Emma's adventures and misfortunes: Part 2

It's been five days since Susan became Emma's new nanny, and since then her life has changed quite a lot. She's been punished by Susan and her husband David three times, for the single time when she tried to leave the house at night while wearing 'slutty' clothes. However, luckily, that punishment came to an end 2 days ago. They didn't even care why she wanted to leave the house, no, all they cared about was discipline and following the rules; and they still do. As if that punishment wasn't hard enough for Emma, her nanny has decided to treat her as a toddler who can't do anything for herself, not even pee or poo on her own, and she has to let her nanny wipe her. Ugh. Which is why she's been avoiding going to the toilet, except when it is absolutely necessary and she's unable hold it in any longer.

And now.. she's trying to be good and obey the rules. She has no intention on breaking any of them, or getting in any more trouble - it's bad enough being treated as a toddler. And the intensive punishment sex she had to endure.. even 2 days later, the memory alone is enough to make her whole body shudder. But.. it's not like she didn't deserve it. She *did* break the rules, and if she didn't deserve to be punished for that, then she surely did for being awful towards her mother. How could she have been such an awful person towards the woman that gave her life? How didn't she see the way she was acting until Susan was hired? Walking in on her in the bathroom numerous times, ignoring what she's been saying or telling her to do, and ehh. But the past is.. past. There's nothing that she can do other than take the punishments she occasionally deserves, and be nice, not only towards her mother but towards other people as well. Her mother did say she's forgiven her, and hopefully over time, she'll be able to repay her for the wrong she's done. If only the things were ever so simple.

"Uhh" Emma mutters as she wakes up from her sleep. She looks towards the room's window, only to see it's still dark outside. "What time is it?" she wonders before she rubs her eyes, then turns on the bedside light and looks at the clock. "4 am? What the agghhh." she groans as her stomach gurgles, and she feels heavy pressure in her bowels.

"Oh God, I feel so full." she mumbles and sits up, wishing she'd gone to the toilet before sleep. But since Susan decided to you-know-what, she's been to the toilet only a few times, taking a poop only once, and the rest, peed. She quickly rises to her feet and puts on a pair of satin panties and a shirt, before she heads for the door. But when she tries to open it.. it won't budge. "What.." she wonders at first, but quickly realizes that the door must have been locked.

"Ughhh." she groans and crouches, trying to hold the poo inside her. As the heavy pressure passes she gets to her feet, and knocks on the door. "Ma'am! I have to go to the toilet!" she shouts, hoping she'll hear her. She waits nearly a minute and knocks a few more times, but she doesn't come - Susan must be sleeping.

"Oh God, I can't hold it in much longer" she thinks, as the poo tries to push out from her packed bowels. She nervously looks around the room but she can't find anything big enough she could take a poop in.. feeling rather desperate, she quickly walks over to the closet while trying to keep her legs together, then pulls out a big towel and folds it in two. She spreads it on the wooden chair she keeps near the desk on which she keeps her PC, then lowers her panties in a hurry.

"Ugh, the window.." she mutters as she gets out of her panties and walks over to the window, then opens it, hoping that it will help with the stink. Even though the neighbour's lights are off, she's glad that the chair isn't that close to the window, or if someone woke up they could see her. As the poo begins to push its way through her anus, showing its head, she hurries over to the chair and crouches over it, while gripping the desk in front of her. "Aghhh." she groans then sighs in relief as she stops holding it in, and the poo begins to slither out of her rectum. "I can't believe I'm doing this." she mutters in disbelief as one poop after another pushes its way out of her, until nearly a minute later, there's no more left. Right then, she can hear the door opening, and she looks towards it with her breath caught in her throat.

"Emma!" Susan gasps as she enters, wearing a nightgown.

"I tried to call"

"I wasn't sure whether I really heard something, or.." Susan says, as she walks towards Emma. "That's why I came to check up on you. Now, what is this? Why did you.."

"I couldn't hold it in." she interrupts her, as she takes the poo-free part of the towel and moves to wipe her butt.

"Don't you dare! Come with me." Susan orders as she takes her by her arm, before she grabs the towel with 3 long turds in it with her other hand. They walk over to the bathroom and she throws it in the trash, while Emma waits by the toilet. Then, Susan begins to clean her up, wiping her.

"Messy girl.. pooping at this time of night.. I have no other choice but to put you in diapers."

"Ma'am!" Emma gasps. "It won't happen again, I promise. My stomach was full, and I.."

"I know it won't, once you're wearing diapers."

"Please.. I really don't want to. I'm not a little girl anymore!" she begs.

Susan sighs in frustration, "We will talk about it tomorrow. Okay?" as she throws the toilet paper into trash.

"Okay.." Emma mutters.

"Now go back to sleep, and close the window." Susan says, giving her bare butt a slap, causing her to yelp. Emma re-enters her room and closes the window, while Susan closes the door behind her.

"I can't wear diapers.. I won't." she thinks as she lays down onto her bed. It would be completely humiliating for a grown girl like her, to be wearing diapers but at least, Susan seems willing to talk about it, which is certainly promising. And if she swears she won't do it again, it could be enough to persuade her, although.. she will have to begin going to the toilet more often then. With diapers troubling her mind, somehow, she manages to fall asleep.

"Uhh.." escapes her mouth as she feels someone pulling her leg. "Stop it." she mutters sleepily, but it doesn't seem to have any effect. "I said, st-.. ma'am!" she gasps as she opens her eyes, and sees Susan standing there, trying to lift her legs.. with a diaper laying next to her body.

"N-no! Y-you said we'll talk first!" she protests and begins to struggle wildly, trying to get her leg out of Susan's grasp.

"I did talk with David, and we have decided that this is what you need."

"Nooo!" she yells, bucking her legs.

"Emma, calm down." Susan says.

"Please, I don't want to!"

"That's enough." Susan says sternly.

"Ma'am, please"

"I've said, enough!" Susan shouts, dropping her leg. Emma rolls over and tries to get to the edge of the bed so she can get up, but before she can do that, without any warning a loud slap echoes the room.

"Oww!" she cries out, as her nanny's open palm hits her ass. She looks back just as Susan reaches down to hold one of her legs, before slapping her butt again.

"Oww, stop! It hurts!" she cries out, squirming and twisting her nude body, trying to escape the stinging pain as a series of sharp slaps follow. After ten, or eleven slaps, Susan releases the hold of her legs and Emma climbs further up the bed, turning to her back just as a few tears begin to dribble down her face.

"Haven't I taught you anything this past few days? Huh?" Susan asks, as Emma stays silent, her ass burning. "If you think it's normal to shit in the middle of your room, on your chair, then you are dead wrong - it's not. David has to work, and I.. this is my work. But even I need some rest, and I can't get up at 4 am just so you can go to the toilet."

"B-but if you didn't.. lock the door.. I could have gone there by myself." Emma whimpers.

"The door is locked for your own safety! Besides, you know very well you can't wipe your own butt - end of discussion. As for the diapers.. I did consider making them a trial for the next two days, but now, with the way you've been acting.. I think I'll make it a week, if not longer."

"Please.. I'm sorry." Emma mutters, wiping her tears. "But, it's just.. it's humiliating. I'm 18 years old, and"

"Aww, Emma, a lot of girls your age wear diapers." Susan says, as she sits on the bed next to her.

"Y-you think so?" she asks in surprise.

"Well.. some. But think of it this way; at least you won't have to worry about going to the toilet when you need to. After that, you just let us know, and we'll change your diapers for you."


"Besides." she interrupts her. "No one will be able to see what you are wearing under your clothes, even if it is diapers."

"A-are you sure?"

She nods. "A few kids I used to babysit had to wear them, and no one ever found out. So, what do you say?"

"..Okay." Emma mutters. "Two.."

"Four days." Susan interrupts her. "Till the end of the week."

"Four.. days." Emma agrees.

"After that, the choice will be up to you, if you want to wear them or not. Of course, if you make a mess again after that, I will have no choice but to put you in them again."

"I.. I understand." she says, realizing she's overreacted.. but she did just wake up.

"Come." Susan says, opening her arms. Emma moves closer and hugs her tightly.

"Oww." she cries out softy, as her nanny's hand rubs her butt.

"Let me see." They break the hug before Emma turns to her front. "It's nothing."

"It stings a little." she complains, and Susan smiles.

"I'll take care of that. Now let's get you into those diapers, hmm?" Emma nods, before she turns to her back, carefully avoiding to put any pressure on her butt. Meanwhile, Susan gets up, and gets to the bottom of the bed. "I had David buy and drop off everything we need. Lift your legs, honey." Emma complies, and Susan within a few seconds begins to rub some kind of cream on her ass cheeks, and indeed, it does help with the sting. She rubs it all over her butt, crotch, in and outside of her anus, and even on her inner thighs, then puts her into diaper.

"There.. that isn't so bad, is it?" she asks.

"No.." she mutters, the diaper, to her surprise, feels actually quite comfortable.

"Alright. Now, get up, our breakfast is waiting and we need to get ready to go to town."

"Uhh.. right now?"

"Yes. Don't worry, I promise it won't show. Come on." she says, as Emma reluctantly gets up.

"But why do I have to go?"

"Because we need supplies, and I need your help carrying them." she says as she walks over to the closet, and pulls out a pair of.. sweatpants, and a blouse. Susan quickly dresses Emma, putting on the sweatpants and tying them at front, then the blouse, which she buttons up nearly to her neck. "There. See, it's like you are not wearing it at all." Susan says, and Emma turns around 360 degrees in front of the closet mirror. She's surprised that it's true, her diaper isn't showing at all, it's like she's not wearing it! She wiggles her butt and pulls the pants tighter, and it's only then that they are barely noticeable.

"Let's go downstairs and eat our breakfast, then we'll head to the city." Susan says.

"Yes ma'am." As Susan leaves the room Emma follows her downstairs, enjoying the feeling of her soft, and strangely comfortable diaper rubbing against her butt and crotch as she walks. Susan quickly finishes her breakfast, and while Emma is still finishing up, she changes into a pair of jeans and a blouse, before she walks back downstairs.


Emma nods after wiping her mouth. She helps her put on shoes, then the two of them leave the house and head down the sidewalk, towards the bus stop that's a minute or two away. Once they are there, after a short wait, a bus arrives, they board it, and sit down next to each other. But, with the bus shaking and everything, and all the people around.. it's not long before Emma begins to feel her stomach gurgling, clearly disliking the vegetables she's eaten for breakfast, and.. "Oh no, not again" she mutters as she feels pressure in her bowels.

"What is it, Emma?" Susan asks.

"I.. I have to go to bathroom." she says as she squirms in her seat, trying to hold the poop in. "Can we make a stop before town so I can go to a toilet?"

"There won't be another bus for 20, 30 minutes after this one, and.."

"Please? I can't hold it in." she complains, knowing that the usual ride from the bus stop to town takes around 15 to 20 minutes, and it's been only a few.

"You didn't let me finish. Even if there was another bus right away, that's what you have diapers for." Susan says.

"But.. uhhh.." she mutters, pushing her legs tighter together. "We're in the middle of a bus!"

"It's nothing to be ashamed of." Susan says as she reaches towards Emma with her hand, then slides it under her blouse and onto her stomach. "Just let it all out." she says, as she begins rubbing her.

She struggles against her desperate need to poop, but it's of no use; her ass hole is already opening, and the first turd has begun to emerge. Instead of holding it in any longer, she parts her feet and lifts herself off the seat an inch or two, then releases the hold of her sphincter and strains, while at the same time she tries to hide how uncomfortable she's actually feeling.

"Just let it all slide out.." Susan encourages her and strokes her tummy, as the lumpy poop begins to slide out of her anus, filling the diaper and causing it to expend outward.

"Please, stop. I don't want anyone knowing!" Emma says through her teeth, straining harder.

"It's okay, you have nothing to be ashamed of. It's completely natural." Susan says, just as a fart escapes Emma's anus, making her feel mortified, her face turning crimson red. When it finally breaks off, sliding underneath her butt, she relaxes and gasps for breath. Looking up, she notices a 20-something woman that's sitting on the seat across, observing, with what can only be described as a look of disgust on her face, as if she knew what is going on. She pushes again, her bowels still quite full, and as her anus begins to dilate, a long semi-soft poo begins to slither out, forcing the previous hard turd towards her crotch..

"Is it still coming out?"

"Yes!" she grunts, Susan's warm hand still rubbing her stomach as she tries to force the poop out. Finally after 20 seconds it breaks off, but before she has an opportunity to have some relief, another begins to emerge. As some of the mush smears against her crotch and pushes both further up and to the sides, she wails quietly in disgust.

"It's okay, Emma, you are a good girl." she murmurs, consoling her. "Keep going."

She groans and her breathing starts to come in short puffs as her anus expands, forced wider by the thick, firm turd. Her nanny's hand on her tummy is the only pleasant feeling for her as she struggles to force the poo out, while her diaper begins to sag down along with her sweatpants, until it's stopped only by the seat a few inches below her. The nasty odor meanwhile escapes her diaper and begins to fill the air, which is clearly noticable since some of the people that are standing close to her begin to move farther away from her seat. Suddenly, just as Emma sighs in relief as the last poo exits and her anus begin to close, the woman on the seat across them speaks.

"How can you let her do that right here, in the middle of a bus?!" the angry woman asks, as Emma pants and sits down, thus causing the poop to squish around her bottom, and more uncomfortably, her crotch.

"Are you talking to.. oh. What should I do? Take her out of the bus just cause she has to poop?" Susan asks, as she stops rubbing Emma's stomach, withdrawing her hand.


"Well that's not going to happen. If it bothers you so much, you are welcome to leave."

The woman sighs in frustration, then shakes her head in disbelief. "Me?!"

"Yes, you princess."

"Ma'am.. it's okay. Just ignore her." Emma says anxiously, feeling mortified that now everyone in the bus knows what she's done.

"You better listen to your kid, mama."

"And you better look away, dippy." Susan says as she unbuttons her blouse, then to the woman's and Emma's shock, she pulls it open and scoops out her big breast, letting the cup of her 34D bra sit below it. "Come." she says to Emma.

"W-what do you mean?" she mutters, her eyes wide in shock.

Susan leans forward, then whispers. "I don't like arrogant people like her, and I love to mess with them. I'd appreciate it if you'd go along with it." she says, before leaning back.

"Uhh.. okay." Emma replies awkwardly and leans forward, then opens her mouth and places her soft lips on Susan's huge, light pink areola. The whole bus ride has already gone to hell, but she doesn't want to embarrass Susan by refusing to 'breastfeed' since she's got her breast out, and the woman.. she's clearly a bitch. She wets the nipple with her tongue, then starts to suck.. but shortly after, she lets out a gasp as she feels liquid rushing into her mouth, which she quickly recognizes as milk. "But how.." she wonders, since Susan clearly doesn't have a child.

"Can't you see what they are doing?!" The woman shouts to other passengers, as Emma closes her eyes.

"Just leave them alone!" one of the men exclaims.

"Yeah." a few others agree.

"Ugh, fine! Whatever." the woman says, and finally, quiets down. Now that everything seems to be over, Emma is unsure what to do.. but before she can decide on her own, Susan decides for her as she places her hand on Emma's head, so naturally, she continues suckling. The warm breast milk tastes sweet, something she vaguely remembers from her childhood.. then she begins to remember how she used to play with her father when she was younger, and with it the feeling of happiness begins to flood her mind


"Emma, we are here." Susan says again as she pull her head back, her nipple popping out of Emma's mouth.

"Huh?" Emma mutters, waking from her daydream as she opens her eyes, letting a small amount of milk dribble out of her mouth.

"We're here." Susan says, as she wipes the milk off Emma's lower lip with her thumb. "You've been sucking for nearly 10 minutes." she says, as she places her deflated breast back into her bra. Emma looks around, and she notices that they are at the bus station, and everyone is gone - including the driver.

"Uhh.. sorry." she says, licking her lips.

"That's fine." Susan buttons up her blouse. "Shall we go and get you changed?" Emma nods, and her nanny takes her by her hand, before they leave the bus.

"H-how come you have milk?" she asks.

"Well.. I was a long-time nanny for some couple, before your mother hired me. They had a young son, with a baby on the way. Since the wife had trouble with breastfeeding before, they asked me to help, and.. 6 months later, with some help from my husband and a breast pump, I was the one breastfeeding her baby."

"Oh, wow.. I didn't think that was possible. How old was the baby before you left?" she asks curiously.

"Five years old. They moved to another country a month before your mother hired me, so.. my breasts still have milk, and I have to pump it out occasionally, until I stop producing it. Anyway.. we are here." she announces, as they stand in front of the bus station's public unisex toilet. The previous feeling of happiness begins to fade, as anxiety rapidly takes its place.

"Let's go change your diaper." Susan says, as she leads Emma into the toilet.

"Couldn't we do it somewhere more private?" she asks worriedly, the mushy poo rubbing against her butt as she walks. She looks around nervously as they enter the toilet, but when she sees that the room is empty, she relaxes a bit.

"Don't worry, we'll be done quickly.. as you know, I have to call your mother, and I'm already late." Susan says as she looks at her watch. As they walk further into the toilet, past the stalls, they come up to a table that's made for disabled adults, and it's laying
a feet away from the sink - with only the back side of it close to the wall.

"Hmm.. and I thought you'd have to stand." she says as she places her bag down onto the bathroom sink, then turns towards Emma. "Let's see.." she bends down and effortlessly unties the drawstring, and in one quick motion pulls the sweatpants down to her ankles, exposing the diaper.

"Shouldn't we at least lock the door first?" Emma asks as she nervously bites her lip, and looks around once again.

"I'm giving a toddler a diaper change. What do you think?" she asks, as she helps her step out of the pants. "Besides, public bathrooms don't have locks; stalls do. Now get up, and lay on your back."

"Uhh.. okay." she sighs, and as she climbs onto the table, she can feel pressure building inside her bladder.. but she's a lot more concerned about someone walking in on them.

She turns onto her back and bends her legs at the knees, then places her feet down onto the lengthy table, which kind of reminds her of a small bed. She observes nervously as her nanny pulls out diapers and a bunch of other things, then places them down on the sink. "Did you make a big, smelly mess in your diaper? Mmm?" Susan asks with a soft smile, as Emma looks away in shame. Susan quickly unpins the diaper, then pulls it down. "Pew! Look at that messy diaper! You are such a dirty little girl, aren't you?"

"Ughh.." Emma groans as she hears her nanny talking in a baby-like voice, making her stomach turn.

"Spread your legs, darling. I need to see your messy little pussy." Despite her annoyment at the way she's talking to her, she looks down between her legs, takes a deep breath, then places her hands under the back of her knees. As she looks up at the ceiling she pulls her legs back and spreads them, exposing both her dirty butt and her pussy.

"Good girl." Susan wipes the squishy poop off her crotch and butt, front to back with the clean part of the diaper. Next, she throws the diaper into the trash and pulls out a couple of wet wipes, before proceeding to wipe her with them. As her hand reaches Emma's puffy lips, even though Susan has wiped her numerous times during the last few days, she can't help but blush.

"This sucks." she thinks, as she looks at her nanny who's happily, yet in hurry, wiping her. She lets out a soft 'uhh' as her nanny's hand goes down, and brushes over her anus with the wipe. Right then to her complete shock a man walks up next to Susan, right before there's a sound of a door closing - no doubt coming from the stall he was in.

"Oh my God!" Emma squeals as the 30-something man looks down at her and smiles. Her whole body tenses up and her heart starts beating wildly, as she closes her eyes in shame and embarrassment. "This is not happening, this is not happening, this is not happening!" she repeats in her head, yet she can still feeling his eyes on her body.

"Oh, sorry." Susan says as she notices the man for the first time, and stops wiping her.

"Don't mind me." the stranger's rather soft voice says. Emma hears the water beginning to drip, before she hears the sound of what can only be him rubbing the soap between hands. Susan continues wiping her once again.

"How old is she?" he asks after a moment of silence.

"18.. but she acts like she's four." Susan responds, as uses another wet wipe to clean her thighs.

"Oh.. so that's why she's wearing diapers?"

"Well, not so much." Susan says, as the sound of water stops. "She made an accident last night and rather than cleaning up after her if, or shall I say when it happens again, I figured this would solve the problem."

"I see.."

"It turns out I was right - she made a big one in the bus earlier."

Emma opens her eyes, feeling uneasy as they talk about her, and she notices that the stranger is still staring at her body, most most notably her crotch. "Ma'am.. can we go, please?"

"Not yet honey, we're not done."

"Pleeeaaasseee?" Emma begs in a sweet voice, trying not to look at the man who's now drying his hands. Feeling so embarrassed to be changed in a public toilet, even more since there's a stranger present in the room, she hasn't even noticed that the pressure in her bladder has grown exponentially, and suddenly, she begins to pee.

"Argghhh, Emma!" Susan shouts, as some of the pee hits her arm. Emma shivers in fear and despite herself, she lets out an even more powerful stream of urine straight into the air, but Susan is quick enough to move to the side so most of it splashes down onto the floor. "Now I have to clean you up again!" she grunts as she places a wipe over Emma's puffy lips who keeps peeing steadily, but most of the urine doesn't get past the wipe.

"I'm sorry" she mutters in shame then lets out a sigh of relief, as the stranger looks on with a soft smile on his face.

"Little girls - they are the worst." he comments.

"You tell me. I was supposed to make a phone call, and I'm already late 10 minutes. Now ughh." she grunts right before Emma finishes peeing, still holding her bent knees next to her chest.

"Well.. I don't want to sound strange in any way, but I could give her a change if you want." He offers.

"Really?" Susan's face lights up immediately. "That's be so sweet."

"S-Ma'am!" Emma gasps in shock.

"Now, now, don't fuss. This nice man offered to change you, and I'm gladly going to take his offer." she says as she wipes her arm clean, and throws the wipe into trash.

"But.." Emma protests again, before Susan gives her a stern look and she immediately stifles her protest.

"If you don't behave with this nice gentleman, I will bend you over this table and spank you so hard you won't be able to sit for days. Understood?"

She nods quietly, her eyes wide in fear.

"I didn't hear you."

"Yes ma'am." she replies nervously.

"Good. Now.. here's Carnal's diaper rash prevention cream, wipes, dry cloth, diapers"

The man nods.

"I assume you know how to change diapers?" she asks.

"I've done it only a few times, but it shouldn't be a problem."

"Alright. Make sure you check her butt to see if there's any poop left."

"Will do." He says, and Susan moves to the side, letting him take her place. She stares at Emma for a second, clearly hesitating. "Anything else?" he asks.

Susan shakes her head. "I'll be back before you can say poop." she says to Emma, then heads out of the toilet in a hurry. Emma in disbelief follows her with her eyes, then sighs in annoyance as the door closes, before she turns back to look at the stranger.

"Hi, my name is Stephen." he says with a friendly smile as he stretches his hand towards her.

"I'm.. Emma." she says as she realizes she can't let go of her legs and greet him, at least not without messing up herself even more.

"Shall we get you changed?"

Emma nods and bites her lip nervously. She feels her face quickly becoming flushed as she observes Stephen while he removes the soiled wipe from her crotch, then throws it into the trash. He ogles her pussy for a second before he takes a few more wipes out, then proceeds wiping her just as Susan did. "How could she leave me with a complete stranger?!" she wonders as the room is filled with silence, while he quickly wipes her puffy lips, her thighs, and her butt, then mops up the pee off the table with the tissues before throwing them away. After that he takes a dry cloth and dries her off, then places it down on the sink.

"Did any poop get inside your vagina?" he asks.

"N-no.. I don't think so." she mutters nervously.

"Hmm.. I better check. Better safe than sorry, right?" he asks as he places his left hand below her pussy, and uses his fingers to spread her puffy lips.

"Nooo! You don't haaaaaveeee too!" she protests, just as he inserts his index finger. "Stooop!" She tries to squirm away from his finger, but with her hands holding her legs, her attempt is futile.

"Don't fuss, baby! Remember what your mother told you." he says sternly. Her whole body shivers from his tone, before she starts to think and stops in her attempts to get away.
"Besides, if any poop has gotten inside and we left it there, it wouldn't be very hygienic now, would it?" he asks, as he pushes his finger deeper into her vaginal tunnel. It doesn't take her very long to realize that he has actually made a good point, but.. the fact is she feels ashamed to let a stranger see her like this, change her, and even less..

".. she's not my mother." she responds shyly, as he twirls his finger inside her.

"Oh?" he mutters in surprise, as he looks at her.

"She's my nanny."

"Ah, of course." he smiles as he slides a second finger alongside the first one, making her grunt. She presses her legs together and tries to stay calm, as his thick fingers slide back and forth, then twist and turn inside her. Despite herself, she can feel her pussy getting wet, her body responding to the man's touch. "He's just trying to feel if there's poop inside.." she thinks, trying to stay quiet.

"Well, you were right. Everything seems clean." he says as he pulls his fingers out and gives her clit a pinch, making her gasp. "Spread your legs dear, I have to apply the cream." he says as he opens the lid of Carnal's cream on the sink. Despite her reluctance she spreads her legs, fully knowing that the easier she makes it for him to do what he has to, the sooner he'll be done. She feels her heart speeding up once again as she watches him scoop out a generous amount of cream with two of his fingers that were just inside her, before reaching towards her with them.

"You're such a nice girl, aren't you?" he asks as he leaves a few smaller drops of cream around her puffy lips, then proceeds rubbing it in, his touch making her feel uncomfortable. She nods quietly as she tries to stay calm while he rubs the cream into her skin, his touch way more intimate than she'd like. "Your skin is so soft.. and smooth." he comments.

"Thank you?" she replies awkwardly.

"Do you shave?" he asks, as he squeezes her puffy lips together between two fingers.

She shakes her head in response and grips her legs tighter. "David.. shaves me." she replies.

"I assume David is your father?"

"No. H-he's my nanny's h-husband."

"Oh, I see. Well, he's done a pretty good job." She nods, unsure how to respond. She can't help but look to her left towards the door, hoping that Susan will come in through it and take over but of course, that doesn't happen. She keeps looking at the door as he applies the cream to her puffy lips, her mound, her butt, and partially her thighs. Then suddenly, he speaks again.

"Big girls need lots of cream." he says, and just as she looks towards him, he slides his middle finger deep into her rear, along with a big dollop of cream.

"OW! Keep your finger out of"

"Shush baby. This is a normal procedure." She winces as he thrusts his finger back and forth a few times, before he pulls it out.

"You're lying!" she cries out.

"Now why would I do that? I'm just trying to help out." he says as he scoops out a little cream with his finger, then rubs it right onto her twitching sphincter. Then as he reaches towards the jar again, he sighs. "Oops. Seems like we've run out of cream."

As she looks towards the jar, she sees it's almost completely full. "But it's"

"No worries, I've got this. I know just a way to make more." he says, and as she looks down at his hand, she notices he's unbuttoning his jeans.

"No, no, no, this is not happening!" she thinks, starting to panic. "Susan!" she yells as she looks towards the door.

"Shh, little girl, it'll be fine." he smiles slyly as his 7-inch long erection springs free from his jeans.

Thinking quick, Emma lets go of her legs and moves to get up. "I have to.." she starts to say, but as the man realizes what she's trying to do, he places his hands down on her thighs, then pushes down firmly, spreading them even further and keeping her down. As he looks down in her eyes she realizes she's trapped, her heart beating wildly, feeling like it could jump out from her chest any second now.

"Tsk-tsk, don't be bad! You wouldn't want to disappoint Susan now, would you?" he asks.

"Fuck!" she thinks, realizing he might be right. She *did* tell her to be good, and.. "What if she spanks me, and keeps treating me as a toddler even longer if I try to stop him?" she wonders. "I have only 2 day left to go as it is, and.."

"Ohh.." Stephen moans, interrupting her thoughts at the same time as she feels something being pushed into her..

"Oh no" she mutters, realizing it can be only one thing. As her eyes wander down from the smile on his face, she sees that he has managed to push half of his cock inside her.
"Ughh." she groans as he pushes deeper into her, stretching her soft lips. Although he's about the same length as David, she can feel that he is actually a bit more thicker than he is. She grits her teeth and watches in shock as her soft folds of flesh stretch more and more, engulfing his cock as she pushes it deeper until he's finally all the way in.

"Whew! You sure are tight. Could you hold your legs for me?"

"But, uhh.. sir, please! You're not supposed to do this" she protests, hoping that she can get him to stop while still being 'good'.

"Hmm.. fine. How about if you help me out here, I.. I will owe you one. How does that sound?"

"No! Sir.. I-I don't want to. Please, can you just finish.."

"Alright, will do." he interrupts her, and begins thrusting.

"T-that's not what I meant!" she protests in vain. "I meant.. agghh" As Stephen releases the hold of her thighs, her legs begin to dangle around freely in time with his thrusts, and she has no other choice than to take them into her hands.

"Thanks, sweetheart." he smiles and leans down above her, then places his hands on each side of the table.

"Please" she begs with her last ounce of of hope as he continues fucking her, her whole body trembling with every thrust, while she struggles not to cry. However, she has no choice but to hold her knees close to her chest and her legs spread so they are next to his body, but unfortunately this position only opens her pussy further, and allows for deeper thrusts. Her eyes wander up to the ceiling while mind wanders to Susan, her mother, David.. and even her school friends as she tries to distract herself from what is happening right here, while Stephen pumps his hips, fucking her. She wishes that this is all only a dream, and that she'll wake up at any moment now.. but she's quickly brought back to reality as his cock rubs against something inside of her, and she feels pleasure building inside her crotch. "Nooooo.. this is so wrong!" she thinks as she looks down.

Time seems to slow down for barely a moment as she feels her chest heaving, and her heart pounding. Her eyes are focused on his penis and she watches it sliding into her, pushing her puffy lips well into her steaming cave as well. On his way out her lips are dragged back along his cock, leaving a fine coating of her creamy juices on his shaft before he plunges back into her. She lets out a soft mewing sound and turns her head in shame, feeling unable to watch what this man is doing to her.

A minute passes by mostly in silence with occasional grunts and moans coming from Emma, as her pussy grows even wetter, and with his thrusts now making her feel good instead of uncomfortable, much to her dismay.

"Alright honey, I have to speed this up a bit. I don't want your nanny catching me balls deep inside of you." he chuckles softly, then starts thrusting faster, making her groan.

"J-just.. get it over with." she gives in as she pulls her knees further back and brings her legs closer, hoping that the tightness will get him off faster.

"Oh, who's a good girl?" he asks, the table shaking with his thrusts as she winces.

"You're a good girl! Yes.. you.. ahhhhrrreee!" he moans, closes his eyes, and buries his cock to the hilt right before he starts to ejaculate. "Ahhhhh.." As she reflexively squeezes her pussy, milking him, he slides his hand under her blouse and cups her breast. Emma stays silent letting him play with it, her mind simply.. blank, as she feels a squirt after squirt of his 'cream' being ejaculated inside her pussy.

"Ohh" he breathes hard, as he pulls his hand back. "That was lovely. I think we've got now more than enough cream." he says, then starts to pull out his cock. As he withdraws his cock some of the sperm follows, and Emma sighs, glad that this is over and she can let her legs back down.

"Do you mind cleaning me up?" he asks as he walks up next to her head, and offers her his slimy cock.

"Ughh.. hasn't the sex been enough?"

"Oh, it was. But I don't want to make a mess inside my pants."

"But.. uhh.. why don't you use one of the wipes?"

"Hmm.. I guess you're right. Then again, I might have just enough time to give your butt a go" he mutter as he moves towards her rear.

"N-no! I-I'll do it.." she stammers as her whole body shivers at the thought.

"Alright. You truly are a good girl." he smiles as he walks up back to her face.

"Too good.." she thinks, as she observes his dangling penis with hesitation. Reluctantly, she places two of her fingers on the cock to hold it, then slowly slides the tip into her mouth. "Why is this happening to me?!" she wonders, as she uses her tongue to clean the cum off the cockhead. "Salty." she thinks at her first taste of the cum. Then she pulls it out, and using her tongue, she licks up all of the cum and her juices off his shaft.

"Almost done." he says as he takes his cock from her fingers, then pulls it up offering her his shaved balls.

"I.. I can't believe I'm about to do this." she thinks as she moves her head closer, then reluctantly takes his left testicle into her mouth. She closes her eyes as she carefully cleans the creamy mixture of pussy juice and cum off it, before moving to the other one mere seconds later.

"Ohh.. such a good girl." he moans as she licks him clean, his words making her blush. After a few sucks and licks, she lets his testicle out and opens her eyes. She can't help but notice that his balls are completely coated with a fine sheen of her saliva, right before he moves back and lifts his underwear. "Thanks hun, you're a peach." he says as he quickly pulls up his jeans, places his penis back into its place, then buttons them up. After that he walks over back to her crotch, and takes out a new diaper. "Lift your butt." he orders.

Despite feeling both ashamed and annoyed about what he made her do, especially since his penis was the first one inside her mouth.. she reluctantly complies. Still, she can't help but feel glad that all of this is finally coming to an end, as he slides a new diaper underneath her butt. He makes sure that the diaper is comfortable for her, then fastens the tabs on each side.

"All done." he smiles. As he walks over to the sink and washes his hands, she places her feet back down. "Hope I see you again.. bye!" he says, then heads out of the toilet.

"Ugh.. I hope not." she sighs, as she tries to make sense of her thoughts, the taste of her juices and his salty, yet sweet cum still residing on her tongue. "I thought he would never finish! Fucking bastard" She's unsure what to do now that she's all alone, but ultimately, she sits up and decides to stay where she is - after all, Susan did tell her that toddlers can't dress on their own Nearly 2 minutes later, Susan finally comes back.

"I'm sorry it took so long. I would have been back sooner, but your mother is really talkative! Did everything go alright?"

Emma, trying to hold back tears replies. "You left me all alone.. and he had sex with me!"

"What? Oh God Why didn't you stop him?!" she asks sternly.

"B-but you said I should behave!" Emma complains.

"Well, he took advantage of you. There's a difference between behaving, and letting him do.. that! Never mind that now.. are you okay?"

"I.. I don't know. I didn't want to like it, b-but.. it felt nice.. inside."

"Oh, Emma.. that's quite normal, you couldn't help it. Tell me, did he cum inside you?" she asks, and Emma nods quietly.

"That bastard.. you know what? I'll have David teach him a lesson."

"What do you mean?"

"Don't you worry about that.. do you know his name by any chance?"

"He said.. his name was Stephen."

"Alright. Let's get you dressed, and once we're home, I'll clean you up." Susan quickly gets Emma back into her sweatpants, before she backs her bag, and the two of them head out of the toilet.

"Was he rough on you?"


"Good. At least he had decency to be gentle.." Susan says, as they walk out, with Emma feeling slightly sore and walking almost like a duck, as Stephen's cum drips into her fresh diaper. After nearly 3 minutes of walking, they come up to a telephone booth.
"Alright, I'll be just a second." Susan puts the money in then dials a number.

"David? Hey, honey.. I was wondering if you could find one man, and teach him a lesson? Great. Well, his name is Stephen, he's an inch or two taller than me, I'd say he's about 32, or 33 years old, short dark hair, brown eyes.. I'll tell you the rest later. Okay, thanks honey."

"What did he say?" she asks, as Susan ends the call.

"Don't you worry about it.. how about we go shopping, and I'll buy you an ice cream?"

"That'd be lovely.. thanks." she smiles, then leans forward and hugs Susan. After a short hug, the two of them head for the store.

After spending an hour buying everything they needed for the house, they head back to the bus station and board a bus. With only one empty seat left Emma is forced to stand and hold the rail above her head, while her nanny sits down, placing one bag between her knees and two on her lap. After a few minutes wait the bus starts, and during the first 2 stops, more people board. Around that time, with the bus filled to capacity.. Emma suddenly feels a hand pressing against the back of her blouse. She ignores it at first, knowing that with the full bus small 'accidents' are bound to happen, but before long, she feels what can only be a men's rough hand, sliding underneath her blouse and moving up onto her bare back.

Feeling nervous since there's apparently a creep on board, Emma mutters, "C-could I sit, please?" hoping that Susan will get up and let her sit instead.

"I'm sorry honey, but there's no space." she says, pointing to the 2 bags in her lap.

"Uhh.." she sighs, then squeezes her eyes tightly as the hand pushes down, under her sweatpants and over her diaper. She moves a bit to the right, then to the left, hoping the hand will go away now that the man knows she's noticed it, but unfortunately it doesn't. Instead he grips her left ass cheek through the diaper, nearly making her gasp. She turns her head back to see who it is, but other than seeing a short black beard, she can't see much. She leans towards Susan, then whispers. "B-but ma'am, a man.. his hand.. it's touching my butt!"

Susan looks at her as she sighs. "Now Emma, don't be paranoid. I know you've had a rough day today, we both did, but they are all standing just like you, going their way. If someone touched you, I'm sure it was by accident."

"B-but.." she protests then stops mid sentence as she feels the hand withdrawing from her pants.. before it suddenly pushes down and straight into her diaper. "Ahh!" she gasps. "His hand is in my diaper!

"Now that's enough. Why would anyone's hand be in your diaper?" she asks, then leans to the side and looks behind Emma. "Did you hear what she said, sir?"

"Ohh, I did." the man says. "But you see.. my right hand is up on the rail, and my left is right here." he says as he swiftly pulls it out of her diaper, then places it over her shoulder to show them.

"There, honey. See?"

"B-but.. I swear, it was there a second ago!"

Susan sighs in frustration. "Enough! Quit complaining!" she says sternly. "Stop making things up, or I'll have to spank you right here in the middle of the bus, with your bare butt facing all these people."

"Y-yes ma'am." Emma replies then bites her lip as the man lowers his hand, and pushes it back into her diaper. He kneads her small yet bubbly ass cheek for a moment as he reaches towards Susan with his right hand.

"I'm Ethan, by the way." he says.

"Susan." she smiles, as she shakes his hand. "And this is Emma."

"Emma.. what a pretty name." he says as his hand returns to the rail, while a finger from his left circles her rubbery sphincter. As she opens her mouth to reply he boldly pushes his finger forward, and a gasp comes from her mouth while her eyes go wide in horror.

"T-thank you." she replies politely, feeling miserable that her own nanny doesn't believe her. But how could she believe her? After all, she's sitting right in front of her, and who would dare to touch her, let alone.. Emma's thoughts are interrupted as the man jams his thick finger all the way into her rectum, causing her legs to tremble and her hand to slip from the rail.

"Whoa!" Ethan exclaims as she begins to fall towards Susan, but he quickly places his right hand on her stomach, helping her stay on her feet. "Are you okay?" he asks.

"Y-yes.. sir." she manages to reply as she takes the rail in both of her hands now, and grips it tightly.

"She's just upset.. a man took advantage of her, and now she seems to think that every man is out to get her." Susan says, as the man's hand goes back to the rail she's holding.

"Oh, that's too bad.. she should know that not every man is the same." he says, thrusting and twisting his finger as her sphincter grips him like a vise.

"We are almost home.. we are almost home" she keeps repeating to herself, clutching the rail as she holds her eyes closed. All of a sudden he withdraws his finger, but it's only a second later that another finger joins it, before he presses them against her sphincter. "Oh no!" she thinks as she presses her legs tightly together in an effort to hinder the man's progress. He pushes hard, and her anus resists for a second.. before it suddenly gives in. She lets out a soft wince as his thick fingers penetrate her ass hole, stretching it wide open. Gritting her teeth she spreads her legs, having no choice but to let him push further; all she can hope for is to ease the tight, painful feeling inside her anus.

As he pushes his fingers deeper stretching her tight, yet smooth and buttery anus, it suddenly triggers something inside of her and involuntarily, she begins to pee. "Oh God.. what do you have against me?" she wonders as she tries to stay quiet and on her feet. She holds the rail tightly, her mouth partially open and her eyes squeezed shut, as her pee fills up the diaper she's wearing. She stands like that for nearly a minute as she finishes peeing, while the man's fingers continue to probe her.

"Well, this is our stop." As soon Susan says that the man jams both of his fingers as deep as possible, making Emma gasp, get up on the tip of her toes, and open her eyes. As Susan begins to pick up the bags Ethan quickly slides his fingers out of Emma's anus, then his hand out of her diaper, before reaching forward and taking one of the bags. She sighs in relief.

"Let me help." he says, and as he moves his hands back past her face, she can't help but smell the mixture of diaper cream and.. poop, on his hand, or better said his fingers.

"Thanks. Lets go, Emma." Susan says, and Emma walks between the people, and up to the bus door. The bus comes to a stop a couple of seconds later and she exits, followed by her nanny, and the man carrying one of their bags, which she sees for the first time. He seems to be in his mid 30's, fairly good looking, with a short beard and big hands. No wonder his fingers felt thick - they actually are!

"I-I'll take that." Emma says as she reaches forward to take the bag from him, while he smiles at her.

"I'm sure I'll be seeing you again." he mutters to Emma then lets go of the bag, his words making her whole body shudder at just the thought of that happening.

"It was nice meeting you." the man says to Susan.

"You too." she smiles. "Alright, lets go honey." she says, and both of them head back to their house. She can feel her anus still being somewhat open as she walks awkwardly, the soaked diaper clinging to her skin. Soon they find themselves at home, and after dropping off the bags, Emma walks upstairs and lays on her bed. After a couple of minutes Susan walks in, back in her ordinary clothes.

"Up." she says, pointing to Emma's legs, and she quickly complies by lifting them, before Susan takes off her sweatpants. Then, Emma bends her legs, pulling them towards herself, which allows Susan to unpin the diaper and pull it down.

"Pew.. what a mess." As Emma looks between her legs, she's surprised to see that her diaper is covered in a mix of urine, sperm, and her blood. She didn't expect her period for two more days..

"That looks nasty.."

"And it smells so too." Susan replies. She proceeds cleaning her up, making sure everything is clean, before she applies the Carnal's cream, then brings a tampon out of the bathroom. She inserts it gently, and within a minute, Emma is back in fresh diapers. "Do you want to help me make lunch?" she asks as she finishes dressing her.

"S--I'd love to!" Emma says eagerly. She has always enjoyed cooking, even though she isn't very good at it, but.. there's plenty of time to learn. During the next hour they make a wonderful lunch, consisting of potatoes and minced meat, before they eat it - and it tastes great! Her mother usually doesn't let her help, unlike Susan, and she actually feels happy that some of her effort has turned out so great. The next few hours fly by quickly, they watch some TV together, Emma plays on her PC, messages with her best friend, etc. This past few days she's avoided answering messages to Joey, and her other friends - now talking only with Megan, since she doesn't really know how to answer why she isn't meeting them in the school yard school anymore, but.. "I'll see them sooner or later.. so I need to come up with some excuse. Hmm.. now that I think about it, it's not that hard.. I don't really like them anyway." she thinks.

Around 8 pm, as she's laying on her bed after dinner, someone knocks on her door.

"Come in." she says.

"Hi.." David says as he walks in. "How are you?"

"I'm fine, thanks." she responds with a soft smile.

"Well.. about the guy Susan called me about.." Her smile quickly disappears from her face. "I found him."

"You did?" she asks, surprised.

"I did." he nods.

"What did you do?"

"Oh, nothing serious.. just a few slaps, shall we say, that.. well, enough to make sure he doesn't do something like that ever again. He wants to apologize to you for being a complete idiot, so he sent you this over." he says as he pulls out a laptop from behind his back. "He knows he can't take back what he did, but believe me, he is truly sorry."

"Oh, wow.. thanks, D--sir!" she smiles as she gets off the bed, and hugs him.

He laughs softly. "You're welcome." After a short while, he breaks the hug. "I'm going downstairs. Susan agreed you can use it tonight, until it's time for bed."


"Just.. don't let something like that happen again. There is a lot of bad people in this world, and if they try to harm you in any way, or do anything to you, kick their ass. Okay?"

She nods quietly, and with that, he exits the room. She spends nearly an hour exploring the laptop and playing some games she hasn't seen before, then goes through her nightly ritual with Susan, and heads to bed.

After such a long day, she's exhausted, and she's hopping to fall asleep quickly.. but with David on her mind, and how nice he was, teaching that guy a lesson.. she can't. She remembers the look of pleasure on David's face, when he was thrusting into her.. and the second day, the day he held her.. kissed her.. oh, the kisses
All these thoughts cause her frustrated clit to swell, and pulsate inside her diaper.
As ten, then twenty minutes pass, with her tossing and turning in bed, she finally lets out a frustrated sigh, and slides her right hand down into her diaper. She slips two fingers past her wet lips, scooping her juices, before she begins stroking her clit with those same fingers, focusing on her memories.

The most pleasant ones she has are with David, the way he kissed her, licked her pussy, and the way he fucked her, while Susan stroked her clit. Not all of them were pleasant, however, especially the second day when he groped her breasts, and made her bounce on his lap as if she had to do it to stay alive, all under Susan's careful watch, while the movie played in front of them. Pushing aside those memories she holds her eyes closed and focuses on the way his tongue slithered into her pussy, after the shave he gave her. It was literally her first orgasm, and David was the first one that touched her there, in that way..

She rolls over onto her front, letting out soft moan as she pinches her clit, remembering how he 'punished' her the first time from behind. Before long she's breathing heavily, and within a minute, she orgasms. "Ahhhh" she moans quietly, clutching her hand with her legs as her body shakes, and her pussy spams. She slumps down on the bed as she withdraws her hand, then simply lies there, relaxing.. and within a minute, she drifts off to blissful sleep.

"Hey, Emma." she suddenly hears someone saying, waking her up.. before she feels her nipple being pinched.

She lets out a gasp, and quickly turns around. "D-david! What are you doing here?" she asks, as she sees David laying in her bed, next to her. With a smile on his face he leans forward and begins to kiss her, his tongue pushing into her mouth while his hand kneads her right breast, and

"Wake up, Emma."

As she opens her eyes, she sees Susan standing next to the bed.

"I-It's not.." she starts to say, her heart beating wildly as she sits up then looks around nervously, before she realizes it was all only a dream.

"It's time for school."

"School?" she asks as she rubs her sleepy eyes. "But isn't the school over?"

"It is, but today they are giving out annual report cards, and you need to take yours."

"Ughh.." she sighs as she lays back. "But I don't want to!" she complains.

"You have to Emma, same as everyone else. Now, enough of talking, I need to give you a bath and get you ready." Emma sighs in annoyment, then reluctantly, complies. The bath, followed by applying lotion and getting her into new diapers and clothes, it all takes around 30 minutes. After a short breakfast, Susan helps her put on a pair of shoes, then sends her on her way to school.

On her arrival she manages to avoid most of her so called 'friends', and within 20 minutes she's out, holding her paper - nearly all C's. She's always been very good at school without much effort, but, after her father's death last year, she started to slip, and

"Emma!" Someone calls her name, shaking her clear of her thoughts. As she turns around, she sees her best friend Megan jogging towards her. Megan is a perfect example of a cute, nerdy girl. Hey shoulder-length black hair sways freely as she approaches her, and even from afar, Megan's beautiful blue eyes are visible, made even bigger by the glasses she's wearing. Her lips are

"Why are you avoiding them?" Megan asks as she catches up with her, then turns to look towards the group of Emma's 'friends'.

Emma sighs, folds, and places the paper into her left pocket. "I told you last night I don't want to talk about it."

"Oookay.. sorry for asking. Aanyway I came to tell you that there's going to be a fashion show this Saturday!"

"What? Where?" Emma asks in surprise.

"The school is organizing it, at the school's auditorium."

"Are you sure?"

She nods.

"Who is going to be there? Is Adriana L.."

"No, there's going to be only amateur models, from school." She interrupts her. "And everyone will be able to sing up. I've also heard there's going to be model scout in the crowd." she smiles.

"Really?!" Emma's eyes go wide in surprise. For as long she can remember, she's *dreamt* of being a model. But so far, the only 'modeling' she's done, was in front of her parents. They'd buy her anything she wanted, and she'd model all kinds of little, cute outfits for them, with one of the most memorable ones being a beautiful snow white outfit.

It was one of those beautiful sunny days as she was strutting around the living room, trying to imitate the models she's seen on the TV. But even though she looked absolutely adorable wearing the outfit that made her look as if she came out of a fairy tale, the flowery skirt was too loose for her, and it would occasionally slip down, but she'd pull it up.. until one time, it brought her down with it. Both her parents would ran up to her to see if she was okay; which she was. Her soft whimpers quickly turned into cries of happiness as they tickled her stomach, with her mother promising to tighten the skirt so she could wear it properly. But..

"Emma.. Wake up!" Megan says, jarring her out of her memory. "Are you daydreaming?"

"What? No.."

"I was asking, are you going to sing up?"

"I.. I don't know. I mean, I'd love to! But I don't know if I'll be able to come"

"Oh, come on. You have to! It's your dream." Megan says, trying to encourage her.

"I don't know if my n.. mom, will let me." she sighs.

"Well.. here's a flyer if you manage to convince her." Megan says as she hands it to her from her purse. "Anyway, laters, I have to catch a bus."

"Bye.." Emma says, still in daze as Megan walks away. On her way back home, she reads the flyer.

"On Sunday, June 25th, for the first time in our history, Paradise Valley Middle School will be organizing a Fashion Show, composed of only amateur models. Tickets for anyone above 18 years old will be 15$, and 10$ for the ones under the age of 18. This is a charity event, so all the money will be donated to a local not-for-profit organization that focuses on helping the homeless children."

"The Fashion event will be held at the Middle School's Auditorium on Sunday, June 25th, from 6 pm - 8 pm."

Then, below..

"For models only:

All aspiring models (age 13-18) are required to sing up at least 24 before the show, and to be in the backstage area by 5:30 pm.

* All the models will have a chance to wear some of the newest pieces made by our various local fashion designers.

* All the models will be remembered as some of the first amateur models to walk the school auditorium, for what is we hope, a start of an yearly event.

* Model scouts will be present in the crowd.


"Wow.. Megan wasn't joking. But, I.. I don't know." she sighs. She's unsure whether to try and convince Susan to let her sing up.. or not. "What if they refuse me?" she wonders anxiously, before re-reading the flyer, and it clearly says 'All'. But still.. "What if I fall and embarrass myself? Models usually wear those huge high heels, and.." But, even so, she knows it's only an excuse because she feels she isn't up to it. There's only one chance, and from all the girls that would sing up.. "Why would any scouts pick me?"

She places the paper into her right pocket, deciding to think about it through the rest of the day, and then if she decides to sing up, to ask Susan. Within a couple of minutes she's back home, and as she enters the house, she says, "I'm back!" She kicks off the shoes and heads for the living room, but Susan stops her.

"Let me see." She pulls the paper from her left pocket, and hands it to her. "C's?! You are lucky it's your last year, otherwise I'd have you over my knee within a minute." she says, making her shiver.

"Sorry, it was just.. it was a tough year."

"It's a shame your mother hasn't hired me earlier. Anyway.. are you hungry, or..?"

"No, thank you. I'll be upstairs."

"Okay. But you better start thinking what you'll do with your future now." Susan says, as Emma heads up the stairs.

"I will.." she mutters. She spends a few hours, some watching a movie, some playing on the laptop, and some.. just thinking. Susan is right - with the school done, she needs to think about a job, or possibly, college.. but other than her dreams of being a model, she has never really thought about it. A teacher maybe? But still.. "Wouldn't I need college for that too?" she wonders. And even so, even if she got a college diploma.. she can't really see herself teaching kids. She goes through a dozen of other jobs, but.. she always comes back to only one thing - modeling.

"Fuck it.. I'm going to ask her." she thinks as she gets up, and heads downstairs. However, as she walks through the living room and into the kitchen, she sees David there, cooking something. "Hi.. Sir." she says, unsure why he's there, "Shouldn't he be at work?"

"Oh, hi Emma." he says as he turns to face her. "Are you hungry? I'm making lunch."

".. Sure." she replies. "Umm, where is Susan?"

"She had to leave - she's taking care of some private matters. It seems that one of the kids we used to ba.. it doesn't matter. Anyway, how are you?"

"One of the kids.. what kind of trouble would require her to be there?" she wonders about it for a second, before she brushes the thought off. "Oh, I'm good."

"How's work?" she asks.

"Oh, you know.. boring, as usual."

"So.. when is Susan going to be back?"

"Tomorrow night." he replies.

"Dammit.. but maybe that's for the best?" she wonders. Shortly after that their conversation quickly dies out, but luckily, the lunch is ready and they eat it. The rest of the day flies by for her, since compared to Susan he doesn't check on her as often, and he only calls her down when it's time to eat. She even ends up playing on the PC up to 7 pm, before he shows up at tells her to shut it off. Around 9 pm, both of them are in the bathroom, getting ready to sleep, with Emma feeling slightly nervous to be nude in front of him. Yet, as she stands in front of the sink table, and looks at reflection of herself on the mirror above, her thoughts begin to drift off towards the school's fashion show. A couple of minutes later, with David's thick finger sliding back and forth, her anus gripping it as he applies the lotion, she's still looking at her reflection in the mirror, and thinking. "My breasts aren't that big.. and I am slightly skinny.. but aren't most professional models the same?" she wonders.

As she firmly grips the table in front of her, she asks. "Sir.."

"Call me David." he interrupts her. "I think we are well past 'sir'. Don't you agree?"

"Yes S.. David." she replies as she shivers, his finger twisting inside her rectum.

"Now, what did you want to ask?"

"Do you think.. I have a nice body?"

He looks at her in the mirror, before he speaks. "Oh, I'd say it's quote wonderful.. beautiful, actually. You are very fit for your age, your butt is-- erm, why do you ask?"

"There's this thing.. a fashion show, at school, and.. I was wondering if I could go?" she asks, gripping the table harder.

"Well.. I don't know." He sighs, as he withdraws his finger. "Susan would have to decide."

"Do you think you could call and ask her?"

"It's pretty late, Emma.. why don't you wait until she comes back?"

"I-I would, but.. it's on Sunday, and it says on the flyer that any girls that want to participate, need to call them at least 24 hours earlier."

"Aww, Sunday? It's our 15th anniversary, and I don't think she'd let you go all alone."

"Please, David.." she says as she turns around, and gives him a puppy eyes look. "Can you just give her a call? It's my dream to be a model"

"Well.. okay. But-.."

"Thank you!" she exclaims, unable to control her excitement as she hugs then kisses him, right on his lips. She stays like that for a second before she realizes what she's done, then breaks the kiss and moves back. There's a stunned look on his face as awkward silence fills the room. "I should.." she mutters as she looks towards the door, breaking the silence.

"Yes, you.. you should go to sleep. But you need a new diaper first." he says and she nods, before both of them walk into her room. Within a minute and without saying a word, she's wearing a new pair of diapers, and David leaves the room, leaving her in her bed.

"Fuck.." she mutters, feeling embarrassed that she has kissed him. It's not like they haven't kissed before, but.. this was different.. and strangely, awkward. She tries to fall asleep for 10 or so minutes, but she can't, the memory of the kiss still lingering on her mind.. before the door suddenly opens.

"Are you awake?" David mutters.

"Yes." she responds.

"Oh. Well, I just thought I'd let you know that.. Susan said yes, you can go."

"T-that's awesome!" Emma says happily, and he laughs softly.

"I thought you'd like it. Good.."

"Do you think you could give me a shave? B-before the show, that is." she asks nervously.

"Of course. It's Sunday, so I'll be here all day."

"Thanks! Good night."

"Good night." he replies, then closes the door.

"I'm going to be a model!" she thinks, grinning excitedly in the dark as she lays in her bed.

To be continued

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