William and Ann Ch. 15

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William and Ann
Chapter 15

It had been five weeks since William had entered Ann’s room and inseminated her with the sole intent to create a love child with his sister. Ann only had Larry fuck her nine times since that day, and seven of those times he spilled his seed into Natalie while Ann observed the injections into her friend from inches away. Her dad had turned his focus on Natalie for the most part, but he still left two loads of his greasy sperm in his daughter in those five weeks when Natalie was at her house and unavailable to meet with Larry. When he finished, he always plunged harder and deeper into her than William did, but Ann was certain that her father’s seed was being wasted in her because her egg had already been fertilized by Will. She just sensed that Larry’s semen would have no impact on the inevitable result, though she constantly played along, both times begging to be made pregnant by her father, asking him to put his baby into her, and saying she hoped he was lucky enough to knock up her and Natalie at the same time.

As is often the case, she was right about her body’s new addition. Her egg had been penetrated by a sperm cell and had affixed itself to the wall of her uterus. Indeed, Ann was pregnant, and she was made aware of it with conviction when her period never arrived. She kept excellent track of her menstrual cycle, though it was irregular due to her age. Nonetheless, she decided it would be best for her to take a pregnancy test, so Ann called over to Natalie’s house.

Natalie’s mom worked at Wal-Mart as a evening stocker and had easy access to anything in the store. Ann figured Nat could persuade her mom to steal a pregnancy test for Ann, and two days and $5 later, Natalie delivered her EPT stick to pee on. It wasn’t hard for Natalie to help Ann out considering Ann shared her dad with her, and her mom figured the five dollars Ann gave her for stealing it was more than she made an hour working at Wal-Mart.

The two girls had been through quite a lot of crucial life-changing moments together, and this was no exception. Natalie was as anxious as Ann to see if she would be the first to be pregnant. As they waited for the result, Natalie blurted out that she felt obligated to mention something to Ann.

“Ann, you know I love you more than just a regular friend. You know I don’t ever want to hurt you. This may not be the most appropriate time to tell you, but I don’t think there should be secrets between us.”

“Spit it out, Natalie! WHAT? What is so damn important that you need to tell me that I don’t already know?”

“I…..I…..I made love to William.”

“You lying bitch! William wouldn’t fuck you. He loves me. He is going to be the father of my child. I can’t believe you’d even say such a mean thing, especially when I willingly let you fuck my dad all you want.” Ann was in total disbelief as she yelled at Natalie for disrespecting their friendship with this nonsense.

“Ann,’ Natalie began to sob, “I didn’t mean for it to go that far, but it just got out of control. He and I met over at the park across the street from cemetery last Wednesday. We were only talking about you and Larry when he held my hand to cross the road. I enjoyed having his hand in mine, but by the time we crossed and walked between the headstones, he and I were so hot for each other that I laid on the grass behind the mausoleum and he helped himself to me. Will’s not as big as your dad, but he knows how to use what he has. I’m sorry, Ann, but it’s true. I promise it was only one time and hasn’t happened and WON’T happen again.”

“Fuck you! Fuck you, you asshole!” Ann looked at Natalie through teary eyes and flipped over the stick and stared. She now had the proof she needed to show William that he was going to be a daddy, and his days of playing “Casanova” were through. Ann wiped her eyes, smiled a tiny bit, then looked up at her rival and said, “You’re right. It won’t happen again. William is my baby’s daddy, and he will never put his pecker into any other female but me for the rest of his life. I hope you enjoyed it, Bitch. Stick to my dad. I could give a fuck about who he fucks. Nat, just give my dad a baby and I’m going to make him think this one is his. You can’t ever tell him the truth.”

“Okay, Mommy!” Natalie, feeling forgiven, felt she could joke with Ann again. “Congratulations! I am so jealous!” Those were the words Ann longed to hear, and now that she did, she would always be able to say she beat Nat at something important. Ann smiled a huge smile at Natalie. Hearing the word “mommy” sounded great to her.

Larry and William had been out bowling in their Tuesday night league when Ann and Natalie learned the news. When they returned home, there sat the two girls side by side on the sofa.

“What are you two up to?” Larry inquired.

“Oh, nothing big, unless we are talking about Ann’s belly,” Natalie replied.

“Dad, I’m pregnant!” Ann exclaimed.

“Are you sure, Baby Doll?”

“Pretty sure, Daddy. I took a pregnancy test and it showed that I was. Look here,” Ann said putting the stick in front of him.

“We did it, Honey!” Larry yelled. “Yeah! I knew we could do it. That’s awesome news, Sweety! Nat, how about you?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t been regular, but I sure hope I’m next. What do you think about this ‘development’ Will? Isn’t it amazing? Your sister is going to have a baby!” Natalie was looking to see if William had any clues that he knew and that he would slip up and say something in retort.

Will remained silent, but a grin crossed his face as he stared knowingly into the eyes of his little sister. He didn’t need a pregnancy test to tell him she was pregnant. He could tell by her subtle changes. Ann seemed to be carrying herself with more pride, more spunk (no pun intended), and more assurance. He also was confident that it was his seed which caught her egg as it descended from the fallopian tube. William also knew his dad would be pissed if he ever found out the truth, so chose to simply respond to Natalie with “I’m happy for her. I know that’s what she wanted.”

Larry spoke up, “This is cause for celebration. Let’s go out to eat. I’ll buy for everyone.” It was for this reason that Ann and William realized they made the best choice. Their father would pay for everything if he continued to think he was the one who got his daughter knocked up.

Natalie sat in the front seat on the right side of Ann who was cuddled up next to Larry. William sat in the back seat as they drove Steak n’ Shake for dinner. Ann looked back at her brother as they got in the car and winked at him to reassure him it was fine and to keep up the charade.

That night, after returning home from the restaurant, Nat told her mom that it the test she stole didn’t work and she needed to get another one for her friend. Wednesday morning, when Natalie came downstairs to make breakfast, she noticed not one, but two EPT tests sitting on the kitchen counter.

“Perfect!” Natalie was so pleased with this surprise that she forgot about breakfast and immediately ran to the bathroom to tear into the package and pee on the stick. She had to find out if she was going to be another unwed mother, or just an old maid at 14. Nat followed the instructions precisely and called Ann. Larry answered the phone and she said it was vital that she talk to Ann right away. Hearing the urgency in her voice, he told Natalie he and Ann would be right down. Minutes later, Larry and Ann arrived and were met at the door by a nervous Natalie who was shaking with anticipation.

“Thanks for coming over. I wanted to share this with you both. I will either want to celebrate or cry on your shoulders, but we have to be quiet because my mom is sleeping upstairs and I don’t want her to know. She got me an EPT last night at work, so I am hoping you won’t have to go through your pregnancy alone, Ann.” She gave a nervous giggle and held her hand over her mouth to muffle herself.

“Okay. Cross your fingers.” Natalie filled over the pee stick. All three of the sexual partners stared at the result.

“I don’t know what it means,” Larry began.

“It means we have to keep trying,” Nat replied as water welled up in her eyes and leaked down her cheeks.

“Don’t worry, Nat. They don’t always work right. You’ll be alright. Just keep working at it. I’m sure it’ll be fine and you’ll have a baby in your tummy in no time,” Ann said as she put her arm around her friend.

“Maybe we need to do it more often. Maybe you’re just not putting it in right. I think we should try every day so we don’t miss an opportunity.” Natalie was grasping at straws to explain the unwanted result.

“Honey, I will do whatever it takes to make it happen for you……for us. You know, Nat, I’ve never been in your bedroom. You mind showing me what it looks like? Ann, why don’t you go make us some breakfast back at home. I’ll be there in just a bit after I see her room.”

It was so clearly obvious what her dad wanted to do with her young friend, but in order to please him and Natalie, she did as she was instructed. Besides, being pregnant now, she needed to eat more and more often, and she was hungry. It also gave her a few moments to be alone again with William. She didn’t have many of those lately since Natalie and her dad were continually around her to make sure everything was okay with her and the baby beginning to grow inside her.

When Ann got back home, she made two bowls of Honeycomb cereal and headed straight to William’s room where she gave him a proper wake-up call. The two gulped down their cereal, got undressed, and kissed like long-lost lovers. Their hands caressed and tickled every part of their partner as if they were both blind and trying to discover what each other looked like via Braille. Will’s raging cock slipped into the folds of his sister’s pregnant pussy. He immediately felt safe, in love, and a perfect fit for her. Ann felt the same, and even had another emotion. She looked down at her flat belly and said, “Baby, this is your daddy knocking at the door. We love you, Baby. I hope he won’t poke you in the eye.”

The siblings made quick work of their passionate love and within four minutes of entering the warm world of Ann’s pregnant pussy, Will pumped a fresh load of cum into the neck of her womb, causing Ann to convulse with ecstasy. Her hormones and the thought that her brother’s sperm was bathing his baby inside her, sent her into a rapid orgasm. As they uncoupled their frothy white crotches, they heard their father’s car returning from Natalie’s.

Without cleaning herself up, Ann pulled on her panties, shorts, and extra-long T-shirt she used as a nightgown. The smell of sex emanated from her pussy. Her panties were soaking up the residual semen. It made her feel hot knowing Will’s cum was sliding out of her and into the cotton of her underwear which smeared over the peach fuzz of her pubic mound and back onto the entrance of her anus. The wetness surrounding her anal opening sent her into another, but milder, orgasm as she walked into the kitchen with the empty cereal bowls and past her dad.

“How’s she doing, Daddy?”

“She’ll be fine. I just gave her another chance to get even with you. Nat’s got a nice bedroom. I wouldn’t mind going over there more often to give her my injections of baby juice. I don’t know if I can get used to all the purple in the room, though. Her sheets, phone, radio, and even slippers are purple! Maybe I’ll be on bottom next time.”

“Dad, that’s a little too much information for me. Did you wake her mom up when you were ‘seeing her room’?”

“No. Apparently, her mom is like a log when she sleeps, but we were quiet anyway.”

“That’s good. You could get in a lot of trouble, Daddy. It’s not kosher for a man your age to be in a young girl’s bedroom alone with her. Imagine if there was a stranger in my bedroom fucking me and you walked in to find me getting slammed by a big dick.”

“Well, that’s not going to happen to you, so I’m not worried about it. Maybe later today you and I can have some fun. Want to go to my room or yours?”

“I can’t today, Daddy. I have a date with Kelly and Susan to get our hair teased.”

“Oh, okay. Well, here, take some money for food and whatever else you need.” Larry handed her $30 and kissed her as she took it from him. “Take good care of my baby in there,” he added as he patted her belly and quickly gave her nipple a tweak through her shirt.

“You know I will, Daddy. I love you. Thanks.”

She turned and went to her bedroom to change, pocketing the cash. Ann had to begin saving money if she and William were to elope, and she just had her first $30 to put into the fund. Without realizing it, Larry was contributing to the departure of his two teenage children.


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