One night at the Office

I am used to working late at office and today was no exception, but never this late. It was already 10pm and I was still struggling at my computer over some numbers. I was to give a presentation at 10 am and had to get everything in line. Suddenly my office door opened and a very shapely lady at the door said “Oh! I did not know someone was in here,” I asked, “What can I do for you” “I do the housekeeping for your office” she replied. I started checking her out. She must have been about 35 years old (old as I was only 28 year at that time), 5”8” tall with boobs that could be measured by the bursting shirt she was wearing. She was not wearing any bra and her large dollar size nipples were clearly visible through her shirt. Obviously she was not expecting any company, so she is dressed comfortably, I thought. Her shirt was tided at the waist and she wore Levi’s shorts that used to be pants at one time. The shirt was unbuttoned all the way and the only thing keep it on her was the knot at the waist and the fact that it was over her shoulders. I realized that she had stopped talking and I was staring and checking her out. Gosh how quite my office was at this time. I have my own room, so it gets a bit quieter in here. Both of us felt the uneasy quietness and we both bursted in a semi formal laughter. She said, “I am Megan” I replied “I am David” and before I could say anything more, she started walking out of my office. “Wait, wait a minute. You don’t have to rush out like that,” I said. “But I don’t want to disturb you” she replied. “No, no, no, no disturbance at all. In fact I am glad to see someone else here at this time and I was kind of getting tired and needed a break” I replied. “So do you usually come at this hour to work here” I asked her. “No I am filling in for my sister. She is sick” she replied. “So how many of you work here” I asked her. “I am the only one on this floor”. So she was the only one here on this floor with me, I thought, still not being able to make out if this was going anywhere or I should get back to work. “So do you normally work this late?” she asked. “Nah, I have a special presentation tomorrow.” I replied. “Well I guess then I should let you get back to work” she replied. “Where is you garbage can? I will take it and get out of your way”. Just then she noticed that the garbage can was under my desk and unwittingly she lunged forward to take it. Suddenly I had a pair of firm boobs on my thighs and her face between my ankles and her round ass by my side. I could not resist any more and before she could make any move I grabbed her head and brought her face up to mine and our lips met in a passionate kiss. She was a great kisser, her tongue was playing circles around mine and we sucked on each other’s lips.

She broke lose and was now looking at me. I had no clue what her look meant, was I headed for a passionate night of sex or was I going to be handcuffed and dragged downtown for my behavior. I did not know. Those 15 – 20 seconds felt like a lifetime. But the answer came by her pushing my thighs apart wider and undoing my zipper and then my belt. My 8” dick was already hard and wanting attention. She pulled my shorts down and a very under the breath “oh” slipped out of her mouth. She was crafty with her sucking skills. Using the flat of her tongue to lick the entire length of my dick and when she would reach the head, give it a nice suck. She did this for a few times and then my whole dick disappear in her mouth. She would make the whole dick disappear in her mouth and then slowly take it out and do it again and again till I was all wild and arching my butt to match her in and out movements. Slowly she increased her speed and as though to induce me to cum she started milking my balls, rubbing them gently making me go nuts, literally nuts in my nuts and dick.

I slowly pealed her away from my dick and got her standing in front of me. I unknoted her shirt and out came two magnificent pair of tits, round globes with a little over dollar size nipples. She saw my eyes go a bit wide and she smiled and said “40DD. You like them?” Like them, I thought, I worship them. My only answer to her came by my taking her erect nipple in my mouth and sucking on it. I felt a little stream of hot liquid in my mouth and realized that she was lactating. Moving back I looked up at her and she replied “I have a two year old and sometimes I still lactate, do you hate that?” Hate that, you got to be kidding, I thought. That is like every other mans dream come true. One we dream of a getting it off with two women at one time and the other is to find milk in tits. It’s like sucking on hundreds of tits and finding nothing and then finally you find one pair of tits that actually do give milk, if you are lucky. “No, I love it” I replied and got back to sucking her other nipple. Once again I had my mouth filled with hot milk and now she was rubbing her other nipple and pouring milk on my face. I used my free hand to undo her shorts and panties. With her shorts and panties at her ankle, I lifted Megan and sat her on my desk. What a magnificent sight it was. This pretty face with 40DD tits sitting on my desk without a string of clothes on her. I moved her thighs her pussy was finally before me. With one sweep of hand, I threw all the things from my desk to the floor. I got on my knee and Megan moved her legs wider to accommodate me. I spread her pussy lips and there her clit was begging for attention. It was nearly as big as a baby’s pinky and I wasted no time in planting my lips on it and flicking my tongue. I moved my tongue down and licked her pussy from the bottom and would stop at her clit. She grabbed my head and was pushing it in and I was holding her pussy lips wide open and licking and sucking on it. She got her legs around me and locked them behind my back. I was now the prisoner of her pussy. Her legs would not let me more back and her hands would not let me move up. She was an exceptionally wet woman and soon I could feel her pussy juices flow and cover my entire face, like I was drowning in her pussy juice. The more I licked the juice, the more juice followed. Soon whe was pushing my face in her pussy harder and I could feel her ass tighten and her legs crushing my ribs. “Yes, right there, yes, ah” was all I could hear in that room along with the slurps of my mouth on her pussy. She was cumming and then the big wave of pussy juice, more than I could suck or lick at one time. My face was covered in her pussy juice and so were her thighs and my desk. For days after this night, I could smell her pussy juice the air of my room and sometimes get embarrassed if any one came to my room. Slowly her body relaxed and her grip on my head and ribs loosened. When I finally moved out from between her legs, I saw a very happy face of Megan. "You know, it’s been a few months since I came this good” “I can tell” I replied. I stopped and looked at this sight. My office room is in a mess and has a woman sitting on my desk with milk oozing out of tits and juice flowing down her thighs. For days this thought kept me happy.

She got off the desk and gave me a very passionate kiss. I turned her around and with her facing my chair I genlty bend her over. Her round firm ass was facing me and I gently parted her ass cheeks, her wet sloppy pussy was waiting for me to push my prick in it. I held my prick in my hand and started rubbing the head on her pussy and ass. Each time I brought it by her pussy, she would impatiently push back to get it in. I liked the teasing and it made Megan wilder. I could see her pussy juice had started flowing again and her pussy was glistering in it. With one gentle thrust I had my prick all the way in her pussy and a sigh slipped from her mouth. I grabbed her butt and started pushing my prick in and out of her over wet pussy. We could hear the sound of her wet pussy with each stroke of my prick. I would pull it all the way, just leaving my prick head in her pussy and then thrust it hard in her. Each time that I pushed in her, she would thrust her pussy back at me and each time I pulled out she would move out. Soon we could move to the carpeted floor and I was lying on my back as she eased herself on my dick. Her tits were on my face as she was trying to get my prick in her. I lifted my head and sucked on her nipple and warm milk was going down my throat. She had me all the way in her was grinding her ass on me each time she came down. Her eyes were half shut and nipples will oozing fresh milk and her pussy was wetting my balls. I felt the urgency to cum in my balls and grabbed her hips. Arching my ass and back to thrust my prick in her I increased my speed and she moved her hand behind her and started rubbing my balls. It was a great sensation and I could not take it any longer. My prick's floodgate opened and I was cumming in her pussy by the gallons as she crushed her boobs on my chest. We stayed like that for a while and then she dismounted me and stood over me. From the floor I could see her wet pussy and giant tits hanging over me. I got up and we kissed and I asked her “So are you going to be back tomorrow?” She was getting back in her scanty clothes and replied with a sly smile “Depends, if my sister is still sick” “Want to exchange phone numbers?” I asked. “No, it is better this way” she replied. I am sure if I had insisted she would have given me her phone number. But I thought she knows where I am and maybe that is what she is counting on. She left the room and I started arranging this back on my desk.

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