Loss of Innocence - Chapter Three


Katie Morgan awoke with a very wet pussy. This had happened nearly every day in the past week. It had been seven days since her brother and cousin caught her sucking her horse's dick. They had then held her down and helped the horse rape her pussy.

Just thinking about it was almost enough to make Katie orgasm. She had discovered something about herself that day. She was a pervert. Not in a bad way, she just realized that she wanted sexual things that most people would consider abnormal, like getting raped by a horse.

She hadn't seen her cousin, Mark, the entire week, although he'd promised that day that he would have more fun with what he knew about her. But at home, a few things had changed.

Her brother, Timothy, wasn't dumb. He knew that the only way they kept power over Katie was by keeping what they knew to themselves. But he had told one person; their other sibling, Christina.

And both Timothy and Christina were using their knowledge to use and abuse Katie. She would never tell them, but she loved it and she would do what they wanted even if they weren't blackmailing her.

Suddenly Katie's alarm went off, breaking her away from her thoughts. Timothy would be to her room in less than a minute, he always was now. And sure enough, he appeared in her doorway, wearing nothing but boxers. The sight made her pussy drip like a faucet.

He came in and closed and locked her door. Then he walked over to her bed and slapped her hard. "You stupid slut, you were supposed to be waiting on the floor on your knees". "I'm sorry", Katie said and hurriedly got into position. She really wasn't sorry. She had wanted him to slap her. She had almost cum when he hit her face.

As soon as she got to her knees, he dropped his boxers, revealing a thick, seven inch dick. She moaned as she grabbed ahold of it. "That's it slut, worship your brother's dick", Timothy said and grabbed a handful of her hair. She loved this part, wishing he'd been doing this her whole life.

He shoved his dick down her throat, ignoring how she gagged. He started fucking her face with his morning wood, his balls slapping her chin.

She moaned and wanted to touch her pussy, but she wasn't allowed to. That had been one of Christina's rules. "Sluts don't get to cum unless they're told to", her golden haired sister had said. "Especially a fat slut like you". Katie had hated that rule at first, but she grew to love it. Having her orgasms controlled like that was just amazing.

She could soon feel Timothy's cock begin to swell, signaling that he was about to orgasm. He never lasted long when he was in her mouth, a fact she was very proud of. Now the only question was, would he cum in her mouth or all over her face.

He soon gave her the answer by pulling her face against his groin and holding it there. She loved this, the feel of his balls smashing against her chin, the smell of his musk, and knowing that she was being useful and pleasing him. He dumped a huge load down her throat. When he pulled back, a stray spurt landed on her tongue and she relished the taste.

When he was done, he wiped his dick on her face to clean himself. "Thank you, sir", she said, just like he had told her she should when she was used by him. "You better get to the bathroom quick", Timothy said, looking down at her with a demeaning gaze. "You know Christina doesn't like to be kept waiting".

Katie quickly got up and almost ran, still naked, to the bathroom down the hall. Christina was standing there in a pink, lacy bra and panty set.

She had a body Katie had always been jealous of. A slender waist, large tits, and an ass that every guy they knew wanted to fuck, even a few relatives. And the cherry on top was her wavy, blonde hair, cascading down past her shoulders.

"Where the fuck were you", Christina said. "I almost pissed myself". "I'm sorry, mistress", Katie said, using the title Christina had told her to use. "Tim was fucking my face". "That's no excuse. You never keep me waiting", Christina said, slapping Katie hard. "Now, get in the tub".

Katie quickly obeyed quickly, laying on her back in the cold tub. Christina stripped off her lingerie, revealing the most perfect tits and the most beautiful, smooth pussy that Katie had ever seen. Christina put a foot on either side of Katie, squatted, and proceeded to piss all over her.

The first time this had happened, Katie had been turned off. But as she realized how degrading and humiliating it was to be covered in her own sister's piss, she had quickly begun to like it.

Christina covered as much of Katie as she could with the golden shower, making sure to get some in her mouth. "Swallow, slut", Christina said, glaring down at the soaking wet girl. Katie swallowed the bitter liquid and then smiled up at her sister. "Thank you, mistress", she said, following protocol.

"Clean me", Christina said, obviously impatient. Katie lifted her head and started licking her sister's pussy, from the top all the way down to the asshole. She made sure to get every drop of piss off of Christina's cunt.

Eager to please her sister, Katie spread Christina's pussy lips and began flicking her clit. Then she slid her tongue inside Christina's cunt, eliciting moans from the girl. "That's it, slut. Eat my pussy, feast on my juices", Christina said as she ground her pussy against her sister's piss covered face.

It didn't take long before Christina orgasmed, covering Katie's face in pussy juice. She rubbed her pussy all over Katie's face, then got out of the tub. "Get dressed and then go fix my breakfast", she said, not even allowing the girl to rinse her filthy body off.

"Yes, mistress", Katie said as she hurriedly got out of the tub. She went to her room and looked through her outfits. Christina and Tim had agreed on this rule. Katie was only allowed to wear clothes that were too tight, showing off her fat body or miniskirts, with no panties of course.

Katie ***********ed a pair of gray shorts that, when she put it on, gave her a huge camel toe. She also picked out a spaghetti strap shirt that would barely cover her tits. Her fat would be visible everywhere, allowing anyone to see it and mock her.

She headed down to the kitchen and started making Christina's breakfast when a knock sounded at the door. She answered it and saw Mark standing there. "Fuck, you look disgusting", he said and she felt her pussy pulse. "Now, I believe I promised to abuse you some more. So come on".

"I have to finish Christina's breakfast", she said and he slapped her. "Fine, but hurry up", Mark said. She quickly obeyed and told her siblings that Mark was here and was taking her somewhere. "Oh, we know. We will meet you two there later", Timothy said.


Mark didn't say a word as he drove. He had just told Katie to get in the car and she obeyed. About half an hour later, they pulled up in front of a house. "Where are we", Katie asked, a little scared of the situation. "Don't worry about it, slut. Just get out of the car", Mark said as he shut the car off and got out.

They walked inside and immediately a large black man grabbed Katie by the cheeks, inspecting her. "Is this her", he asked Mark. "Yes. This slut will do anything we say", Mark answered.

"My name is Jamal, but you will call me sir", the man said to Katie as he let her go. "Yes sir", Katie said as she looked around. It was a nice house, very homey looking. And outside, she could hear dogs barking.

"Let's just see if she's any good", Jamal said, sitting down and pulling out the biggest dick Katie had ever seen. It had to be at least eleven inches long and three inches around. "Blow me, slut", Jamal said.

Katie immediately dropped to her knees in front of him, the excitement evident in her eyes. She grabbed the base of his shaft and started stroking it while she licked his shaft. "Good girl", she heard Mark say and she looked over to see that he was again recording her.

She licked up and down Jamal's shaft until it was slippery. Then she stroked the entire thing as she licked his balls. "Fuck yes, that feels good", Jamal said. "Too many bitches forget the balls." Katie smiled at the compliment.

Then she lifted her head up for a moment, took a breath, and took as much of his dick into her mouth as she could. She got about seven inches into her throat before she had to stop. She started bobbing her head up and down, his dick sliding in and out of her mouth.

She sucked his dick for several minutes before she could feel his shaft beginning to swell. "Would you like to cum in me or on me, sir", she asked, lifting her head up for a second. "I'd love to cum down your throat, but so far, I haven't found a slut that can take the whole shaft", Jamal said.

Katie felt sad at that statement. She wanted to please him, not disappoint him. "I'll go down as far as I can, then please push my head down the rest of the way and hold me down. I won't fight you", she said and inhaled his huge dick once again.

She relaxed her throat and managed to get nine inches this time. She felt his hand on the back of her head, pushing her down and forcing more of his dick down her throat. A moment of panic gripped her, but she fought it off and let him push her down.

Within moments, she felt her face press against his groin, his heavy balls pressing against her chin. "Fuck", he groaned and exploded, pulsing cum down her throat. It felt like it lasted forever.

When he finally released her, she could see that he was smiling and that made her feel proud. "Damn, she's good", he said to Mark, who had just put his phone away. "Couldn't you have found me a sexy bitch though? She's a bit on the hefty side".

"Sorry, I can only do so much", Mark sounded. "If you can get past how disgusting she is, you can get whatever you want out of this slut." "Well, I'm sure Bruno and Lars won't mind what she looks like", Jamal said as he stood up.

He went over to the back door and opened it. Two big rottweilers came inside, looking at Katie hungrily. "Are you ready for this, slut", Mark said, looking down at her, a devious smile on his face.

To be continued

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I was terribly hurt and disappointed in what Sissy did that night. Not with the making love with me, but with her leaving like she did, without saying a word, not even “goodbye”. I felt lost at first and then I got mad, real mad, but after awhile I felt sad, just plain sad
I made some classical errors in writing this chapter, and hope I mange to get them fixed. I'm not 100% thrilled with how it came out. So for all you English professors out there reading, if you want to complain about the grammar or a few incorrect spellings, save it for your students
Thank you for reading my story. This is a true story as I remember it. This story may not be for Everyone. Thursday morning I find myself at school as usual. Gym class is next. I'm in the locker room getting changed​. Probably flag football again. I'm wearing my bright pink panties
Knowledge is power. And with enough power, you can do what ever you want and no one can do a damn thing about it. Just like a certain young man I know. He lives in the apartment next to mine. He lives there with a couple other guys that attends the same college he does
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