A strange twist after My Cure

I apologize that its taken so long to continue, my friends. But here you go. A sequel.

I awoke from the most wonderful slumber a few hours later. My shorts had become a part of me. My cum had pasted them onto my cock and balls. The memory of what made me fall asleep in the first place came rushing back to me…

Aunt Sonya.

I looked around me. It was still before noon and no one had disturbed my sleep for breakfast so I was starving. I made my way to the cabin, waving at my grandparents as I walked in the front door. My mom, my aunt Sue and aunt Sonya were busy preparing the lunch meal. I kissed my ma and hugged my aunts in turn.

Thank you. I whispered in Sonya’s ear.

You’re welcome. She said softly.

I grabbed a little bit of bread and cheese and headed into the woods to get up some more firewood. We had a system of just grabbing the deadwood and just pulling it back to camp. I hardly ever had to use the axe. After the third dead tree I pulled into camp, I went back up the hill and deep into the forrest to take a break.

The weather was wonderful. The sunlight streamed in through the trees, the birds were singing, and I was able to take it all in.

I stopped at clearing on the top of the hill. I could see the lake from here and a few other cabins dotting the hillsides. I sat down an a huge fallen oak tree and closed my eyes to let my mind wander.

Someone’s approach brought me back from bliss.

Wow. It’s pretty up here! It was my aunt Sonya.

Yeah, I like to come up here and think. Get away from everything even more.

She came and sat down next to me on the tree. We just stayed that way for a little bit enjoying the moment.

She spoke first.

Umm… about earlier Trevor… I shouldn’t have done that. I realy hadn’t meant to go beyond just a massage. Please promise me that you won’t tell anyone else what happened this morning.

I smiled and said, Do you think I would say anything about something so amazing! My God that was awesome.

Sonya blushed bright red. I’m being serious Trevor.

She tried her best to be forceful. As tiny and sweet as she naturally was, it just didn’t work. I smiled even bigger.

Sonya, it will be our little secret. Just don’t expect me to never mention it again to you in passing as an ongoing joke ok?

She shook her head in protest. Don’t push me like that.

What do you mean?

You know what I mean Trevor. I cant just ignore it as a joke. After what I’ve done and seen and felt. It’s inside me now. In my head and I can’t get it out.

You mean what we’ve done is in your head? Did we go too far? Because I can leave it behind if you want. I can try to forget it and all but, such a beautiful woman doing such wonderful things to me is going to be next to impossible to forget, Sonya.

At my complements she blushed again. Thank you, Trevor. But, what I meant is that I want it to stay with me but just as a memory. And if you keep haggling me about it, I may not be able to just keep it as a memory.

I furrowed my brow. So you’re telling me that you want the memory but you don’t want me to talk about it or joke about it because it would possibly force you to act on it?

Yes. Listen, you are a handsome man. And you’ve always been sweet to me, which has always made me hesitate around you. And, to tell the honest truth, compared to your uncle, you are a much kinder man. And… you have a, um, much bigger, uhm…


She looks down at her boots. Yes. That. And, and…

Where she was going was no mystery to me. My uncle although a great guy, could be harsh and insensitive. And for a woman like my aunt Sonya to be treated like that bothered me. It always did. I knew that their marriage wasn’t easy for her. She was kind and submissive and did what she was told with a smile on her face. They got married and followed his goals of missionary work even though we all knew she didn’t want to leave the country. But that’s just what happened. She bent knee and went with her husband.

I looked at my aunt and waited for her to look up at me. I smiled at her and said, I know. I know. It’s never been easy for you. I can only imagine…

With that she leaned into me and I held her to me as she started to cry. Between sobs she said, He’s a good man doing a great thing. But it takes so much away from us. So much away from me. And things that I need. I gave up so much more than I ever thought possible, Trevor!

Now with uncontrolled sobbing she held me tight as I pulled her in closer to me.

We stayed like that for quite a while. She was so vulnerable, so sweet, so weak. I could have picked her like a ripe fruit at that point. But I couldn’t.

I slowly separated from her. She gradually lifted her face and scooted closer to me on the tree. Her red eyes and tear stained face were almost unbearable for me. I couldn’t turn away as she grabbed my hand and brought me closer to her.

I was frozen in place as she closed the gap between us and gently kissed me on the lips.

In my trance I was so far detached that I lost all connection with the outside world. When I did snap out of it, Sonya and I were in a tight embrace and making out fiercely. As I reached my arms around her my hands had a hunger I had never known before. They went straight to her ass and grabbed, a bit too hard, which got a loud hum out of my aunt. She was electrifying in her lust. Every movement was intense and full of passion. She held the back of my head with both hands in such a strong grip it might have left bruises.

I had never felt anything like it before. There was such a need and desperation from her and an insatiable hunger inside me for her that we were lost to each other in each other. In hindsight, my eyes were shut so tight they hurt. That I remember. Jesus.

I couldn’t tell you how long we made out, or where it was going, because we were interrupted.
Now, I’ve been caught doing many things before. And every time I have I get that heart skipped a beat feeling, you know? That possibly shit your pants feeling. Yeah.

This particular time, as I heard the footsteps approach, all I did was break the kiss off and held Sonya even tighter to me than before. Strange to me even now. Maybe it was protective instinct? I don’t know.

As the stranger came close, I was eased more by who came forward. Sonya was tense as a deer in headlights.

My brother’s wife Tiffany stopped in her tracks as she beheld the scene in front of her. She was speechless at first.

Then stuttering, I, uh, just came up to tell you guys that uhm, lunch is, is ready…

As she stared at us I slowly let go of Sonya and went to Tiffany. I came in real close and whispered in her ear, Not a word about this to anyone. You and I will speak later on it, ok?

Ok, she said. Then she turned and started down the hill back to the cabin.

I returned to Sonya on the downed tree. She was shaking and I brought her close again. Don’t worry. Tiffany and I have a good relationship. She won’t tell a soul. Try to relax and we will go down when you are ready alright?

She looked so scared, and even more vulnerable than ever. I kissed her on the lips again. I love you. Everything is going to be alright.

It was a lie, but I hoped in the moment it would be enough to calm her down and steady her for the return trip down the hill.

After another ten minutes we headed back. I hauled 2 dead trees in on the way down to help give a good cover which worked, thank god. With lunch consumed we all went back to our stuff. My folks were playing cards with my uncle eric and aunt sue. My brother garret, cousin nick, brother in law jay and uncle lyle were off fishing. My grandparents were telling stories to my sister heather and sister in law Tiffany, who eyed me as I walked toward the woods and back up the hill to my spot. Sonya had laid down for a nap.

This time up the hill I took my axe and my book. I didn’t plan on coming back down til evening time.

I had a lot to occupy my mind. So I got into chopping some trees down and let time pass as I thought and worked.

2 hours passed by pretty quickly. With the cool temperature I could keep cutting without too much of a sweat worked up. I had company coming.

Tiffany slowly came up and waved and sat down on the downed oak tree. She watched me for a bit before saying anything. I knew what was coming. But first, let me introduce my sister in law.

She is 2 years older than me and quite a looker. She is about 5 foot 5 inches, brunette with dark eyes, a cute smile, and a very nice figure. She’s curvy. Nice boobs and a nice little booty on her. When I first met her I was 17 and she was interested in me before she dated my brother. Funny how things go eh? We had a lot in common and saw eye to eye on a lot of things. I couldn’t have asked for a more understanding sister.

I put down the axe and looked over at Tiffany. She was wearing tight short shorts and a cute polo top with the top buttons undone.

Do you want me to start or should I just answer your questions?

She waited a moment before responding. Trevor, I know you wouldn’t do anything wrong intentionally, that just isn’t who you are. But, what I walked into earlier was mind-blowing. Seriously, tell me what happened up here.

What you saw was not planned out, that I swear to you. Sonya came up here and we were talking for a bit and we got into some pretty deep stuff about her and uncle Lyle. You know what I know about them, and how they haven’t had it easy in Africa, in their marriage. I mean, you know Lyle enough now to be able to see right?

Yeah, I know. But…

Let me finish, Tiff. Anyway, she started crying, and I did what comes natural and I held her close to me and let her cry. She let it all out, Tiff. And when she looked up at me with tears down her cheeks and just so frustrated and mistreated, I froze up. I knew she was vulnerable, but I couldn’t just run away from a crying woman. I wouldn’t leave you either in that state.

I know, Trevor, I know. And I understand her getting comfort from you, we all have. For being the youngest you sure have had a way to comfort any of us. But this went a bit too far, wouldn’t you say?

She was broken by the time she leaned in to kiss me. Its my nature to try to fix or repair the broken, sis. I know it went too far. But looking back at it, you can’t hate me for what I did. I mean, I am a man, and sometimes even though morals exist in me, with a beautiful woman like Sonya or even yourself, I could never keep what you or she wanted away from you. And in this case it was a need. How could that be wrong?!

She stood up at this point, walked over to me and looked me in the eyes. Trevor, what are you talking about?

I stood my ground and said, If you or her or Heather or Sue or any other girl came to me like that, I would do whatever it took to console you. If that meant you needed a hug or someone to talk to, or something as extreme as someone to fuck you, I would be there for you. And I wouldn’t hesitate to help make you feel better, alright?!

At this point, we were toe to toe and my frustrated gestures had brought me in very close proximity to her. I was so close I could feel her heavy breathing by the motion of her breasts going up and down against my chest.

I don’t know if it was what I said or how I said it, but she jumped on me with a fever and a passion I almost couldn’t contain.

Immediately she wrapped her legs around my waist and gripped the back of my neck with her hands. She kissed me hard, for lack of a better term. So forceful and just full of blind passion!

I held her by her butt up against me and returned the hard kiss with my own unbridled desperation.

I carried her to the downed oak tree, and sat down with her straddling me on my lap. My cock was responding and getting hard. Between kissing and holding her so she wouldn’t fall off my lap, I managed to pull her shirt off. I broke off our kiss and buried my face in her breasts. Yeah, I motorboat like a motherfucker.

She was moaning in earnest by this time, and loving every bit of this. She reached behind her and undid her bra, and I pulled it off the rest of the way letting her exquisite breasts free. My brother got him a good one, damn. I didn’t hesitate to take a nipple in my mouth and start sucking. She was humming along, and between oohs and ahhhs, she said,

I’ve needed this for so long! I just couldn’t ask. I couldn’t say anything because its just so wrong. But, but, you are, uhnnnn, so unbelievable. I chose the, mmmm, wrong brother. Oh my god, yessss!

I did laugh in spite of myself, a little bit in between sucks on such wonderful breasts. She was an ivory white with sweet pink nipples with medium sized areolas. I was in heaven, except that my shorts were becoming very tight very quickly. And much to my surprise, my sister in law was right on cue. She climbed off my lap and dropped to her knees in front of me and pulled/peeled my basketball shorts off. She had a confused look as she glanced up at me.

I had almost forgotten the morning’s activities. It was a very busy day for me. I looked down at her and shrugged. She didn’t miss a beat, with my erect cock in her face she cupped my balls and took my dick right into her mouth. The leftover cum-glaze from earlier didn’t bother her one bit.

With each inch she took my erection throbbed hard. This wouldn’t last too long. She was sloppy and the servicing was so wet she had saliva dribble down her chin and to the ground between us. She would come up for air and stroke my dick by hand for a minute or two then go right back down on it. It was amazing. But I wanted more.

I tapped then grabbed my sister in law by the arm and pulled her up on her feet, standing with her. I turned around, sat her down, and switched places with her. I was on the ground before her working her shorts off of her. With shorts and panties removed, I beheld what my brother couldn’t treat right or properly handle.

Tiffany’s snatch was a blessed sight. She had a short strip of trimmed pubic hair just above her vagina. Her lips were soft pink, they were slightly puffy with excitement, and had the look of bubblegum, no joke. I looked up at her, and she looked down at me. She was nervous. I knew my brother had never eaten her out, he such a dope when it comes to what a girl would need. I smiled at Tiff. You ready?

Umm, yeah. I could barely hear her, but I wasn’t going for permission. Before her words were out my tongue was already gently stroking her pink petals. The scent and the taste was unbelievable. Sweet and light, soft and delicious.

She squirmed as if she was struck with lightning, moaning all the while. I cupped one of her butt cheeks but the other hand had to cup her mouth shut. She was getting loud, and those hills echo like no tomorrow.


My sister in law was so sensitive, she came within a few minutes! She shuddered and shook through the orgasm for a while, gripping my head to her lady parts until it subsided. What a woman. What a perfect pussy. My cock was ready for the next part. I took my shirt off and pulled my shorts off the rest of the way. As Tiffany came to, I positioned her laying down on the downed oak tree and got on top of her. Straddling the tree, and her, was strange and new to me, but fun. I had a ton of leverage which would make this, even more so, a fuck to remember.

As I reached down to position my cock for insertion, Tiff stopped me. You know what’s coming. My poor brother.

Trevor, uhm, please be gentle. Your penis is a little, uh, bigger than I’m used to. She made a poutie face and I laughed a little.

I’ll be careful sis. I grasped my cock and just let her relax a bit. I rubbed all along her petals and just let it all sink in a little at a time. As her eyes rolled back and she shut her lids it was time to go. I had gone this far. She seemed to need it, and I told her I was there for her. I was about to fuck my sister in law. I still shutter from excitement even now writing this.


I slowly entered her. Inch by inch her pussy took in my throbbing cock. In my mind I knew this wouldn’t last long. It just felt so unbelievably good. She was hot and soaking wet. It was tight and difficult for the first few thrusts, but she started to relax and let me penetrate with all my length.

She gasped and jerked up as my last inch entered her. Eyes wide in amazement she said, I’ve never been so full before!

My only response was action. As she fully began to relax and stretch out for me, I went to town.

With every thrust she seemed to get louder and louder. I smiled then as I do now, laughing a little as I reached down and grabbed her shirt so she could muffle her orgasmic triumphs. She seemed so sensitive after her first orgasm that it was as if it never subsided. Screams and whelps and mews of all sorts came out of her. I would have laughed had it not felt like perfection inside her.

The percussion song that is my climax was starting from deep within my testicles.


That was the song inside as the song outside was more of a soft flesh on flesh slap and fap as my balls made connection with her wet taint.

Slap, slap, slap.

Thump Thump Thump.

She was starting to arch her back in expectation of another high pinnacle. I reached behind her and brought her close to me. We were both perspiring a bit now. Our mouths met and clung to each other as I continued to drive into her.


As my cock began to grow in preparation to climax, so did her pussy stretch to meet its need for room and therefore pushing her faster to orgasm.



As she started to scream out in ecstasy I slowly laid her back down on the oak tree.


It was time!

I pulled out of her, grabbed my cock and jerked the last few strokes to finish myself!

Splat! Splat! Splat. Splat.

Four ropes of cum sprayed out. I trailed the first from her vag to her neck. The second shot her in the chin and neck. The last two got between the tits and over the belly. The last bit trickled out of me onto her short strip of pubic hair.

(Epic Sigh.)


With my orgasm leaving me and my erection deflating, I took a moment and sat my bare ass on the oak tree. AS all my muscles began to relax, I assessed the damage.

I have never came like that before! You are, I cant even describe, how, wonderful you are, Tiff.

After a few more heavy breaths, she said, Don’t even get me started about you. I hurt so bad, and yet my pussy is still humming! Oh my god. Whew.

Can I say something?

Go ahead, Trevor.

You look amazing covered in my cum, sis. Hahaha.

Don’t call me that! Not like this… Oh my. Oh my god. What did we just do?

There will be a third.

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