My Life and Loves, I take Flight (Re-post)

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I was terribly hurt and disappointed in what Sissy did that night. Not with the making love with me, but with her leaving like she did, without saying a word, not even “goodbye”. I felt lost at first and then I got mad, real mad, but after awhile I felt sad, just plain sad. I had lost my best friend and she didn’t even tell me anything.

My father, on the other hand, was mad from the beginning. After the second night, I could hear him up in his drinking room, throwing things and yelling at her in his drunken rage, “That ungrateful, fuckin’ slut of a whore! After all I’ve done for her! She ran off with that no account bastard biker son-of-a-bitch and now he’s shoving it in her little cunt and I hope he wears it out. That fuckin’ cunt!”

I just couldn’t figure out why he was taking it so personally. I mean, father really didn’t see that much of Sissy, not as much as I did and I loved her, he didn’t.

I went to work at my father’s pharmacy as soon as school let out. Father had to hire a nursing service to care for mother now that Sissy had left so I was on my own when it came to the house work. I had to cook my own dinners, and sometimes fathers also, I had to clean the house, do the laundry and everything Sissy used to do. I was only a freshman in high school with all of these responsibilities.

One day, while I was cleaning up in the storage room, I over heard a conversation between my father and two men in suits. They were in his office and I heard one of them say, “Roger, damn it to hell anyway, you’ve got to stop drinking. We had too many complaints about it from your customers. They are afraid you’ll make a mistake filling their prescriptions. Now we’ve made our last warning last time, now we are telling you, either stop drinking, hire another pharmacist or sell the business, that’s your choices. You pick one; that comes from the Licensing Board.” I was shocked at what I heard. Can they do that? I hurried out into the store and away from those two men. Within two weeks, a new pharmacist was behind the counter. Father had made his choice.

I also had a choice to make. It wasn’t as meaningful as the one father made, but it was an important decision, none the less. Carol had run away four years ago and Sissy had run away less than a year ago and I had to decide if I was going to run also. But my decision was different, it was if I was going to try out for the Cross Country team and spend most of my after school hours running instead of working. I decided it would be running.

After the first couple of practices, I knew I had made the right decision. It wasn’t hard at all, it was invigorating. The feeling of being totally alone with just your mind as company, the breeze in your hair and the freshness of the country air, I found to be very pleasant, very pleasant indeed. The best part of running was that I was really pretty good. I could run by myself and not think about the whys and wherefores of my life. I could be free.

By the end of the season in late October, I had made a name for myself amongst the team and was considered one of the bright spots for next year’s team. I could take pride in the fact that I had accomplished something on my own, with no help from my father or anyone. It felt good.

One November day, just before last period while I was walking towards my next class, a girl walked up to me and introduced her self to me. I knew her from my Advanced Algebra class in the morning, but I had never met her personally. She asked me a stop for a second and asked if I would consider tutoring her in Algebra. I was shocked but enthused at the same time, amazed at the fact that she would consider me as an appropriate tutor. I blushed and said, “Sure, what kind of help do you need?”

“I think I need a little help with everything,” she said with a quizzical look on her face.

I knew her name, it was Jenifer Smith, from hearing it called during class, but she introduced herself to me as Jenny. She was a freshman or I assumed she was, so she was either 13 or 14 years old, but by the looks of her, she could have past for a 12 year old or possibly 11. Her chest was barely visible, her hips, almost non-existent and her height and weight, well let’s just say she was a small, little girl.

I didn’t know if this was a joke or what, but decided to follow through with it but keep my eyes open for the punch line. So I said, “Fine, where do you want to meet and when?” We agreed to meet at the local diner that very afternoon, as I ran to my class, not knowing if I should feel good or bad.

I had a hard time concentrating during that last period and as the bell rang ending the school day, I found myself heading towards the diner. When I arrived, she was already sitting at a booth, with her book open, sipping on a Coke. I made my way over to where she was sitting and scooted in on the opposite side from her.

“Well, Jenny, where are you having problems?” I asked, cutting to the chase.

She shrugged her shoulders and said, “With just about everything,” and put on that “puppy dog” look.

“How did you do in the quiz we had last week?” I inquired, trying to pin down her weaknesses.

“O that, I got a 93, but I didn’t feel good about it,” she said.

A 93? I mean I got a 98, but a 93 wasn’t that bad, not bad enough to warrant a tutor. I looked at her a minute and then asked her, “Jenny, you don’t need a tutor do you?”

“Not really. I just wanted to meet you, so I thought that if I said “I needed a tutor, you would at least agree to meet me after school. It worked didn’t it?” she asked, kind of blushing a little.

“Yeah, it worked, but how do you plan on keeping me here. I mean, you brought me here under a false statement and now that I know that, do you expect me to stay around?” I asked bluntly.

“I know I told you a little lie to get you here, but now that you are here, can’t you just stay around and get to know me. I mean, I know that I’m not much to look at and everything, but I do have feelings and I’m really lots of fun, once you get to know me,” she said rambling on.

“You’re pretty,” I said flatly.

“I’m what?” she asked me to repeat what I just said.

“You said that “you weren’t much to look at” and I said “You’re pretty”, I repeated.

She looked at me in shock and then said, “You think I’m pretty? My gosh, Ben, I look like a 12 year old. I’m barely out of a training bra but I been menstruating for over a year now. All the guys laugh when they see me coming down the hall and…” she paused a second and then asked, “Do you really think I’m pretty/”

“Yes, I think you’re pretty and you just gave me was too much information. You do have a petite body, but facially you are very attractive,” I told her, be as blunt as I could be.. She continued to look at me in a questioning way and then, batting her pretty eyes at me, she said, “Yes, continue telling me how beautiful am,” in a Miss Piggy sort of way.

I laughed at her impression and told her plainly, “Jenny, if you wanted to get to know me, why didn’t you come up to me and say so.”

“And if I had, what would you have thought. Be honest with me, Ben, would you have thought “Here is a nice girl I’d like to get to know” or would you have thought, “What does this little 12 year old want?” she asked point blank.

I thought a moment and began to speak, but she interrupted me by saying, “Yeah I thought so.”

I had to admit, she was right. I finally said, “Well, I still think is was unnecessary to lie to me.”

We drank our Cokes and asked the waitress for refills, as we spent the next hour to hour and a half, just chatting and getting to know each other. I must admit, she was pretty easy to talk to and I had a good time. When we got ready to leave, I told her, “Jenny, it was nice meeting you. I had a really good time. Don’t sell yourself short, you’re a nice girl and I enjoyed meeting you.”

She smiled and asked, “Enough of a good time to walk me home?”

I thought for a second about my schedule and then said, “Sure, which way do you live?” and we took off walking.

She lived about a half mile on the other side of town from Church Street. As we walked, I found out that she was an only child of a broken home, her dad left them several ears ago and her mother worked for the city as a secretary. Jenny really was bright and she in some of the same advanced courses as I was in, but not in the same class as me, other than the algebra class.

We arrived at her house, it was a modest home, not as big as ours but it appeared nicely kept up and comfortable. I walked her to the door and told her goodbye when she surprised me by asking, “Ben, do you want to kiss me? If you do, I won’t mind.”

I was shocked a little at first, but decided “What the hell?” and leaned down and kissed her right on the lips. She kissed me back and then asked, “Do you want to come in for a minute? My mom won’t be home for about 15 minutes or so.”

I thought better of it but said, “Okay, but just for a minute.”

As I entered her house, she put down her books and came up to me, put her arms around my neck and gave me the biggest kiss I could have imagined. She separated her lips and ground into me with her full body. I was taken back for a second, but as I recovered, I began kissing her back with passion.

“O Ben, I knew you would like me if you got a chance to know me,” she gasped as she talked. “You do like me don’t you?” she asked again, wanting conformation.

“Jenny, yeah I guess so, but I just met you really, but, so far, yeah, what’s not to like?” I explained.

“Ben, I like you too and there’s something I think you should know. I’ll let you do anything with me as long as you don’t make me pregnant.”

I was more than shocked. I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe my ears, so I asked, “Anything?”

“Anything,” was her response and she said it with emphasis.

“Anything,” I thought. “My God, ol’ Buddy, you’ve hit the jackpot!”

I kissed her again, deeply and full of passion this time. She responded in kind and as I began to trace my hands down around her back side, she stopped me with, “Ben, it’s too late now, my mom will be home any time, but you can come over tomorrow. We’ll have lots of time tomorrow after school. You’d better go, okay? I’ll see you tomorrow in class,” and giving me one last kiss, opened the door and sent me on my way.

I was literally on cloud nine as I made my way back across town to my neighborhood. My mind kept asking itself the same question. Did what just happen really happen and if it did, then are the consequences of what just happen going to produce what I think they will? My God, I’m going to get laid! But she said, “As long as I don’t get pregnant.” Well, I can do other things with her. Holy cow, it all starts tomorrow!

I ran up to see my mother and then hurried down to start supper for my father and myself. My mind would not leave what Jenny told me, “Anything…” Wow that included lots of things.

I masturbated that night, twice in fact, just thinking about tomorrow. I was so excited about it that at school the next day, I found myself looking for Jenny. What would she wear that day? Would it be something sexy? I didn’t have to wait long to find out because when I saw her in algebra class, I almost lost my wad right there.

Holy cow, she was wearing a full flared mini-skirt which hit her about mid-thigh. She was wearing a white cotton pull over top that was a little on the thin side, exposing her white bra that held up her tiny little tits. They’re so tiny that I didn’t think she needed a bra at all.

She glanced in my direction as she walked by me, swaying her hips enough to make the hem of her skirt swing out and expose even more of her thigh. I gasped a silent gasp as I said, “Good morning, Jenny.”

She stopped, looked down at me sitting in my desk and answered, “O hi, Ben. How are you today?” Not waiting for an answer, she continued on to her desk behind me and to the right and sat down. Again, glancing in my direction, she spread her legs a little before crossing them under her desk top. But in that slip second, I caught a glimpse of her panty covered crotch. My heart skipped a beat and she smiled at me, knowing that she had just given me a thrill.

My concentration was non-existent for the rest of the day, that one shot of her panty covered crotch kept my mind in turmoil all day long. I continued to walk around with this semi-erect bulge in my pants, it was down right embarrassing, so when the final bell signals the end of another day, I hurried outside to look for Jenny.

I waited for what seemed like a long time but didn’t see Jenny come out of building, so I thought I might as well head over to her house. I was almost jogging as I covered the distance in no time at all and finally found myself ring the door bell at her front door. There was no answer for the longest time, maybe I misunderstood or something. Maybe she’s back at the school wondering where I am. Just then, the door opened and there stood Jenny, looking rather nervous but eager to see me.

She invited me in and asked if I’d like a coke or something. I said no and followed her into the living room. She immediately went to the sofa and plopped down in the middle, drawing her bare feet up under her and ended up sitting Indian style with her legs crossed. She pushed her skirt down in between her legs to cut off any view of her treasure. I was somewhat disappointed but sat down next to her.

After sitting nervously silent for an awkward moment, she suddenly started the conversation. “About a year or so ago, me and my cousin, a boy cousin, were messing around a little one day when we were all by ourselves and well, one thing led to another and he started feeling me up all over. I really liked it so I thought I’d like you to feel me up and see if I still liked it.”

When she had finished, she sat there just like she had said, “It’s a warm day today.” I thought for a minute and stammered, “O, well, gosh what do I say or where do I start, I mean are we just going to start playing around?”

“Ben, you can start by kissing me. That usually works,” she said.

I bent towards her and gave her a nice warm kiss. I thought it was pretty good, but her hands went up my cheeks and she started giving me a real kiss, hot and passionate. I felt the difference and made up my mind right then and there that I was going to take control over this session. I put my arms around her and pulled her into my kiss and she started to melt into my arms. All of a sudden, I was the master of my own destiny and of her.

As I continued to pull her towards me, she turned her body across mine so that she was lying on my lap, face up. I continued kissing her but with my outside hand; I started roaming over her body. This caused her to squirm a little as I touched sensitive places, but when my hand ended up on her little breast, she stopped kissing me and said, “There’s not much there, Ben, but it feel real good when you rub it.”

I didn’t acknowledge that comment but started rubbing it fully over her top. She was starting to feel something from this rubbing because when my hand went up under her top and felt her cup protecting the tittie, she moaned and opened up herself to further exploration. After a couple of minutes of rubbing her bra, I started to remove the top. She sat up and helped me pull it over her head and then lay back down on my lap. Now I had access to her front and all I had to do was to remove her straps over her shoulders and pull the cups free of her tits.

They were tiny but they were there, right in front of me, so I took one into my hand and squeezed it a little. She let out with a sigh in between kisses and plunged her tongue deep within my mouth. I responded by pinching her nipple as she arched her back. I moved my caress over to the other one and massaged and pinched it into attentive state. I stopped kissing her and moved my head back to inspect what my hands had accomplished. What I saw turned me on.

Her smallish breasts were barely visible when it came to sticking out from her chest and ribs, but her nipples were at attention. They were small puckered brown sentinels, standing tall against the flat breast area, yet they proudly begged to be sucked on. So I scooted down a little and answered their call.

Placing my mouth directly upon one, I sucked it up between my lips and applied the needed pressure to cause her to start to moan. I would alternate my sucking with a tiny biting action that brought out yet another verbal response. Actually, she was starting to go wild with enthusiasm. My next move was to the “Holy Grail”, down between her legs.

I moved my hand slowly down to the hem of her skirt and finding it, I proceeded to retrace back up the inner thigh of her leg under the skirt. This sent a chill throughout her body as she spread her legs wide and invited my hand onto her pussy. I found the junction of her panties all wet at the crotch and as I started my massage down there, the juices continued to dampen the entire area. She was hot and juicy as she strained her hips upward to meet my pressure.

I was running my middle finger up her slit to her clitoris and down to her opening, trying to push the silky material into her hole. I was pressing it in with every slide down her slit. She was going mad with pleasure and arching her back with approval. I then went up to the waist band of her panties and hurriedly plunged my hand down over her bare pussy. She shrieked and threw her hips into the air, as I began pumping my hand and finger into her crotch. I found her opening and inserted my finger up it as far as I could reach. Again she threw herself at the intruder.

I found the spot that Sissy had showed me and put hard pressure on it. She lost it right there. She continued grinding her hips into my finger as she arched her hips up off of my lap. She was throwing her head from side to side with her eyes tightly shut and her mouth open. Suddenly she stopped all motion. She held her breath for an eternity. Then she exploded. Her entire body was in motion at one time. She was humping my finger while arching her back, she was grabbing my hand and pushing it deep inside of her and, all the while, she was tossing her head from side to side and screaming her lungs out all at the same time.

Her explosive orgasm spewed gallons of juice all over my hand and finger. It had no trouble sliding in and out of her gaping damp hole as I brought her to a gentle closing. Finally, she lay silent, breathing deeply through her open lips, trying to recover from her mammoth release. She was spent, completely and utterly drained by the release of all of the emotion. I gently removed my finger from her opening and my hand from her panties as I slid the hem of her skirt back down over her outstretched legs. She stayed like that until I woke her up with the statement, “Jenny, it’s almost five o’clock and you had better get cleaned up before your mom get home from work.”

She opened her eyes and looked up into mine which were staring down at hers. She smiled and put on her bra straps. “That was wonderful,’ she said. “That was more than wonderful, it was unbelievable, Ben. Where did you learn to touch a girl like that?”

“I had a good teacher,” I said, thanking Sissy mentally.

“Wow, well you were certainly an attentive student, thats for sure,” she added. “What do you have in store for me tomorrow?” she asked enthusiastically.

“Well, tomorrow I thought maybe you could show me a little love,” I said off handedly.

“What do you mean, Ben,” she asked.

“Well, today I brought you to a great time, so tomorrow I thought that maybe you’d want to return the favor for me,” I explained.

She stopped for a minute as if she was registering what I had just said and then she replied, “Ben, I thought that you understood this is a one way street. I told you that “You could do anything to me as long as you didn’t get me pregnant”, isn’t that right?”

I nodded my agreement.”

“I didn’t say anything about me doing anything to you,” she said with finality.

I was shocked and dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to say. I had thought that it was a mutual thing here. We would pleasure each other, but not have sex, thus no chance of pregnancy. Now she’s telling me that I can do anything to get her rocks off, save fucking her, but she won’t reciprocate at all?
The look of disappointment must have stood out like my cock in my pants, because she said in a sympathetic voice, “O Ben, I’m sorry if I didn’t make myself clear to you. You were expecting something different weren’t you?”

She walked me to the door as she thought and then reached up and kissed me with a dismissive type kiss and said, “Maybe I can do something about it tomorrow, we’ll see,” as she closed the door behind me.

I walked home in a fog that day. I had been had, there’s no denying it. That little bitch had taken me for a ride. I guess it turned out to be a joke after all and I’m the butt of it. I walked on home with a terrible aching down in my balls. I had never experienced anything like that before. I wondered if I hurt them or something.

All that night, I was sullen and confused. At bedtime I pulled it out and started jacking off into my dirty sock, wondering if my balls would start to ache again. As I started to cum, they hurt a little but soon they felt much better. I slid off to sleep finally but had terrible dream about being lost in a mall and, the harder I tried to find my way out, the more frustrated I became. I thought it was a fitting dream.

I woke up the next morning feeling tire, frustrated and terribly horny. I had to do something about what she did to me, but what? I could just not go over to her house this afternoon, but I wanted a little revenge and, besides, I didn’t mind making her cum like a bitch in heat. I had to come up with a solution. It came to me just after lunch break in the cafeteria; I knew what I was going to do.

As the bell rang again letting us go home for the day, I hurried to her house and was panting as I rang the door bell. She answered immediately this time, grabbing my hand and pulling me into the house.
She was all over me today, rubbing her body on me and her hands were all over my back. Then they started down my trousers and she landed right on my cock. There was no “Hi how are you” or anything, just a sensual kiss and a hand to the crotch. Now I didn’t mind the attention to my now rock hard cock, but she was rushing it a little I thought.

She moved her hand up and down along my stiff shaft as I began to second guess my plan for revenge. I was waiting for her to make the next move but I waited and waited in vain. She didn’t escalate her action to care of the situation any further, so I asked her a question.

“Jenny, let’s see if I’ve got the rules straight. I can not anything to you as long as I don’t get you pregnant, this that right?” I asked for a definitive explanation.

“Uh huh, that’s right, anything but no intercourse,” she stated flatly.

“Do you promise I can do anything as long as I don’t put it in your vagina,” I asked, setting the trap.

“Anything,” she answered while not missing a stroke on my cock. She was starting to get rather heated by this time, thinking that she was turning me on.

“Okay, then do as I say,” I said flatly, taking her hand from my crotch. “Strip!” I commanded.

She looked stocked and a little horrified for a moment, then a broad smile came over her face, as she reached down and unbuttoned her pants. The smile continued as she found the zipper and pulling it down and then removed her jeans over her hips and released them to the floor. As she stepped out of them and stood up, that silly smile continued on her face.

She remove her top and stood there looking at me with just her bra and panties on. As her face started to become more serious, she reached behind herself and unsnapped her bra. Letting the cups fall away from her tiny little breasts, she tossed the bra over with the rest of her clothes and stood back up and waited for my inspection.

“Now the rest. Everything,” I commanded once more.

Her hands went to the waist band and started to slide them down. As they retreated downward, I waited to see the first glimpse of pubic hair to make its appearance. I waited a long time as they descended over her abdomen but at the last possible moment, just before I saw the top of her slit, there it was, just a tiny smattering of light brown curly hair, sticking out.

The pubic hair was so sparsely growing that I could make out her entire pussy; lips, slit and all. I was starting to get turned on with this sight, so I tried to slow it down a little.

“Come over here,” I commanded again.

She walked slowly over to where I was standing, biting slight on her lower lip. As she stood mere inches from me, I extended my hand down to her pussy and pressed it hard against her lips. She stuttered at the first touch and reached up to put her arms around my neck. I stopped the sign of affection with my other hand. She looked confused. I liked that. Now we’ll see who is in charge.

I slid my finger between her lips and pressed upward until it made contact with her sensitive clitoris, hiding under the hood. I might as well have shocked her with a 12 volt battery. She jumped, but did not back away. In fact, she moved a little closer with her hips as she tried to force it into my touch.
I probed the clitoris again and she closed her eyes and tilted her head back and sighed.

I moved my point of attack down to the opening as I slid my finger up into her vagina. She reacted as planned as I ran it around in the opening. As I continued to finger fuck her, I bent forward and took one of her small little tits into my mouth. There was barely enough to lock onto but I settled for a grip on a nipple and she yet out a little moan at the sensation. I pressed my finger up her opening as far as I could muster, moving in and out rapidly now.

Her legs were getting wobbly due to the excitement, so I guided her to lie down on her back, but kept up my digital assault on her pussy. She spread her legs wide in an invitation to continue so I place myself directly in between them right up next to her butt. I continued to suck on her nipples and poke my finger up her open hole.

I slowly sat back on my haunches and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. Then, taking it out, I raised her knees up to her shoulders exposing her pussy to my continuing assault but, more importantly, the target I was about to violate, her anus.

I removed my finger from her vagina and placed it on her anus. Her reaction was predictable, horror, confusion and intersession. “No! Not down there!” she said emphatically.

“What’s wrong,” I questioned. “You said I could do anything just so long as I don’t get you pregnant, well can you get pregnant if I fuck your ass?”

“Ben, no you can’t put it in down there, you would rip me wide open,” she began to cry.

“Not if I prepare you right. It will fit and I’ll take it easy,” I reassured her.

“O Ben, please don’t make me do this, please,” she was crying by this time.

“But you promised I could,” I implored her.

“I know, Ben, but…but…” her voice trailed away.

At this point I had planned to get up and leave, but something happened. Her resistance had diminished and in fact, had disappeared. She was resigning herself to me putting in her butt. I was going to go through with it. I was going to ram it in her ass!

I spit on my cock and lubricated it up as much as I could and then put my finger in my mouth and got it all wet. Then I inserted it into her butt hole and ran it around the edge of her rectum. Then I placed the end of my cock directly at her hole and started pressing forward. She tightened up at the first penetration. I told her to relax and tried again. This time, I made a little headway and slid it in an inch or so and then another. As the sphincter muscle relaxed and allowed the penetration, I felt it start to slide into the confines of her deep dark hole.

She was crying out loud by this time, “O Ben, it hurts, take it out, please.”

“Does it still hurt or are you just scared at being fucked in the ass?” I asked with a sneer on my lips. I moved my finger down and rubbed her clit once again and she didn’t answer my question.

I could feel it moving freely in and out now. I could feel the softness of her colon walls on my cock and her stretched out muscle allowing access. I was starting to get the feeling of urgency down in my groin and I knew I was about to unload deep in her gut. I had to bring her with me so I applied more pressure to her clit. She was starting to reciprocate and as she built it up, a strange animalistic sound started coming out from deep within her soul. It started like a low rumbling sound, then it got louder and as she reached her anal climax; the guttural noise she was emitting, sounded more like an unworldly roar.

“GOD, O GOD!” she screamed over and over as she struggled under my weight to jam her butt upward as I rammed my cock downward. I could feel the sperm escape from my cock and spew off of the walls of her colon, as it lubricated the sliding motion in and out. The feeling was intense and I continued to grunt and gasp as I reached my own release.
Falling down on top of her, I fought to regain my senses. She was beyond fighting for hers, she was passed out with her legs still sticking straight up in the air and my cock still jammed in her ass. Saliva was spilling out of her mouth and my cum was oozing out around my cock. I finally pulled my dying cock out of her ass to the sound of escaping air from her hole. I thought it strange, almost funny and then I fell asleep.

I awoke to the sound of someone entering her front door. I hurriedly rolled over ad trucked my cock back into my pants and zipped them up. I was looking at Jenny and was about the shake her back into consciousness, when her mother entered the living room and her mouth flew open.

“What…what are you doing to Jenifer?” she shrieked. “Get off of her, you pervert!” and with two bounds was right there beside me pulling me off of her daughter. Jenny was trying to regain her senses but she didn’t miss her mother slapping me across the face and knocking me back to the floor.

I don’t know where Jenny got her genes, but it wasn’t from her mother. She was a big woman, not fat or anything like that, but just big boned and strong. When you threaten a female grizzly’s cub, you’ve got your hands full so I had more than my hands full and I was loosing.

“What did you do to her, you bastard?” she continued to yell and took another swing at my face.
This time, she caught me with her other hand and I felt a sharp pain radiate from the blow to my face. All of a sudden, there was blood everywhere, it was my blood.

Jenny was shouting at her mother, “He did do anything to me, mom,” as she tried to cover her naked body.

“What do you mean nothing, you’re naked aren’t you,” and wound up to take another shot at me, but Jenny stepped in to protect me.

I was bleeding profusely from the cut to my cheek and I was trying to catch it with my shirt. It was no use; I had to get some attention to this cut. So I did the only thing I could think of and that was to leave.

She was yelling at me as I closed the door behind me. I made my way across town to my house and I arrived just as mom’s nurse was heading upstairs. She took one look at me and exclaimed, “My gosh Benjamin what happened to you? Let me see that. O my, that looks pretty nasty, you’d better get to the hospital and have that looked at.

Just about that time, my father came through the garage door to the kitchen and saw what the all of the commotion was about. He immediately took me out to his car and we headed for the hospital. On the way, he asked me how it happened, so I told him. I told him everything from the beginning, in vivid detail. When we arrived, he said that a man, named Mr. Andrews would be out front when I got out of the hospital and to answer every question he posed completely, just as I had told him. He will take care of everything.

Mr. Andrew was there when I got out of the hospital and he drove me home. He took me inside and talked with me at the kitchen table. He asked me to explain everything that had happened that evening. I answered every question he asked. Then he left with the note pad he had jotted down his notes on.

When I went to school the next day; with a bandage on my cheek, Jenny was not there. She was not there the next day or the day after that. She never came back to school after that fateful afternoon and I never heard from her again.

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I made some classical errors in writing this chapter, and hope I mange to get them fixed. I'm not 100% thrilled with how it came out. So for all you English professors out there reading, if you want to complain about the grammar or a few incorrect spellings, save it for your students
Thank you for reading my story. This is a true story as I remember it. This story may not be for Everyone. Thursday morning I find myself at school as usual. Gym class is next. I'm in the locker room getting changed​. Probably flag football again. I'm wearing my bright pink panties
Knowledge is power. And with enough power, you can do what ever you want and no one can do a damn thing about it. Just like a certain young man I know. He lives in the apartment next to mine. He lives there with a couple other guys that attends the same college he does
I am a 38 WM professional in CT. I am pretty muchnormal looking and behaving. I am 5' 6" 150lbs, goodbuild (no fat), brown hair/eyes moustache. From the time I was 11 or 12, and started to notice mymore frequent desires..
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