly as she started kissing. I drifted off to sleep with her kissing my eyes.

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