Cougar In The Yukon Part 2

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“You like that baby” Gail said to me lustfully never taking her lips more than a half inch away from my cock as I watched her lovingly rub her face all over the wide prick.

“Get these off Jack” she commanded tugging at my boxers before I lifted my hips off the bed reaching down to slide the underwear down over my penis and Gail did the rest.

“Mmmm and a pair of big round balls to go with this nice dick, I’m not surprised”. She said leaning down as she opened her mouth slightly and sucked my scrotum into her hot mouth.

It was sort of an odd sensation and I’d never had a woman do this before. But I definitely liked this new experience as I moaned feeling her tongue all over the sack just before she began sucking on one of my testicles.

“Ahh fuck Gail that’s amazing” I groaned staring into her pools of blue as she continued sucking on my sack. It was the most erotic thing I’d ever seen.

“Hmmm” she hummed sending pleasuring vibrations into my balls before opening her mouth wide trying to get them both into her mouth.

I couldn’t believe such a nice older lady like Gail was doing things to me I thought only porn stars knew about.

I was now fidgeting and itching to give her some pleasure of my own. I grabbed her hands coaxing her to come back up to me as I took her into my arms simultaneously rolling her over onto her back getting on top of her. I shoved my hips down pressing my hard shaft into her crotch as we kissed passionately like we wanted to devour each other. I don’t know if it was the fact that I hadn’t gotten off in a while or not but I’d never been this turned on before. Everything about her drove me wild with lust; her smell, her softness, her taste, and especially the sounds of her moans turned me into a primal being with only one agenda.

Not that I was deliberately trying to but in my haste to get to her breasts I ripped her shirt right off of her body and threw the shreds of fabric onto the floor. She didn’t seem to mind though as she only pulled me by the back of my head to her chest. I’m sure my opinion was biased by now but she probably had the best pair of tits I’d ever seen. They were incredibly perky for her age and looked like those of a 20 year old woman. They were barely C cups, but were perfectly round with pink dime sized areolas topped with the perfect nipples to suck on.

I immediately moved my face down in between the soft creamy masses licking, kissing, and sucking her warm flesh as she moaned constantly undulating her body up into mine.

“Mmmm I need your cock now baby” she said reaching down between us grasping my hard member. “C’mon baby, take my fucking panties off and give me this Big Fat Penis” she said in almost a whisper in my ear, her words spurring me on.

I quickly ripped her panties open at the front as I felt both of her hands on my cock positioning me at her entrance. I moaned and humped slightly against her wet pussy lips feeling her continuously slapping my cock against her.

“Easy now Jack, go slow or you’re gonna rip me open” she chuckled huskily as she eased the fat tip into her opening not even an inch.

I only grunted in response but went slow in order to spare her pain; not that I had a choice though, Gail’s pussy was so tight her tunnel was squeezing the head so vice like, it was nearly preventing me from going further into her.

“Oh my gosh, I’ve never been stretched like this!” she screamed as I felt her tight cunt finally fully envelope the helmet of my penis. Unfortunately at that exact moment I began to feel that familiar warm sensation racing up my shaft.

I groaned as I started to pull my hips back, strictly out of habit just before Gail dug her nails into my lower back preventing me from pulling out.

“Don’t you dare pull out” she commanded me almost angrily as she pulled me down practically forcing me to shove my cock deep into her cunt. “Ahhhhhh

Fuck Jack!” she screamed as our hips collided and my cum heavy balls slapped her against her ass.

I groaned and that was all she wrote as I began flooding her mature pussy with copious amounts of sperm laden cum.

“Mmmm yes, give it to me, fill me up with all your hot young cum baby” she moaned wrapping her legs around butt pulling me into her more if possible.

I buried my head into the crook of her neck continuing to spasm as I drained the last of my semen inside of my gorgeous middle aged lover.

She petted the back of my head cooing me like a mother does a frightened child.

“Gosh I feel so good inside, it’s almost like I can feel all of your sperm swimming in me” she said huskily. “I think that was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt Jack”

“Ditto” I only said laughing a bit. “I hope I didn’t hurt you”.

“Well a girl can’t take a dick like yours and not expect a little pain at least, but its ok, I think you’ve broken me in now” she chuckled.

“I hope so, because I don’t think I’ll be able to hold back next time” I said pulling out my wet floppy dick and moving off of her lying back on the bed satisfied for the time being.

I closed my eyes happily thinking of my future conquest with Gail as I felt her snuggle in to me. I don’t know how long I was asleep but when I woke the fire had completely died out, however it was still daylight and Gail still had her head on my chest.

Surprisingly she was awake and I could feel her hand lightly moving over my semi hard member under the covers petting my cock like it was a wounded bird.

“What time is it” I said startling her as she jumped slightly.

“Almost 5. Are you hungry?” she asked looking up at me.

“Very” I said watching as she crawled over me getting out of the bed. I became hypnotized starring at her beautiful soft naked body as she moved, her perky boobs and plump ass bouncing as she slipped on her robe.

I watched her make her way toward the kitchen and she came back not long after with a plate. I sat up in the bed scarfing down the food while she only watched me with a smile on her face making me feel a little awkward.

“Aren’t you hungry” I asked furrowing my brow.

“Starving actually, but I need those heavy balls to fill back up first” she said smiling and licking her lips at me.

My cock immediately began twitching and getting hard as I ate even faster in anticipation of things to come.

Gail began giggling watching me and in seconds I’d pitched a full tent in the blanket.

“I think that means my sperm batch is ready” she laughed pulling the covers down my legs exposing my hard penis and cum filled balls to her lustful view.

She moved like a predator stalking prey in front of my bobbing member. She immediately dropped her head down licking and sloppily rubbing her lips on balls making me moan.

I leaned back against the headboard watching her oral assault on my crotch as she sucked one of my testicles into her warm wet mouth. It felt as if she were trying to churn the cum in my balls when she began swirling her tongue intently around it several times.

“Damn you’re good at that” I groaned curling my toes.

She giggled pulling my off my ball with loud pop as she moved toward my shaft covering it in firm kisses as if she were saying hello to my cock.

She licked up to the head and I nearly came when she began nibbling on my dick using her teeth slightly just below the fat mushroom. She then started suck on the tip pulling off and taking it back in her mouth.

“Ahh fuck” I growled experiencing the best blowjob I’d ever gotten and having a hard time believing this widow was the one giving it to me.

“Mmmm, gosh you’ve got such a tasty prick” she said before slurping the precum that oozed heavily from my hole.

I ran my fingers through her hair before she inhaled the head sucking hard obviously wanting my essence.

And that’s exactly what she got. In seconds I started to the feel the pressure of my building orgasm and her tight lips wrapped around my cock pushed me over the edge.

I groaned loudly as if to warn though knowing she wouldn’t pull off and began blasting several jets of my cum into her mouth.

It only turned me on more to watch her greedily swallow every drop of it and I had produce a lot thanks to her prolonged stimulation. I never saw a single bead of semen as the wet sounds of her swallowing filled the room. It wasn’t as much as my first load that I shot in her womb but it must have been a substantial amount as she kept her mouth on my prick for longer than I thought necessary and I began to thrash a little now feeling extra sensitive.

She pulled off seeing my distress. “Oh god honey I’m sorry, I just can’t get enough this fat dick and all that thick white sperm” she smiled crawling up to me snuggling back onto chest cooing her motherly like coo once again.

Of course women had swallowed my semen and enjoyed my penis before but no woman cared for my cock like Gail or had such a love for the taste of sperm. It seemed like cum was a drug for her and she was definitely addicted.

“It’s ok, but just a reference for next time when I’m out I’m out” I chuckled.

“Understood” she giggled. “This may be hard to believe but I wasn’t always such a glutton for semen. There’s just something about your taste and smell” she said almost hungrily before kissing her way up my neck and gently biting my ear lobe.

“This woman is insatiable” I thought but I was happy to let her have her way with me. Never in my life had a woman wanted me so much and it was just a bonus that she was one of the sexiest women ever.

She continued her assault on my neck and jaw while I began groping her plush soft tits. It didn’t take long for my member to return to its hardened state and in one swift motion I quickly moved on top of Gail as I simultaneously positioned her so she was on her stomach.

I moved my hands over her reveling at the sight of her pale naked back and large round butt. I grasped my tool slapping my penis on Gail’s plump jiggling ass making her giggle. She then gasped slightly just as I pushed the wide mushroom head into the crack of her ass pressing it firmly onto her tiny anus.

I had no intention of doing anal at least not yet but seeing her reaction I thought why not have a little a fun. I put more pressure on my cock pushing the tip even harder against her asshole.

“Ooooohhh fuck” she moaned gripping the bed sheets and arching her back. “I don’t think it’s gonna be possible for you to get in that hole sweetie” she laughed raspy only urging me to try harder.

“For now” I only said before quickly shifting my penis down to her pussy and shoving into her until feeling my heavy balls rest against the top of her pussy.
She squealed loudly burying her face into the pillows as I leaned forward putting my hands on top of hers and moving to my knees now mounting her fully. Her cunt was still super tight and her lips still gripped my shaft like a hot flesh covered steel vice pulsing slightly around my pole.

I slowly pulled out with leaving just the head in before pushing back into her enjoying the warm wet gripping sensation of her cunt with her moans spurring me on.

“Oh my gosh I love that fucking penis” Gail moaned just as my hips collided with her butt.

“And it loves you” I chuckled flexing my fat prick repeatedly inside of her tiny canal before I pulled back again and slammed my dick back inside of her. I continued my medium pace fucking her hard making sure to lodge my penis deep in her cunt each time I pounded her.

She still had her face in the pillows gripping the bed sheets and screaming uncontrollably. I figured she must’ve orgasmed but it was hard to tell with Gail as her pussy always flowed heavily with juices and she was always super tight on dick. For all I know she probably was cumming constantly.

About 10 minutes was all I could take of her tight pussy as I shoved into her deeply for the last time.
I growled leaning my head down putting my nose in her hair smelling her intoxicating scent as my cock erupted deep in her womb.

“Oh my gosh yes sweetie, fill me up with all that strong young sperm and get me pregnant” Gail moaned and shuddered as I continued to throb emptying balls inside of her.

I slowly pulled my sensitive flaccid cock out her oozing pussy after shooting what felt like a gallon of cum.

“That felt even better than the first time” she said turning to look at me as I layed down beside her.

“Definitely” I only said through raspy breaths noticing the sun had gone down. I felt her shift down the bed and lifted my head up to see her between my legs once again.

“Again” I asked a little in astonishment thinking I how thought I had finally satisfied her.

“Relax I’m just cleaning it, you’re all sticky” she said leaning down gently lapping her tongue on my now soft penis. “Afterall it is my job to take care of you and this beautiful prick” she said continuing to moan and mew as she moved down to clean my sack with her saliva.
I leaned back and just let her as I drifted off.

When I woke up Gail seemed to be sleeping soundly, I guess I’d finally worn her out. The sun was shining more brightly and I assumed the storm was over. I got up took a quick shower before getting dressed making sure to wear 3 layers of clothes.

I knew trying to tunnel out of the front door through the snow would only allow the cabin to get even colder so I lit the fireplace so Gail would be warm and went down under the house and began tunneling out from there. It was much harder from that position and took maybe an hour before saw daylight but I finally got it done.

The snow was basically ice so even though it was hard, it chipped away easily and stayed in place so the tunnel would remain there until I could clear it all.
I immediately began gathering and chopping all the wood I could, I knew there might be another freakishly long storm so I didn’t waste any time deciding what to do first. After an hour or so I’d thrown enough wood in the tunnel to last nearly a week.

After that I headed down to my truck trudging through extremely deep snow not surprised to see it mostly covered. Luckily I was able to flag down a couple driving a truck similar to my own. They told me they lived in town and when I told them I was staying with Gail they were happy to help me but seemed to assume I was her son or nephew. I was hesitant to correct them as I didn’t want to harm Gail’s reputation or anything so I just left it alone. The man helped me remove most of the ice and gave my truck a jump. Surprisingly the engine wasn’t completely iced over and resurrected without much problem.

I was able to go into town to get necessary supplies and a few groceries for the cabin while also getting more than a few odd stares from the older people. I guess seeing a lone young male was uncommon around here.

When I headed back to the cabin it was about 2 so I still had time to clear the front. I felt a little like Gail’s husband and because of our age difference also like her son. As I began chipping away the snow against the front door I began thinking if I would ever leave this place.

The truth is I really didn’t have any loyalties and no family that I knew of. I grew up in several foster care and group home systems. When I turned 18 I left and never turned back basically living on the road and doing several jobs earning but never really spending money or settling down. Thankfully I looked good so I could get by easily seducing women but now I felt different although I wasn’t sure what it was and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to leave Gail or not. For now I just decided I’d take it one day at a time.

After maybe two hours of shoveling, I finally carved a decent sized path so anyone could now get through the front door.

“It’s about time you got back” I heard Gail’s voice say from behind as I turned to see her leaning out of the door.

“Hey it’s you I’m taking care of woman” I retorted chuckling. “I got some things from town too; your friends are a real piece of work”

“Let me guess they thought you were my son” she asked laughing as I grabbed the items out my truck.

“Probably, not to mention they stared at me like nonstop”

“Just ignore them, they’re not the smartest bunch” she laughed ushering me in the warm house. “Why don’t you get in the shower and I’ll get dinner ready, then I have got a great surprise for you” she said cheerily before kissing me and pushing me toward the bathroom. I wondered what the surprise was as I stripped thinking maybe it was something sexual but hoping it wasn’t anything too kinky as I knew Gail’s prowess was quite fierce.

After my shower I saw that she was just setting out our meal for the evening and I hurriedly wolfed it down like a child anxious to get to desert.

After I finished it was as if Gail had read mind. She stood up walking to my side stepping in front of me and facing the table. She shrugged her shoulders and I watched as her robe fell to the floor revealing her naked back, slender waist, wide flaring hips, that beautiful milky white plump round ass I loved and those thick creamy thighs.

She slowly bent over the table pushing her gorgeous globes and little peaking pussy toward my face as she reached back cupping my chin coaxing me to feast on her.

“Eat up sweetie” she said sexily, not like I needed an invitation. I practically shoved my face into her bum smothering myself in her flesh as I opened my mouth wide sucking on her delicious juicy cunt lips. Honestly I couldn’t remember the last time I wanted to eat a woman’s vagina this badly. It was incredibly sweet; it kind of reminded me of eating warm yogurt.

I didn’t how long I’d been at it as I continued lashing my tongue around wildly in her sex but she began humping back against my face and soon after more liquid than I could account for gushed all over my mouth, chin, and even streaming down my neck.

“Have you always tasted this great” I chuckled rising and pulling down my pants letting my hard cock spring up as it slapped into her thigh.

“Unfortunately none of the few past men I’ve had ever cared to do that and especially not long enough to make me cum so I’m not sure” she said as she reached back playing with my cock on her ass while still bending over the table.

“Idiots” I responded taking a hold of my penis and rubbing the head down in between her ass cheeks over her ass hole and to her pussy.

“Mmm, damn I love feeling that fat prick head” she moaned as I continued rubbing it up down slowly. “You know that surprise?” she asked.

“Uh Huh” I grunted.

“It’s my ass sweetie” she said swaying her butt with my cock wedged in her crack.

“Yea?” I said excitedly and surprised.

“Yep, it’s nice, tight, and all clean for you” she said and just hearing that made my cock expand.

I used her pussy to get enough lubrication on my penis before positioning the head on her tight anus ring.

“Slowly now, I’d like to live to see 45” she chuckled as I began trying to wiggle the wide tip in her arse.

I wasn’t entirely sure it would be possible getting all of my meat in her butt, however I was going to have fun finding out.

Surprisingly after only a minute of pushing on her wrinkled star it began to give way slightly and the very tip of my penis began to enter her hole.

“Oooooooh fuck sweetie” she moaned putting her head down as I slowly continued working my dick into her asshole.

I continued my pushing and wriggling until finally and to both of our surprise I managed to squeeze the entire head my cock in her tight hole.

“Oh my gosh I can’t believe that fat dick is in my ass” she squealed with pain and pleasure in her voice as I tried desperately not to blow my load just yet.

She started to move her ass around a bit making it even harder for me. And just as I was about continue up her ass there was a knock at the door.

She only looked back at me in shock.

To be continued.

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