The Visitors 3

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The Visitors 3

July 4th (Independents Day) 12:30 AM.

Kim never made it back to work, after four hours of a fuck fest there was no way she could go back to work. So all four of his decided to go swimming in the pool of course nude, nothing to hide or be bashful. All of has seen what each of us have, me an above average cock when hard about 10 inches long, Kim has very nice but a little small tits for my taste her breasts are 32 C. Amber and Ashley have breasts that are just perfect 34 C. All three of the girls have nice nipples plus bald pussies (my favorite, I love hairless pussies).

So off to the pool we went, no sex just relaxing and enjoying the nice warm Southern California weather. We played a few typical pool games, diving & jumping in to the pool. We played in the pool for about an hour and then Kim said she had to get home. We invited her to our Fourth of July Party at 7:30. Kim got dressed, the girls kissed each other good-bye, I got a little kiss and then off she went.

It is now 2:00 Am all three of us very tired climbed into bed nude. I woke up at 10:30 with my arms tied to the top of the bed and my feet pulled apart tied to the bed also. Amber was shaving my cock, she said since I like bald pussies they like bald dicks. After they had my cock shaved (I have to say it didn’t look to bad at all) Ashley rubbed some hand cream on it & worked it in very well. By the time she was done my 10-inch cock was standing tall pointing at the ceiling.

Amber climbed on the bed and spread her legs over my face. She set her pussy on my face and told me to start licking (of course NO problem). Ashley got on the bed and slid my cock in her pussy. I had one girl on my face & one on my cock (what a life). Amber started rubbing her pussy faster & faster on my face, my mouth was now getting filled with her sweet tasting love juice. I felt Ashley start to cum also, my cock getting wetter & wetter. I felt my balls start to fill with my seamen, all of a sudden Ashley got off my cock ran onto the kitchen grabbed some ice cubes.

When she came back she worked the ice cubes in my ass, she told me that she heard that ice cubes would keep me harder & keep me from coming to fast. Amber got off my face & helped Ashley with the ice cubes. Then Amber tied my balls real tight in rope once again (my balls had just recovered from the last time).

Ashley started to suck my cock and bit the head of my cock lightly. Amber said let me have some on the cock icicle, Amber started sucking my cock while Ashley seat on my face and I started to taste face her sweet pussy juice. Amber was going crazy on my cock sucking & biting. My balls felt like they were ready to explode (the girls were correct, I wanted to fill her mouth with my seamen but couldn’t let it go). Amber spread her legs & buried my cock deep into her pussy. Amber worked up & down sliding her pussy on my cock over & over again.

I could fill the ice cube start to melt and my balls getting larger & larger. My balls were starting to hurt now, Amber saw the look on my face & said poor baby “do you need to unload your seamen” all I could do was muter yes. Ashley was still on my face; she was having one orgasm after another. Amber lifted off me just a little reached down & pulled the rope off my balls. With one quick move she was back on my cock, the head of my cock was hitting her womb once again. I felt her womb start to open up as she worked my cock deeper & deeper in her wet pussy. My balls exploded deep in her womb, it felt like I would never stop coming. Squirt after squirt I shot huge loads of seamen deep into her pussy.

Oh what a relief it felt so good to cum. Ashley got off my face and went to work on my cock, cleaning & sucking each drop of seamen from it. Amber set her pussy on my face & as I started to eat her pussy I could taste my seamen (this was a first for me). She was working her pussy on my face; I was licked and sucked as fast as I could. Ashley moved her pussy just enough so I had her clit now in my mouth. I was biting her clit now Ashley was going wild non-stop orgasms.

While I was enjoying Amber’s pussy, Ashley had me hard once again & once again the rope went around my balls. Ashley buried my cock in her pussy & went to work on my cock, she rode me for what seamed like an hour. Once again my balls were filling up with seamen I could tell they were large & hurting. Ashley continued working my cock in & out of her wet pussy. I felt the head of my cock hit her womb, I felt it open up once again. Ashley reached behind her untied my balls as soon as the rope came off my balls. Ashley slammed down on my cock to make sure it was deep in her pussy & the head of my cock was at the opening of her womb. Once again I got that tight felling in my balls as I started to squirt my seamen deep into her pussy. Since this was my second orgasm in an hour the seamen just keep flowing out, filling her womb with squirt after squirt of my seamen.

After what seamed to be hours the girls rolled off of me, we just laid there totally exhausted. My balls were once again dark blue & hurting, both girls had seamen dripping from their pussy. I had my own cum all over my face & it was starting to dry. Amber was saying how her clit was sore from the work out I gave it. Ashley said she never had this much seamen in her pussy before. I asked both the girls if they were on any type of birth control? They both laughed at said “HELL NO” & me we don’t believe in it.

It was now 2:00 all of us very hungry, we decided the local Burger King drive thru was perfect. All three of us toke a shower together, I got dressed. But the girls remained naked, per our agreement. The car was in the garage so off to the car we went. I seat in the back seat while Ashley drove, we put the top down and drive off.

We pulled into Burger King and ordered our food. When we pulled up to the window to pay the teenage boy about 16 just about fainted. There is front of him was two totally nude great looking girls. The girls were excited with the attention they were getting and of course their nipples were hard as rocks. As the boy was trying to hand them the food Ashley leaned over & started sucking Amber nipples. Amber pushed her fingers in Ashley’s pussy. I though the poor boy was about to have a hear attack.
Before I knew it the food was in the car, the boy forgot to take the money. As we started to drive away all of the employees were outside checking out the girls. Amber and Ashley blow a kiss to the boy, then they stood up gave all of them a good look at there bald pussy & great tits. We arrived back home into the house we went, eat our lunch. No time to fuck around our party was starting in just a few hours.

Check back for the final chapter of the story.

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