My Awakening - Part 2

Sunday Morning
Sunday is Church day in our house. My mother is a devout Catholic and she cleared the house on every Sunday except once each month when we all spent the weekend away from each other. Everybody went to service and that included my dad.
We could dress as casual as we wanted so I normally just tossed on my jeans, a top and some tennis shoes. Today, I was feeling my sexual awakening. I decided to wear my naughty panties. When I put on my black thong panties and looked at myself in the mirror, all I could do was to blush. My bush on my pussy was heavy and thick but it still looked so sexy. I was truly going to be sexy today because I was going to go braless. My titties have always been firm and the sundress that I was going to wear had enough support for the twins. I picked out a white sundress that I just brought. Since I had just done my toes, I wore my sandals that tied up above the calf. I was really feeling so so sexy. My pussy was hot and wet and my nipples were hard and sensitive. All of this and nobody to play with.
At breakfast my sister did not say anything about the night before but she had that telltale smile on her face. I did notice that my sister was dressed to impress also. Her blue sundress clung to her curves and she had on matching sandals that tied up over the calf like mines. We were going to turn some heads in Church.
The Church service was fast and we would be out of there by 11:30. Just before the service was ending, I noticed that my sister was fiddling in her pocketbook for something. I knew that it was not money because they had already done the last offering for this service. My attention was drawn off of my sister because I heard a buzzing sound that I had already heard several times during the service. I just blew it off as someone whose phone was on vibrate. The strange thing here is that the vibration was continuous. I was about to ask Katrina about it but noticed that her eyes were now closed and her mouth was clenched shut. This was a strange way to pray. When she let out a series of short gasps followed by a moan, I got really suspicious.
By this time the congregation was standing and the Priest was telling everyone to acknowledge and hug their neighbor. Katrina grabbed me in a tight hug and continued her moaning. When she finally let me go, she sat down and was holding on to the pew with both hands. Damn, was she alright? The Church service was over and we were filing out. Katrina and I were walking arm in arm to the car. I noticed that she was holding on a little tight. Damn, I heard that buzzing again. WTF was that noise.?
My parents and my brother were going to brunch with some other church members. I was about to go with them, but Katrina yelled over to our parents that we were going to have a Sistah’s Sunday out and that we would see them later. I was up for this and immediately turned around and headed to my sister’s car.
As we neared her car, Katrina threw me the keys and told me to drive. I loved this Sistah’s Sunday. Katrina got into the car and reclined her seat as far back as it could go. She was damn near laying flat. I asked her if she was sick and she kind of barked back hell no. She then yelled out that she was so fucking horny. The look on my face showed that I was shocked at her boldness but deep down inside, I was just as horny.
We were headed up Interstate 95 to go to Phillips Seafood Restaurant in Baltimore Harbor. My sister, between moans said she was going to meet some friends there. I was still up for the trip because we could be at the Inner Harbor in about an hour. Katrina started to get real busy with her movements. She had thrown her feet up on the dashboard and her legs were wide open. In this position, her dress fell back showing all of her legs and her panties. Katrina reached to the back seat and pulled out a towel to cover the seat. She was now lying on top of the towel. I noticed that Katrina had something in her hand. I was trying to concentrate on driving and at the same time watch my sister. That damn buzzing sound started again, except this time it was much louder. Getting bolder and bolder, Katrina pulled the shoulder straps down n her sundress, exposing her beautiful tits and hard as rock nipples. She was pulling so hard on her tits; I just knew that shit hurt. With her dress bunched up past her panties, I now knew that the buzzing was coming from a vibrator that was inside of her panties. WTF, I was feeling young, dumb and horny. In her hand was the remote control for the vibrator and Katrina had that shit on full force. Her legs were shaking and her head was going in all different directions. This chick was moaning and yelling for her boyfriend CJ to fill her pussy with that monster black dick. Katrina did not give a fuck if any passing cars saw her; she was in full blown ecstasy.
Now my Kitty Kat started purring. I knew that after last night, this was going to get very wet and sticky. My thong was not going to hold back my dam of sex fluids. I reached back to the same place Katrina had found her towel and was able to grab one similar to hers. My mind set a reminder to ask her why she had a mobile linen closet in her ride. I stuffed it under me, the best way that I could. Katrina’s moaning seemed to get louder and louder. She was now moving the vibrator around on her pussy with one of her hands. The other hand was pulling her tittys up to her mouth to bite and suck on. This was as best as I could ask for. The car smelled of wet pussy. This was becoming a familiar smell to me. I loved it.
Knowing that I could not get as busy as Katrina, I just kept patting my Kitty Kat as she purred for attention. We were less than 5 miles from the Inner Harbor and Katrina was still going strong. Her panties were on the floor, with the vibrator still lodged in them. Katrina had now dropped the remote and was pushing her fingers on one hand into and out of her pussy. With the other hand, she was two fingering her ass hole. This was new to me because I thought the asshole was off limits. Katrina’s legs, fingers and the towel she was sitting on were soaked.
The sound of Katrina making self-love to herself was too much for me. I had just pulled into one of the parking lots at the inner Harbor. Since it was half empty, I was able to find a spot out of view of anyone. I went ahead and pulled my sundress all of the way off. Since my thong was soaking wet, I just took it off and sat butt naked in my sister’s ride. Having never really masturbated before, I followed my sister’s lead. I started with rubbing and pulling on my tits. I then rubbed on my mid section and finally worked the fat lips of my Kitty Kat. I did this for about five minutes and I just kept getting hotter and hotter. The entire time, I kept my eyes closed to the world. When I opened my eyes, the first thing that I saw was my sister staring at me with lust in her eyes. She kept repeating, you go girl, work that coochie. I slowed down with my rubbing and she said keep going until you come. I was hot as a pistol and was feeling shit I truly did not understand.
Katrina started rubbing my forehead as she kept encouraging me to make myself feel good. I started stroking my pussy faster and faster. My moans let Katrina know that I was feeling good. It only made me feel sexier and hotter; each time I looked up to see my sister’s naked body. I had that lesbian love feeling going again. Katrina leaned down and started kissing me on the forehead. She then put her cheek on my cheek and started whispering in my ear. She said that my body was beautiful. She said that she was going to make me come until I fell asleep. Her words got sexier and sexier, telling me to fuck myself and to come hard. The feelings went from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. I was on fire. I was tingling and it was getting stronger. Each time I stroked my Kitty Kat, it sent ripples through my body. When Katrina put her hand on top of my hand and helped me stroke the Kitty Kat that was all that I needed. On the last stroke, I lifted my ass off of the seat as the explosion in my Kitty Kat had me moaning and shaking like an earthquake. The cum on my hand was white and thick. Katrina still had my hand in hers and was still helping to finish me off. My body shuddered and shook several more times.
As I came back down to earth, my eyes met Katrina’s. We were sisters but right now we were connected sexually. As my first real orgasm slowed down, I clutched her hand tighter and tighter. I was feeling very, very good. Katrina’s smile and her kisses on my head kept me from feeling ashamed, they were so reassuring. We were brought out of our bliss by a horn in the distance. Looking around, we saw that there were more cars in the lot but there were still several lanes between us and them. Katrina grabbed one of her many towels from the back of her car and started to dab and rub the pussy juice off of my legs and Kitty Kat. As she wiped the sweat off of my back and tits, I reached for my panties. They were soaked with cum. My sister grabbed the thongs from me, sniffed them and said that I smelled like sunshine. We both burst out in laughter. I guess it was commando time again. I slipped my sundress back on and straightened my hair so that I was presentable. Katrina did not even bother with her panties; she slipped her dress back on and fixed her hair also.
Before we got out of the car, Katrina asked me to reach in the back of the car and pick up the towels that were spread out on the seat and the floor. It took some maneuvering of my body to reach some of the towels. While I was up on my knees in the driver’s seat with my back to the steering wheel, I felt a pair of hands working their way up my leg to my ass. I jumped at the feeling but received another surprise when those hands started spreading my ass cheeks and then felt a finger rubbing the rim of my asshole. That feeling started firing the heat in my pussy up again. In the next instance, something wet and stiff entered my asshole. It was not Katrina’s hands because they were holding my ass cheeks open. It was her tongue twirling around in her baby sister’s asshole. This shit was so delightful. When I started gyrating my ass, I felt her pull away and even let go of my ass cheeks. Katrina was smiling like a fox in the henhouse. Her words to me were that I was going to have to work for that pleasure. All I could say was DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!

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