Random Encounters

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Random Encounters
by: S. M. Jester (jesteranime)

The bar was dark and lonely on this Wednesday night, few people with sultry low jazz music playing in the background. Just the way I wanted, a drink alone after a stressful day at work. The barkeep walked by, refilling my Black and Coke and smiling sadly at me before helping the two drunk and obnoxious customers by the pool table. Work had become such a chore. Sure, it wasn’t difficult working in an office and filling papers and entering data in a computer, but it was boring. And when I come home to my empty apartment with nothing to do but watch TV and sleep that was even more boring. As I sipped on my scotch and soda, my mind drifted to what it would be like having kids… I didn’t expect to be almost thirty and not have any at this point. It didn’t help that I hadn’t had sex in almost three years, since my last boyfriend dumped me for some skinny tramp with humongous tits. Mine aren’t big, at least not like that tramp. I’d like to think mine were on the small side of average for a girl my size… who’s chubby but not overly fat. Sure, I have a bit of a gut but it could be worse, I could be 400 pounds! Anyway, as my mind wandered, my drink getting lower and lower as I idly sip it dry, suddenly a rather handsome man, and boy was he a man, sat next to me and whispered into my ear, “Is this seat taken?”

That sent chills down my spine, really good chills. It took me a moment before I smiled back at him and chuckled, “It is now.” I turned to look at him more closely and I was almost blown away. Dark tanned skin, chiseled jaw, toned muscles, tall… everything about him from his posture to his smile to the obvious half-bulge in his pants just screamed male confidence. I felt myself melting to his gaze, his eyes staring directly into mine with that seductive look that promised me the world.

He ordered a Black on the rocks, making me smile at his choice in liquor and he ordered a refill for me. Turning back to me he said very seductively, “So what’s a pretty girl like you sitting all by your lonesome in a place like this?”

I couldn’t hold in my blush before saying, “Just looking to relax after work,” I sighed, leaning against the bar, my tits straining to stay in my low cut top, “long day and an even lonelier apartment.”

“Aww… no one at home to help relieve the stress?” he said leaning a little closer with a goofy smile.

I giggled and shook my head “Not for a while, just haven’t found the time.”

“Sometimes we need to make the time, in order to take care of ourselves,” he whispered in sweet, soft tones, his hand resting on my thigh running up to the hem of my shorts. I held in a moan… his touch warming me up in more ways than one. “It seems you have the time now.”

“It does, doesn’t it,” I almost purr, his every touch just making me beg for more.

“If there’s something you want just tell me,” he whispered into my ear, pulling real close, “Something that you yearn for, something real, and I will give it to you.”

I shuddered… he worked me up so much I couldn’t think straight, I just listened to my body, and my body was screaming for him to fuck me. I whispered to him, “Let’s go back to my place.”

He flashed a pearly white smile at me before fishing out a hundred and laying it on the table under his glass. We went out to his car, a sporty new Mercedes E350, and he drove the few blocks to my apartment, all the while I couldn’t keep my eyes off the growing bulge in his pants, all ready he looked huge and I couldn’t wait to see just how big it got. When we stopped in front of my building, I led him up the stairs and down the hall to my apartment, a small studio that overlooked the street below. When the door closed, he was all over me in a flash, holding me close to him and his lips greedily taking mine, his tongue sliding into my mouth and wrestling mine as our hands explored our clothed bodies. His hands slid under my top, running his fingers over every chubby curve up to my bra, making me moan into the war of lips and tongues that was our kiss. He guided me to the bed up against the windows and I pulled him on top of me, his legs landing instinctively between mine. I could feel his hot, hard cock straining against his pants rubbing up against my warm damp pussy under my jean shorts. Pulling off my top and bra and tossing them to the floor, he started kissing down my neck and chest. He took one of my perky nipples into his mouth and sucked, I moaned more, tossing my head back and grinding my hips against his. His one hand played with my other breast while his free hand slipped down and unbuttoned my shorts, sliding into them finding my bare, damp pussy. He started teasing my clit, my moans growing louder and louder, “Ohhh yea… just like that… more!”

“Mmmm you like that?” he half-moaned, half-growled at me, his voice sounding more animalistic, more primal. I nodded my head and moaned more as he tortured my clit with his fingers and sucked and licked and kissed my tits with his mouth. “Feels reall good doesn’t it, getting what you want?”

“Ohh yes!” I cried out, my hips now bucking against his hand as he slipped a finger into my wet folds… “I want more… I want you inside me!”

“Mmm not yet, babe… almost, but not yet,” he says teasingly before pulling his hand away from my pussy. I whimper a little in disappointment but that was short lived as he pulled my shorts off. Instinctively I spread my legs wide, giving him a good view of my moist pussy folds. I can see his eyes lock onto his prize and he licks his lips in anticipation. He chucks his shirt to the floor and undoes his jeans, and then I see it. His cock is a monster! It’s at least ten inches and thick and veiny, precum oozing from the tip and his balls were big and hung real low. I could tell that they had to be pretty full. I let out a moan of anticipation as I stare at him longingly. He chuckled and looked at me smirking, “Like what you see?” I nodded back at him, unable to form coherent thoughts.

Slowly, he kneeled in front of me and started to eat me out, licking my pussy up and down my slit, teasing my clit. “Ohh fuck!” I moaned, “I don’t need any more foreplay! I want you now!”

“Say it,” he prodded, teasing my clit with his tongue, “Say what you want.”

“I want you deep inside me!” I cried out, barely able to take the torture anymore, “I want you to fuck me! I want you to fuck me so hard and give me a baby!”

That perked his interest, he stopped his teasing and looked up at me smirking, “You want my load, babe? Deep inside you to give you a baby?”

“Yes!” I moaned, my hands balling up the sheets, “I want you to fuck a baby into me!”

He stood up to his full six-foot-two height and grinned a primal, feral grin. He grabbed my legs and pulled them up over his shoulders, my knees pressed up against my body as he got into position, my body trembling as he rubbed his cock head against my pussy, “You want me to breed you babe?” he asked one final time, his voice low and sultry with a tone that he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“YeAAAAAAss!” I said just as he slammed his cock deep into me for the first time, stretching me out in ways I never thought possible. His cock filled me completely, my love canal fitting him like a glove just a size too small, the look on his face said it all as he started rocking his hips back and forth, thrusting into my fertile cunt. “Ohh fuck! Yess! Fuck mee!” I gasped out in loud moans, “Fuck my fertile pussy!”

His hand held my hips tightly, my legs resting on his shoulders giving him easy access to his fertile prize, “God you’re so tight! Fuck mmm…” He kept pounding away, his big full balls slapping against my ass with every thrust, “Ohh god you feel so good!”

“Ohh yes! Ohh god cum in me! Fucking cum in me! Give me a baby!”

His thrusts got harder with my continued pleas, his hands now on my shoulders for more leverage, his body pressed up against me, his moans into my ears and mine into his. “Ohh babe, you want my load don’t you babe? You want me to unload deep into your pussy and give you a baby?”

“Ohh fuck!” I cried out as my pussy started to tense more… a white heat building in my groin just waiting to release, “Ohh yes! Give it to me! Fucking cum in me! Cum in me!”

“I can feel it building babe!” he cried out as I feel his cock grow even bigger in my pussy, his thrusts now short and erratic, he grunts with each thrust as if holding it back. “I’m about to—HNNGGGG!” he groans as he presses as deep as he can and I feel jet after warm jet of his hot gooey cum start to flood my womb. I let out a loud gasp as my body spasms and writhes under him, my pussy clamping down on his cock, milking every drop of fertile seed out of him. It was bliss, my mind blank except for the moment of ecstasy. The primal sensation of knowing that the chances were good for a baby just made it worth it.

We stayed like that a while, his cock in me acting as a plug while I kept my hips raised so to help get it all into my womb. After he caught his breath, he rolled off me and we both drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up he was gone, a note on my kitchen counter. He gave me his number to call him when I heard if I was pregnant or not. Nine months later, I gave birth to a beautiful daughter, all thanks to a random guy I met at a bar.

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