Setting up Lucy-3

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Lucy lay stretched out on the bed as the young woman from the shoe store gave her a deep massage, starting with her shoulders. She had gone back to the mall for something and ran into the woman. It only took a few minutes conversation to end up driving to Lucy's house so the woman; Wanda could pay her back for the other afternoon. The woman dug her fingers deep into Lucy's tight shoulder muscles, then slowly move down across her back, kneading her tender flesh all of the way.
Both women were naked, there bodies a picture in contrast. While Lucy's body was full and supple, Wanda's was lean and wiry. Her breasts were small, her hips slender. Lucy's blonde hair was cut just off the shoulder; Wanda's dark hair was cropped short.
Lucy felt Wanda's hands on the top of her buttocks, still pushing still kneading. Her pussy had been damp ever since she ran into the Wanda coming out of the shoe store.
"Your so soft and warm." Wanda whispered in Lucy's ear, as she lightly kissed her ear lob. The hot breath on her neck sent shivers through her. Wanda was laying across her back now, her small pointy nipples burning into her. Wanda's hands stayed on her butt, rubbing her cheeks, then pushing her own cunt into Lucy’s backside. Lucy could feel Wanda's dampness on her ass. Lightly Wanda began kissing down Lucy’s spine, soon enough she was to her ass cheeks.
First kissing one, then the other, Lucy felt her hands spread her cheeks. Wanda's tongue slowly traced through her crack until she came to her puckered asshole. A few light flicks, and she had Lucy squirming on the bed. Her tongue then burrowed its way past the tight outer ring of her but. Lucy moaned loudly at the unexpected intrusion, she had never had anyone do that to her before.
Wanda’s stabbing tongue felt like a soft velvety finger pushing into her backside. Lucy thrashed her head from side to side, and hunched her ass in the air to meet the young woman’s tongue. One of Wanda’s hands had found its way under Lucy and was cupping her dripping cunt, using it to urge Lucy further up.
"My god, that feels incredible,” Lucy groaned as Wanda stabbed her deeper. "Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes." She kept repeating into the pillow she now had her face buried in. Wanda's thumb was now pushing its way into Lucy’s pussy. The angle she took kept a strong contact with Lucy’s love button. Between the stabbing tongue and thumb, Lucy felt herself melt into a bed shaking orgasm. She could feel her juices leaking onto Wanda's hand. Once last stab of the tongue and Wanda backed off and watched Lucy's throbbing body.
"Now, my payback is complete." Wanda walked on her knees to Lucy’s head. "Lets start on an even keel." Without, she through her knee over the side of Lucy's head, and settled her dripping cunt over Lucy mouth, then bent and began eating Lucy’s pussy while Lucy’s tongue found its way into Wanda’s. Nice way to spend an afternoon, Lucy thought as she brought her hands up around Wanda's ass.

Lucy sipped on a cup of coffee, waiting for Howard to get home so they could go to the movies. He had called her early in the afternoon, just after she had finished licking Wanda's cunt to orgasm, and said he thought it would be nice to catch a movie tonight if she wanted to. Lucy had agreed, hung the phone up and stared in amazement as Wanda had pulled a large double headed dildo from her purse.
Lying on opposite ends of the bed, Lucy’s to the foot of the bed, and Wanda’s on the pillow, they each had inserted the big rubber cock into their pussies. It was a wild ride from that point, each of them pushing more and more of the fake phallus into themselves, until only and inch or so remained. It was a wild fuck that ended with both women juicing at the same time.
Lucy’s pussy was getting wet again just thinking about it. Wanda had promised to come back the next day when she got of work, with some of her other toys. Lucy didn't ask, but from the way Wanda acted, she really didn't have much to do with men. Personally she couldn't imagine giving up men; she wouldn't know what to do with herself. Especially lately, it seemed that was about all she got done, was having sex with different men. Howard seemed different lately too it wasn't only her. He seemed to want to have sex with her more often. Maybe the more sex she had the more she looked like she wanted it.
Howard got home about six o'clock, went straight to the shower, then slipped on a pair of jeans and a pull over shirt and was ready to go. Lucy was wearing a floral print sundress, with thin straps. As always the front was cut low, to accent her breasts. The hem of the dress came just above her knees. They drove straight to the theatre, Howard telling Lucy about the day he had as they drove.
"And what happened to you today?" He asked, knowing that if it had anything to do with sex, she wasn't going to tell him.
"Oh nothing really, cleaned the apartment this morning, then laid around all afternoon." She didn't mention she lay around all afternoon, naked, with another woman.
"Your not getting bored are you, honey?" He asked, glancing over at her.
"A little, but it just takes time to get into a routine when you move to a new place."
"Ok, just wanted to make sure." He wondered whom she had been lying around with that day.
The movie that had picked out turned out to be a real dud, so they left about halfway through it, and decided to drive down by the beach. Howard hadn't made any plans for the evening, deciding it was time for Lucy to take a break from his sordid little games. So they walked on the beach and played around a little, then headed back for home.
On the way, Howard pulled into a convenience store so he could get something to drink. Lucy waited in the car. As soon as Howard was inside, a van pulled up next to their car, on her side. She heard the voices and glanced over, it was the three boys from the mall. She turned quickly so they wouldn't see her, but it was too late. The brash young man that had accosted her in the hallway recognized her immediately. He poked his buddy, and pointed, then hopped out of the van.
"Hey, baby, what you doin' tonight, looking for some more cock." He grinned at her leaning against the open window. Lucy nervously glanced into the store to find out where Howard was. There were two people ahead of him. "My husbands inside, please leave." She said, not looking at the boy.
"Ah come on baby, hop in the van and we'll fuck you like we did the other day." The smirk on the kids face made Lucy a little bit upset.
"If you shoot off like you did the other day sonny, I'd have plenty of time to fuck all three of you before my husband pays for his drink." She hissed.
The boys face got red and he stood up. "Well then, I think I'll just run in there and tell your hubby what you did the other day." The anger in his voice scared Lucy.
"No, don't." She said, nervously looking at the boy and his two friends. "I can't tonight," she thought for a moment. "Follow us to the apartment. Then tomorrow morning about nine, come by." She couldn't believe she was giving in so easy to this kid.
"That mean we can have a little party tomorrow." He asked, the lewd grin reappearing.
"Yes, we can have a little party."
The boy glanced into the store. Howard was paying for his drink.
"Don't be wearing much, you won't need it." He said, getting back into the van.
An hour later, Howard and Lucy were in bed, Howard asleep, Lucy awake, thinking about the next morning. Well the three boys couldn't last long, she thought to herself. Maybe Wanda would come over after that.

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