I Caught Mom Or Did She Catch Me 2

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I Caught Mom. Or Did She Catch Me? 2 : Who Is “She”

“Who’s there?” I asked blindly as I was afraid of the imminent consequences for my earlier actions. It sounded very similar to my father, and in that case I’d either be on the streets or getting one of his famous “I’m proud of you” speeches. I got neither the former nor latter.

“It just me Eric” I heard a familiar soft girly voice. “My dad impersonation is getting really good huh?”

“A little too good if you ask me” I chuckled nervously as I tried to calm myself down

“Eric why’d you do that to mom? I thought you really liked me when you did what you did to me, but you looked so angry at her just now. It was scary” she began to tear

“Lyd I do like you, and it wasn’t the same as what I had to do to mom just now. Let me explain…” I spent the next half hour explaining what I had seen to my twin sister. She couldn’t believe that our beloved mother would do such a thing with one of our teachers.

“Should we tell dad? I mean he’ll probably be so hurt when he finds out that this is happening.”

“No I think we should work together and keep poking at her until she tells him herself” I said

“Or… We can use her, mentally, sexually, you name it! We can use this to blackmail her and make her our slave” I saw a lust for power I’d never seen in Lydia before and I could feel it growing. I reluctantly agreed to what she said and she grinned an evil grin. I ignored it and motioned for her to come to my bed.

She got under my blanket. I immediately gave her a hard kiss and grabbed her ample ass and pulled it toward me. She moaned into my mouth and I began to massage her sex through her panties. They were already damp. More damp than I could have expected. I broke the kiss.

“Seems like someone enjoyed what they saw a little more than they let on” I said slyly. My sister turned completely red. I cupped her cunt roughly. “Like mother like daughter I guess, both sluts!” A worried look appeared on her face, but it faded as I began to slowly rub at her mound and clit through her panties. I muffled her moans with my mouth as my tongue invaded her mouth. I wanted to get to her pussy so I tried to peel down her panties and she stopped me.

“Eric no not right now let’s just kiss ok?” I didn’t listen to her. I ripped off her panties and shoved two fingers into her tight cunt until I met her resistance. I used my thumb to play with her tiny clit.

“Fuck Eric you really know how to make me love it! Oh my god that feels good! Fuck my pussy with your fingers!”

I obliged as I began to intensely finger fuck my sister into a frenzy. Something inside me was telling me not to stop there. I knew I would have wait for the right moment to get what I wanted. So I continued to finger fuck her. I unclipped her bra and lowered my head to her budding breasts. The musty smell of the day filled my nostrils. I sucked her nipple into my mouth and she gasped. Her moans continued as my two pronged attack continued on her young body. I continued until she began to buck her hips in her third orgasm of the night. I could only assume she touched herself when she saw me and mom.

While she was still bucking her hips and screaming into my hand, I used my other hand to quickly pull down my boxers and give my impossibly hard cock a couple of strokes before I lined it up with her tight cunt and shoved all 5 ½ inches inside of my virgin sister. She screamed into my hand I saw tears beginning to swell up in her eyes. She looked like she was in real pain so I didn’t move at first. I removed my hand from her mouth when her screams turned into whimpers.

“You tricked me Eric how could you do this to your own sister?” She cried as she tried to hold back her tears of pain. I kissed her softly all over her neck and face for a couple of minutes to let her get used to my length. I stayed buried deep inside the tightness of her formerly virgin cunt.

“Pull it out Eric that really hurts!” She said sternly and I decided to play along. I slowly pulled a couple of inches out and shoved it back in.

“I can’t just pull it out or it will really hurt Lyd. Let me just loosen it up a little bit then I’ll take it out ok I’m sorry” I said convincingly and she nodded her head in agreement. I slowly pulled out a little over two inches then I shoved myself back in. She winced in pain as I took it out halfway and shoved it back in to the balls. As I continued this process, her wincing and sniffing turned into moaning and groaning as I eventually picked up speed and had her juices and blood lubricating my cock as I pounded my entire cock in and out of her tight vagina.

“How can I be enjoying getting fucked by my brother ohhh Eric I love the way your cock feels inside meee!” she groaned as I spread her legs as wide as they would go and began to pound her for all I was worth. I reached my free hand down under her and started to circle her rosebud while I fucked her. I slowly started to inch my finger all the way inside of her until she started to moan even louder. We were both about to reach our limit.

“Lyd we should stop I don’t want to get you pregnant.” I said as I shoved my entire cock inside her and stopped.

“Eric don’t fuckin stop I’m on the pill ok just let it all go inside me. Give your sister your big load!” As confused as I was about why she was on the pill seconds later we exploded into a mutual orgasm. I blasted every last bit of semen that was left in my cock into her womb. She continued to buck under me and scrape at my back in an almost painful way until her orgasm finally subsided. I pulled my still hard cock out of her and a trail of our cum and her blood oozed down her legs. We cuddled up together and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

“Night Eric” She said as she gave my hand a loving squeeze.

“Night Lyd” I said as my eyes closed and I fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up with a hardon. It had made its way to the entrance of Lydia’s pussy. I decided to get rid of my morning wood with my new lover. I thrust forward and my cock didn’t go in because it was too dry. I was desperate so I spit on my hand and rubbed it all over my tip, then I placed it at her entrance and thrust forward inside of her. She must be a really deep sleeper because she barely even stirred as my cock invaded her freshly fucked cunt all the way to the balls. I slowly began to pump into her as I grabbed her ass with my free hand. I suddenly heard footsteps then a knock on the door so I stopped thrusting and immediately pretended I had just woken up.

“Eric honey I think we should talk” she said through the door, without warning she came in.

“Mom?” I said as I pretended to be groggy and surprised.

“Why are you two in the same bed Eric?” she asked worried. I told her that Lydia got scared of the thunder and wanted to sleep together so I let her. She gave a sigh of relief and told me to go talk to her after I got ready for school. I had totally forgotten that it was Monday. Luckily she didn’t take the blanket off or get any closer or she would have seen that I was balls deep inside of her only daughter.

I woke Lydia up and told her to get ready for school. I jumped into the shower first so I would have enough time to hear whatever my mom had to say. I threw on some random shorts and a shirt and got my backpack. I met mother in the garage shortly after.

“What do you know it’s the scene of the crime” I chuckled as I walked into the garage. She told me to be quiet and looked like she was about to smack me but showed restraint. I thought that’s right bitch you don’t want to anger me when I have dirt on you.

“Look son we need to make a deal right now. You can’t tell anyone what you saw or what happened with us yesterday. You need to understand that I have needs and you father doesn’t believe that sex outside of having kids is really necessary all of the time. When I went to the PTA meeting last year I met your math teacher and things just started happening. It’s the first time I felt like a woman in a while.”

“Assuming the story I heard is true, it’s hard to believe that’s true mom” I said challengingly

“Well it hasn’t always been this way. He just started going to church last year. I think he feels like if he spends the rest of his life at church he’ll be able to make up for all of the things that he’s done” I almost felt sorry for her but I wouldn’t let myself.

“If you don’t want me to say anything you’re going to have to buy my silence. First of all I can have you whenever I want, no matter what I want you’ll just do it for me, no exceptions. And you’ll keep dad off my back no matter what I do. Do we have a deal?” she looked at me quizzically, but she had no choice but to accept anything that I wanted.

“Ok Eric whatever you want just don’t tell anyone about me and Simon”

“Simon huh? Tsk tsk mom” I said as I walked away.

I left for school and the rest of my day went as if nothing had happened. The only difference is that I really wasn’t able to look Mr. Tsutsuni in the eye anymore and I think he noticed it. After a long day I was finally able to go home.

“How was your day son” my father asked and I said fine and went straight to my door. I didn’t know how I felt about knowing that what I heard about him was actually true so I decided to just avoid him for now. Lydia didn’t seem to feel the same way as she jumped into his lap and gave him a big hug, they’ve always seemed too close, but I guess that’s just how daddy’s girls are. I walked into my room and fell onto my bed and a few minutes later, Lydia walked in and laid down on my bed.

“Lyd why are you on the pill if you’re a virgin” I asked

“Dad thought that it would be best for me to be on it just in case. I got on it last year” she said as if every 13 year old is on the pill. I wondered why our dad was so worried about her but I let it go seeing as there was a beautiful girl next to me waiting for me to fuck her.

I wasted no time in pulling her face toward my and tongue fucking her mouth. I used my other hand to reach under her schoolgirl skirt to her crotch to find that she hadn’t worn any panties today. I told her she was turning into quite the slut and she just smiled at me. She said she didn’t want to do it anymore but I didn’t want to hear it. I was already rock hard in anticipation so there was no need for foreplay. I got on top of her and my cock slipped easily all the way into her tight cunt. Luckily she was wet somehow. I decided not to question it and enjoyed watching tits ass bounce up and down. She was trying to fight me off but I was stronger than her and I continued to pound at her cunt like I had the last night.

“Eric if you don’t stop I’m gonna tell dad what you did to mom” she said in a serious voice and I stopped for a second. I told her if she said anything I would make her life a living hell. I also said that the deal was off and I’d deal with mother on my own. She would just be a fuckhole for me to use when I got home. She started to cry. I was just about to start fingering her asshole again when the door swung open and my father charged in!

He threw me off my sister and almost into the closet but I recovered easily. She pretended to be innocent and cry in his arms.

“I’ll deal with you later. Come on Lyd I won’t let him hurt you anymore”

I was completely screwed. I tried to think of a way out after they left. She may have dad completely on her side, but I have a new sex slave with the same power… And I had a feeling I wouldn’t even really need her…

To Be Continued

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