Roberts Drunken night

It had been a lousy day for Robert. Robert was a district manager for a retail company that had several locations in malls in the region, and his day had started with having to fire one of the managers. To make matters worse, he had seen his ex-wife and her lover in the food court during his lunch. Once he was done with work for the day, he had headed towards home, but stopped at a nearby bar for a few drinks. He wasn’t sure how much he had drank, or how much he had spent on those drinks, but the bartender had called a cab for him, and he gladly accepted the ride.

He was still upset when he got home, and noticed a light on in the apartment above his garage. A classmate of his daughter’s who had gotten pregnant had moved in before Robert’s wife Janet had given birth and left. Robert and Heidi had worked out a mutually beneficial situation, with an open invitation for both when they were at home. He had found from their first time that Heidi liked things a bit rougher than his wife had ever seemed to, and given his current mood and drunkenness, he was extremely interested in some rough play this evening. Heidi had given birth to her little girl just a few weeks earlier, but that had not slowed either of them down. If anything, it had increased their trysts.

Robert grabbed a bottle of whiskey, drinking directly from the bottle as he headed out to the garage apartment. As usual, the door was unlocked, and he quietly went in. The apartment was quiet, and seeing as Heidi was not in the main room, he headed to the small bedroom. He thought enough to see that the baby was asleep in her crib just outside the bedroom before staggering into the room.

It was dark, and the blinds were closed, so there was no light other than the small sliver from the mostly closed door. Robert took a couple more drinks from his whiskey before setting it down on the dresser and heading over to the bed. It looked like Heidi was asleep on the bed, and Robert slowly spread her legs a little bit apart. She must have really been sleeping hard, because she didn’t wake as he slid his finger up under her panties and began to rub her clit. When she didn’t respond, Robert slid her panties to the side, and lowered his mouth onto her clit.

At first he thought she tasted a bit different, but he just assumed it was because of his drunken state. As he licked and sucked on her clit, he could feel and taste her growing wetness. She began to moan softly, and Robert wondered if she would wake up. It didn’t really matter much, but for some reason, in his anger and drunken state, he hoped she would remain sleeping a bit longer. She began to stir a bit, and she put her leg up over his shoulder. He thought something felt different about her leg as well, but ignored the thought as he drunkenly licked her pussy.

Hailey awoke to the most wonderful feeling of someone licking her pussy. When she first woke, she thought it may have been Heidi coming home, as they had shared several intimate sexual moments since she had moved in. But the rough hands told her that it must be Heidi’s secret lover. Heidi had told her that she should lock the door tonight, as her lover often just came in during the night to take her hard. But, she had left it unlocked, hoping that Heidi’s lover would show up tonight.

She tried to look down and see if she could make out the person, but it was too dark, and he was sending waves of pleasure through her body. She had tried to get Heidi to tell her who the guy was many times…but Heidi would just smile slyly and tell Hailey that she couldn’t tell her. However, she then lost all thought about figuring out who it was as his licking and sucking sent her over the edge into the most intense orgasm she had ever had.

As she came down from her orgasm, the man stood up. She still couldn’t make out who he was, but she could tell he was undoing his pants and pulling them down. He didn’t even bother taking them all the way off, as he reached down and grabbed her by the waist, pulling her to her feet, turning her around, and pushing her down face first on the bed.

Robert could feel her lovely ass as he pulled himself closer. For some reason her ass felt smaller, but with how light-headed he was feeling, he couldn’t be sure, and really couldn’t think straight either. Without another thought, he pushed himself hard and deep into the girl.

Hailey squealed in pleasure and pain as Robert slammed his cock deep into her. She had had sex with a few different guys from school, but this was already much more amazing and intense. She was moaning very loudly as Robert moved hard in and out of her. She knew she should try to be quiet, so she didn’t wake Heidi’s baby, but she just couldn’t help it. This cock ramming in and out of her felt so very good.
Robert pulled himself into her hard, over and over again, holding her hips as he did so. After a bit, her reached up and grabbed a handful of the girls’ hair, pulling her back hard onto his cock. This seemed to be too much for her as she started to cum for the second time. He could feel her pussy spasming around his cock, and he wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold on. As she hit the peak of her orgasm Robert slammed into her as hard as he could, pumping his cum deep into her tight little pussy.

As Robert finished cumming, he collapsed next to the girl, who had passed out as well.
Very early the next morning, a car pulled up outside the garage. Heidi leaned over and kissed the driver passionately. He was an older man, probably in his late 40’s. She thanked him for the wonderful night, and headed up to her apartment. The first thing she noticed was that the door was unlocked. She looked back down the stairs, and noticed that Roberts car was not there. She thought that was a very good sign, until she got into the apartment, and quietly pushed open the bedroom door. There laying on the bed, was Robert, with Hailey lying next to him.

She wasn’t sure what to think, but she smirked at the scene as she undressed and climbed up on Robert. She began sucking his cock, until he was hard and starting to stir. She moved up on top of him and slowly lowered herself onto his cock as he began to wake up. He smiled up at her, and told her how great last night had been. She only smiled as she felt Hailey start to stir next to them. She looked back down at Robert devilishly and told him she wanted him to lick her pussy. She slid up his body, and lowered herself onto his mouth.

As Hailey began to wake up, she saw what was going on in the bed next to her. She smiled at Heidi, and Heidi motioned her toward the hard cock standing up next to her. Hailey took ahold of it, and started to suck on it. Robert froze for a moment, not sure about what was happening, but Heidi grabbed his head, pulling him into her pussy and telling him to lick her more.

After a few minutes, Hailey slid her lips off Roberts cock and positioned herself above him, slowly sliding down onto his very hard cock. She still couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt, fucking this man for the second time, and still not knowing who he was.

As Heidi started to feel the tension from both build up as they neared orgasm, she started to talk to Robert, telling him that it was not her that he had been with the night before. She slid from his face, letting Robert and Hailey finally see who they both had been fucking. Robert was in shock. He didn’t know what to think or what to do. He said her name, and tried to stop her, but she just kept on going.

Hailey wasn’t really surprised. She had had her suspicions about her dad and Heidi for a very long time. Besides, the feeling she had right then was amazing, and she couldn’t stop thinking about how great the night before had been. She started crying out, “oh God daddy!” as she rode his cock harder. He told her he was going to cum and that she should get off. But instead she kept riding him, telling him that she wanted to feel his cum…”please cum daddy, let me feel your cum inside me!” It didn’t take him long from there to push up into his daughter and fill her pussy with his cum for the second time.

As she slid off of him and lay next to him, he got another surprise. Hailey spread her legs and smiled at Heidi, who smiled over at Robert as she lowered her mouth down onto Hailey’s cum filled pussy. Hailey sucked and licked Roberts cum from Hailey’s sweet little pussy. After Hailey came, the two girls curled up together and both fell asleep.

Robert quietly got up, got dressed, and went back into the house. He had just had the most amazing night and morning of his life. But he also felt guilty for the fact that he had just had sex with his daughter. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do from here on out.

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