Lonely Julie Chapter 9

[b][/bWhen Timmy arrived back at the Cabin Julie and Sally were waiting to get all his news.

“We saw you shit sitting on her knees” Sally said but what happened then ??”

Timmy told the whole story of watching Betty wetting herself and how her husband Ken was a tall black man – and how he had fucked Betty while Ken masturbated in her mouth – and then, a bit proud of himself, Timmy dropped his shorts and showed the girls his shit covered penis and balls with the white sticky semen of Ken still visible. “ She actually shit all over me when she came” Timmy said and now they both want to come and meet you two tomorrow to muck about”

The three of them walked down to the beach – with some soap – and Sally and Julie washed Timmy in the sea – and they all three peed standing in the water - before strolling back fresh to the Cabin.

They slept well that night – 11 year old Timmy in between Julie and Sally – and they dreamt of what might happen the next morning when 52 year old Betty and her tall black husband came to visit.

Sally had finished her period and woke about 3 am wet between her legs. She was dreaming about a black penis in her cunt. She gently masturbated her clit – anti clockwise - and felt Timmys penis resting against her bottom. She shuddered when she came, but the others didn’t wake.

In the morning they washed and pissed in the stream which ran by the cabin. For about twenty feet the stream was channelled into a corregated iron “V” from the top of the grass into the woods below and it ran fast enough to take away dung into the bigger stream in the woods.

Ken and Bettys Cabin had a toilet but both agreed to hold off until they got to the other girls and Timmy. Ken had watched his wife shit many times but seeing her fucked by and 11 year old and defecating all over him in her orgasm had set his mind on the two pretty 29 year old girls he was about to meet and how he might see them peeing and shitting during the day.

Kens penis was half hard as they walked through the woods. He just wore swim shorts and Betty wore a loose T shirt with no Bra and a pair of blue panties that resembled a bikini bottom.

When they arrived they found Julie Timmy and Sally resting – naked – on the big king size bed in the cabin. There was no doubt about what the three had in mind for the day and Kens cock began to stick right up in his shorts.

Timmy introduced everybody and Sally – horny after her period – pointed to Kens shorts and laughed “ I can see whats on your mind !”

Betty said “that’s always on his mind” and the ice was well broken between them.

Julie said to Betty “Timmy said you came so hard when he fucked you yesterday that you shit all over him – he was very proud of himself!”

Ken added “ She shit and came so hard that I spunked at the same time – Timmy is pretty good for an 11 year old”

Timmy was looking very proud and his penis was beginning to grow while he was sitting on the bed.

Sally moved to the middle of the bed and said to Ken “ Come on then lets see that big black cock of yours and Timmy is just waiting to screw you again Betty – you made quite an impression yesterday”
“ Well we both held back from the toilet this morning after what Timmy told us” Betty sai “ But I don’t know how long we can hold off at least pissing”

“Lets see how long we last “ Julie said “We haven’t shit since yesterday morning so we could have an explosion before lunch”. Sally wanted Ken first !

As he sat on the bed by her – with Timmy next and Julie on the outside and Betty across the bottom of the bed – Sally reached out for Kens stiff Black cock – now fully erect. Betty watched as Sally began to stoke her husbands penis – and then leaned over to take it in her mouth.
Both Julie and Betty reached for Timmys cock at the same time and Betty swivelled around to lean over Timmy and take his penis in her mouth – as her husband watched and thrust up into Sallys mouth.
Julie stroked Bettys bottom and then eased her left fore finger into Bettys anus. Betty gasped and sucked more on Timmys prick as Julie buggered her arse with her finger and increased her need to defecate.

Sally needed the big black cock inside her and she rolled upright and swung her leg across Ken. She reached down and took his penis in her right hand and guided it into her vagina – sitting down hard on it. Kens penis was big – much bigger as a grown man than Timmys – although he was doing well.

Inches away Betty watched her husbands huge cock penetrate Sally and thrust up and down as Sally urged him on “ Come on black prick FUCK my pussy I want your whole cock – FUCK me harder SPUNK in me – let you wife see you CUM in me and on me come one FUCK me with your big black cock - oh my God I,m CUMMING oh shit piss FUCK me ARRRGGGHHH CUMMING”

Sally rocked and her body contracted as she came in a huge Orgasm riding Kens penis inches from his wifes face.

Timmy came suddenly “ Fuck I’m Spunking” and he did into Bettys open mouth – herself beginning another shattering orgasm as Julies finger poked in her rectum.

Sally farted hard and loud and a fleck of dung slipped out alongside the cumming Betty who almost lost control of her bowels again but just did a fart.

Julie was wet but fascinated watching the others cum and then collapse all over each other onto the bed.

“My God that’s the first time a woman has fucked my Bum” Betty finally said “It was incredible and Timmy your Spunk tastes GREAT”

They lay still for nearly an hour – exhausted from the sex.

By 12 noon they all needed their morning poo quite urgently. It was Julie who said half jokingly “ Hey we need to shit so lets do it all over each other but we had better go outside.

The experiences of the past days were in their minds as everyone laughingly agreed. “Come on then – we’ve got to go to the sea to wash anyway so lets be absolutely filthy !”

The woods were private and they began to stroll naked in the direction of the beach. At the grassy edge of the sandy beach Sally took the lead. “ Alright Ken you’ve just fucked me so now I want to shit on you – come on lie down”

Ken lay back on the sand and Sally stepped to stand over him. Betty was stroking her vagina as she watched.

Sally began to urinate hard – splashing on Kens penis and then up his chest and splashing on his face. She slightly bent her legs and pushed and Timmy, Julie and Betty went on their knees by her side to see Sallys anus open and the first turd and the flow of soft light brown dung pour out of her arsehole and squish onto Kens stomach and then on his prick. Sally farted and pushed a little more out.

She stood aside little bits of her dung still in her anus and a couple of drops of urine on her cunt.

They looked at the little heap of shit on Kens black stomach and the urinr dribbling down onto the sand. His penis was hard again and Betty knew he was eager for another fuck.

“Timmy now you lie down” Julie said and as Timmy lay back alongside Ken she stood over timmys chest and waved Betty to stand over his lower body. Sally stood by the side and held a hand of each to help them balance. Ken stroked his shit covered cock as both Julie and his wife Betty began to urinate and the shit on young Timmy.

Timmys penis grew too! Seeing one young pretty girl and one 52 year old mature woman standing right over him and pissing and shitting on his body almost made him cum without touching. Knowing that the black man alongside him was Bettys husband made it even more exciting.

The women finished and Betty farted loudly. But now it was the male turn!

Ken and Timmy stood up and globs of dung fell off them onto the sand but leaving shit sticking to both of them over the fronts of their bodies.

Ken now need to go urgently and the three woman lay back on the sand – Betty and the Julie and Sally close together.

As though in harmony Ken stepped over with one leg outside each of the two young girls and Timmy stood over the 52 year old Betty.

It was a flood and an earthquake.!

Kens arse exploded with hard turds and then softer shit splashing down on Julie and Sally and when he also began to urinate , his piss went all over both girls. Julie was masturbating hard and orgasmed as Ken pissed – her body jerking up and getting Kens piss right in her face. She screamed “FUUCKKK” at the top of her voice and contorted into the cum she had missed a few hoyrs earlier watching the others.

Timmy in the meantime was letting his dung pour out- almost liquid – onto Bettys stomach and pubic hair. The he pissed and boldly aimed right at Bettys face. She opened her mouth and he pissed right into it realising he couldn’t cum while he was pissing but feeling as though he was cumming anyway.

Gradually things calmed down and the five of them went on down to the beach to wash again and look forward to whatever it wqas would come next.

Chapter 10 to follow after a while

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