My Irish Virgin Part 2

We were walking and holding hands the next day on the beach. There was a pause in our talking and finally Nora said in a serious voice, "Danny, if you guessed that I'm a virgin and I know nothing about how to have sex, then you're right. No one ever taught me how to kiss until you made me practice. I feel like a little girl."

I replied, "I have kissed girls before Nora and maybe touched their breasts through their clothes a few times, but I am a virgin also. I never found the right girl and had the right opportunity to see what it was like.

"They taught us sex education in school, but the class really wasn't that much help."

I hesitated and then said, "But my older brother gave me an educational video tape that shows people all about sex in real life."

Nora said nothing as we completed our walk and said good-bye.

The next day Nora asked, "Would you show me the video tape so I can learn?"

"Of course; I'll bring it here tomorrow."

Nora said, "I would feel better if you watched it with me. I know I will be embarrassed, but with you in the room it seems a better way to learn about sex. As a favor, will you be with me?"

It was the following weekend and I was sitting in the pool house with Nora. She had invited me to dinner and had prepared Shepard's pie and a salad. Carol had given her a bottle of red wine, and she served it with the meal. When the meal was over and the dishes were washed, Nora sat on the couch facing the television and said, "Danny, I don't want you laughing at me. I am going to blush and be very embarrassed, but it's important that I learn about sex. So just sit with me and watch."

I started the tape and sat next to Nora. The video started and Nora gasped. The very first scene had a very nice looking couple standing facing the camera. They were completely nude. For the next fifteen minutes the narrator went over all parts of the male and female body. When appropriate, they actors sat down and spread their legs to better show their private parts. The voice was unemotional, but instructive. As the camera went to a close up of the female vulva area, I peeked at Nora. Her face was absolutely red and sweat was on her forehead.

After the examination of the human body was completed, the couple began to show the various elements of foreplay. They emphasized that the sensitive areas for one person may not be the same for another. One example was that some women can have an orgasm with oral stimulation of their breasts, where many other women cannot reach that stage unless other areas are teased.

Both cunnilingus and fellatio were demonstrated in detail. I glanced at Nora. She was staring at the screen, and not saying a word.

Finally the basic positions of intercourse were demonstrated and the video ended with the couple simultaneously coming to climax. The tape ended with an advertisement for the second tape of the series titled 'Advanced Sexual Techniques.'

The room was silent. I was trying to hide my erection and was hoping that my pre-cum had not penetrated my shorts. The silence continued and I joked and said, "Well Nora, now you are an expert on sex."

Nora replied nervously, "I never thought the video would be so graphic—I could see everything. How could those people ever let themselves be photographed that way?"

I replied, "There is an entire industry of porn films and thousands of people do the same thing on film and many other things much worse than what you saw. This film really was educational without the porn element in it."

She finally looked at me when I talked and then giggled and pointed at my erection. She asked, "Can watching something like that really get you excited?"

"Nora, an 'A plus' kiss from you puts me in the same condition. I can't help it."

I looked down and saw a moist circle coming through my shorts and I continued, "And the moisture you see coming through my pants is called pre-cum. It happens when a person gets aroused."

Nora looked nervous and finally stammered, "Is it wrong that I'm wet down there too?"

"Nora, it's almost impossible for us to watch something like that and not be aroused a little. So it's not wrong at all."

She was quiet for a while and finally said, "When I play with myself I get wet down there and then I have an orgasm. The movie said that some women climax just by having their breasts touched. Would you do that for me?"

"Are you sure?" I asked somewhat nervously.

"Yes Danny I am—I want to learn," she answered.

I was a little timid at such a frank approach, but was excited. "Nora," I said, "Why don't you sit on my lap facing me with your legs on either side of me?"

She quickly straddled me sitting on my erection. Her breasts were even with my face. I pulled her head down and kissed her—first softly and then with more pressure. I forced my tongue into her mouth and it was accepted by her tongue. We held the kiss for a long time and then I ended it. She was looking at me; her face was flush from the kiss, but her eyes remained serious.

"Should I keep going?" I asked quietly.

She nodded yes.

I said, "Take off my shirt."

She tugged at my shirt as I raised my hands until it came off leaving the upper part of me naked. I reached for the buttons on her blouse and released each one. When the blouse was free I tugged the ends of it from her shorts and pulled the blouse from her shoulders. Her breasts were concealed by a conservative white bra. I reached behind her and fumbled but eventually undid the clasp and pulled the bra from her; for the first time I saw her breasts.

I was overwhelmed. They were full with large areolas and nipples that were semi-hard. The skin was very white which contrasted against her deeply tanned shoulders and stomach. I whispered, "You have beautiful breasts Nora."

My hands gently cupped each breast and squeezed them gently. My thumbs lightly rubbed each nipple and they became instantly hard. I heard Nora take a sharp breath and then a quiet sigh. I could smell Nora's feminine scent and gazed at the perfect complexion of her breasts. I leaned forward and my tongue licked a path from the bottom of her breast to the top barely touching her areola, and avoiding her nipple. She groaned and pulled my head harder into her breasts, put I softly pushed her back so that I could explore her.

The tiny bumps on her areolas beckoned my tongue and I teased each one with little licks as my hands caressed her back and then the sides of her breasts. Nora's breathing was becoming more rapid and she would sigh or quietly groan as I teased her.

Finally I licked each nipple with my tongue and heard Nora gasp with pleasure. I sucked each one lightly and then gently closed my teeth around a nipple and pulled back until it pulled from my teeth.

Nora gasped, "Danny that feels so good; please don't stop."

I continued to caress and tease Nora's breasts and suddenly felt her pelvis starting to rub into me. After about a minute she gave a groan of frustration as her position wasn't putting enough friction on her clit. She suddenly shifted herself so that she was straddling only one of my legs. That seemed to help her. She pushed harder into my leg as her motion became faster and faster and suddenly she gasped and pushed my head back and kissed me hard as her orgasm erupted. Moments later she pulled my head to her breasts and remained still trying to catch her breath.

Her breathing slowed down almost to normal; she began to cry.

"Danny," she wailed, "I'm so embarrassed. I lost control of my body because of the pleasure you were given me. I never meant to do that."

"Nora," I replied, "What happened was fine; it was perfectly"

"I'm so ashamedplease go," Nora interrupted, "I want to be by myself."

I tried to talk to her, but she kept crying and asking me to leave; so I kissed her on the cheek, found my shirt and left. I was confused, but knew it wasn't me, but rather it was a fragile girl experiencing something new and frightening. I felt bad for Nora, but didn't know what to do.

The next day was a work day, but the soccer coach had called a meeting of the team and on the same day the college allowed athletes to pre-register their courses so that their classes wouldn't interfere with their sports activity. The construction boss gave me the day off and I drove to my college early the next morning.

As I drove out of town I remembered that I forgot to tell Nora I wouldn't be on the beach that morning. In the excitement of our sexual exploration and Nora's reaction it had slipped my mind.

I returned home just before dinner resolved to call Nora as soon as we were finished eating. After dinner I went to my room to call, but the phone started to ring. I thought, "Maybe it's Nora?"

"Hello," I said.

"Danny, this is Carol. Can I talk to you?"

"Sure," I replied, "Is Nora okay?"

"Nora is fine," answered Carol, "She doesn't know I'm calling you.

"But she is afraid that you are mad at her and when you didn't meet her at the beach, she really became upset. When I came home she was crying and I made her tell me everything."

"I had to go to college for a meeting and pre-registration. I just forgot to tell Nora."

"Danny," Carol continued, "You did nothing wrong. If anything I encouraged Nora to explore her sexuality. I didn't anticipate how emotional it would be for her, so it's pretty much my fault that things went like they did.

"We talked for hours and now she is worried that you don't like her any more, and she is ashamed that she was so embarrassed when you two were experimenting."

"Nora is really special to me," I said. "I would never hurt her on purpose. Can I talk to her?"

"I think you should wait until tomorrow. She was exhausted and went to sleep early. I just left her. Talk to her tomorrow morning on the beach.

"And, maybe it would be better if you didn't tell her I called you. I just wanted to be sure you still liked Nora, and now that I know that you do, I think you two should work it out without someone like me getting in the middle."

"Have you figured it out yet?" I asked.

"Figured what out?"

"Whether your mom or an older sister."

Carol giggled, "No, but whichever it is, she is as much a part of the family as Bobby is."

We ended the phone call and eventually I went to sleep.

I went to the beach the next morning, but skipped my running for the second day in a row. Instead I walked to where Nora always waited for me. When I came around a sand dune I could see her in the distance standing and looking in my direction. She spotted me and immediately started running towards me.

I ran to her. She threw herself into my arms and said, "I'm sorry Danny, I'm really sorry for being such a silly girl. You were so nice to me and I threw you out. I feel like a fool. I talked to Carol who helped me understand myself a little better, and then when you didn't show up yesterday I just knew you were mad"

"Nora," I said, "I wasn't mad at you. I had to go to my college for meetings yesterday and I forgot to tell you." You're my first real girlfriend. Why would I be mad at you?"

She searched my face hoping to see that I was telling the truth. She said, "You aroused me so much when you touched my breasts that I had to do something, and I was so embarrassed that I just did it. When I came using your leg I realized how foolish I was and"

I kissed her hard. She paused for a second and then returned the kiss pulling my body into hers so that her breasts pushed into my chest. After the kiss I said, "No more apologies and no more embarrassment. Okay?"

She nodded.

"And if, I continued, "you want to slow down with our sex playing, I can wait."

"Danny," she replied looking directly at me, "I don't want to slow down; I want to do more. I can't be this silly little girl any more."

"Are you sure?"

"Danny, listen to me. I want you to touch me and do those things we saw in the video tape. I want to know what it's like, and you're the only person in my life I would trust to do those things to me.

"On my second day in America Carol took me to the hospital where I was given a complete medical exam. I resisted, but Carol insisted that I should start birth control pills because one day I would find the right person to make me a woman. Carol was right; I've found that person in you."

I was amazed at her aggressiveness—she was not the shy Irish girl of two months ago. We parted with the promise that I would take her out to dinner and a movie the following day, which was a Saturday.

Saturday afternoon I answered the phone and it was Nora. She was obviously excited and said, "Can you come over this afternoon. I have wonderful news and I can't wait to tell you. The Thomas' are going away with Bobby overnight to see his grandmother, so I have the place to myself. Bring your suit so we can swim before dinner."

I told her I would come over at three.

At three o'clock I pushed through the wooden gate that led to the pool. Nora was sitting on a chair waiting for me. She was wearing a light terrycloth robe cover up and quickly came over to hug me.

"Danny," she blurted, "I've been accepted to my college with a full scholarship! When Carol and Hank heard my good news they told me that they would pay any expenses not covered by the scholarship, and they told me that they were buying a new car and would give me Carol's old car! I'm so happy—they are my second family.

"I'm excited; I just had to tell you right away."

She shyly said, "And I can drive to your school to visit you whenever I want. That is, if you want to see me?"

"I always want to see you."

"Well then," she impishly grinned, "Another surprise that Carol put me up to."

She untied the cover up and let it drop to her feet. I was instantly hard. She was wearing the same risqué bikini that Carol wore the first time that I met her. The triangular cloth barely covered her full breasts and each breast was now outlined with white skin, which showed where the conservative suit had covered and the new bikini revealed. Her pelvis similarly had a white stretch of skin outlining her mound.

"I love your swimming suit," I blurted. "It shows how hot your body is."

She beamed with the compliment and pulled me towards the pool. We played in the pool for thirty minutes or so. Every few minutes we kissed; her almost naked body touching mine kept me in a constant state of erection. Finally we got out of the pool and lay on the lounge chairs.

I asked, "Have you put on sun screen."


"Can I put some on you?"

"Of course Danny."

She was lying on her stomach on the lounge chair. I reached for the tube of cream and started at her neck and worked my way down to her broad shoulders. She sighed in pleasure as I massaged her back. There was a single string across her back from the bikini. I asked, "Do you trust me?"

There was a pause and then she answered, "If not you, who can I trust?"

I untied the string of her bikini and rubbed the sun screen over her naked back down to her ass. "Spread your legs Nora so I can cover what the new swimming suit shows."

She spread her legs and I continued to rub lotion down her cheeks and legs making sure I coated her inner thighs. Her ass puckered as I stroked her thighs, but she said nothing.

We stayed in that position for twenty minutes or so and then I said, "I think that's enough Nora. Turn over."

I almost felt guilty. It was my test and I watched to see what would happen. Nora remained motionless for almost a minute and then she turned over leaving her breasts exposed to me. They flattened against her chest, but I saw immediately that her nipples were hard.

"You need more sun screen," I said.

"If you say so Danny."

I took the tube of sun screen and loaded both hands with it. I started with her shoulders but quickly went to her breasts and nipples, which I teased as I covered them with the sun screen. When I touched her nipples she gasped and then sighed as I gently stroked her breasts. I continued down her stomach and when I reached her pelvis my hands went under her bikini bottom and I rubbed where her legs joined her pelvis. Then I rubbed her inner thighs with my coated hands. Without asking, she opened her legs to my hands.

We were in the hot sun for another forty-five minutes when I finally said, "It's a little hot for me Nora. Can we go inside?"

She grabbed my hand and we walked together into her pool house. I said, "I'm grubby with sweat and the sun screen. Can I use your shower?"

"Of course. I'll put a towel out for you."

I pretended innocence and said over my shoulder as I entered the bathroom, "I hope I can get rid of all the dirt off my back."

I had just washed my hair when the shower door opened and Nora stepped into the stall. She impishly grinned, "Maybe I can wash your back."

She had removed the bottom of her suit. Her pussy hair was trimmed so that only a small band of hair outlined her slit. She saw me looking, but made no effort to conceal herself.

What followed was the most sensual shower that I could ever imagine. My back leaned into her breasts. She lathered her hands with soap and washed me from head to cock to toe. Her light stokes and her breasts pushing against me were erotic. She at first ignored my cock and balls, but I took her hands and forced them to touch me. That was all it took as she then fondled me and explored this new sexual territory.

When it was my turn I lathered two wash clothes and covered every inch of her body. She gasped as I washed her vagina and lightly touched her clitoris. She tensed up when my fingers slipped between the cheeks of her ass and briefly touched her opening.

The shower ended and we dried each other—each of us teasing the erotic parts of our bodies. It was obvious that both of us were now highly aroused.

Nora pulled me into her bedroom and made me sit on the edge of her bed. She said, "Carol said that for the first time you need to come first so that you can last when I come."

She took my penis into her hands and then started to lick my shaft; the entire length in slow, subtle strokes. She finally took me into her mouth and started to suck it gently; her tongue teased the underside of me until I thought I would burst.

"I'm coming Nora, I gasped.

She pulled me from her mouth just as I came with spurts of semen covering her chest and breasts. She giggled, "I was afraid to swallow the first time, but I'm gong to practice to be better."

I went to the bathroom and got a warm, wet cloth to clean Nora's chest. She lay on the bed watching me. I knew that it was important that Nora receive as much pleasure as possible for her first time and resolved that I would put her enjoyment ahead of mine.

My head moved to her lips and we kissed—softly at first and then harder as our naked bodies aroused each other. My lips went to her neck and then shoulders. I kissed, licked and touched her intimately. As I licked the upper part of her breast I heard her first sigh of pleasure as she trembled slightly in my arms. I could smell the delicate fragrance of her body; it was like an aphrodisiac to me. Her nipples, already hard, rose to my mouth inviting me to kiss and suck. My teeth gently closed on a nipple and stretched it from her breast and finally pulled free from my teeth. She gasped with pleasure as the teasing bites continued on her nipples.

I continued my sexual teasing for more than thirty minutes. Nora's groans of pleasure were more frequent now and when my finger first went to her wet vagina and traced her slit, she screamed with surprise and happiness. My tongue teased her inner lips as she spread her legs farther apart inviting me to penetrate her farther. When my tongue touched her clit, she immediately came; her mound pushing into my face with quick shudders of movement.

I knelt between her legs and continued to lick her thighs and calves as she recovered from her first orgasm. I knew she wanted me in her—to get past this barrier of virginity so that she could be a woman—but I also knew that she had to become even more aroused to overcome any pain that I might bring her.

I continued the sexual teasing and once more my tongue was exploring Nora's vaginal. "Danny, don't let me wait any longer," she begged.

I ignored her plea.

Moments later, "PleaseI'm begging you."

I glanced at her face and saw it flush with sexual arousal. Her eyes were tightly closed and she was swinging her head back and forth in frustration. My hands went under her knees and I pushed them back so that her thighs were almost touching her chest. Her body was open to me—her clit pushing past the hood, sexual moisture soaking her vagina, even her asshole was visible as I knelt close to her.

I lowered my cock to her opening and slowly pushed into her until I met an obstruction. My fingers went to her nipples and clutched each hardened point. I squeezed each nipple hard and thrust into her. She gasped in both pain and pleasure as I penetrated her completely.

My cock was surrounded and clutched by her warm vagina walls. I whispered, "Are you okay?"

Her eyes opened and I saw them tearing. "Just make love to me Danny."

I withdrew a little and then pushed forward again looking for signs of pain. Nora's eyes were shut again, but her tongue was licking her lips with excitement and she was smiling.

I continued the motion of love—slow withdrawal and then quick, full penetration. Her pelvis started to come into rhythm with me. Suddenly she gasped, "Faster."

Seven or eight more thrusts and she screamed "Danny," and started to come. When I was sure she had started to climax, I emptied myself into her with convulsive thrusts that would not stop.

After my body was finished its frantic thrusting, I lay next to her and pulled her head to me. My lips met hers and I whispered, "Thank you."

She hugged me and returned the kiss. Her body rolled over so that she was laying on top of me—our thighs, groins, and chests all touching as if we were one. The naked sensual touching, the smells of her fragrance, sweat, and musky sexual odors overwhelmed my senses. All I could do is return her kiss even harder.

We lay facing each other later. She smiled and asked, "Am I your girlfriend now?"

"You are much more than my girlfriend Nora."

"As your girlfriend, I give myself to you."

She took my hand and brought my fingers to her lips and then to her nipples, and finally between her legs.

"I want you to always touch me anywhere at anytime. Whatever you want to do with my body, I will try to please you."

Her obvious sincerity and open ended sensual gift of her body to me was overwhelming. Her hand went to my face to wipe a single tear they had appeared when she had surrendered to me. I became hard again, which Nora immediately noticed. She reached for me.

Our second lovemaking was harder and rougher and Nora came much more violently as she again screamed my name when her body released to sexual pleasure.

We lay again looking at each other. I teased, "What happened to my shy Irish virgin?"

She smiled gently and answered, "She became addicted to sex because of an American man who refused to give up on a silly Irish girl, and now he is responsible for herI hope for the rest of her life.

"Danny, can we take a small nap, make love again, take a shower together, and then I will cook for you."

"Of course."

She rolled over so her back was to me. We cuddled and my hand rested on her breast.

Just as I closed my eyes and my world went black I heard her say firmly and with a happy lilt, "I love you Danny."


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