Modern Family: 3 - Clowning Around!

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Chapter 3 - Got a Clown in me

Cameron had put Lily to bed and to make sure she wasn’t going to wake up, he gave her a sleeping pill, he did this when she was being too rowdy or when he and Mitchell wanted to make love and they were going to be too loud.
“I mean can you believe it? A whore he called me. I’m not that much of a whore” Sal ranted, she downed her 3rd drink, her 3rd for being at Cameron and Mitchell’s, but Mitchell guessed that she had been drinking earlier.
“Well remember the night you and he were getting married” Mitchell reminded her, but quickly shut up, as Sal gave him the evil eye.
“Ok Lily is down, so lets get our drink on” Cameron came into the room with a 6 pack and handed one to Mitchell, pulled one off for himself and handed the rest to Sal.
“About time bitches, wooo” Sal crowed, she skulled her current drink (4) and got onto her 5th one, spilling a little on her dress, but she didn’t care.
“I’m so sorry that you guys broke up” Cameron said, he took a sip and waved his free hand as the bubbles went up his nose.
“Shut up and just drink, I don’t want to talk about that bastard” Sal interrupted and went over to the radio and put some music on and began to dance.

30 minutes went by and Sal was on her 11th drink, Mitchell was on his 3rd and Cameron was on his 7th, being that he was much bigger it took more for him to get drunk or for it to affect him, he also went into the bedroom to get into his Fizbo costume.
“I have a question for youand Cameronif he gets back from where ever.” Sal began, she was slurring her words, but Mitchell was able to understand her still.
“What’s on your mind?” Mitchell asked, he noticed she had pulled her skirt up a little, but didn’t know whether it was how she was sitting or if she did it on purpose.
“I was wondering” Sal started but stopped when Cameron came out, all dressed as his clown persona.
“Who’s ready to paint the townredor the living room anyway” Fizbo announced, his tie twirled and he raised his eye brows comically, making Sal laugh and fall off the couch.
“Fizbo, calm down, Sal was about to ask us a question.” Mitchell spoke up, Fizbo became quiet and sat down.
“Yessorry..where was I? Oh yes, I was wondering if we could all fuck?” Sal asked, Mitchell choked on his drink and Fizbo put his hand over his mouth and giggled.
“An orgy? Are you sure you’re up for it?” Mitchell asked, he didn’t mind having an orgy with a women, as every person’s body parts were everywhere and they were drunk.
“Or are we ‘up’ for it. Know what I’m saying” Fizbo crowed, winking at Sal and Mitchell.
“Wow, you are quick on the ball. I was just about to say the same thing. Anywayhow about it?”

Sal stood up, she put her drink down and fiddled with the straps on her dress and it fell to her feet, she had a black bra and panties on and she was swaying a little.
“I could use a good fucking right now” Sal begged, she undid her bra and her tits bounced out, her nipples were sticking out and she played with them.
“Well I’m up for sucking some cock, Mitchell, want to unleash your meat and Sal and I take turns?” Fizbo suggested, he took all his gear off, except for the hat, nose and make up, his cock was a strong 7 inches and it was fully erect right now.
“Too late to back out now I guess. Alright, well you two can enjoy mine, then Sal and I can have some of Fizbo” Mitchell told them with a smile, he took his clothes off and sat down on the couch, his 8 inch cock was half erect and Sal giggled as she saw it didn’t have any pubic hair.
“God that cock looks amazing” Sal gushed, she got down on her knees and made her way over to Mitchell, Fizbo did the same thing and Mitchell grinned and took a sip of his drink as he watch his cock disappear within their tongues, Sal was being agressive and bopping up and down with her tongue over Mitchell’s cock.
“Mmmm I love it” Fizbo muttered, he flicked his tongue over Mitchell’s cock, Sal leaned in and connected her tongue with his, before breaking away and making out with Fizbo, moaning into his mouth.
“That’s a little rude. Sal, want my cock in your ass?” Mitchell asked, getting on the floor and tugging on her panties.
“Fuck yes” Sal pulled away from kissing Fizbo to answer Mitchell, before going down and deep-throating Fizbo’s cock.
“Lube me up Fizbo” Mitchell demanded and Fizbo spat heavily on his cock, some spit landed on his chin, wiping the make-up off him.

Mitchell pulled Sal’s panties off, her pussy was dripping wet and he could see that she had some hair on her pussy, but he didn’t mind, that wasn’t the hole he was going in. Mitchell made sure his cock was lubbed up well, and he spread her ass cheeks and then slid his cock inside her.
“Eeep” Sal squealed, she got on all fours and Fizbo stood up in front of her and placed his cock back in her mouth, she moaned and groaned as she was sucking his cock and getting fucked in her ass.
“Having fun Fizbo?” Mitchell asked, leaning in and kissing him, he put his hands on Sal’s hips and thrusted harder and harder, causing Sal to buck under him.
“I most certainly am. Wow, she knows how to suck cock, I’m almost ready to blow my load” Fizbo replied, he put his hands on her head and helped guide her down on his cock.
“Well you can blow anytime you want. I’m not there yet” Mitchell told him, he was pumping and pumping as hard as he could in Sal’s ass, she pushed back and greeted all of his cock, she felt her pussy drip with excitement and she used her left hand to reach between her legs and fingered herself manically, her juices leaked over her fingers.
“Sal hold on, I’m cumming” Fizbo moaned, he raised his hands and unloaded his hot jizz down her throat, she swallowed it all with ease and moaned happily, letting his cock go and Fizbo fell back on the floor in a heap, his stomach jiggled a bit.
“Oh FUCKFUCKYESFUCK ME.OHMITCHELL..FUCK FUCK!” Sal screamed, she pushed her ass back with every thrust, sweat was coming off her head and her hair was flying everywhere on her face.
“Ready to cum?” Mitchell asked, he felt his cock ready to burst, he looked down and saw it go in and out of her ass, turning her hole red in the process.
“YESGOD YES.FILL ME UP WITH THAT CUM.MAKE MY ASSHOLE DRIPFILL ME UP NOW!” Sal growled in a roar, she lowered her head and screamed as Mitchell filled her up with his load of jizz.

Sal was breathing heavily and her ass was leaking out the hot white load of jizz, Mitchell sat down and looked down at his cum covered cock, that was getting flacid with each breath.
“Well you maybe all spurted out, like a fire hose during a freak fire outbreak, but I still have enough in me to fuck. So bend over life partner and let Fizbo shoot his load in you like a wacked out sprinkler” Fizbo chuckled and pulled his cock, it was hard again and he pulled Mitchell over to him, kissing him deeply in the process.
“I’ll finger fuck myself till you cum in him” Sal giggleed and slid her fingers in her wet cunt, sending shockwaves through her body.
Fizbo’s cock was still dripping from Sal’s saliva and he glided it in Mitchell’s asshole, where it was warm and comfy.
“Mmmm Fuck me Fizbo” Mitchell moaned, he was trying to stay still, but Fizbo was bigger and he had more power with each thrust.
Fizbo’s rough hands were holding onto Mitchell’s thighs, his balls bounced between his legs and Mitchell watched as Sal was three fingers deep, she was biting her bottom lip, holding her orgasm back.
“Ilove you guys so muchI’m on the verge of cumming” Sal moaned, Mitchell moaned with her, as he was feeling Fizbo’s cock grow inside him.
“Fuck.OH LORD I’M CUMMING” Fizbo cried out, shooting his hot jizz in Mitchell’s ass, he moaned as his ass got filled up and fell to the floor in a head.
“Me too.OH OH OH” Sal screamed, she bucked her hips and her hand was covered in her cum.

“Thank you guys so much. I better go, I’m feeling much better now. Thanks for the fuck” Sal giggled, getting dressed and watching as Fizbo got dressed and Mitchell quickly made his way to the bathroom to wash his asshole out.
“If you ever want to drink and fuck again, we’re always here” Fizbo told her, he closed the door and went to the bathroom as well, to go and clean his face from the make up.

To be continued

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