Dancing With My Sister

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So my sister had been dancing a lot with her friend. Her friend would come over on the weekend while my parents were away and they would take to the living room and put on some music. I was kind of annoyed by the teen pop bands they put on, but I did like seeing them dancing. I never hung around, I just watched them while I went about my business. But one night when I had nothing better to do, I spied on them while they were dancing. They were in their pajamas, and I could tell from her bouncy movements that my sister wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. I had never been attracted to her growing up but man she was looking good now. Watching her dance was quite the show. Even though she was my sister, I was standing there getting hard watching her shake her ass. Her friend looked good but my sister looked better. My sister had on some loose PJs, and at one point they actually slid down her legs. “Woohoo!” she yelled, sticking her arms in the air. Her friend couldn’t stop laughing. Too bad she was wearing underwear, but I still got a look at her butt.

Seeing her PJs fall down in front of me was really hot. I touched myself while imagining all her clothes coming off. The next weekend I found myself alone with my sister in the living room. I guess none of her friends had been available. I had really wanted to see her dancing again. “No music tonight?” I asked.

“I bet you’re sick of it,” she said.

“Nah, it’s cool. Put some on.”

She gave me a funny look. “Why?”

“Because I’m bored.”

She smirked. “Are you gonna dance with me?”

I grinned. “Sure. Why not.”

So she turned on the music and we started dancing. I’m not that great at dancing, but I was mostly watching her. Seeing her smiling and moving around was great. When her back was to me I watched her ass move back and forth as she worked her hips. And when she was facing me I watched her boobs swing freely under her shirt. It was really nice and she didn’t seem to notice my staring. I was also keeping an eye on her loose pajamas. It looked like they were fighting to stay around her waist. Every time she moved, they inched a little lower. Just when I was sure they were about to fall off, she must have noticed. She stopped to pull them up and tighten them a bit. I got really disappointed but didn’t let her know. We just had a good time dancing that night.

I would watch her dance whenever I could. One night I even went out and danced with her and her friend. I made it seem like I was just messing around for fun. Weeks later, when we had another night alone together, I had an idea. I loosened my pajamas. Then, while we were dancing, I let my PJs fall to the floor. I had nothing on underneath. My sister’s mouth opened big and then she smiled and giggled. I pulled my PJs back up slowly.

“Why don’t you have on any underwear?”

“I never wear any to bed.”

“Really? Why not?”

“It’s more comfortable. Pajamas are enough for me.”

She seemed to think about it, and that was that. I felt a little embarrassed, but I was also glad I had smoothly teased her with a look at my cock. I was kind of hoping she would have said “Nice penis,” or something, but she didn’t. Soon after that, we got another night to dance together. I was thinking about whether I should try teasing her again. Anyway, we were dancing and I noticed her PJs slipping down. They were loose again. I kept watching them get lower and lower until I realized she wasn’t wearing underwear. Looks like she had copied my idea. This was making me hard but I couldn’t look away. They finally slid past her hips and fell to the floor. Before I could react to this, she just smiled and pulled her shirt off. In an instant, she was naked. She just continued dancing, smiling at me and blushing. At this point my erection couldn’t be hidden, so I just let my pajamas fall and got naked myself. She gave a big smile as she eyed my piece, then turned her back to my and shook her ass. We moved towards each other and she bent over and started grinding against my cock. Feeling her sweet soft ass bumping and rubbing against my hips was incredible. The feeling was so overwhelming that it was all I could think about. We danced like that until the music ended. We sat down together on the couch, and she turned to the side to face me.

“Sis, you look really good.”

“Thanks. I’ve noticed you looking at me. I wanted to see what you would do.”

My cock was feeling really tingly so I looked down at it. It was throbbing very hard and a bit of precum had dripped out.

“I really like seeing you like this,” she said, looking in the same place I was.

“You do?”

“Yes! Seeing your hard cock is making me so excited.”

Hearing her say that made me feel really good. “Sis, can I touch you?”

She settled back against the couch. “Yes, go ahead.”

I moved closer and put a hand on her thigh. She opened her legs a little more. My eyes followed my hand as I moved it up her thigh, her hip, then to her boobs. Her skin was so warm it was almost hot. I squeezed her boob and stroked her nipple with my finger. I loved the feeling. “Are you wet down there?” I asked. She nodded as I moved my hand back down to her pussy. She moaned as I start rubbing her pussy lips. I pressed my fingers inside her and felt the wetness. My fingers were shiny wet when I pulled them out. Then she slid her hand around my cock. Now I let out a moan. She was moving her hand around it slowly, just enjoying the feel of it. My cock was tingling and throbbing badly, like I was gonna cum.

“Oh God, I’m so fucking horny,” she said and climbed onto me. With one hand on my shoulder and the other on my cock, she slid herself down onto it. Having her nude body in front of me and my cock inside her was too much for me. I couldn’t think straight, so I just enjoyed the experience. She was slowly moving her hips. I put my hands on them and helped her move into me. I could feel the pleasure rising and rising. This felt so good. Her tits were staring me in the face, so I leaned forward and took a nipple in my lips. She was moaning and moving faster with me. This was it. I shot a huge load inside her as she shook with an orgasm. It just kept coming and coming. Finally she laid against me. Both of us were panting. We just laid like that for a while until we calmed back down. She gave me a kiss and said goodnight. She picked up her clothes and started to leave the room.

“Let’s do this again.” She looked at me and gave me a sweet smile. After that, I went to bed. What a night.

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