Potential Part 4

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by Bistander

Chapter 4
It's Dangerous to Squeeze the Charmin

Rebecca's House
Evan tooted his horn in front of Rebecca's house, then started pressing the station preset buttons looking for a good song. He was surprised to see his sister running to the car. She normally made him wait and she never ran.

"Burrr," Deana said, and slammed the door. "Heat!" She slid the temperature control to the red and spun the blower knob to full blast.

Evan looked at his sister with his brows lifted. She was barefoot, wearing a sleeveless shirt and short—shorts. "Why didn't you put more on?" He closed his vent.

"It's supposed to be warm." She hugged her legs to her chest. "So much for global warming."

"Girls, jeez." He sighed and started driving.

When Deana hadn't said anything for a couple of minutes he looked at her. She glanced his way, then went back to staring out the window. "So," he said, "is she a good kisser?"

Her head snapped towards him. "What," she said.

"The making out," he said, "how was it?"

"What are you talking about?" Deana said.

"Don't play dumb," he said. "I want to hear about that kiss."

Deana put her chin in her palm, closed her eyes and breathed in deeply. "We got naked, then spent the night in bed together."


"Yes, but we put on our PJs first, Perv."

"You two really share a bed?" he said.

"Why, you and Jason don't share?"

"No, not gonna happen."

"So you think I should make out with Rebecca and you're a homophobe?"

"Easy, Tiger," Evan said, and gave her that what just happened look.

"I'm just saying, it's a double standard."

"No," he said, taking a long thought searching paused, "Jason, ah, his bed sucks, too small and lumpy. The cot is better. His camping cot."

"Would you kiss him to shock me?"

Evan felt his face going from one shade of pale to another, and he knew his sister already knew the answer. Before he could say anything, she said, "See, it is a double standard. You perverts think we should go down on each other so you can beat off, but you're
afraid to even see each other naked."

"Um, maybe you should tell me what's really bothering you?"

"Will you rub my foot, please?"

"Cramp?" he asked.

"No," she said, and sighed.

"Okay," Evan said.

She waited until his hand was working before she spoke. "What would you think of me if I told you I used my tongue, for real?"

"Huh, what dah-yah mean?" Jeez, and he was going to ask her for help.

"You know, what would you think if I really French kissed Rebecca and, ah, and enjoyed it? Would you think I was bad?"

"What are you really asking me, Dee?"

"I love the way you say, Dee."

The fact that his sister teared up because he called her Dee made him think of all the hurt that they had seen each other through, back when calling her Dee was common, after their mother had been killed. Something serious was going on. “Tell me what's going on.”
"I, ah, I did it, I did, I think I did." She gasped. "I didn't mean it Didn't mean for it to, ah, to happen. I never, um, never would, never would have planned it. You know, planned to—But what if I liked it?"

His brain searched for words but after two seconds his sister continued, "You think I'm bad You think I'm a lesbian and I'll burn in hell, don't you?"

"I don't think anything," he lied. He was really thinking a thousand things, particularly about how he felt after seeing Jason in the woods. He couldn't possibly tell his sister about that, but hadn't he thought he might be gay because of how excited he'd gotten?

"So you don't even care if I might be queer?"

"Stop putting words in my mouth," he said, and turned sharply onto the dirt road that ran parallel to the rail road tracks. When the car was stopped he continued, "How come you think a kiss makes you gay?"

"Because, ah, I can't stop thinking about it," Deana said.

"So," he said. "I bet if I kissed Rebecca I would still be thinking about it too."

"Kiss her and die," his sister snapped. "What if I'm a lesbian?"

"I'll still love you, and rub your feet, but you might be doing that overreacting thing that you sometimes do. A kiss, even enjoying a kiss, doesn't make someone turn gay. If we kiss, I think you'd be thinking about it for a long time. That wouldn't make me any less your brother."

Deana stared at him for a few seconds, then said, "What did you do with my brother? Whoever you are, you're way too smart, caring, and logical, to be that pervert, Evan."

He thought it was probably more of a compliment then an insult, so he didn't protest. Deana leaned over to kiss his cheek, but he turned and met her lips with his, and to make sure she got the point, he tilted his head and laid one on her.

His sister fell back onto her seat like a punctured balloon giving up its last burst of air. She said, "Evan."

"See," he said, with a grin, "it worked, you forgot all about the tumbler." He started driving, hoping the awkwardness would fade.

His sister put her foot back in his lap, then said, "Don't take this the wrong way, but that was gross."

"Thanks, you cut me deep."

"I didn't say you don't kiss good, but it was—"

"Don't worry," he said, "it doesn't make us incestors, and I made my point. Didn't I? Don't trip about how something makes you feel. Make out with Rebecca all you want if that's what you wanta do."

"Thanks, I think you helped me," Deana said. “Oh, and you know you can't ever mention this to anyone, especially not Rebecca.”

"Glad to help," he said, "and don't worry, I'll never mention it." He squeezed her foot. "Now maybe you can help me?"

Deana raised her left brow in a high arch. "If it has anything to do with girls, I'm sure that I can."

"Well, I guess it does," he said. "Do you think Gloria takes advantage of me?"

"Of course she does," Deana said, with a large grin. "She has you wrapped around her finger. Is that a bad thing?"

"I don't know. Dad says it is, and she's been acting different. Maybe she's too old for us to still be the way we always were."

"Don't worry about dad. He wanted boys and she's not his, so he doesn't treat her the same. She needs you." Deana squished her lips to the side and squinted one eye before she asked, "You do know she has a crush on you, right?"

"Huh?" He said. "She's my sister, besides she still thinks boys are gross."

"Oh Brother, open your eyes. She's long past thinking boys are gross and too in love to worry about whether or not her mother is married to your father."

"That's great," he said. "What am I supposed to do? She still thinks she can get in bed with me if she has a dream."

"Nothing," Deana said. "Just keep treating her like a little sister and eventually she'll grow out of it or meet a boy who makes her forget about you."

The idea of Gloria and a boy disturbed him, as much as her forgetting him, but he moved on. "Does mom seemed different?"

"What do you mean?" Deana said.

He thought, like she knows I had my boner against her back and looked at her pussy, but said, "It's hard to explain. Different, somehow.”

"I don't think so, but I'll let you know if I see anything."

“Thanks,” he said.

Evan dropped Deana off at their house and headed for Jason's.

Rebecca's House
When Deana was gone, Rebecca stood in front of her mirror, naked, holding her crotch. She relived the moment Deana's tongue first touched her and it caused her vagina to moisten. She had wanted it for a long time, but she didn't know how to make it happen. One wrong move and their friendship could have been destroyed. She couldn't chance that. Deana had always been her BFF and she needed her, she loved her.

When Deana started that fake kiss, Rebecca seized the moment. Obviously, the sexual tension between them hadn't been in her imagination because it only took the slightest poke of her wet tongue tip to change the kiss. Deana's tongue met hers between their lips and she sucked it into her mouth. In the end, Deana thought she had been the one who went too far. The truth was, they were both guilty.

Rebecca knew she wasn't a lesbian because she liked boys too much, especially Evan, but what happened with Deana was the most beautiful, sensual and erotic thing she'd ever done. She must like girls too.

Hearing about Evan's dick had unleashed her mind to explore her wildest fantasies. It wouldn't be easy, but something about the look in Deana's eyes when she talked about Evan's erection under her foot, made Rebecca think there was a slim chance it could happen. She had no idea how, but there was at least the potential for her to have the best of both worlds, Deana and Evan.

Once Evan was sitting on Jason's couch, he was sorry he told Jason on the phone that he needed to talk, but he made his confession anyway.

Jason stood quickly, took a breath, then fell back next to him. “Dude,” he said, “are you serious?”

“Why would I make something like that up,” Evan snapped.

“Finally,” Jason said. “Man, wow, you saw your mom's pussy and came on your sister in the same day? That's epic.”

“Jason, don't say it like that.” He rubbed his head with both hands. “It wasn't her pussy, just her panties and it's not like I wanted to cum. Shit, what am I going to do?”

“Well, did Gloria like it?”

“Like it?” he said. “I didn't ask her. She didn't seem to notice and she didn't say anything even when I drove her to the ball park.”

Jason stood up again and turned in a circle. “That's good, she doesn't know, and your mom was sleeping while you peeked between her legs,” he said, and pressed his thumb into his chin. “You've got nothing to worry about? I can't believe you blew a load on
Gloria. Did it feel good?”

“Damn it, how should I know,” Evan said. “This isn't some porno, it was my sister. I spooged on my sister.”

“At least you didn't cum on her pussy.” Jason sat down again. “She is a miniature version of Candy, so I can see why you'd want to.”

“Shut up, I didn't want to! I was sleeping.” Evan sighed. His friend seemed thrilled about the whole thing.

“I don't see why you're tripping. Gloria didn't say anything. It's not like you fucked her,” Jason said. “Imagine you'd stuck it in her while—”

“Shit,” Evan said, “I didn't even think about that. What if I had?”

“I don't see you shoving your dick through her clothes.”

“I wouldn't have had to,” he said.

“Are you saying your sister gets naked and sleeps with you?” Jason said. “Wow, that's gotta be almost like getting naked with your mom.”

“No, no it's not. She's my little sister.” Evan stood up and stared at his friend. “She had a shirt onno underpants.”

“Step-sister, and have you looked at her lately. She's got a hellofa body already,” Jason said. “She must want it if she got naked in your bed. She's old enough.”

“You're twisted,” Evan said. “You act like this shit is normal. I got a boner for my mom and I came on my sister. Those aren't good things.” He didn't dare mention what happened with Deana.

“I told you,” Jason said, “if you're spooging in her underwear, you must want to fuck her, or at least let her blow you. If I was you, I would.”

“You're not me, and if you were, you wouldn't see it that way. When it's really your sister and your mom, it's not the same. I could imagine doing your mom, but not mine.”

“My mom doesn't have amazing tits like yours,” Jason said. “Beside, you knew Candy when she wasn't your mommy.”

Evan considered telling Jason about the time he slept over and accidentally walked in on his mom when she was sitting naked on the toilet. He could still picture the brown mass of hair between her legs and the way her heavy breasts hung so her giant nipples
touched her thighs. “Your mom is pretty hot, like a sexy librarian, but a sister is a sister, and that's incest.”

“Not Gloria,” Jason said, “and you know what they say, incest is best. That's what makes it so exciting.”

“Gloria isn't—who says that anyway. You wouldn't dare do your sister?”

Jason said, “I'd do Gloria. It'd almost be like doing her mother, which would be like going to heaven.” He stretched his neck and looked around the corner before adding, “I'd least get head.”

Considering how his mom made him feel and kissing Deana, he really wanted to believe Jason would do something with Becky so he wouldn't feel so guilty about his desires, but Jason was just talking, he'd never fool around with his sister. Nobody really did that. “No, there's noway you'd do it,” Evan said, and got up. “I gotta go.”

Late Sunday afternoon, Evan was laying on his bed, while his brain ate itself alive with thoughts. It made him mad that he couldn't turn them off to do his homework. Jason's matter of fact attitude about everything that had happened hadn't helped at all. There was way too much weird going on. Why the hell had he French kissed Deana?

A call from Cindy had given him even more to go nuts thinking about. She told him to get his dad's okay and he could race Dale's car. He didn't tell Cindy what his father had already said because that would make it official. He'd make one more attempt because that would be better than accepting the truth.

Deana yelled from the bottom of the stairs, “Dad’s home,” but he continued to lay on his bed until his dad’s voice thundered, “Evan, dinner.”

The smell of baked chicken intensified as he approached the kitchen. He turned the corner then stopped. His mom was filling a serving bowl, Deana and Gloria were already seated at the table with his father, and the room started shrinking. Was the house big enough for him and Candy. Why couldn't she smell like a boy’s locker room or have a fat ass with moon craters? He looked at Deana trying not to notice her lips, but that had been impossible since he'd felt them against his own. How could anything that was supposed to be gross feel so good? Kissing her should have been like accidentally eating a dog turd. Isn't that the way it was supposed to be with mothers and sisters? Wasn't there some genetic law that was supposed to make them ugly? If there wasn't, it would be torture being under the same roof with them while hormones raged.

Evan looked at Gloria for a sign, but she smiled the same way she always did. “She's too in love to care if your father is married to her mother.” Why did Deana have to say that?

“Hi dad,” he said, and walk towards his mom. “Finals, studying for finals is a killer.”

“Good to hear you’re studying,” his dad said. “Keep it up or you'll be walking everywhere this summer.”

He ignored the threat and rubbed Candy's back, even though he never touched her in front of his father. “Need help?”

“Thanks, Honey,” she said. “Get the biscuits out of the oven for me.”

Her smile slammed him in the face with Friday’s memories. “Sure,” he said, and almost grabbed the biscuits without oven-mitts.

Everybody ate like the world hadn't been tipped off its axis, but he flicked his fried okra and jabbed at his chicken quarter without intent. “How was your trip?” he asked, even though he didn’t care.

“Very productive,” his dad said, and continued carving meat off the bones of his chicken. “There’s a big production facility coming online in China, and I’ll have to be there for the start up.”

Evan nodded his head without really listening to the details. All he wanted to hear was the when of the trip. If his father was gone for a few weeks, he could prove himself as a race car driver while he was gone, then his father would have to let him continue racing. He almost got a boner thinking about it. Other than sex, there wasn't anything that came close to the feel of eight-hundred ponies thrusting you down a straightaway faster than you can make the turn at the other end. He stuff his mouth and smiled at Gloria. He wouldn't have to endure another dream crushing blow from his father, not yet.

That night, Evan called Cindy and told her to set up a meeting with Dale Davis during the week. Youth was wonderful, it granted it's members the ability to forget all their troubles as long as there was something positive to hope for, regardless of the potential for chaos and harm. He closed his chemistry book with a thud and started down stairs for a snack.

The hallway air was moist with leftover shower steam, and it smelled like Deana's shampoo. Her bedroom door was ajar but he didn’t look in. Gloria’s door was closed and there wasn't any light showing under it. She was asleep, like she should be, in her own bed. He swung the corner into the kitchen and caught himself using the wall. I guess mom is right, he thought, those were his hand prints.

Deana was at the sink and hadn't heard him. The white towel on her head made her look top heavy. Unable to resist, he approached in stealth mode and grabbed her, pressing her against the counter. “Ha!”

She shuddered and did a pathetic fear dance. “Damn it!” she hissed. “Damn it, Evan, you jackass.”

“You’re lucky,” he said. She smelled fresh like a field of flowers.

“Lucky,” she said, “lucky you scared the hell out of me?”

“No, lucky I didn’t yank your towel off like I used to do.”

“That would have been better than giving me a heart attack.”

“So,” he said, “you'd rather I see you naked than scare you?”

“I didn't say that. I was talking about the towel on my head,” she said. “You're the pervert who wants to see me naked.”

How had she suddenly flipped it to make him the bad guy? “It might teach you a lesson,” he said.

Deana stared awkwardly at him, then finally said, “If you didn't have a dirty mind, it wouldn't matter what I wore around here!”

Was she right or was he still feeling the effects of that kiss? He changed the subject, “Hey, Brainiac,I need your help studying for my social studies final.”
“I'm not as smart as you think I am,” Deana said.
“You get straight A's.”
“That's because I pay attention, instead of fantasizing about having sex with my teacher.” She flashed her all knowing smirk.
“I suppose you're right,” he said, “but I still need your help.”
“I'm sure we can work something out,” she said, and walked away.
He watched her hips swing side to side. Was she trying to look seductive? No, not Deana, he thought, it had to be him, he was the one who sniffed her underwear. That had to stop.

Candy laid on her bed watching John through the partially open bathroom door. He was naked, brushing his teeth. His muscled, six-four body was still intimidating after all these years. She’d known him most of her life. At twelve, she became the babysitter. Evan and Deana were babies then, but now, Deana looked so much like her mother, Sandra that it was scary, and Evan wasn't her Little-man anymore.

Sandra was younger than John, and the most beautiful woman Candy had ever known. She was wise and easy to talk to, so Candy told her all the things she couldn't talk to her parents about. Other than herself and the father, only her sister, Sally and Sandra knew who Gloria's father was. She loved Sandra like a big sister, the same way she loved Sally, before things went wrong. “and knocked up,” her mother screamed. “I told you all that curiosity would get you in trouble. Whose is it?” Candy never told.
She was a teenager when Gloria was born. Her parents, Sally and her brother, Bobby insisted she, “Do the right thing,” but she refused to give Gloria up for adoption like Sally had done with her baby. She still wondered what became of that beautiful, redheaded baby girl.

The teenager Candy had been, with all the fantasies, hopes and dreams, was gone. She was Mommy to Gloria, and Sandra became her mentor, and the one to suggest she move in and become their full time nanny.
Maybe she flirted, but John should have discouraged her, not taken advantage of her curious nature. One night, while Sandra was home, John came into her room, the very room Gloria now called her own, and he fucked her. That's how she saw it now, even though John’s giant arms used to give her comfort and courage and confidence, now she said, “He fucked her.”

When Sandra was killed in a car accident, John was a single father, she was a teenage drop-out with a baby, living in his house. He told her people would talk, he laid it out like a business deal, she should marry him or move out. Now, he owned her.

John came out of the bathroom and approached the bed. She'd stopped taking the pill six months ago, hoping if they had a child of their own, he would love her the way he used to. He didn't want anymore kids. He said three was enough. That was easy for him to say, he had his two kids, his business and his friends. What did she have other than Gloria?

John climbed on the bed and the mountain of a man, who had made her feel alive as a girl, covered her like dirt on her coffin. Why now, after six months, why now?

Monday morning
School had the vibe of the day before a long holiday break, which was like a Friday on steroids, yet the excitement was subdued and emotions were all over the place. Freshmen saw an end to their peon status, and sophomores had found their rhythm, their clique, and the hope of better days ahead. Juniors had been in the que for eleven years, and now they could finally move up to the top of the totem pole. Seniors saw their future in front of them, feeling the remorse of closure, the excitement of greater things ahead and the pressure to succeed. Of course, everything hinged on the finals, and Evan couldn't get his mind on school, even with the added pressure of not having a car all summer. His lunch tray slipped and splashed slop onto the table.

“Hey, don't waste it,” Jason said.

Evan shook his head. “In a week and a half we won't be eating this stuff.”

“I'm gonna miss it,” Jason said.

“I'm beginning to wonder if you're even human.”

Jason shrugged, and said, “So, what's going on?”

“I'm going to race,” he said, instantly feeling the crushing weight of his plan. “My dad's going to China and I'm going to race. Cindy's gonna set it up, but nobody can know, not even Deana or Gloria, so don't let it slip.”

“Dude, remember when your dad told you you couldn't go to the water park, and we went anyway? Didn't he knock your head off and ground you for two weeks?”

“If he's in China, he won't find out,” Evan said, sounding more confident than he felt. “Besides, it's worth the risk. It's a great opportunity and if I do good, who knows, maybe I'll get to drive Cindy's car when she goes to college. Uncle JC knows I'm a good driver, he always tells me that.”

“Yeah, but that's go-carts and you haven't done that for awhile.”

“Jeez, you say you'd get head from your sister, but you're trying to talk me out of—”

“Shh, that goes in the same category as the other thing we don't talk about.” Jason looked around to see if anyone was staring at them. “I'm not trying to talk you out of it, just checkin' to see if you've thought it through. I'd hate to lose a friend.”

“He'll never find out. At least not until it's too late. Oh, we're going to the races, first Saturday night of summer, to watch Cindy race, and I'll get to see Dale's car run. I'm gonna stay over at your house, so we need a cover story for your mom.”

“Wow, I've finally rubbed off on you,” Jason said proudly. “Lies and deception.” He did his best sinister laugh. “Soon, who knows, maybe you'll do your sister.”

The girl's room had cleared out, but Deana stayed in front of the sink, looking in the mirror. “Will you hurry up,” she said.

“I'm done,” Rebecca said, and came out of the stall.

“It took long enough,” Deana said.

“You try changing your clothes in there. It ain't easy.”

“Why couldn't you just change at 'nastics?” Deana said.

“Ah, I don't know,” Rebecca said. “I guess I just wanted to get it over with. Hey, why don't you ask Evan to stay with you at gymnastics?”

Deana stared at the little gymnast in her spandex, with her T-shirt knotted at her side, exposing her belly. A nervousness crept up her spine.

“Dee,” Rebecca said, “are we okay? We really haven't talked about it.”

“Of course,” she said, her fingers clenching. What had been the most significant event in her life since her mother died had been reduced to, “it”. This wasn't the time or place for them to talk about it.

Rebecca inched closer. “We haven't talked about what happened, and I was afraid you might think—”

“No, I don't,” she said. “It was good, everything's good.”

“It was good, great, but I hope I didn't give you the wrong idea,” Rebecca said.

Deana moved back until her ass was against the sink. Her mind scrambled to figure out what her friend was trying to say. Does she think I'm a lesbian and she isn't?

Rebecca looked under the stall doors, then stepped forward. Deana recognized the look in Rebecca's eyes and fear seized her. Her eyes went frantically from Rebecca to the door and back. Rebecca's hands moved to her hips and the look intensified. This can't happen, not here, her logical mind told her, yet the lips of her vagina tingled and her heart pounded against her chest. This is so dangerous, why am I getting wet?

Their lips met and danger was a catalyst for passion. She sucked Rebecca's tongue in and out of her hungry mouth. Her hands found the gymnast's firm ass. How many time had she wondered what those tight ass muscles felt like in that slippery material? “Ah, Reb, your ass, I love your ass.”

“Oh no, you have the nicest ass in school,” Rebecca said, and grabbed on with incredible force. “MmMm.”

“You're wrong, mine isn't rock hard like this thing.”

“We'll settle this later,” Rebecca said. “I'm glad we're good, really glad.” She pressed her mouth to Deana's, and they kissed hard with one eye on the door. If it swung open, there wouldn't be anything they could do to make it not look like they were making out.

Deana finally pulled her tongue back from Rebecca's sucking lips. “Come on, let's go before my brother leaves us.” She wasn't exactly sure what “good” meant, but making out in the school bathroom with her best friend was exciting. Was that good?

The parking lot was emptying quickly, and Evan waved to a car load of stuck up cheerleaders. They didn't wave back. Jason was long gone, as usual. He didn't have to wait for his sister. Why Becky rode the bus was still a mystery to him. He wasn't buying her reason, “I like to.” Nobody liked to ride the bus. Although, Becky wasn't like anyone else he knew. Certainly not like his sister. Deana would never play with herself in the living room while people were home. He couldn't imagine her doing that at all.

He had to play it cool when Deana got there or his mind reading sister would know he was up to something. It wasn't that he didn't trust her to keep his secret, he did, but he didn't want to implicate her in his plan. The fewer people who knew, the better chance of nobody finding out, was his logic. Jason needed to know because he would provide an alibi and he wanted his best friend to be there when he finally fulfilled his dream. He'd tell Cindy when it was too late for her to tell him she wouldn't be apart of it, and then she'd have to help him because she'd arranged it. He'd never done anything so deceptive or dishonest. He was terrified.

“Evan,” Rebecca said, “you need to settle something for us.”

He turned and all his aggravation about having to wait for them evaporated. A lot had changed since the last time he'd seen the tumbler in those black stretchy things. Was that her bush or was her mound that thick? Her pants contoured to every dip, groove and valley and he could see the outline of her pussy. Jeez.

“No he doesn't,” Deana protested.

“Sure he does,” Rebecca said, and forcefully turned Deana around. “Who has a better ass? Give your honest opinion, nobody's feelings will be hurt.”

He looked right, left, right, left and said, “What!”

“Whose ass is nicer?” Rebecca said.

“Are you high?” he said. This was a lose, lose situation for him. “How should I know?”

“You're a guy,” Rebecca said, “that's what you do, stare at girl's butts. Just say what you think, whose ass would you rather feel?”

“Rebecca, I'm going to kill you,” Deana said. “He's my brother.”

“Yeah, yeah, so what. You two spent nine months naked together inside your mother.”

Evan was suddenly the meat in a girl sandwich. Rebecca had his hands and then they were on their behinds. Kind of a win, win, possibly, except for the fact that the Princess of Bubble-butt Heaven was his sister. “This is weird,” he said, his hands tentatively feeling.

“It's not Charmin, give them a good squeeze,” Rebecca said.

His sister's resistance had seemed weak at best and now it was nil considering he was touching her ass. “Fine,” he said, and took full advantage of the opportunity, sure they'd quickly put a stop to it. An image of Deana's panties popped into his mind and it excited him to be holding onto what they covered. Deana's ass had more cushion and more of a slope that tucked under and hooked into her thighs. It was meaty, soft, yet solid at the core. She had more than a handful and it felt good.

Rebecca's ass was smaller, solid with muscles and the groove between her cheeks wasn't deep like his sister's. His finger traveled down, daring her to make him stop. She didn't. That had to be her anus under the thin layer of material. He kept going until he could have fingered her if she was naked. She was hot and damp, and she sighed instead of shoving his hand away.

“All right,” Deana said, and turned out of his hold. “I think that's enough.”

She must have realized he was taking advantage of the tumbler. He reluctantly removed his hand from Rebecca's ass. “Girls, I'm afraid I can't come to a conclusion. Bikini bottoms might be required to fully assess—”

“How about we just pull our pants down?” Rebecca said.

“Hell no,” Deana said.

“I'll do it,” Rebecca said.

“I'm sure you would. You're barely wearing anything as it is in those pants. You exhibitionist. Even if he wasn't my brother, I'm not showing my ass out here in public,” Deana said. “Now let's go.”

“Yeah, let's go,” Evan said.

Ten minutes later, he dropped the two girl's off at Miss Daphne's gymnastics studio and promised to stay and watch next time. He said he had too much studying to do and headed to his meeting with Cindy.

After Evan drove away, Deana was still thinking about his hand on her butt. She hadn't had a clear view, but based on his expression and the movement of his arm, she was pretty sure he had explored every inch of Rebecca's ass. Her emotions confused her.

She was fearful that they had opened a door that could harm her friendship with Rebecca, but she was also jealous. Did she not want Evan touching her BFF's ass or had she felt slighted by her brother? That was stupid.

Rebecca slapped her behind, and said, “You still thinking about that big hand groping your butt?”

“I wasn't, and it didn't prove anything,” she said. “It was weird, though, letting my brother feel my butt.”

“I bet he's still thinking about your gorgeous padonkadonk. I know I am.”

“Doubt it,” she said.

A few hours later, Evan walked in the back door and his mother was setting the table. “Hi, Honey,” she said. “Did you and Jason get any studying done, or did you play video games?”

“Of course we did, study that is.” He did everything he could to contain the excitement he felt about getting to race. That was as long as his father was gone the weekend he was supposed to race Dale's car.

She kissed his cheek and he looked down into the valley of cleavage that shouldn't have been so exposed. He didn't care what Deana said, their mother had changed. “Your sister needs you,” she said.

He approached Deana's door like a chemistry final. One way or the other, he wasn't going to like it. She either wanted to chastise him for going to town on Rebecca's ass, or she wanted to know what kind of pervert fondles his sister's ass in public, or both. He knocked and waited for her to say, “Come in.”

Deana was face down on her bed with one leg folded up. Her heel was touching her butt. “Evan, thank god. I need your help. I got a charley horse.”

“Really,” he said. “So how is that my problem?”

“It's not, but if you expect me to help you pass your finals, then you better get over here and start massaging my leg. And close the door.”

He knelt on the bed and knee walked up to her foot. “What'd you try some gymnastics?” He grabbed her ankle and pulled it away from her butt.

“Ouch, easy, I'm hurt,” she said.

“Where does it hurt?”

“I don't know exactly,” she said, and pointed in the general direction of her inner thigh. “Start there and work your way up.”

Up, he thought. Considering where she wanted him to start, there wasn't much up left. His hands hoovered above her leg. Skin is skin, he told himself and put both hands on her thigh. His thumbs pressed into her flesh and Deana groaned. Why did a girl's thigh feel different than her shoulders or foot? Skin wasn't skin.

“Oooh, close, but go a little higher,” Deana said.

He stared at the gym shorts that barely covered the globes of her ass. He wished he hadn't touched her earlier because now he knew how good her butt felt in his hand. It was only two inches away and Deana was still coaching him to go higher. How much higher could he go? The further he progressed the more sensual and warm her leg seemed. She inch-wormed her body and her butt rose and fell. The lighter tone of her cheek emerged from her shorts and the seductive joining of thigh and butt taunted him.

“Mmm, now you're getting there. Keep going.”

“Um, I can't go much higher, that's your butt.”

“Now you're worried about touching my butt, when I'm in need, but in the school parking lot you didn't mind?” she said. “Just go a little higher and pretend it's mom's shoulders.”

Like that would help. He felt like a blind man defusing a bomb. His thumbs pressed deep into the warm, soft skin, and his penis acted like she wasn't his sister. Did she expect him to continue past where her butt cheek poked out from her shorts? She'd stop him if he wandered off course, he thought, and continued.

His fingers were wrapped around the inside and the outside of her thigh, giving his thumbs leverage to dig deep into the back of her leg. They inched upward, testing that line which marked the beginning of her ass. His left hand would be in her crotch before his thumb was too far under her shorts, so he decided that's when he would have to be finished, or when she'd say, “Hey!”.

Deana moaned into her pillow, then said, “That's it, keep doing that.”

Both of his thumbs were completely inside her leg hole, forcing her shorts upward. He could see the edge of her underwear next to his index finger and he could feel the tight tendon that connected her inner thigh to her groin. That's where her pussy started. He cursed his dick for stiffening and tried to look away.

“Ohhhahmy, god, that's it,” she said. “Ahh, ah, yess, you got it.”

The sounds, tempo of her words and her motions all made him very uncomfortable. If he didn't know it was his sister, Deana, he would have thought she might have been having an orgasm. Did she mean you got it, and he should stop, or you got it, keep doing that where you are. To be safe, and to get away from a very awkward situation, he said, “Okay, glad I could help,” then he got off the bed and turned towards the door to hide his evil erection. “I gotta go. It's time for dinner, anyway.”

“Phew, thank you,” she said. “You definitely earned some help studying.” Deana rolled over and sat up. “You thought Rebecca's butt was better? Tell the truth.”

“I can't,” he said, and left quickly. It honestly was a difficult choice. They were both sexy in their own way, but the choice became impossible if he was leaning towards his sister's. That would be creepy, especially after that massage. It also might hurt his chance of feeling the tumbler's again. If he played his cards right, he might have the opportunity to fondle her in a bikini, right in front of his sister. Damn his fucken porn brain.

That night, Evan waited down stairs until he heard Deana finish her shower. He had missed his after school relief because of his meeting with Cindy and Dale; and after leaving Deana's room he didn't have time before dinner, then they studied together. He stripped as soon as he got in the bathroom. The air was still warm, steamy and smelled like flowers. He opened the hamper and the panties he had seen through the leg opening of Deana's shorts were right there on top. He still didn't agree with Jason, he didn't want to fuck his sister, but they weren't just underwear anymore.

Evan laid the panties out on the counter with the back facing up and the crotch hanging over the edge, then he got on his knees. There was definitely a special place in hell for someone who lusted after an other man's wife and his own sister's underwear. He couldn't help himself, ever since he'd stared between her legs and massaged her butt, it was all he could think about. He leaned forward like he'd imagined earlier. The smell of Deana's crotch was stronger than usual. His tongue shot out and sampled the cotton, while his hand stroked his dick. Eating your sister out wasn't as bad as fucking her, was it?

The moist strip of material entered his mouth. He sucked hard on what had covered Deana's pussy minutes ago. She was face down, ass up and his nose was buried between her cheeks. He opened them and circled her anus with the tip of his tongue. His girlfriend, Stacey loved to have her ass licked while she fingered herself, and he imagined Deana would also. His cum boiled inside his aching balls. They tightened and he stood quickly, aiming his bulbous knob into the narrow strip of underwear. He thrust forward and sprayed the back of his sister's panties, then he flipped the crotch around and put the stained cotton across his spurting slit.

When he was done emptying his load, Evan sat down on the toilet lid. He was trembling.

Deana pretended to be asleep until Evan finished in the bathroom, then she went to the bathroom without turning on a light. The fact that she had conjured up such a plan was despicable, but there weren't words in her vocabulary for what she was about to do. She breathed in the strong scent for a full minute before she finally stuck out her tongue and tasted her brother's cum. Two fingers dipped inside her pussy-lips, then traveled upward, opening her labia all the way to her clitoris. It was swollen and throbbing under her fingers. She leaned back on the toilet tank and pulled her knees up. She hadn't even closed the door and she was spread eagle fingering herself with Evan's cum on her tongue. What the fuck is happening to me?

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