Bathtime with Daddy~ (Part 1)_(1)

~This story is completly fictional and created from my imagination!~

"Daddyyy! Bathtiiiime!" my daughter yelled from down the hall. I got up from my office chair, closing my work documents. Taking care of my angel was far more important to me than paper documents or work.

Since my wife's passing, I became a tragic wreck. I was forced out of my old job, because I couldnt show up to work from being so brought down and depressed. I stopped eating, stopped doing really anything until my daughter came back from her grandparents house one evening. She went to visit them in the summer; my wife died while she was gone. My parents already explained how "Mommy drank too much apple juice one night, and she went into the wrong side of the road, and was hit by a big truck. But she is with the angels now," they told her. "She was in a happier place." And she beilieved it. Economy was rough, society was brutal; I could hardly take her out to eat anymore with all of the budget cuts. There for a while, I thought I couldnt even raise my own daughter.

But once I had her back in my arms, something in me clicked. I was able to push past the depression and tragicness of the death of my wife, and managed to get back on my feet. I got a new, better job; one where I can work from home. I payed my bills on time, got her into a nice new school, and even had enough extra money to get us nice clothes and toys for her, and I was even able to take her to Chucky Cheese's for her birthday. Life seemed to be taking a step in the right direction. But the suffering wasnt over.

I remember that afternoon so clearly. I went to her school at 1:15 like always, happy to pick her up on a marvulous Friday. I didnt tell her yet, but I decided to take her with my pay raise to go see her role model Elmo in a live concert. I waved as I saw her run out of the school gates. Wow, I thought, she is really excited to get out today. But when I looked closer, I nearly was about to cry out in anger. Two higher grader boys were throwing rocks at my baby girl! If it wasnt a school zone, I probably would have got out of my truck and beat the living shit out of them. But I calmly got out of my truck, and started dashing towards her.

"Hey! Damn kids get away from her!" I yelled as I kicked an incoming rock into one of their guts and scooped her up. They ran off as I hurridly got her into the passenger seat of the car. I flipped her on her back as I stared into her crystal blue eyes. They were filled with hurt. Once I saw that face, it broke my heart into a billion pieces. I cradled her face, kissing her cheeks as I looked into her eyes. "Are you okay baby?" I ask worried.

"Im fine daddy." she says as I wipe away one of her tears.

"Then whats this?" I ask brushing away her hair over her forehead to see a mark from one of the rocks. It was dripping blood.

"Its nothing.." she says as she pushes my hand away. I sit her up and grab a bottle of water and a Band-Aid I found in the glove box.

"Sit still baby." I say as I gently drip water into the wound, making her wince. I then rub the dirt out carefully, then seal it with a Band-Aid. "There you go. All better now." I see her smile as I know she's thinking 'A Band-Aid wont help with everything.' but she keeps quiet and just smiles. My heart sews itself back together as I see her smile.

"So, daddy got you something." I say with a smile.

"What is it?!" she says getting excited, because whenever daddy says that, she knows it will be something she loves.

"I got us tickets to go see Elmo live!" I say as I see her eyes light up.

"Really!?!" she says as she clasps her hands together. I nod. "Thank you thank you thank you daddy!" she says as she leans over and embraces me tightly. I smile feeling her warm touch. "When is it?" she asks after she fixes her hair.

"Well I was thinking maybe we can go and eat McDonalds, and then we can go get our front row seats." I say winking at her. She screams with happiness.

"Daddy I love you so much! You are the bestest daddy in the whole world!" She says as she buckles her seatbelt and we drive away. As planned, we eat, go to see the show (which she loved) and go home. Later that night, I sat her down to talk with her about earlier. I decided since I work from home, I shall home school her. She nods happily as she kisses me and skips off to our room. Since my wife's passing, some nights she will sleep in bed with me. I love it. Feeling her warm touch as I cuddle her as we sleep. It is the best feeling in the world.

Now, it has been weeks since the incident, and home schooling is going great, my job is planning on giving me a raise from working so hard and efficently, and she is happier than ever. I love spending every moment with her.

"I'm comming!" I yell back as I walk over to the bathroom. I walk in, to see the bath already running. I smile to see her with a smile on her face, ready to jump in the tub.

"Well cmon what are you waiting for?" she says as she removes her shirt slowly. Ive never noticed it before, but her breasts were kind of large on a 7 year old I thought. She slips out of her skirt and underwear. I feel a strange feeling as I stare at her naked body.

'God dont look at her like that! She is your daughter!' I think to myself as I follow her into the tub after removing my clothes. As I set her on my lap to play with her toys, I feel my cock buldge beneath her as I feel her soft body on my thighs. I try so hard to keep it down, but it starts to become erect from the water. I feel her soft bottom on my dick. I groan softly. I shoudlnt be thinking this way about her. Something today has me so horny about her young body. I try to shake it off but fail time after time. I just had to touch. Just once. I tell myself as I reach down for her belly.

"Ohh daddy what are you doing?" was all I needed to hear from her cute little mouth to set me off.

To be continued..

Sorry it is short! This is just an introduction! More to come! But I love feedback! Tell me what you think, what I should improve on, or anything! Thanks for reading!

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