What is love?

It was Friday night and my summer break before college had just started. I was 18 and driving on my provisional driver’s license waiting June to switch to July so I could obtain my unrestricted driver’s license. I had nothing to do and all my friends were out so I decided to go on a drive to find a party somewhere. I took my cell phone, wallet and iPod into my tiny 4-door Volkswagen Jetta and plugged it into the cigarette lighter and switched on the Playlist ‘Driving Music’. I adjusted the mirrors and backed out of my annoyingly wavy and uneven driveway.
Now is a good time to describe myself because it may take some time to back out of the driveway and I hate the 5-point turn it takes to drive forward out of my driveway. I am around 5-foot 8-inches tall and weigh about 135 pounds. I’m pretty thin but I’m strong enough to defend myself. I have good curves in my body yet I don’t know if that’s what girls look for in a guy? I have a nice tan skin color that gets darker when I spend time out in the sun. My hair is a blond and brown because it started changing colors ever since the sixth grade. My eyes change between green and blue because I’m cool that way. My head is ovular and my neck is a bit too long. To some girls I am cute, others I’m good looking. The fact that my hair is longer attracts foreign girls from Europe and South America to me.
Finally I got out of the driveway having to drive forward a couple times. It was around 9:15, obviously at night. I live in a rich town on the ‘poor’ side of town while the other side is ‘rich’ yet the correct term is ‘richer’. Most parties are on the other side of town in the huge houses. This means I had to go through downtown and enter the round-a-bout or town circle which would be annoying.
Lately I have been facing a challenge in my sexual orientation. I mean I love girls, their company, their voices, the way they laugh and their seductiveness. I also love their body, their curves and the revealing clothes they wear. I have always been uncomfortable with the whole ‘gay’ thing between men, but not between women. Yet lately after one night my friend asked me to jerk off with him and every time I hung out with him we took it a step further and even though we’ve tried to stop and refrain, it’s hard to stop two horny teenagers. I had been using him for practice on my ex-girlfriend who I dated for 2 and a half years but now that we’ve moved on and are just friends, I’m horny a lot more and nights have gone by of me thinking about my friend and I doing stuff. The problem is he’s a guy. I always get excited when my parents go out…which is rarely…cause I can have him over to do stuff.
Also I have interesting turn-ons. I like kissing and the way the body can be seen through underwear. The scary part is I’ve started to enjoying viewing shirtless guys and guys in their boxer-briefs even if they’re wearing clothes I have such a good imagination, I can vividly imagine what they look like in their underwear or naked. Of course I can do this with girls too. So I don’t know if you can call all that my friend and I do experimenting and my recent attraction to guys and girls a change in my orientation.
Finally I found a house. I parked my car a little crooked from the edge. Oh well…it’s between 12 and 18 inches so I’m good. I locked it, no trust and walked into the house. I walked through the foyer, to the living room, to the dining room to the porch and out to the backyard…there was a pool, and oh yes, there were shirtless guys with some gorgeous, and some with nice bodies, pecks and abs. I’m talking about ripped. I also like happy trails, odd right? Then there were the girls looking hot in their bikinis tied loosely with string. Two triangles covering their tits, while a slightly larger triangle covered one of my favorite places. I liked how their waists were shaped and how low-cut their bikinis were.
I saw a couple of girls and guys, some I knew by name, other’s I knew by face. I noticed one guy alone, sitting on the edge of the pool. I haven’t ever talked to him before, but he was in my grade, and he was hot. I had also never seen him with his shirt off. He had pecks and a forming happy trail. Good enough for me. He had the surfer look, like me, but different. He had blond hair, sort of messy and bushy. He had a nice smile and wore boarder shorts as his legs were submerged in water. And I could makes out a bulge and see the spandex of his underwear above his boarder short’s end. That kind of thing turns me on. I had my boarder shorts on under my khaki shorts. And I had a surfing shirt and a tribal chain I got at an island stand on vacation one year around my neck. I decided to grab two beers from a cooler and join him. Usually I’d tend to pick up girls and find a room or just make out or talk in the crowds, but tonight I was feeling really horny and really, I don’t know if you’d call it daring…or lucky.
I said “Hey,”
“Hey,” he replied.
“Mind if I sit here?” I asked handing him a Heineken beer.
“No, I could use some company. I’m all alone here…”
I sat down next to him a little to close…he didn’t move. I took a drink of my beer, probably the only one I’d have since I would have to drive back home that night…or would I?
“Yeah I could see that…why are you all alone?”
“Eh, I don’t know too many people here, I came here cause I was bored and nobody’s home at my house. My parents are away like all weekend.”
“Yeah I was bored too…so I drove around to find a party and look here I am!”
He laughed, it wasn’t an annoying one, it sounded sexy if that laughs can have that sort of adjective latched onto them. I really like his voice, it wasn’t too low or high or annoying. It just fit and worked so well with my ears. He had nice lips too, they weren’t to thin or fat, they were just perfect and the member in his boarder shorts didn’t look too small either, actually pretty big! And it wasn’t fully hard yet. I wonder if he was cut, I wasn’t and I have yet to find someone who wasn’t cut either. I saw him smiling as he noticed me looking all around him. Yet he pretended not yet to notice.
We talked a lot covering basic topics about music and our years at high school and how we never met even though we were in the same grade and all that shit…then we moved on to girls, and then he told me that he was single and was thinking that he might be bisexual.
Oh my gosh! How the hell did I get this lucky!? This is like so right down my alley, totally the position I’m in.
“Yeah I noticed after my friend and I got a little too warm in his basement one night and we were fooling around, I felt something hard thinking it was his cell phone…it wasn’t…”
Wow ditto!
“And now, I think I’m attracted to you…” he said with a slight unsure smile.
Soul mate!
“Well…my friend and I were a little different, we played truth or dare…” I said. And that was all he needed to know. I guess I was too obvious the way I said it.
Now we were in public, around people we knew, so we couldn’t do anything but sit and talk. We couldn’t go skinny dipping in the pool either. We could get a room, but with all the people on each floor of the house, someone would see us either entering or leaving a bedroom and wonder why two guys and no girl…or they’d put the pieces together. And whoever saw would somehow spread the word until someone’s parents found out and also spread the word until my parents found out. I also wasn’t sure how far this kid wanted to go? Was he into the whole ‘taking it the whole way in one night’ or did he want to actually treat this like a real relationship?
I could tell that the moment of silence between us he had taken to think the same questions I asked myself above. “Want to go to my house? I have alcohol there too, and a pool. We could just hang out, just you and me.”
He was seducing me…I think, and I liked it. But I tried to sound casual, “Uh sure yeah, I guess we could do that.”
“And I have extra room in my house if you possible wanted to stay over?” He suggested.
Immediately I took my phone out and told my parents I was staying over one of my friend’s house. I used the name, but I won’t use it here for obvious purposes. A conversation with my parents about staying over or going out is twenty questions and you don’t need to read the whole annoying conversation. “They said yeah.” I said closing my Verizon enV cell phone, practically everyone had that phone.
“Hey” He said looking at me putting my phone back in my pocket, “I have that phone too!”
See what I mean?
“So you have your suit and stuff to stay over? And an extra pair of clothes?” He said smiling.
“Do I even need what I have on now?” I asked catching on his joke.
“No.” He said and we smiled and laughed.
He lived a couple doors down and I couldn’t drive anymore! It was past Provisional license driver’s time, even though I never followed it fully, I left my car by the party house and left with him on the way to his house. His house was also big like the party house and had an open front porch with a bench swing. How clich?He unlocked the door and turned the lights on to a huge double floor entrance foyer with a living room, leading to a hall with a bathroom on one side and a study on the other side and then a glass porch and on the other side, a dining room leading to another living room which I could tell was converted from a porch. The kitchen with bar stools and double islands was in back as well as other random rooms and his guest-house! The stairs leading to the upstairs in this 6-bedroom, 7-bathroom house were in the foyer and another next to the pantry in the kitchen. There was another stair case leading to the third floor on the outside of his house which was his parent’s room. The rest of his attic was an apartment suite that his father was renovating to take in a boarder. His basement or den was finished with another kitchen, the third, a laundry room, a huge television larger than the 72-icnh in his living room and then a door leading the three-car garage.
He gave me a little tour and saw me amazed by the whole house, but that wasn’t all I was going to be amazed by before I left his house. “Yeah, my parent’s are kind of,” he paused to find a good word. He looked so sexy squinting one eye to think of a good adjective to tell me he was rich without offending me which I figured he knew I was from the other side of town. There are two middle schools in our town. People who you see in high school who you hadn’t seen in middle school are more likely from the other side of town, “loaded.” He explained
And I could tell!
“Eh, my parents are rich, but cheap.” I said.
“Ohhh, so you’re average?” He guessed.
“I have some differences…” I said.
“Well, you want to go watch a movie down the basement?” He asked.
“Sure!” I said. “What movie?”
“Does it matter?” He asked.
“Not really,” I said following him down his basement stairs, his cute ass showing well in his tight pants. He also wore a tight shirt that exposed his good upper body. He set up the television and told me to go into the kitchen and pick out any variety of beer I wanted and whatever I picked would be fine with him. I opened the fridge to total alcohol, and a couple lemons and limes. There was Corona Extra, Corona Light, Coors, Bud Light, Bud Select, Heineken, and couple other beer choices that I’m too lazy to explain. I chose Bud Selects since we had already enjoyed Heinekens that night. He was on the couch by now and I handed him one and sat next to him.
“Oooh, Bud Select, my favorite, how did you know?”
“Hey, I’m good,” I said taking a sip.”
“You are amazing.” he said and played a DVD.
Every few minutes he’d move closer to me until a point that a sheet of paper couldn’t be between our legs. We would bump each other playfully. Then he placed his head on my shoulder. I looked down at his head as his eyes looked up at me. I smiled put my arm around him and placed my hand on his left peck. He kissed my neck a little and moved up to my lips. We were kissing, I love it! We started with our lips closed but opened them and I let his tongue in and meet my tongue as we fought and explored each other’s mouths and tastes. Neither of us wanted to break away, but I did only so we could catch our breath and he could climb on my lap and wrap his arms around me making the moment more intimate and sexual as he went down to kiss me again, this time longer and more intimately if that was even possible. I could feel his dick against my chest and he could feel him from under him. He was kind of squishing it, but I didn’t mind. I pulled him closer to take off the pressure. I had my hands around his waist as it curved in and moved them up and down. I placed one on his ass and the other. His pants were low so I helped him with his boarder shorts and reached his tight boxer briefs where I could feel his soft smooth ass almost between the thin fabric. He wore red low-rise boxer briefs, a color that just draws the eyes. He was little taller than me and him on top of me felt a little unnatural to him, so once he was only in his underwear, it was my turn on top of him and for him to undress me to my super low-rise Calvin Klein black boxer-briefs. My detail further confirms this underwear fetish I have. We were both in our underwear, with huge tents. I had a seven inch cock and I could tell he was around the same length as we stood up to undress further. He suggested we undress each other with our teeth. I was a little too eager and immediately got to my knees, put my head between his legs and bit the fabric over his balls and pulled. The briefs were tight on him and I had to go by his hips and stuff until I finally got them off. He stepped out of them and I lifted my head eye level to a hard beautiful 6-1/2 inch uncut cock. I pulled back the foreskin grasping it and teased him with a quick lick to the head. His head went back in pleasure, but I stood up, kissed his neck and said:
“Your turn!”
He was more intimate as he did mine and I stepped out of them and he immediately pushed me onto the couch roughly and started blowing me quickly moving his tongue all around my shaft and head, and fighting his gag reflex to get the whole thing out and in, out and in. He did this for about two-minutes, but I have a very good tolerance of holding my load. I wasn’t even close to there yet. With my friend, he was quick. I hope this guy wouldn’t be.
We switched and sat him down. I started on each side of his neck with my awesome tongue movement and then hardened his nipples biting in them. This drove him mad. Each place I left and moved down his chest, I lightly tapped my fingers. He was shuddering. I was able to get down to about an inch above his dick till the hair was too much. But he did shave his ass and I decided to give him a rim job, cause it feels so good, before I moved to his dick (The whole anal-sex thing, shoving a dick up there, HURTS!tried it, and my friend only the got the head in till I was in too much agony. We’ll see how it goes). He was now literally humping the air as I moved around his ass-hole. Thank gosh he wiped. After all I could take with the back. I moved on to the cock with its sweet smell and licked his whole head covering it with a layer of my saliva. Then I slowly let it slide in my mouth and tried to relax in my throat. It took a couple times. He was appreciative of my effort as he ran his hands through my hair. This felt really good and was really encouraging and influential. I finally succeeded and looked up at him and he gave me a sexy smile and I continued to go up and down on his gorgeous manhood. He was loving it! He didn’t moan, but that kind of turns me off. He was shaking, either really nervous or really pleased with me. He was in pure ecstasy and to keep him a little in my control. I stopped and stood up facing him as he looked and I hope enjoyed the view.
“So…” I started.
“So…” He repeated.
“What do you want to do?” I said.
He slipped of the couch moving over to me. He was on his knees centimeters away from my cock giving off so much heat, softening every second his breath and touch was absent from it. He looked up at me and gave me another one of those sexy smiles, “I got ideas.” He smiled even more and started deep throating me again. It was my turn to shake and throw my head back. He then started massaging my ass as he pulled in my body closer to his face now fitting both my dick and balls kin his mouth and his breath traveling up my forming happy trail. He started moving harder and harder to ma point that I to stop…or this night would be over too soon. He smiled as we got up to take a break so we wouldn’t cum too soon. He told he hadn’t cummed in days, so he wanted this go be well worth it. I had that in common with him too.
I hadn’t found time in like 4 days. My parents would not leave me alone about college. One time I held it in for eight weeks until my friend could come over and suck me off, then had a wet dream. It was a drag when I couldn’t have seen how big that load could have been. Plus my friend never swallows, the stuff makes him sick, I guess I don’t either unless the first time we 69ed I hadn’t noticed he had already blown before me.
I looked at him as he talked to me. He either shaking his head or using a few fingers to push back the hair back that fell in front of his face. It was so hot when he did it. I did it mainly for purpose: because I couldn’t see. It was also sometimes a nervous twitch. I just loved looking at his beautiful face. His beautiful mystic green eyes, his blond messy hair (but still clean, just not combed), his smooth face, just with a little hair growing on the chin, and his pink thin lips that I just wanted to keep interlocking with. I don’t know why he was so attractive to me. He was also looking at me too smiling as I moved my eyes from his head to his body features. He noticed I was just gazing at him not listening to his words, and he put his hand over my chin and pulled me into a kiss to bring me back to attention and back I came.
He then pulled me in again, and we started making out. We put our arms around each other tightly pulling our bodies together. He lay me down on the couch and got on top, our lips and tongues not parting for a second. This was turning me on again. My dick had only been soft a second before it was back to bone rigid attention. And he felt it as his also grew too. He lifted up a little and started jacking them together as he continued making out with me. I then lay him down and got on top of him making out with him. We were able to change these positions with our lips together the whole time! That takes skill and flexibility, trust me!
He then asked me to do something wild…face fuck him. He wanted me to run my hips into his face pounding my cock into his mouth. I was in control. I moved up so my dick hovered over his mouth and inserted it and started thrusting. It felt amazing! He had such intimacy as he grabbed my hips and them my ass again to make my pace faster for him, something I thought would be impossible for him to take.
We were both working up a sweat. It seemed that there was no air in the house. Even know I enjoyed his glistening pecks and body, I suggested that we shower off before we keep going. He led me upstairs to the main floor and up another flight to the second-floor to the bathroom where the shower was. We kissed as we waited for the shower to warm up. Then we stepped in, and as we got in, he kept surprising me putting his arms around me from behind, and lathering my chest with shower gel, his dick pushed up against my ass. I went up behind him to do the same, my dick placed up against his ass. He agreed that I wasn’t into getting anal fucked, nor was he, but we still enjoyed the feeling of our mouths and maybe a finger or to up there. So next, I soaped up his ass- hole and inserted a finger in and started fingering his ass as he bent down. I inserted another and he loved it. I then bent down and stuck my face and there and he went back to ecstasy. He stopped me after a minute or two not wanting his cum to spill down the drain. He then did me, the same thing working up lathering my hole and sticking one finger up there until I gave him an okay for two. Then I let him do three, and then four. He was really stretching me out, and the soap on my hole and his hands were great lube. He them buried his face deep into his ass and stuck his tongue deep in there, in and out, in and out till I had to stop him after three minutes. We continued our sensual movements of lathering up each other from behind.
Then we turned to each other to wash each other’s dicks off. I pulled back his foreskin and let him shiver as the water hit it. I moved my fingers around his bare head and he loved it. He repeated my movements, pulling mine back, washing under the foreskin, then the shaft, and then the balls. He spent a lot more time and attention to my dick than I did to his. Mine was little bigger. He liked to play around with it as he got to his knees and started sucking me off again. He got up and brought his face closes to mine. He wet his hair and I did mine. Our faces were still close. “I think we’re clean now.” He said and we stepped out. I dried of his body as he did mine. We kissed twice to thank each other. Unfortunately, we didn’t stay clean for once and I mean that in two ways. We went down stairs from his bathroom to his kitchen and he opened the fridge and took out a can of whipped cream shaking it.
“Okay, now lie down,” He said smiling. “Open your mouth wide, and don’t close it no matter what.” I did as I was told and a large load of whipped cream was sprayed into my mouth. Good thing I liked it. I could eat it like ice-cream actually. Then he got on top of me and putting his tongue in my mouth and putting it into his and swallowing it. He kept doing this until he hit my tongue. Then he brought his lips to mine and we kissed. I was mesmerized by this. “Oh my gosh I have to do that again!” he said and I didn’t object, then I did it to him immediately locking our lips together. We needed more whipped cream, and somebody had been grocery shopping, there was a two can value pack he pulled out as quickly pulled the plastic off and handed them to me to open and shake. He laid me down and sprayed whipped cream down my body like a coroner would make a y-incision. Then he covered my mound of hair and dick so all I could see was a white blob. He started completely cleaning me off with his tongue spending extra time on my dick and mound. I loved the feeling of his tongue as he placed it on various parts of my body. He sucked my nipples, and my neck, licking up and down the middle of my jest and in my belly button and then the areas most sensitive to touch between your leg and dick that made me tingle as he moved on each side. Then he sucked the hairs clean above my dick. He was my personal vacuum. Then he moved to me dick which had a lot of cream on it and spent his time moving down an inch to the next layer or whipped cream, an inch disappearing in his mouth. He had a professional’s mouth capacity. I really wondered how much he could fit up there because I always felt some space, and not just wiggle room. Obviously, he had done this before. He was done and I started to sit up to do him and he stopped me and smiled. “I’m not done yet…” He turned me over and I pulled my cheeks apart as he sprayed a line in there, and then on the insides of my legs, another sensitive to touch place. He did the legs first as I shivered in pleasure, saving the best for last. Then he moved to the line he sprayed down my ass crack as I held them apart. When his tongue hit, it felt so good. I shivered again and then he was done. It was my turn!
I decided to do his back-side first, I was craving dick by now, and I always like to get the other things out of the way first. I sprayed along his back and down on his cheeks and then inside his cheeks and legs. He shivered and shook as my tongue lightly caressed his back in the most sensual places. I them licked his cheeks, which wasn’t too good and then his legs. Then I had him open his cheeks as I sprayed a good amount there and licked. I buried my face in there darting my tongue in his hole trying to do it howtwell he could to me. Man, was he some tough competition. He knew I was trying. He was my winner. I then turned him over. I needed that last can of whipped cream. I opened it quickly throwing tab somewhere in his giant kitchen and sprayed the same places he did with me. I did this rather slowly, me and him both savoring it, spending extra time on his dick re-spraying it a couple times. I loved licking his dick up and down and then pulled back the fore skin to do there do. He was almost proclaiming his love to me! He was so happy with my repetitiveness to satisfy my cravings. Then we did in each other’s mouths one more time. Locking our lips together and making out intimately till the contents of my mouth went down his throat and the contents of his down mine. This may be a little too gross for some people, but we like it. After we were done, we took another break to rest our mouths and digest. Our next treats would probably be high in protein and all natural. We sat on the couch upstairs and watched the big screen, hi-def. We were still naked, so we drew the drapes and respected his family, so we covered the couch with a sheet.
“Believe it or not, I always have wanted to do that…” I said to him.
“Yeah me too…” he said.
“I mean about fantasized about doing it.”
“Me too, whipped cream goes down easy and I love it!”
“I can eat it like ice cream.”
“Yeah, I cover pieces or pie and ice-cream completely…that’s why my mom bought so much…Have you ever cooked with cum before?”
“Nah, but I thought about it…”
“Hmmm, me too, I’m not too sure ‘bout it.”
“Me neither.”
We both wanted it straight from the source, but we could still wait…
Now sitting there smelling like saliva, he suggested, “Want to take another shower?”
“Sure” I said, How about a bath?” I suggested.
“Even better, we got a Jacuzzi in my parent’s master bathroom. I hope you can hold your breath really long!”
“Can you?”
“I swim.” He said, and that’s all I needed to know.
We went to his parents’ bedroom which was like half the house. It was more like a suite. Their bed was I think bigger than king size and there was painted portrait of the family that could also fade into a television screen that was placed over a fireplace. They had bed curtains that were ten feet high. The windows were also high. They also had a fuckin’ balcony, huge with double doors, a grill, a dining area, and a couch.” It overlooked his pool area, and then the forest behind. I could see his shed…it was as big as my next door neighbor’s Cape Cod house. Too bad he was a guy, I was always told to marry a rich girl.
We filled the Jacuzzi not too high so it wouldn’t overflow when we got in and then we both got in and got used to the hot water temperature, then we cuddled. Above water our heads rested on each other’s shoulders, under water our legs were locked together and our hands everywhere. I parted from him to face him, and said, “I’m going down, I might be down there long, I’ll miss you…” I said.
“Then lemme kiss you for good luck.” He said and pulled in my face to a kiss.
I took a deep breath and went down on his dick as he rubbed my back and head. I was able to stay under forty-five seconds. Really long for my record! I needed a rest. He brought me into a kiss and lightly tapped his fingers on my sides driving me wild! That was actually a trademark of me, drove my ex wild! After we made out a little, he took a deep breath and went down on me. Underwater, he was even better! He was also able to stay down a MINUTE and forty-five seconds. He came out of breath, like I had, but the ecstasy he threw me into took my breath away again, we both recovered. He got out and said,
“I’ll be back in a minute.”
I heard a fridge open from outside the bathroom and two glasses fondle. He came in with champagne and two glasses. Okay. I had to say that this was a little too romantic, but I kept it to myself. He had been so good to me, so intimates, and so sensual, that I let him have this. He got back in, poured the champagne and we interlocked our arms as I drank the glass in his hand and he drank the one in mine. This was another time we showed gifted skills in posture and flexibility. We were so in-sync with each other. I don’t know, but I think I was starting to love him, and I already knew he loved me. He then turned on the jets so we could pleasure ourselves with the water jets pushing up or asses, ha-ha!
Yeah that’s a little weird, but that’s as far as I’d go (besides his fingers) as getting something pushed up my ass. When we were done with the champagne, we cuddled, took turns being on top of each other and kissed a bit more. After a while of that, we sucked face and made out. Again, he took my breath away, as I broke, his hands were still on my cheek, mine wrapped around his back. His blond-highlighted hair was wet sand a little messy and his mouth partially open. We just looked into each other’s eyes, for the longest time. We were silent, but our emotions were screaming out to each other.
Then the weirdest thing happened, something I always feared: I loved him! Oh my gosh…how I never meant for this to happen, how I never could, but it did. Pleasure turned to passion. And he knew it and felt the same about me. He wasn’t worried, but I was. What if my friends found out, my parents! I always bashed gay-lifestyles as a cover up, now I’m a hypocrite! I’m not gay…bi-curious is all. I had to try and convince myself. He noticed I wasn’t staring at him anymore and that I had deep concern. He asked me about it and listened intently as I told him my feelings and worries. He was such a good listener. What the hell was there [about him] not to love!? There must be something, some turn-off…there wasn’t. He was almost perfect.
After I finished, he reached out and put his hand on my shoulder massaging it. Telling me it was okay. It was normal and he was feeling it too, maybe a little more than me, but he said it can be our “dirty little secret”. That reminded me of the song ha-ha. But I felt I could not be without him. He said we’d make time. Every alternative, he had a solution to. And not something stupid or far-fetched…something totally relevant! Woah!
Why am I praising him? Why can’t I fight off these feelings? What the fuck is going on!? Am I gay!? Even though he had an answer, I couldn’t help but ask these questions to myself and similar ones thereafter as he tried to calm me with his strong-passioned and caring words. They just went into one ear and out the other. My own thoughts locked in my head projected over his dreamy, sexy voice as he tried so hard to make me feel better. To somehow make this same-sex attraction and love normal. It wasn’t working…this time. He couldn’t calm me, and he knew it…
So then…
He tried a little bit harder…
He had me sit on the edge of the Jacuzzi that connected to the wall. He had me lean back and started to rub my limp cock and then stuck it in his mouth. He started nibbling it…You’d think it would hurt, but it didn’t, it actually felt pretty good. Then, just with his tongue and my dick still in his mouth, he was able to pull back my foreskin all the way. Oh my gosh, this felt so good! I believe that he was trying to make me forget about love and just about how good his exotic blowjob was and also figure how the hell he was doing it. I was now starting to moan…I never really moan, which lets you know, it felt really good! I didn’t care if I loved him or not now. I pulled his head onto me farther as his pace got faster onto me.
He seemed to enjoy that I was shoving my dick so far down his throat that most people would choke, although, as you know, he could fit it. I told him that I was close, so he stopped his nibbling and let my dick out of his warm mouth, so we could finish off the night properly. He liked the head staring him right in the face once or twice more and stood up from the Jacuzzi and ran his hands through my hair and started making out with me. Even though the passion was flowing through me, I just wouldn’t let it bother me now.
There was big bay window right next to the bathtub and so enthrapeled in sex, we hadn’t noticed that day was starting to dawn outside. I looked at the clock on the wall, and shit, it was 5:00 a.m. We had been doing all this stuff for over six hours! Wow! We stepped out of the bathtub and he got us two snow-white towels, plush and warm. We dried each other off admiring the other’s body and being oh so gentle and taking it slow drying our favorite parts. I loved how he placed the towel on my back holding the towel at each end and wrapped the towel and his arms around me taking me into a tight hug. He put his head on my shoulder and I turned and kissed him. He turned me around and we were both wrapped in the towel.
We just stood there for a little while, I don’t why, I guess this was romance? Maybe I really did love him. Maybe I should. It’s been a long time since my girlfriend and I missed having someone who cared about me so much. Maybe we could just be together until we found someone else, and keep it a secret. I don’t know, I mean, maybe loving him wasn’t so bad, he had everything I could want…in a guy. Yet, I didn’t even know I was looking for a guy. This night had already changed me so much, more than I could ever imagine…
When we were finished drying off, we cleaned up his parents’ bathroom a little, leaving no trace of our gay rendezvous in their bathtub.
“Oh if they knew what had gone on in their bathtub, I’m not sure if they’d use it again” He laughed.
“Yeah,” I agreed with a laugh. “Of course your parents probably do the same sometimes…”
“Yeah…” He said. I followed him into his bedroom which was a lot more teenager-oriented with posters of hot women, movies and bands. Yet his room was twice or maybe three times the size of mine, he had those high windows and a queen-size bed with a blue bedspread. He kept it a mess with clothes all over the floor. He had a large flat screen television mounted on the wall and that huge 2-foot iMac computer screen and a MacBook pro next to it on his large desk. DVD’s and CD’s were stacked all over the place, piles as high as my waist next to his stereo. Speakers were all around the room…surround sound. He had a guitar too.
He told me to sit on the bed and sat on his window and serenaded me with a song. He did play beautifully and had a fantastic voice and created a great song about us, all impromptu and all, but I wasn’t much into being serenaded by another guy. I think a girl would rather appreciate that more. I still would like to think I was just in this for pleasure, but as I looked at him sing, his voice so perfect, and the way he could change pitches and never crack his voice, I knew something was different. I listened to the words and how he felt about me, and about us. I could tell he was singing from the heart, and he wanted something more than pleasure, than this night. He wanted me for eternity.
This was all too weird. I’ve thought of having gay relationships like one night stands and stuff, but I’d probably never go through with it. I’ve thought of going to the village, but I don’t want to get AID’s or something. I’m a bit paranoid about that. It’s just that lately that, girls haven’t been doing it for me. I hope it was just because I didn’t have a girlfriend, and I’m going to keep praying and hoping it’s that, but there’s always that doubtful part of the mind that you want to just cut out of your head. E-r-r-r, this kid was playing with my heart and my emotions, altering it away from a normal life. He was trying to re-orient me. He was turning me into a twink, a cute little twink. Although, I wasn’t mad at him, but I wasn’t happy with him either, I wasn’t neutral either. All these new feeling I couldn’t explain were making me frustrated. Whatever.
He was done and placed his acoustic guitar in the stand and pushed me down so my head was on his pillow and he was hovering over me. He gently touched his body to mine and started humping my body as I pulled him close to me. I held him strongly as he moved his body up and down on me, our dicks next to each other rubbing u against one another. We kissed many times with short slipping of our tongues in each other’s mouth and then broke them. Then we shared one long one. He bit my lip and then let me nibble on his. He then went to sucking my neck as I did his. This went on for quite a while. He went to various places on my body giving me intense pleasure like he had before. It seemed like he always had new tricks to surprise me with…things O could never imagine. What a guy! Heh-heh! He returned back to my face and looked at me like he had to say something… I guessed he sensed I had to say something too.
And, at the same time we said, “I’m close.” That was all that was needed for us to switch into 69-position and suck wildly and rapidly on each other’s cocks, letting them slide down into our throats. I loved this feeling and so did he. We had timed this so we would each explode at the same time. Suck and swallow. After about a minute and a half, I started to have that feeling, and so did he as he squirmed. My dick tensed and so did his and as I felt my release into his mouth, I felt his warm cum shoot into my mouth, and he must of haven’t cummed in many days, like me, cause there was a lot! And usually, I don’t like cum, the salty warm liquid, but his, oh my gosh his, tasted so good! That was it, he was perfect. I swallowed it slowly, savoring it as he was doing the same. I guess he finished me sooner, because now he was sucking my cock for the last drops bobbing his head up and down. When I was done swallowing I did the same to his. He was still sucking on my dick and I felt another rush and my dick tense up again, and I shot again into his mouth! Never, and I mean never had I done that before! I double orgasimed…awesome! When he was done, we looked up at each other and smiled.
“That was amazing!” I said.
“Yeah it, was, and thank you for the second helping.” He said as he put his hand on the back of my head bringing me into a kiss. I kind of tasted my cum in his mouth, but oh well, I know that gross, but whatever. “We’ll have to do this again sometime…” He said.
“Yeah,” I said and we both got under the covers, scooted over to each other and fell asleep. A-w-w-w, what a happy ending!

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