The piano and Rachael's wet panties

A middle aged piano teacher finds himself fantasizing about one of his teenage students not knowing that the girl herself is battling similar thoughts. I haven't written the second part of the story yet but i may or may not write it depending on the feedback i get from the readers.So,please comment about whether you liked the story or not and if i should do a second part.

Michael is middle aged man with very masculine features.He's tall,handsome and mostly very quite.People always mistook him for a sportsman or a football coach and always had trouble believing that he was rather a piano teacher.Piano was Michael's only passion since his childhood.He had his fair share of girls but wasn't really serious about anyone and moreover,as a musician he thought if he lived with someone it will hinder his creativity.So,although he had met some very nice girls he never thought about settling down with anyone in particular.As far his sex life was considered it was pretty much non-existent now, cause he haven't had any girl in his life for sometime and the only sex he recently had was with a drunk girl at a bar two months ago.He loved music more than anything and he always thought of his piano as his love. Rachael was a regular highschool teenager with extraordinary beauty.Long blonde hairs,deep blue eyes and beautiful face but it was actually her assets that made her the fantasy of so many guys at her school.At just 16 she had 36boobs,long slender legs and a firm ass to die for.Most people who met her had trouble beleiving that she's just 16 and she often got hit by older guys cause they thought she must be atleast 18.She was a very happy,funny and outgoing girl but inspite of all these she was single.Her bf of two years had cheated on her about two months ago and it really broke her heart.She hadn't been in a relationship since then.Rachael was a virgin and she was planning to lose her cherry to her bf before she caught him cheating behind her back.
Rachael was a very talented singer and a very good piano player.She had been playing it since she was 6 and she had already been part of some prestigious choirs.Its been only a month since Rachael had started taking Michael's classes and she couldn't help but notice how handsome he was.Whenever he touches her fingers while giving directions to her she could feel a weird itching between her legs.She had never felt herself so horny and at first she couldn't understand what was happening.After the first time Michael had touched her fingers giving her directions on how to perfect the tune in his deep baritone she found herself being surprisingly aroused by him but it was only after she reached her home and yanked off her panties did she truly understand the true nature of her arousal.Rachael saw her soft cotton panties were almost dripping in her juices like she had came all over it.Days past by and when things got more crazy between her legs she decided to do something about it.Rachael knew Michael was a thorough professional and he would never make any sexual advances at her so she decided to do something by herself. Rachael started to masturbate in the shower thinking about Michael after her classes everyday.It wasn't as satisfying as she would have liked but it prevented her from getting crazy with desire.She used to masturbate earlier too but not this often and certainly she never had such potent orgasms as she was having nowadays thinking about Michael.Before going to sleep each night she would imagine how his hands would feel on her boobs,squeezing and massaging them mercilessly.And to have her nipples sucked by him while he rubs her crotch and fingers her.She would often fall asleep with these thoughts in her mind.

Michael on the other hand was in a dilemma himself.He couldn't understand whats happening to him for the last one month.He had been giving piano lessons for years now and most of his pupils were beautiful teenage girls.He never had any sexual thoughts for any of those girls he had been a thorough professional all this while.Although he was well aware that most of those young girls are intimidated by his confident personality and handsome looks he never tried to satisfy his needs but this new girl has been different.Not only she's one of the most beautiful girls he had seen in a long while she had a very sexy figure like a fully developed woman.Just the other day when he was listening to her playing the piano while he moved in circles he noticed her legs.He noticed she had a pair of perfectly toned and long legs. Too bad her skirt was not very short. Her skirt was a few inches above the knee and Michael wanted to see how her thighs looked and her perhaps even the heavenly place where her legs meet.No matter how many times he tried to brush apart these evil thoughts they kept coming back to him.Sometimes he thought of sucking onto her nipples while squeezing and rubbing her boobs,sometimes he wanted to reach out for those legs smothering them with kisses and yet at times he would think of throwing her on the piano tearing her cloths apart and making love to her like an animal.With each passing day it was getting harder for Michael to control his feelings for Rachael.He was aware of the fact that she is a minor and sexual advances on her would lead to 20years of prison for him but somehow even after knowing everything Rachael had been keeping him awake.

Michael usually gave piano lessons in group but seeing the talent of Rachael he had agreed to give separate lessons to her.Rachael had her classes at 6pm and she was always very punctual.Michael's house was two miles away from Rachael's but was close to her school.Rachael came to his house on her own but her mom came to pick her up after her classes.

On a hot summer evening Michael was playing his piano shirtless when Rachael entered his house and saw him.Michael wasn't doing this consciously he often forgot to keep track of time while playing the piano.There was nothing in this world that he loved doing more than playing the piano and nowadays it was the only thing that kept thoughts of making love to Rachael at bay. Rachael had just entered the room when she found herself both startled and excited at the sight in front of her.Her handsome teacher was playing the piano and he was shirtless.She stared at his marvelous physique.All those rippling muscles looked better in person than what she imagined while getting herself off.She could instantly feel her panties getting damped with her juices and heartbeat getting faster as if she had just ran a mile.He had his eyes close and was completely lost in playing his piano so he never knew when Rachael came. Rachael was still staring at him when Michael stopped playing the piano and opened his eyes.He saw Rachael was standing right in front of him wearing a deep blue mini skirt and a purple shirt and her eyes were transfixed at his body.It was then that he realised that he was not wearing a shirt and he quickly reached out for his shirt which was laying on the piano.The sudden movement of the object of her desire startled Rachael and she found that Michael no longer had his eyes closed.She didn't knew how to react so she muttered"goodgood evening".Michael wore his shirt and replied back with a smile "Good evening Rachael, sit down".
Rachael sat down on the stool next to the piano while Michael stood up.Rachael was glad that she was finally sitting down cause the sight of Michael's bare chest was making her knees weak.

Michael asked Rachael to practice the same tune they had been playing yesterday 'Moonlight sonata' and Rachael brushed aside her thoughts and started playing the piano.Michael circled around Rachael listening to her playing when his eyes caught the beautiful sight of Rachael's legs.Her skirt was smaller than usual and he could see her thighs the sight of which made him excited.When he was just behind Rachael he noticed that he could clearly see her cleavage too.Even in this sexually excited state Michael couldn't help but notice that Rachael was playing the tune wrong so he leaned onto her from the back and put his hands over hers.Michael's face was very close to Rachael's and she could feel his hot breathe on the side of her neck.Although,she was liking the feel of his strong hands over hers but it was only causing her more trouble with her already wet panties.
Michael on the other hand was getting very excited, he could hear a voice inside his head saying
"kiss her,kiss her".
Finally,he gave into the temptation, he turned her stool to face him and kissed her on the lips.Michael felt as if he's kissing rose petals cause her lips were so pink and soft.Rachael was startled by this and she tried to get up from the stool but Michael pressed her shoulders lightly signalling her to be seated.Only when Rachael's body has relaxed a bit did she realised gravity of the situation.It wasn't some teenage boy who was kissing her it was her very handsome piano teacher The guy because of whom her panties were damped everyday and who has been causing those erotic fantasies lately.She was both nervous and excited but somehow her excitement was taking over her nervousness.Michael was sucking onto her lower lip and Rachael was growing submissive to him.When she felt his tongue poking at her lips she opened her mouth letting his experienced tongue enter her mouth and explore every corner of it.Rachael tried her best to keep fighting in this tongue wrestling with her teacher but she felt her mouth was going to be dry cause he was sucking onto her tongue so passionately.Michael put his big strong hand behind her back and rubbed it lightly causing Rachael to moan in pleasure.She could feel how strong his hands were and she was wishing that he put them between her legs but Michael was in no hurry,he was savouring each moment. His right hand reached her front side and massaged her boobs lightly. No one has ever done that to Rachael except once when her ex-bf felt her up but that was a painful experience because he groped onto them very hard unlike Michael who was being very gentle with her.She had no idea back then that getting her boobs squeezed could make her feel so good.His hands had been massaging and rubbing her boobs thoroughly for sometime now, when he gave them a firm squeeze making Rachael gasp for air and moan into his mouth.His hands traced every part of her chest and finally found what they were looking for 'Rachael's small pink nipples'.They were now between his fingers and he was twisting and squeezing them.Rachael instantly felt her small buds getting fully erect in his hands.Michael pulled out his tongue from her mouth and kissed all over her neck.Pecking and Nibbling her soft skin everywhere making sure not an inch of her neck was left untouched by his mouth while his hands left her tormented nipples and went down towards the ultimate treasure.Rachael's pussy has been throbbing for sometime now and when Michael slid down his hands on her young body it throbbed even more in anticipation.Rachael was quite sure that if someone saw her panties now they would see a big wet patch on it. Just the feel of Michael's hand on her mound made her gasp for air,he squeezed her pussy over the skirt and the damped panties making the young beauty almost shriek in pleasure.He brought his hand to rest on her thigh and rubbed it lightly .From her smooth toned legs he slid his hand swiftly inside her skirt.Michael was very pleased to find what he had done to this girl her panties were all wet with the juices she had been secreting tonight.He rubbed the wet spot on her crotch with his fingers and pushed a fingers inside her lovehole.Rachael had inserted her fingers into her pussy before during one of her masturbation session but his fingers were so big compared to hers. He pushed his hand inside her panties and rubbed over her small pubic hairs.Michael inserted his index again into her and when it was deep inside her upto the third knuckle he stroked her pussy.Rachael could feel an enormous orgasm building inside her with her body feeling like a volcano which can explode any moment.Rachael's small clit has been waiting for the attention of Michael's hands for very long and when they finally found her clit it was fully engorged in excitement.It was as hard and erect as was Michael's cock.Just the mere touching of her clit by his hands sent shivers down Rachael's body and she knew she won't be able to hold back long. Rachael has been torturing her clit so much for the past one month thinking about Michael and now Michael had her clit between his fingers.He rubbed his fingers in circular motion on her clit first very slowly and then gradually increased his pace.Rachael ached her back and moaned"ughhhughh" as the biggest orgasm of her life hit her.Her toe curling orgasm made her feel like she has passed out for a moment.Michael pulled out his hand out of her panties and was pleased to see it bathed in her juices.He put one of his wet fingers inside his mouth and tasted her juices.He really liked the taste of this knockout beauty.
Michael put his hand inside her skirt again and pulled down her panties . Rachael lifted her legs to allow his teacher to throw out the panties.She looked at the panties which were now lying on the floor they looked as if someone has poured water over them.

Michael drew his face closer to Rachael and said"you are so beautiful Rachael,you are the most beautiful woman i have seen".Rachael was flattered at that comment,not only her teacher finds her irrerestible he also thinks of her as a grown up woman.His green emerald eyes were staring her,she wanted to say something like "you are very handsome yourself" or maybe "i have been fantasizing about you ever since i have seen you" but her vocal chords failed her and she couldn't utter a single word.Michael however unable to bear the eerie silence any longer closed the gap between their lips and kissed her.As he was kissing her he let his hand travel downtown to her virgin pussy again playing with her clit.
They were both lost in the moment of passion when a car honked loudly and both of them jumped to their feet.Rachael realized it must be her mother,Rachael had no idea how long she had been there.She didn't wanted to get caught as that would mean this would be her last day with Michael.She hurriedly ran out of the house to her mother forgetting to put on her WET PANTIES.

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