A Family's Sex Education Part 2

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Part 2

The kids all came back from changing out of their wet clothes, all except for Becky. I yell up the stairs to her that dinner was on the table and to get down here. I am getting the kids drinks and pouring myself another rum and coke when I finally hear Becky bounding down the steps. As I enter the dining room I see Becky has changed and had on a tight thin white tank top. I also notice she decided against wearing her training bra. Her nipples are still hard and clearly visible. She brushes her hair away from her face, in that sexy way women do and gives me a lusty look. I set the drinks on the table and join the family. Aside from a few sensual looks from Becky, dinner goes on without anything out of the ordinary.

After dinner and the cleanup we all gathered around the living room as is our evening routine. Junior and Susie are sprawled out on the floor, propped up on pillows, watching some crazy cartoon. I am in my usual recliner on my laptop checking my fantasy football leagues. And Becky is on her laptop lying across the couch. From my view I can see the screen of her computer. I glance over and notice how long and skinny her legs are since she is wearing very short shorts. They are perfection. Smooth, shiny and toned. Just flawless. Then I notice she has google images displayed on the screen. I try to focus and discover she is looking up pictures of cocks. I couldn’t believe it. Right here with the two younger kids in the room. Do I say something? What if Junior and Susie see? I decide to ignore it for the time being, since the two little ones were glue to the tv and deciding she must just be curious and since she isn’t looking at hardcore porn, it may be ok for now. I will talk to her about it later and give her some ground rules.

Since it is a Friday night, I let the little ones stay up to 9:30pm before I send them up to bed. After a few minutes I go up to tuck them in and give them a kiss goodnight. When I go into Susie’s room, I decide that I should probably apologize and explain why I yelled at her earlier. I sit on the edge of the bed and tell her I am sorry.

“I’m sorry too daddy.”

“It’s ok honey. You didn’t know any better. But people shouldn’t touch each other in their private areas. If anyone ever touches you there, I want you to tell me. Ok? Cause I want to keep you safe.”

“I will daddy. I love you.”

“I love you too sweet pea. Good night.”

I return to the living and notice Becky still on her laptop. Now she has naked women on the screen. Not hardcore, but full frontal nudity none the less. As I stand over her at the end of the couch, behind her head, I decide to approach the subject.

“So, whatcha looking at there?”

“Oh, um…just some stuff for health class.”

“Really? Health class huh?”

“Well, yea. I mean, like I said, I’ve never seen one and they only had those silly drawings and diagrams. I really wanted to know what they look like.”

“Well, in the future, make sure not to do that in front of your brother and sister. They are still young and don’t need to be seeing that. As a matter of fact, I could get into a bunch of trouble for even allowing you to see that.”

“But dad…”

“No seriously. That is called a felony. I could go to prison if anyone found out that I allowed it.”

“So you don’t want me to learn about sex education?”

“I didn’t say that. What you are doing is surfing porn. Why don’t you put that away for now and I will try to answer some of your questions instead.”

Becky, pleased to hear that, quickly closed her laptop and set it on the end table. I sat next to her on the couch and looked her in the eye. “So what do you want to know?”

“Well, I have heard some of the other kids in school talking about a lot of stuff, but most of it is either bragging or they are lying about what they have seen or done.”

“Like what?”

“Some of the boys have said they had sex or got blowjobs, whatever that means. And some of the girls said they made out with boys and touched their cocks…umm…I mean penises.”

“Honey, as long as it is just you and I around, you can say cock. You can say anything you want to me. Just be careful what you say around others. Ok?”

“Thanks daddy. So what is a blowjob anyway?”

“A blowjob is another way of saying when a girl gives a guy oral sex.”

“You mean she blows on his cock?”

“No. I’ve never understood how it got that name, but ironically a girl actually sucks on a dick, not blows. She, or he for that matter, licks and sucks on the penis. Most guys find this very pleasurable. But some women don’t like to do that. Like I said before, everyone likes different things.”

“Did mommy do that?”

“Umm…actually yes. She found giving oral sex very pleasurable. She also liked receiving it too. Your mom was a very free spirit and tried to enjoy all that life had to offer. She enjoyed sex a lot compared to most women.”

“So do guys ejaculate when they get blowjobs?”

“Yes, sometimes.”

“In the girl’s mouth?”

“Sometimes. Sometimes blowjobs can be part of foreplay.”


“Foreplay is what couples do before the actual intercourse. It could be kissing, touching each other and oral sex. Sometimes women need some foreplay to get aroused so they can enjoy sex better. You see a woman’s vagina needs some lubrication before a man can put his penis in her. Most women’s vaginas produce their own lubrication when they get aroused. So kissing and touching, or making out as kids call it, can get a woman hot and wet enough to accept a penis. Get it?”

“I think so.”

“So is there anything else, or should we call it a night?”

“Well that will do for now I guess.”

“Ok, good. I’m heading to bed. You should be too.” Becky took her laptop and headed up for bed.

I finished putting things away for a while and made sure all the doors were locked and lights off and headed upstairs. I stopped and checked on Junior and Susie and they were snoring away. As I approached Becky’s room I noticed her light was still on. I could see it through the space under the door. I stopped and was about to knock on the door to tell her lights out, but I heard something. It almost sounded like crying or whimpering. I didn’t even bother knocking and started to open the door. What I saw caught me by surprise. Becky was under the covers, and by the sight of her panties and tank top on the floor beside her bed, she was most likely naked. He knees were bent, tenting up the covers and her body was arched slightly. Her head was stretched back and her eyes closed. I just walked in on my oldest daughter masturbating. I froze for what seemed like forever, but in reality was just a few seconds. I slowly backed out of the room and closed the door. I don’t think she knew I came in or saw her.

I tiptoed to my room, not wanting to disturb her. As I entered my room and closed the door, I couldn’t help but chuckle a bit. I had been caught by my mom once or twice, so I knew the embarrassment it would have caused. After the funny thought of it wore off, I suddenly found myself picturing her naked. With the teasing and flirting, not to mention all the talk about sex, I found myself pretty aroused. The sight of those nipples poking at the fabric, her long slender legs, that perfect little bubble butt and that preteen flat stomach had gotten me so turned on, like never before. I had never really found myself attracted to someone so young. At least not since I was around that age.

I decided a cold shower might help clear my mind. I stripped down and jumped in, not even allowing the water time to warm up. It was invigorating and cleared my mind quickly. I finished up and put on a pair of boxers and got into bed. But now the thoughts started to flood back. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to jerkoff again. Usually that helps me sleep. The whole time I kept trying to think of more mature ladies, like my age, or pornstars, but images of Becky kept popping up and finally took over my mind. Within just a few minutes I was cumming all over my chest and hand. I grabbed a towel from the nightstand and cleaned myself off and fairly quickly fell asleep.

The next morning I got up and headed downstairs for some coffee. I noticed Junior and Susie were not in their rooms and I could hear the cartoons playing. But I noticed Becky’s door was still closed. Since I was going to make pancakes for the kids like I usually do on the weekends, I wanted to wake her up. I opened the door and found her lying on top of the sheets. Her panties and tank top were still on the floor. She was stark naked. There she laid one arm above her head and one lying across her stomach. One leg out straight, one cocked up. On display was the most beautiful sight my eyes had ever seen. I could see her little budding breasts with her small areolas the size of dimes and pointy nipples on top like little Hershey’s Kisses. Her flat stomach led down to a small thinly sparse patch of blonde pubes on top of a beautiful raised pussy mound. Her outer pussy lips were still plump like a child’s and she had just the beginning of inner pussy lips peeking out of the tight slit between her legs. She looked as perfect as a woman’s form could.

Again, I found myself frozen in place, unable to take my eyes off of her. Her face looked so pretty. Her full pink lips slightly open and with a hint of a smile on them. Her long blonde hair was splayed across the pillow and the way the light hit the blonde locks, it made her look like an angel.

Suddenly I am jarred from my lustful thoughts as I hear Junior yell up the steps.

“Dad, are you making pancakes? I’m hungry.”

I look out of the room to make sure he is not behind me. When I turn back I am startled to find Becky looking up at me.

“Hey dad, good morning. How long have you been here?”

“Umm, not long. I just came in to wake you up. I’m sorry; I’ll let you get dressed.”

Becky hadn’t moved. Just her head had turned toward me. “It’s ok. You’ve seen it all before. I’m the one who hasn’t seen anything.” With that, I see her looking down toward my crotch. It is then that I realize I have a full hardon poking a tent in my boxers, with just a small button holding it back.

“Oh sorry about that. I must have had a really good dream last night. Guys tend to get these in the morning.” I didn’t tell her I didn’t have one when I walked into her room.

“I bet it was one hell of a good dream,” she said as she gave me a sly look. She then started to stretch out on the bed, projecting her chest upwards and her legs and arms out. The toned hard body looked incredible and I found myself staring again. “So dad, are you making pancakes or what?”

“Oh, umm, yea. Get dressed and I’ll meet you downstairs.”

I decided it would be better if I went back to my bathroom first, before going downstairs and displaying my hard cock to the whole family over breakfast. Once in the bathroom I quickly rubbed one out. And it was quick with the fresh images of a perfect naked preteen body on my mind.

After breakfast the kids all wanted to go for a swim. Becky asked if her friend Melissa could come over. I told her to ask her if she wanted to stay overnight. I thought if she had a friend over, I may have a better chance of not getting into anymore sex talk. She leaped with joy and ran to grab the phone. A minute later she came back to tell me Melissa's mom said she could sleep over.

An hour later, Melissa was at our door. Dressed in her tiny yellow bikini with short shorts over the bottoms and carrying a backpack. “Hey Mr. White. Thanks for letting me come over for a swim and stay the night.”

“No problem Mel. Come on in, the kids are out back. You can put your things up in Becky’s room.” I waved to her mom as she backed out of my driveway and I closed the door.

Melissa headed up the stairs and I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she was becoming too. She was a little shorter than Becky, maybe 5’ 1”, but just as skinny. Being from an Irish family, she had incredible strawberry curls that went down to her ass, which was very perky and nice and small. She had light freckles over most of her face and upper body and fair skin. Her breasts were a little bigger than Becky’s, probably an A cup. Just a mouthful, but very nice.

A few minutes later she came back downstairs and asked if she could get a soda. I told her to help herself to the kitchen, but a minute later she said she couldn’t find any. I told her there may be some more on top of the fridge if there was none inside. She saw them, but then said she couldn’t reach them. I got up and went out to help her and was captivated by her bikini. She was wearing a thong. A thong! On a 12 year old! Wow! She was standing in front of the fridge trying to reach up to get the box of soda. She was standing on her tippy toes and that made her ass clench up so tight you could bounce a quarter off of it. I stepped in to help her, but she didn’t move. I had to reach over her and this caused me to rub up against her back. She looked so tiny in front of me. She turned her head, looking up at me and said thank you. But the way she said it, implied she wasn’t thanking me for getting the soda. She had a smirk on her face as I grabbed her a cup of ice to put the warm soda in. She then headed out back to join the kids in the pool.

A few minutes later I made myself another stiff drink and headed outside to join them. “You kids want cheeseburgers or Chinese food for lunch?” In unison, they all yelled “Chinese!” Good, now I don’t have to cook lunch I thought to myself. Since there was a good hour before lunch time I decided to join them in the pool. I noticed Melissa on the diving board getting ready to do a backflip. Her ass seemed to be giving me a vertical smile. I found myself staring and Becky seemed to notice.

“Hey, why don’t you take a picture? It will last longer” Becky said laughing at me.

“Hey that is not a bad idea. How about if I take pictures of you all doing crazy dives and stuff?”

“Yea, cool. Ok go get your camera” Melissa replied.

I came back in a few minutes and sat on the steps in the shallow end and zoomed in on the kids as the one after another jumped or dove in. I actually got some cool and funny shots. Some of them I had zoomed in a little too much and was taking pictures of Melissa’s and Becky’s asses and tits. So I headed in to download the pictures on my laptop. I separated the good photos from the dirty ones and put them in different folders in case the kids looked at them later.

I went back out and joined the kids. “Who wants to play some pool volleyball?” I asked.

“Yea, I do” they all said.

“Ok, it is me and Junior versus the girls” I tell them.

I string the net across the pool and jump in. The game plays out like normal for a while. Then Melissa goes to spike it over the net one time and as she comes down her bikini top gets caught on the net and slides up and reveals her tiny tits. Becky was the first to notice since I ended up underwater trying to hit the volley. Becky and Junior start laughing and pointing. Finally I come to the surface to catch a glimpse just before Melissa notices what they are laughing at and pulls her top back into place.

“So what? We all have nipples. Even the boys” she tells us.

Oh she is another free spirit I think to myself. This will be interesting. The game continues and starts to get a little rougher. Susie got splashed too many times and she grew tired of the game so she wanted out. I told her “Why don’t you go play in the sandbox until we are done honey? We won’t be much longer and then we will have lunch.” So now it was just two on two. A couple times after going underwater I would catch a peek at the girls. While Becky’s legs came up to a nice upside down V between her legs, her friend Melissa had a nice 3 finger gap between her thighs where her pussy was. I always found the gap so desirable and sexy. It just seemed to invite your hand to rub it since it fit so nicely in the space. I also noticed her suit seemed rather tight and gave her a nice cameltoe. Her puffy and full pussy lips looked delicious. I found myself getting another hardon as the game went on. On another time under the water I noticed my son was sporting a little woody of his own. Like father, like son.

I temporarily forgot about my predicament before getting out the pool at the end of the game. Becky and Melissa seemed to notice first. I saw them both look and then whisper and giggle. It was then that I realized my trunks were barely containing my 8 inch member. No use hiding it now I figured. I called and ordered the Chinese food delivery and got myself another stiff drink. “Ok kids, the food will be here in about 30 minutes. Why don’t you get dried off and ready for lunch?” I couldn’t help but check out the two preteen beauties as they toweled off their toned and slender figures. They seemed to enjoy having an audience. I noticed even my son was checking them out. The girls were whispering, but I could not hear what they were saying. They bent over several times as the dried off their long legs and then stretched out their bodies causing their chests and breasts to push out as they toweled off their back. Damn, some boys are going to be so lucky someday to get some of that, I kept thinking to myself.

After lunch the kids swam some more. They were all fish in a former life apparently, as they never seemed to tire of being in the pool. Most of the afternoon I just watched while I sat on the patio reading some articles online and checking email. After dinner, Junior, Susie and I watched Forrest Gump while Becky and Melissa went up to her room. They were awfully quiet up there I thought to myself. I decided to go check on them after a while. Becky’s door was closed and before I knocked or opened it, I thought of what had happened the last two times I had come to her door. So this time I just paused outside of her room and listened for a minute.

I could hear them giggling and laughing and saying things like “Oh my god” and “Look at that.” I figured they may be just watching a movie or some stupid video on youtube, but then I heard one of them say “Wow, that is so much bigger than I thought they would be” and “I can’t believe she could that.”

Then I clearly heard Becky say “My dad explained a few things to me the other day and even caught me looking at nude pictures online yesterday. Can you imagine my dad doing those things?”

Then Melissa said “Yes, can you imagine him doing that to us?”

Becky replied “Yes I can. I actually masturbated last night and thought about that. I came so hard and must have passed out. Next thing I knew my dad was standing at the end of my bed this morning. And I was still naked. And he had a huge hardon. You should have seen it.”

“I wish I did” Melissa giggled. “Maybe we should try to get him to catch us naked…together. Does he know you like girls and boys?”

“No way! I don’t think so. I mean I have only done a few things with you, so I don’t think so. But I like the way you think.”

To Be Continued….

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