Trailer Trash_(1)

Fbailey story number 194

Trailer Trash

It all started when my wife asked me to take Sue Johnson her payroll check. Sue had called in sick that day but had said that she needed the money to by food with. So my wife sent me to deliver it to her in person. I had to drive out of town about seven miles to an old rundown trailer park. Number twenty-seven was right at the very end of two long rows of broken down cars, barking dogs, and kids that looked like they needed a bath. The men that I saw were all shaggy looking and reminded me of bums that you see on television. The women that I saw were fat slobs except for the younger ones but they were all holding a baby on their hip. It sort of reminded me of a freak show where the sight disgusts you but at the same time you just have to look.

When I finally found number twenty-seven I parked right next to her car just barely avoiding a girl’s bicycle parked there.

I knocked on the door and had to wait for Sue to answer it. I was at the foot of the steps so when Sue opened the door I was just about eye level with her bushy crotch. Sue was just wearing a man’s shirt with one button below her breasts connected. It didn’t cover her pussy. I tried to give her the check and leave but she invited me in for a beer. I didn’t want to appear to be rude so I accepted her generous offer even though it was only nine o’clock in the morning. As I climbed the rickety steps I was hoping that they wouldn’t collapse on me before I got inside. The first thing that I noticed was the musty smell, the sink full of dirty dishes, and a counter full of empty beer bottles.

Then there on the floor were two naked girls with their feet and arms tied to one of the walls. Sue told me to just ignore them because they were being punished. How to hell could I ignore two very pretty naked teenagers like that? They were on their backs with their heads touching the wall. Their arms were up high over their heads and tied to the curtain rod ends on the window that they were under. Their feet were almost flat to the wall and held in place with a rope around their big toes and through eyebolts that were obviously placed there on purpose. Their knees were bent out so as not to cover their nice firm young breasts and their hard pink nipples. Their spine was curled up raising their pelvis up and showing off their open pussies covered with fine pubic hair. There was a double ended-dildo folded in half and in both their pussy and in their assholes. Something was in their mouth too but all I could see was a flat latex thing that reminded me of the end of a butt plug that I used on my wife occasionally.

Sue handed me a nice cold beer still in the bottle and told me to sit down. I sat in the chair that she had pointed too which allowed me a fantastic view of the two girls being punished. Then Sue took papers and books out of another chair and placed them on the floor. All the while her back was to me and that shirt didn’t do anything to hide her ass from me. It was really a fine looking ass too and one of the better that I had seen. Her bushy pussy showed too and when Sue squatted down with the papers and books. Her pussy gaped open and I could see her pink inner lips. They were moist and they looked so inviting. Then Sue sat down in a chair opposite me. I just smiled as she opened up her legs and even threw one over the arm of her chair exposing her pussy to my gaze. The sunlight came in a window and shined right on her making her red pubic hairs glisten and her areola show through that white shirt. Sue smiled at me and unbuttoned that one button. She opened her shirt up fully, exposing both of her fine breasts to me. As I admired her I couldn’t help but wonder what a beauty like this was doing in that trailer park. She belonged in a mansion someplace.

As I sipped at my beer trying to make my stay there as long as possible my eyes darted back and forth between the three naked beauties before me.

Sue explained to me that the girls had been bad and that they were being punished. She didn’t say what they had done and I didn’t ask either. Soon Sue was slipping her middle finger in her mouth and sucking on it. When she pulled it back out I watched that finger as it made it’s way to each of her hard nipples and then to her moist pussy. Sue slipped that finger into the top of her pussy to play with her clit for me and I watched intently. Meanwhile Sue was watching the protrusion in my pants expand.

She noticed that I had started looking at the girls more too. Sue told me that the one on my right was Danielle her fourteen-year-old daughter and that the one on my left was Sarah her fourteen-year-old stepdaughter. Her no good husband had gotten two girls knocked up at the same time. Both girls had been fifteen at the time and he was twenty-three. Her father had forced the boy to marry her before he went to prison for twenty-five years to life. Sue had let him fuck her willingly even though she was underage but he had forcibly raped the other girl. He got charged with statutory rape, first degree rape, and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The two girls gave birth a few days apart and the other girl’s parents made her give the child up. Sue’s parents took it in and let Sue breast-feed both of his babies.

The previous day had been Sue’s thirtieth birthday and she had been out celebrating, getting drunk, and then getting fucked by three guys for most of the night. When she got home she found a man in each of her daughter’s beds with them. They weren’t nice boys from school they were the trailer trash that I had passed on the way in. The little bitches had sold them their pussies. She had phoned in sick to have time to figure out whether or not she was going to call the police. The double-ended dildos were just holding the evidence in place. The one in their mouth was just to keep them quiet so that she could think.

Then Sue stood up, took my hand, and told me that she wanted to show me the rest of her house. She pulled me down a long hallway into her bedroom. Sue got on her back on the bed and told me to fuck her. She didn’t even ask me if I wanted too, she just told me too do it. I was hard and she was willing, boy was she ever willing. How many times does a fifty-year-old businessman get an opportunity to fuck a beautiful thirty-year-old woman like this? Not very often at all! So I removed my clothes and climbed on the bed with Sue. I got between her outstretched legs and sank my cock into her. It was sort of like what I would imagine fucking a whore was like. It was not love or romance it was just business. Even though no money had actually changed hands other than her already earned payroll check it felt as if I had paid her. I looked at her and admired her pretty face, her reddish hair, and her nice firm breasts. Who would ever think that she had nursed two children with those firm babies? I fucked her silently as Sue closed her eyes and started to moan. Then I remembered her saying that three guys had fucked her the night before. I had thoughts of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. However nothing could get me to take my cock out of this woman until I was done with her. I grunted as I started to cum. Her eyes flew open, she gasped for breath, and she clinched her pussy letting me know that she was having an orgasm.

As I lay there next to her, she thanked me for the wonderful sex. It had helped her make up her mind. She sent me home so that she could release the two girls and call the police.

Sue invited me to come back again sometime but I told her that I would prefer taking her to a real nice hotel some evening and then wine and dine her, if she could find a reliable babysitter.

When I got back to the office I told my wife the whole story. She sucked Sue’s taste off my cock and asked me if she could join us at the hotel. I said yes, as I slipped my cock into her moist hole and told her not to say a word. I hadn’t fucked her up against her big oak desk in her office in a long time but I couldn’t help myself. This time it was I that closed my eyes and pretended that I was fucking Sue again. My wife knew what I was doing and cooperated fully. Fortunately her secretary didn’t barge in on us either. Although I don’t think either one of would have minded that at all.

About three o’clock I called Sue to check on her. The police had come and taken statements, the girls had been examined at the hospital, and the two men had already been arrested. She said that the whole trailer park was mad at her for having the two men arrested when it was her two whores that had solicited sex from them in the first place. I told her to come to the office and to bring her daughters and a suitcase full of clothes. Then I went in to talk to my wife.

We sent Sue and the girls to a very nice hotel for the night and told her to keep the girls out of school for a couple of days and that she did not need to come in to work either. Meanwhile I was setting things arranged. I called the private school that my daughters had attended and got both of Sue’s girls enrolled. The school was going to take care of getting the girl’s school records transferred to them. I had security bars put on the windows of the two rooms that I was going to give the girls. Their bedrooms had a connecting bathroom so that I could lock them in at night and feel good about it. While I was at it I had eyebolts installed in the wall of our family room just in case.

That next evening I escorted the three women to my home where they would be staying from then on. The next few days after that were devoted to paying off all of Sue’s debts, getting rid of the trailer, and purchasing entirely new wardrobes for all three of the girls. As far as I was concerned they were to have nothing from their old life, in their new life. The girls even seemed to like their new school uniforms too. Sue asked me to buy her one to wear so I did. In fact I bought one for my wife too.

That first day of school for the girls Sue and I delivered them personally. My wife took the day off from work and joined Sue and I for sex. My two grown up girls looked so good in their new schoolgirl uniforms that I asked them to keep them on during sex. So with their ties loosened, their white shirts fully unbuttoned, and their underwear missing I watched them make love for the very first time. I had never seen my forty-eight-year-old wife with another woman before for a very good reason, she had never been with one before. I could hardly tell that there was eighteen years between them and that Sue was older that our own daughters.

I watched them make love for as long as I possibly could then I fucked Sue while my wife was still trying to lick her pussy. I didn’t disturb them for very long because I had been really excited. The girls didn’t seem to mind at all because they went right back to what they were doing as soon as I pulled my cock out.

When the younger girls were brought home they were so excited that they could hardly wait to tell us about their first day. They absolutely loved their new school, the other girls were nice to them, and they couldn’t believe that they got to go horseback riding too. They never wanted to return to their old school or that trailer park ever again. Then each girl took her turn sitting in my lap facing me, thanked me for everything I had done for them, and then kissed me on the lips before pulling my head into her breasts. I clasped my hands on their bottoms and felt the bare skin. They had both worn their G-string panties that day. What else could they wear, that was all that I had bought for the three of them? It was all that I ever bought for my wife too. The girls even giggled as I reached into the crack of their ass to pull the string out and let it snap back in place. I reached up and snapped their bra straps too.

After the two girls had thanked me Sue then climbed up on my lap after pulling my hard cock out of my pants and sitting down on it. She kissed me and pulled me into her breasts also. I cupped her ass, snapped her panties, and fucked her as her two daughters and my wife watched me.

The girls giggled when my wife had their mother undress and lay down under the window. She opened the drapes and attached Sue to the hooks like I had seen the girls that first day. My wife pulled a double-ended dildo out of a drawer and shoved it in both of her holes. Sue asked my wife what she was being punished for and my wife replied that it was for not letting her daughters sit on my lap properly too. So my wife told the girls to get me hard again, to sit on my cock, and to let me fuck them until I cum. Sue would remain as she was until I had finished. That could take a while since I had already cum in Sue twice that day and the fact that I am fifty years old too. Sue just smiled and told me to take my time. She said that her daughters deserved a man as nice as me.

The End
Trailer Trash

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