A tale of a family PART 3

Martha smiled at Katy, and slowly ran her fingers through her hair. “I thought this was so wrong always. But I should have known that it was all along who was wrong. I have never had any experience like this ever before.” She said lovingly to her daughter. “I am not done with you yet mom. ” Katy winked and again slowly kissed her way back down to her mother’s now almost reddened clit.
Katy started giving small kisses around the heaving cunt. Then without any notion she rammed four of her right hand fingers right to the end of her mother’s cunt. “ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, you daughter of a slut. You should have told me, you whore.” Screamed Martha as she held Katy’s hair and almost tugged at it like a rope. Katy just smiled up at her. Her hand was still inside the pussy, making rounds inside, giving Martha the horniest feeling she had ever had. Katy closed her hand into a box inside the cunt and slowly started bringing it back out. “Wowwwwww, mom, your cunt is awesome till now.” She said as her hand got stuck in the canal. Katy could see her mother’s eyes were closed. With her other hand she started rubbing Martha’s clit. And with a jerk pulled her boxed hand out of the cunt, making Martha almost scream in ecstasy. Before Martha could say anything, Katy again rammed her hand inside the cunt. This went on for some time. After Katy could feel her mother’s cunt loosened a little bit, she slowly started fingering her, only with her small finger. “AAhhhhhh you bloody slut, you loosened your mommy’s tight cunt today huh….. you will get your punishment for that you little whore.ughhhhhhh” “I want to be punished mom. Its been many days you punished me. But this time I want you bastard slutty tongue and whore fingers to give me the punishment.” Katy was only using her little finger all this time, frustrating Martha to her limit. “Put in bigger fingers you fucking daughter of a slut.ughhhh ughhh” Shouted Martha as she pulled at Katy’s hair brutally. “You have to wait for that you bloody fucking whore of a mother. I will do it when I feel like doing it, you understand you bitch.” Katy said as she paced up her finger’s speed. After Katy thought she had frustrated Martha enough, without any previous notion started fucking Martha with all her four fingers, while rubbing her clit with her thumb. “ohhhhhhhh, honey….. ohhhh you dirty slutty daughter of mine. You give so much pleasure to mommy. You whore…… Yeah right there….. in my pussy… Like that…. ughhgugghhh” Screamed Martha in ecstasy. Katy brought her mouth near Martha’s, as soon as Martha saw her daughter’s face near her, she pulled her into a mouth smothering kiss. Katy released herself and said in stern voice, “Not so early you whore. Open your mouth.” Martha did as asked. Katy made up globs of saliva and spat in Martha’s mouth. “Now taste your slutty daughter’s spit, you bloody motherwhore.” “mhmmmmmm” Martha moaned. Katy placed her mouth on one of the poled nipples and started biting it as hard as the skin would permit. “AAAAAwwwwwwww you horny slut. You motherfucking bitch, you bit my hard nipples.” Screamed Martha, “You gonna pay for that.”Katy now increased her fingering speed as fast she can. It was like a pump going in and out of the cunt, each time taking out the cunt juices. “mmmmmmmmm, I love the way my room smells sex.” Moaned Katy. Then suddenly Martha held Katy’s hand and started jerking it even faster than Katy. “ohhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh you slut, you are making me cum. Awwwwwwwww ” with a bounding scream, Martha came river after river of cum onto Katy’s hands, as Katy continued to finger with full speed. It seemed Martha came for ages. Half of the bed was now soaked with her cum and juices. Katy reached up as both licked Martha’s juices from her hands. Katy was feeling kind of tired with all the fucking. But to her amazement her mother was a little too much ready to go at it again. But seeing her daughter almost drained out by the fingering, she got up kissed Katy on her lips lightly once and started pulling the blanket. “What are you doing mom?” Katy asked. “Its all soaked honey. I need to change it.” “No mom. I want to sleep in this today. I want to sleep on your cum.” “Ohh, you little slut of mine.” She put Katy on her back and got on top of her.
“Now its my turn.” Smiled Martha wickedly, “to please my daughter and to make her whore cunt cum all over my face, body and cunt.” Saying this she slowly took out her her tongue, opened Katy’s lips and let both of their tongues get entwined with each other as Martha’s hands continuously explored Katy’s young tits and hard nipples. “Taste you mom, honey.” Said Martha. Katy obliged and opened her mouth as Martha spat a big ball of saliva inside her mouth. Katy let that play inside her mouth for sometime and then drank all of it. “You taste awesome here too mommy.” Smiled Katy. Martha slowly moved down to Katy’s tits, and was awestruck by her own daughter’s beauty. “my oh my, these nipples must have brought hard on to so many guys eh???” Katy smiled. It was true though. Her nipples were even larger than her mother’s. Without wasting any time, Martha dig in and started licking, sucking and biting all at the same time. “ohhhh… ohh mom.. your mouth feels so good on my tits, I want them on my cunt.aahahaahh” Moaned Katy. After spending some time, Martha kissed her way down and stopped just in front of her daughter’s beautiful cunt. Her hot breath was falling on Katy’s cunt, which made the feeling even more exotic and unbearable. “Ohhhh mom just suck on my cunt. I want your slutty tongue inside my whore cunt right now.” Gasped Katy. “Know what honey, I am always on the wilder side when I fuck a girl.” Martha said staring at the clean, white cunny. Katy couldn’t understand what her mother was telling. But as soon as Martha’s tongue touched her cunt, she knew what Martha was telling her. Martha, got hold of Katy’s ass with loud slaps and pulled her cunt towards her mouth with a big jerk. “You are going to get one helluva ride, you slut. You shouldn’t have frustrated me so much.” Katy looked at her mother and winked. That was enough for the animal inside Martha which always woke up whenever she saw a young juicy cunt or a big black cock. Martha dug her unbelievably long tongue right inside the cunt. “ohhhhhhhh… moooommmyyyyy….. fucking hot……. You bitch you gonna make me cum the hardest ever” Screamed Katy in pleasure. Martha was on a licking and sucking spree. Her tongue was goin in and out of her daughter’s cunt faster than a piston, as her mouth sucked on her clit. As Katy closed her eyes, she could feel something crawling on her ass crack. And soon she realized it destination. As Martha’s mouth was at work on Katy’s pussy, one of her hand went behind and found the smudgy asshole. And before Katy could understand, a long finger was going in and out of her asshole too, with fucking hard speed. It brought almost to the edge. But it seemed that Martha knew what is happening and she withdrew both her mouth and finger, leaving Katy high and dry. She went up and put the finger from the butthole in Katy’s mouth. “Taste your ass, you whore. Taste your bloody young ass from your mother’s fingers. And give that to me.” Martha kissed like a wild dog taking in the awesome taste of her daughter’s asshole. Again Martha went down to work with her mouth and finger in both the holes, this time, with more number of fingers inside both. But again Martha retreated as she felt Katy’s orgasm building and almost at peak. She licked and sucked her fingers and kissed Katy until the sensation goes completely down. Then again she starts. Once she even left Katy when she right about to release. Katy screamed in irritation, “MOM, what are you planning to do, kill me like this??.” “This is your punishment you whore. I won’t let you cum until I am satisfied licking all your holes. Now turn around you slut. I gonna lick your ass.” Martha slapped Katy’s cunt so hard she screamed in pain, Before her scream can subside, Martha had her turned round and her ass pushed up in air. Martha got hold of Katy’s ass cheeks, separated them, placed her mouth over the asshole, and started filling it with her air. It was like her bladders were being vacuumed, Martha went on blowing until she felt breathless and blocked the hole with her fingers. The she started rubbing Katy’s clit with full zest. Katy was feeling as if she was boozed on a hundred bottles. And she thought she will that instant. But before she could understand, a mouth was under her cunt as it spilled the piss like a waterfall, drinking all of it, only spilling the overflowing ones. All this time Martha’s fingers were blocking the asshole, as soon as the pee was over, she released the hole, which made a big farting sound. And soon enough her pissed tongue was inside it, exploring the inner walls wildly.

Nice to get better response now. I hope this will be yet better. And yeah the father will be in 5th part, and the brother will be brought in another story. This story will only have 6 parts. And yeah if anyone wanna share anything, or ask about anything or get any suggestions, not only incest, I ain't an incest writer only, they can mail me on coz I am an amateur writer but an experienced guy ha ha ha.. HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!

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