Jamaican Dance Party

Jamaican Dance Party

This is a true story about a Jamaican family and the parties they used to have every weekend. During the day there would be cooking and barbecue for all who came, mostly family but a few friends were allowed, like myself. I was friends with the eldest daughter, there was a younger daughter, and their parents. Cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. all came for the food, the drinks and the music. Once the sun went down it was time to move the party down to the basement, where the the music was loud, and everyone would dance until the sweat started to pour from their bodies. The combination of music, alcohol and dance all made us very horny, and on this particular night, things went to the next level.

Jamaicans are known for their dance parties, you can buy homemade videos where you could see the sun coming up-they literally danced through the night, and kept going through the morning! On this particular night however, things got really hot, in a way that you'll never see or hear about unless you were there, and I was. Besides all the usual dirty dancing you'd expect, the grinding, the dry humping, on this night, one couple decided to show off in a rather graphic way. The man lay down on the floor, his erection clearly causing a tent in his pants, and his woman sat of his lap and began what could only be described as a lap dance - Jamaican style. She was clearly performing for all to see, as well as for themselves. Technically, it was still just 'dancing', but boy was it hot to watch! Even my friend's younger sister could not keep her eyes off the spectacle.

What started as a dance began to go even further, as the man could no longer keep his erection contained, he managed to slide down his pants to expose himself. The woman instantly felt flesh on flesh through her thong, and took hold of it in one hand and rubbed it against her clit, all in time with the music, still moving and dancing, but clearly aroused. Soon, my friend's parents began to join in next to them, all to the hoots and hollars of all who witnessed it. As it happened, I was standing next to my friend's younger sister, she loved to dance, but apparently had never seen anything like this. Her knees were bouncing to the music, but her young eyes were transfixed by the couples on the floor, one of which were her own mother and father. She always took a liking to me, ever since we first met. I guess since she thought if I was good enough for her sister, I must be an ok guy. I slowly positioned myself behind her, and moved forward, so that my groin was in direct contact with her ass. She turned her head to see who it was, and gave me the sexiest smile when she saw it was me. She then started to move her ass back against me. I took my hands and placed them on her waist and held her against me. Everyone else was watching the couples on the floor, so I knew I wasn't about to get caught.

It didn't take long before I was fully hard, I doubt she'd ever felt or seen a hardon before, but these days who knows. I looked around to see if anyone was watching us, once I was sure it was safe I began to move my hands upwards to feel her breasts, first over her top, then sneaking my hands underneath to feel flesh. She leaned her head back against my chest, and rested her head against mine. I then moved one hand downward, and snuck a hand against her mound. She moved her hips forward which I took as a sign that she was ok with where my hand was. I then was able to lift her dress so that I could sneak my hand against her pussy. I rubbed my middle finger against her clit, and pushed it inside. Boy was she wet! She started to move her hips in a circle, clearly enjoying this new feeling. As the music kept going, the couples on the floor still 'dancing' and everyone watching, I decided to go for it. I pulled out my erection, lifted her dress so that I made direct contact with her ass. As she was wearing a thong, there was a lot of skin on skin. The heat and sweat only made it slide against her that much easier. She reached up and stroked my face as I slowly moved against her, not wanting to give away what I was doing to the rest of her family.

Moving up and down, back and forth felt fantastic! Her ass was so young and smooth, I could have come right there. But I wanted more. I reached down, held my cock, and pushed it down so it made direct contact with her pussy. I slid it back and forth between her crack, just to see if she would let me. She did. It felt so hot. I bent my knees so that the head of my cock could make direct contact with her pussy. Again, I looked around to see if anyone was looking at us. We were still safe. I slowly pushed up, she was so wet that the head of my cock easily penetrated her. I have no idea if she'd ever fucked before, but damn she was tight!. I very slowly began to move, and she moved just as slow so that we weren't revealing what we were doing. Each push gained further access into her, until, finally, I was fully inside her. Then I just held her by the hips, no longer moving, but enjoying the connection. If we were alone, I'm sure we'd be humping like bunnies, but we couldn't give away what we were doing, I wanted to survive the night. I have never felt so hard in my life. I could feel the pressure building up inside me, trying to hold it back until I was no longer able to do so. I held her by the hips and came hard inside my friend's younger sister. I could feel her shudder as I came. I held her until every drop was squeezed into her, then I slid out of her carefully pulled my pants back into place. All she had to do was drop her dress, I was hoping the smell wouldn't be obvious. but, still no one noticed what we did. She turned back to me and gave me the fullest, warmest kiss of my life. I held her in her arms, and then hugged her, that's when I noticed my friend, her older sister looking at us. I have no idea how long she had been looking, I guess I'll find out later.

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