Memoir of a Daddy Chaser


Hello readers, my name is Jordan Hartlind, my friends and lovers call me Jordi. I’d love to share with you a bit about me before we get too in-depth. I’m from St. Louis, Missouri where I live in a duplex with my mother. I’m a student at St. Louis Community College and work at a locally owned delivery service, that I’ll refer to as Kase Delivery Co. I’m a 20 year old, 5’11 Caucasian male with a swimmers build. I have Brunette hair and brown eyes and you may have guessed it, I’m gay.

I have quite the booty for a skinny white guy in my opinion. And a 9’inch cock when I’m erect, I prefer being bottom while making love though.

As for what I’ll be sharing with you is the most erotic weekend of my entire life, full of some of the best sex I’ve ever had.

Chapter 1

Morning Wood

“It’s a scorching day in the city on this Saturday afternoon, record breaking even. Downtown we’re seeing a high of 92..” the radio dj announced as I slapped the snooze button on my alarm. I stretched my arms and legs as I groaned waking from a deep sleep. I peeped my eyes open to the sun shining in on me through my window curtains.

My mind still fixated on the sex filled dream I was just having, I gently squeezed my hard morning wood. I couldn’t resist, I was so horny. I put a hand in my briefs and gave my cock a few tugs. Now I couldn’t take the anticipation anymore at all. I had to take care of this incredible urge to get some dick. In my case some fake dick, in the time being.

I took off my briefs and reached under my bed for my toy box filled with an array of toys with many sizes to choose from. I first grabbed my bottle of water based lube and a pink sugar sack containing my favorite Tantus dildo. I pulled the hefty 11 incher out of the sack and sat it beside me. I then reached back in my toy box and grabbed one of my black silicone butt plugs.

I held my black silicone butt plug while I turned some porn on my laptop sitting atop my night stand.

I have a bunch of scenes downloaded. The porn I decided to play is one of my favorites, one of my many Lito Cruz videos.

As the video started I stuck my two middle fingers in my mouth, all the way and sucked on them a bit. I took my fingers out of my mouth and slid my arm under the covers as I lifted my legs into military position. The thin man in the video began sucking on Lito’s giant cock as I slid my fingers in my booty hole again and again. My cock grew hard and my booty hole loosened.

After a little more butt play with my middle and ring fingers, my bottom was ready for the next step. I squirted a small dab of lube on my butt plug and worked it around the toy with my soft hand until it was completely covered. Turning on my side I reached behind me with the butt plug and stuck it in. Ohh it feels so good, I start pulling on my cock a bit with my right hand.

Meanwhile jerking off with my right hand. I began working the butt plug in and out off my booty with my left. As I watch Lito insert his big meat into the skinny bottom he’s about to fuck. And oh how I wished it was me. Once it got to the point I was fighting to not cum, I was ready for the big boy.

I pull out the butt plug and dropped my it on the bed. I then grabbed my hefty 11 inch dildo. I put a fair amount of lube on the tip, it started running down the shaft. I rubbed it in a bit with my hand and then positioned myself in doggy style position, preparing to take the big boy. In my imagination it’s Lito about to give it to me.

In the video Lito was beginning to plow the skinny fellow with his giant cock, telling him to , ”Take that cock”. I had pre-cum dripping from my cock onto my sheets already. I reached behind myself with the lube and drizzled a bit on my booty.

I sat the lube beside me and rubbed the lube on my entire ass and on my hole, even giving my butt hole a few pokes with my fingers again. And then I grabbed my big dildo. I rubbed it up and down in my crack passing my butt hole. The heart pounding suspense was at its peak and I was eager to be plowed the same as the guy in the video. I gently eased the tip of the 11 incher into my bum.

Once it was in I let it sit there as I moaned. I buried my head in the pillow, facing my laptop screen. I took my free left hand and restarted the video to the point where Lito was inserting his big meat into his eager skinny bottom. Just to role play as if that bottom was me with every thrust.

I hit play and slid my dildo into my ass while Lito did the same to the guy he’s fucking in the scene. The dildo felt amazing sliding in ever so slowly at first. Working it in and out, until I reached the base of the dildo. I stayed in rhythm with Lito while he fucked. The harder he went, the length of strokes, the whole nine. I would cum at any second if I touched my hard dick.

At this point Lito began to pound the skinny mans ass, fucking his brains out. I was having my dildo do the same to me. I was really getting into it moaning and saying things like, “Oh yeah, fuck me! Fuck me Lito.” And then out of the blue, a loud knock came from my front door down stairs. I ignored the knocking and kept drilling my ass with the dildo hoping whoever it was would just leave. But that wasn’t the case, another knock came from downstairs followed by a ring from the door bell a few seconds later.

Chapter 2

The Dad Next Door

“Are you fucking kidding me?”, I said to myself as I removed the silicone dick from my butt. I sat the dildo on my bed and paused my porn video. “I’m coming, just one second.”, I said agitatedly as I put on a pair of gym shorts and started for the door. Maybe it’s my mom I thought making my way down the stairs. That would suck because I’d have to abandon my play time. She must’ve lost her key or something, because I’m obviously not expecting anyone.

At the end of the staircase I had clear view of the front door. Through the diamond shaped glass in the door I could see a silhouette of a person. ‘Couldn’t be Mom’ I thought, as the person was too tall and had a manly build. I unlocked the locks and cracked the door open. “Hey Jordi.”, said Randal my next door neighbor and my good friend Justin’s Dad.

Randys a single father and pretty handy if my Mom and I ever need anything. They live in the other half of the duplex and Randal actually works with me at Kase Co. “Hey Randy, what’s up?”, I said as I was thinking about my dildo waiting for me upstairs. “Not a lot”, he said. “Is your water heater working? Because ours is out and I’m waiting on the repair man to show up now. Just figured I’d check so he could fix both.”, he said. “I think so”, I told him. “Let me go check.”, I said as I turned and walked to the kitchen leaving the front door open.

I turned on the hot water to the sink and put my hand under it. It was fine, so I went back to the front door. “It’s fine”, I said. “Well that’s good”, Randal replied. “This might be a weird question. And it’s fine if you say no. I’ll be okay until mine is working later tonight. But would you mind if I take a quick shower?”, he asked.

“Justin should be home soon to stay with the repair man while I head off to work.”, Randy said. I thought about telling him no and getting back to business upstairs. But he always helps me and my mom when we’re in a pinch.

“Sure”, I said. “Great I’ll go grab a towel and my work clothes and I’ll be right back.”, Randal said walking next door. I left my front door open and went to the kitchen to make some coffee while I wait for him to return.

About the time I set the coffee to brew Randal was back. “Knock Knock”, he said entering the front door. “Oh hey, the bathroom is upstairs do you know where it is?”, I asked as I grabbed a banana from the counter and began to peel it. “Yeah, I’m pretty sure. It’s like our house right?”, Randy asked. “Yup”, I replied followed by a big bite of banana.

He went upstairs and I proceeded to finish my snack and head to the living room to chill and sip coffee. About 20 minutes went by and I was sitting on the couch sipping my black coffee, watching tv. Randal came back downstairs. And to my complete surprise or maybe even shock, all he was wearing was his towel.

“Uhm heyy Randy? You leave your work clothes down here or something?”, I asked feeling weird and nervous about the situation that had presented itself. “No, I actually had a question.”, he stated. I had no idea what to expect. As he stood there naked in only his dark grey towel, I caught myself checking him out.

He’s not super buff or anything, but he is a built working man. He was still perspiring from the shower, his short salt and pepper hair still wet. I couldn’t help but wonder what he had concealed underneath that towel though. “Okay, what’s up? Are you okay?”, I asked still puzzled.

“Well”, he said, “I was going to shower in the small bathroom. But when I flipped the light switch the bulb blew out. So I figured no biggy.”, Randy said looking down towards his hands as he grabbed the top of his towel.

“I’ll just use the conjoined bathroom between your room and your mom’s.”, he said as he sat down on the arm of the love seat right across from the couch I was sitting on. “I went through your room to get to the bathroom. And” he paused with a grin on his face. I swallowed loudly, my nerves were going crazy. I knew he had to have seen my toys sitting out.

“I noticed the big dildo on your bed. And the porn you had pulled up. So I’m sorry, but I snooped and pressed play.”, he said. “Oh fuck”, I said thinking out loud.

“I noticed the video you were watching had an older man fucking a younger man. Is that what you’re into Jordi? Do you like older men?”, he asked as he unwrapped his towel from his waist. And oh my damn, Mr. Wayne had the big cock, like huge cock. I quickly examined the situation. And made my decision to play along. ‘Why not’I thought, ‘I mean he is right. And I’m horny as fuck’ I thought to myself.

“I do, but you know what I like even more?”, I asked dropping to my knees in front of him. “What’s that?”, he asked with that smirkish grin. “A big, fat cock.”, I said grabbing his half mast meat. I smiled back at him while we gazed in each other’s eyes. My eyes then lowered upon his big cock.

He sat upright as I kissed on his vain ridden dick. I flicked the tip with my tongue and suckled his puffy mushroom tip like a lollipop. I dragged my tongue ever so slowly from the base of his shaft to the tip and basically French kissed his cock head again. He was fully erect now and I swear his dick was maybe only an inch shorter than my Tantus dildo, maybe. But undoubtedly much more girth. When I said he had the big cock, I meant it.

I’ve never had such a big real live cock in me before. My cock has been bigger than most tops I’ve had sex with. Good thing I’ve practiced sucking my dildo’s, because this would not be easy.

Chapter 3

Feeling Randy

His cock was almost intimidating to say the least. So ‘here we go’ I thought to myself. I started going down on him. I like to mess around and tease, when I’m giving head and make my top anxious for more. So I go down fast about an inch or two and come back up fast, all the way off the dick. With pretty much zero suction. I’ll pause for just a split second between each time I go down.

I keep it up until they either put their hands on my head and force me to suck the dick. Or until I’m just ready to feel them in my throat, whichever comes first. Randy was gasping and hissing each time I did it.

Honestly I thought he might cum if I went all the way down on him.

My notion was put to rest once he let out an, “Ooo”, and put his right hand on the back of my head. I was ready, he was definitely ready. So slowly I went further down on his cock. I almost went all the way, but not quite. I kept going up and down on his large cock about the same distance each time, gradually increasing my speed.

He forced me to the base of his cock and held me there a few seconds. I gagged and saliva ran out of my mouth on his balls. I thought I might vomit. But he let me up just in time. I came all the way off and gasped for air and looked him in the eye.

I jerked on his dick with my hand as I looked at him. “You gonna fuck me or what?”, I said. “I’m gonna tear that ass up baby!”, he replied. “C’mon, lets go get comfortable.”, I told him taking him by the hand leading him upstairs to my bedroom.

When we entered my room he pulled me into his body by the arm and lifted me up. We started making out as he carried me over to my bed. He laid me down and started kissing me down my body from my lips to my pelvis. “Turn over.”, he said. Like a good boy, I did as I was told.

I noticed my dildo still on the bed and threw it on the floor as he started eating my ass and fingering me. I was in pure ecstasy at that moment, but I was tired of the teasing and wanted that dick. “Fuck me Randy!”, I hollered in my most orgasmic voice. “Call me Daddy”, he replied followed with a kiss on the butt cheek. He grabbed me by the waist and lifted my booty into doggy style position. I handed him the lube and I heard the cap pop open.

I closed my eyes and awaited his next move. He drizzled some lube on his cock and then on my ass. I spread the lube covering my butt and then spread my cheeks. He stuck the tip of his big cock in and began to work his meat into my guts more and more. “Ohh, fuck yeah Daddy!”, I exclaimed as he finally got his dick all the way in me. He started thrusting nice and easy, letting my hole get accustomed to his huge member.

With a smack on the right butt cheek he asked, “You like that boy? You like that big cock?”. “Oh yes Daddy! I love it!”, I replied as the thrusts got much faster and harder. At that moment it I realized it was like I was living a fantasy and Lito was getting in my ass. Randy put a hand between my shoulder blades and forced my upper body into the bed and held me there. He stopped slamming his thick cock in me and put his right foot on the bed. Then he began thrusting again, but after each thrust he’d grind his pelvis against my butt in a circular motion. Holy mother of god it felt so damn good.

As he was continuing, his fucking phone rang. “Ignore it”, I said hoping he’d oblige my wishes. Instead he kept fucking me while he answered the phone. From the conversation I could tell it was the repair man. He stopped thrusting all of the sudden with his cock resting deep inside me. And to my surprise he asked, “ Hey sweet cheeks, my buddy Paul is on the phone. The guy coming to fix my water heater. What’d ya say if he came and joined us?”.

I was going to say no, I’ve never had a threesome and don’t even know this Paul guy. And it was odd enough my best friends Dad has his cock in me. But Randy said, “ He’s cool and clean. He doesn’t have a long cock, but it’s fat. You’ll like him too, I promise. If not it’s no biggy. I’m already getting my dick wet.”, he said thrusting in me once hard as fuck with his stiff dick. I gasped, “Sure daddy”, I replied, “Have him come on in and up to the room”. He told his friend to come on up and returned to burying his dick deep in my ass. A few moments later Paul came upstairs and in the room. Randy was pounding me as hard as he had the whole time we’d been fucking.

Chapter 4

Friends Are A Benefit

“Oh fuck yeah. I could hear you slamming that ass all the way outside. Fuck he’s sexy RW.”, Paul said, “Get in that sweet ass.”, he added as he undid his pants and began getting undressed. Randy kept plowing me with his big dick. I was completely focused on the filling feeling he was giving me. As I cried out in pure ecstasy. “Who’s your Daddy bitch?”, Randy said to me. I opened my eyes and looked back at him. “You are, ah, you are Daddy.”, I said looking him in the eyes. Clap, clap, clap, clap, as he pounded me. I glanced over at Paul.

Paul is a little younger than Randy and has a Bear stature. Short, chunky and lots of body hair. But he had a handsome face and awesome beard. “Yeah, take that Big Daddy dick boy!”, Randy shouted as he slammed in to my ass at a steady pace. “Take all that dick in that ass!”, he continued. You could probably hear my ass clapping from outside. Paul was finished getting undressed and climbed into the bed. “ ‘Scuse me sweet thang, I’m gonna slide in right here.”, he said sitting right in front of me on the bed. Paul put his dick right in my face.

His dick was kind of short, about 6 inches I’d say. But like Randy said it was fat as fuck. At least 3 to 3.5 inches around. I can tell because I have quite the toy selection as I previously said. And it resembles one that I warm up with. But obviously there’s no need for a warm up. Since Randy’s big cock is already banging away deep inside me. Nevertheless I grabbed Paul’s swollen cock and started sucking. Randy was adding more lube to my ass and still fucking the shit out of me. I started going to town on Paul, sucking his cock like it was the last one on earth.

“God damn Randy, this boy can suck a dick. Fuck me, that’s great boy just like that. Ah fuck yeah.”, Paul said as I blew his mind and cock with my mouth. I stuck his cock all the way in my mouth and put as much suction as humanly possible on the thing. Shaking my head and giving him lots of tongue action. I then started working his shaft with my hand and mouth. Trying to see how fast I could make him cum.

But they were both ready to nut, I thought. Randy’s cock was flexing and his grip got tighter. He started vocalizing his feelings more and more. Soon Randy pulled out and said, “Come get this jizz sexy.”, I turned to him and Paul got off the middle of the bed.“Let me in that ass while you eat that cum up.”, Paul said. I stood up off the bed and tapped on the bedside. Randy stood there beating his brutally big meat. I sat on Paul’s fat cock and he started humping me and lifting me up and down on his thick cock.

Randy was beating his meat in my face, I took over for him as Paul bounced me on his cock. After a little sucking and tugging on Randy’s throbbing knob, he started to shoot his warm cum in my mouth. He held my head as I kept sucking his pulsing mushroom tip and pulling on his shaft, until I drained him dry. I swallowed Randy’s cum, then focused my attention on Paul. Randy went into the bathroom to clean himself up I assume.

I started grinding on Paul as he laid back on the bed. “You like that baby?”, I asked swaying my hips in a circular motion on Paul’s dick. “Fuck yes, ahh fuck boy. Ride that fat cock you sexy bitch.”, he growled. “Here sit up, because you’ll love this.”, I told Paul. He sat up and I put my hands on the floor. “Grab my hips”, I told him. He did as requested and I hooked my legs behind his.

“I’ll push up, you pull down. Got that baby.”, I told Paul. “Hell yeah, I got ya. Paul said. I pushed off and he pulled in. I’d never tried this before. But it was great. It gave me an arch and I could feel him well. We kept on for a bit while I rocked on his cock. My back eventually decided that was enough. But it was fun while it lasted.

I returned to normal sitting position and started riding Paul’s fat cock some more. I popped my ass hard on his meat. Then after a little more booty popping, it was time. “Oh fuck boy, you’re gonna make me cum already too. Agh fuck yeah!”, he cried out. His dick flexed as he grasped my hips and started shooting his massive load making my ass a dripping cream pie. I kept riding his johnson as I jerked on my dick as well and came with him. My ass clinched on his meat as I blew my load, I felt exhilarated and exhausted. And at the same time I felt pretty good about my dick sucking and riding skills too.

When Randy and I first came up to my room and started in on each other it was more of a smooth buildup of seduction and arousal. Even a fantasy come true, seeing as I’d never had my Daddy fantasy fulfilled. Until now that is. It ended up transitioning from love making to fucking. But by the time Paul joined in it was an all out fuck fest. Much like it was in the video I was watching beforehand. What a good morning surprise it was indeed. After cumming all over myself. I rose up off of Paul’s cock and started for the bathroom where Randal was. He was zipping his pants and fully clothed. “Are you heading to work Randy?”, I asked as I sat on the toilet to try and get the cum out of my ass. “Yeah”, he said leaning in for a kiss.

“I’m heading over to your place RW.”, Paul said as he peeked in the bathroom tucking his shirt in his pants. “Let’s do this again sometime sweetness.”, Paul said winking at me. “Alright cool, I’m outta here too.”, Randy said to Paul. Randy gave me a kiss and said,”I’ll catch up with you later k, Jordi?”. “You better”, I replied grabbing a handful of is cock. He smiled and left my house, heading off to work I imagine.

I finished cleaning up my mess of a booty and took a long hot shower. ‘This has been an unforgettable morning’, I thought to myself. The hot water felt so good on my worn body. I finished my shower and got dressed, I was planning on going to the library at SLCC to study. But I was too tired from the morning activities I took part in. Instead I laid down on my bed and took a much deserved nap.

Chapter 5

Duty Calls

I woke up two hours later to my phone ringing. It was my boss Mr. Kase, ‘oh shit’, I thought. ‘Was I supposed to work today’, I continued to ponder. I answered the phone, “Hello Mr. Kase, how’s it goin’?”, I asked. “Quite well actually Jordan, quite well.”, Mr. Kase replied. “This doesn’t involve work. Well it does, but not at the delivery hub. I was actually wondering if you might want to make some extra cash on your day off?”, he asked. I could really use the money, I’ve been saving to get my own place. So I told him, “Sure”. He told me to head on over to his house as soon as I could, he needs some help around there.

I got up and got dressed. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a granola bar and water. I left my house and drove over to Mr. Kase’s home. Mr. Kase lives in a very nice part of town. Big houses and flashy cars everywhere you look. I pulled into the driveway and parked my car. He opened his front door, stuck his head out and said, “Come on in Jordan”. Mr. Kase is a very kind and wealthy old man. We just celebrated his 60th birthday at the hub a few months ago. But he’s had more and more trouble getting around lately. The years must be catching up to him.

“Where’s Dianne, Mr. Kase?”, I asked talking about his wife. “Dianne went on a trip with her sisters to the Grand Canyon. They left yesterday and should be back on Monday evening.”, he replied. “Oh, well that’s cool. So what do you need me to do, Mr. Kase?”, I asked him. “Well there’s a few things. I’d really appreciate it if you could wash my old Corvette that’s in the garage. I’m taking her to a car show this weekend. And Lupe can’t make it out to cut the grass today, said he’s not feeling well. If you don’t mind doing that, it’d be a big help.”, Mr. Kase said to me. “Sure thing”, I replied.

I got right to it as to not waste any daylight. I hand washed his old Corvette and waxed it. He sat on the front porch smoking cigarettes, sipping Arnold Palmers as he gave me pointers with the car. I finished with the car in close to an hour. Then I used his push mower and mowed his front lawn. He told me the backyard could wait till next week. It was crazy hot outside that day and I had to remove my sweat soaked shirt. Mr Kase stayed sitting on the front porch watching me in case I needed anything, I assume. Once I was finished with both tasks after a few hours he offered me to come inside and cool off before I left.

We both went inside and he poured me a glass of lemonade. “Mind helping me with one last thing Jordan?”, he asked. “Sure”, I replied in an instant. “Come on upstairs with me.”, he said. So I followed him upstairs and he led me into his office. His home office is huge and fancy. There’s a giant wooden desk, leather chairs and leather couch and many books on shelves. “Can you see if you can figure out why my bottom desk drawer keeps getting stuck?”, Me. Kase asked me. “Yea, no problem.”, I replied.

I went over to the desk and got down on my knees to inspect the drawer. Mr. Kase followed me over and sat in his big leather office chair. I went to open the drawer and it came right open. I closed it again and opened it again. It wasn’t sticking at all. “You sure this is the right drawer Mr..”, I was about to ask as I turn towards him. He was sitting there with his pants undone and soft cock pulled out of his boxers. And who would’ve thought Mr. Kase is hung like a damn horse!

His cock is bigger than my dildo I was playing with at home. And even bigger than Randy, if I had to guess. Mr.Kase is a show-er, not a grower. I was so blown away it was hard to tell in that moment. But that’s beside the point. Mr. Kase is a happily married man, he’s got 3 successful daughters older than me. And he’s a fucking millionaire. As far as I knew he’s as straight as an arrow, I mean he was in the military for crying out loud.

And he’s super old school. Don’t get me wrong the years have been good to him, he’s aged well. Look wise that is I’m not exactly privy on health wise. He’s still built for an old man, has a nice tan and all white hair with a white mustache, even a pair of dreamy blue eyes. And a cool old school military tattoo on his right forearm. So why would he have his cock out right now? If he has such the picture perfect, all American life?

Chapter 6

The Big Boss

I’m beside myself and don’t really know how to react. Not to mention my boy pussy has seen it’s fair share of cock for one day. “You’re probably wondering what’s going on I ‘sume Jordan. Well ya see. I normally fuck Lupe after he mows my lawn every Friday. Ya see, me and the Mrs. aren’t active that way anymore. And well a man has needs to be treated like a man. And I can tell by the way you move that your no stranger to a healthy dick. Am I right?”, he said slowly pulling on his massive penis.

He gazed into my eyes and I thought about my answer hard. Do I get offended and raise the alarm. Or should I be flattered and play along? He spoke again after we had a brief stalemate.

“Don’t feel pressured now, Jordan. But I watched you out there sweating, working hard like you always do. And that boyish body of yours shining in the sunlight turned me on. And made me want you something bad. If it makes things anymore interesting for you. I’m willing to pay for your affection. And I’ll only ask you this once, I’ll never bring it up again. If you’re not into it that is?”. His offer is very tempting and who are we kidding. I’ve never seen such a large horse sized cock in real life before.

I mean Randy has a big cock, but he’s still small compared to Mr. Kase. Let’s be honest I wanted to fuck him. So I made my move and said, “Mr. Kase..”, “Please call me Louis.”, he said before I could get another word out. “Louis”, I said turning my body towards him. “Let me show you what a real good boy can do with a cock like that.”, I told him as I leaned in grabbing his cock from him. His eyes lit up and he gave me a big grin as he sat back in his chair, opening his legs wide.

Mr. Kase is also the first uncircumcised cock I’ve handled, so that’s different. My hand barely fit around his massive pole. I started giving him head by licking his hairy balls all the way up to the tip. He grew harder the closer I got to the top of his big vain bulging cock. I then started sucking his tip as I worked his big shaft with my hand. While fondling his balls with my other hand. He was already pre-cumming a bit in my mouth.

His huge cock rose from it’s slumber and got harder and harder. Louis was groaning like a wounded animal in between telling me. “Yeah, suck that dick.”, and, “You like that big dick, don’t ya?”. I started working my way further and further down his cock.

It was so thick and long I didn’t think I could fit it all in my throat. I was right, I was as far as I could go a few inches from the base of his giant dick. But Mr. Kase put his hands on my head once I made it as far as I could go. He held my head down on his dick and tried thrusting in even further. Just like Randal did but much more violent.

I was literally choking on his cock trying to breathe out of my nose. I thought I was going to vomit on him or pass out, whichever came first. But after he thrust a few more times he let me off the dick.

His man meat slid out of my throat and I coughed. Gasping for air I was breathing heavily. Holding my throat as he said, “ How was that? You want some more?”. “Yes”, I said in a gasp. He followed with a, “Yes please you meant”. He slapped me in the face with his cock a few times. “Yes, please Louis.”, I replied. “That’s a good boy”, Mr. Kase said putting his hands back on my head. Pushing me slowly up and down his dick for a few goes, as far as he could. Then he bobbled my head really fast as he thrusted in, only about halfway though. Which in my shoes was a relief. I held his thighs with my hands as he worked my head up and down on his huge fucking cock. He grunted and groaned, his grip on my head grew tighter and tighter as his cock grew stiffer. He pulled me off, he had a hand on the back of my head. He took his dick and slapped me in the face again.

“Beg me for it bitch. Beg big daddy Louis for this fat cock.”, he said slapping me with his dick still. “Please daddy, please give me that dick.”, I said to tickle his fancy. “You want this cock do ya? Huh? Here have this cock.”, he said pulling my face towards his dick by the back of my head.

He put his huge cock back in my mouth. And he squeezed the bottom of his dick making it unbearably thicker. He shoved my head down very hard as far as he could make me go. And just sort of bobbled me at that point. He let me take control again after, thank god. I still handled his cock rough. Sucking it with anger almost. He was thrusting back, holding my head. As I tried my best to make him cum.

Chapter 7

Taking It All In

He soon stopped me, let me go and pushed back in his chair. He stood up and said, “Get those pants off Jordan”, I obliged him. Little did I know he would be so dominant. And I obeyed, hoping it would make him ease up. He dropped his pants and tighty whiteys. I stood up and removed all my clothes except my socks. “How do you want me?”, I asked. “Bend over on the desk there”, he demanded in a stern tone.

He reached in the top drawer of his desk, thank god he had lube. He took the lube out and closed the drawer. Then he squeezed a fair amount on his huge cock and used the excess left over on his hand in my crack. He fingered me a bit, but not much. Good thing I had this mornings activities to get me loose or I was about to be in serious pain. After he was done fingering me, slapped my ass very hard. Then he put his left hand on my hip and inserted his giant cock into my boy pussy. “Ooo, you’re already loose, somebody’s been playing this mornin’.”, Mr. Kase said. “Oh yeah, you’ll take this cock just fine. Won’t ya boy.”, he continued as he slipped his massive pole inside me.

After getting his tip in he took it right back out and did that a few times. Then he put it in a final time, followed by putting his right hand on my shoulder. Holy fuck his cock was huge, it’s still the biggest I’ve ever had to this day. He was working it in my ass not hesitating to try and go deeper and deeper. He smacked my ass with a few very hard slaps. “Ah”, I wailed out with each connection. He almost had it all the way in and began giving me long, steady thrusts. I didn’t figure Louis would be so damn rough. Like he was hate fucking me or something.

I grabbed ahold of the desk as well as I could. I knew he was going to end up plowing me before long. He grunted and groaned with each push into my ass. His contents of his desk shuffled each time too. And the desk itself sounded like it had been through this before as it made cracking sounds. Mr. Kase didn’t have much finesse with his motions, but he didn’t need it. His cock was so fucking huge that’s all I could’ve asked for.

He gripped tighter on my shoulder as he did what I expected. He sped up his thrusts into my ass with each push. Slapping my ass still here and there, hard. The thrusts got much harder too and the slapping became ass squeezing. As he got deeper in me with every push.

He eventually made it all the way in and at that point he was slamming into me, pounding my poor little booty hole. I could feel his pelvis land against my ass with every push. Smack, smack, smack, as he was ravaged me. I moaned and cried out, “Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me Loui! Harder!”. You could say I was into it now and knew what he wanted from me. He indeed liked that I felt his dick flex when I said it, he replied, “Oh yeah, you want it harder bitch? I’ll give it to ya harder. Take that, take that dick boy!”. He kept on drilling me and drilling me. Putting all his weight into each shove.

He let go of my shoulder and put both his hands on my hips. He kept pounding me, giving my ass hard slaps here and there again. “Who’s ass is that?”, he asked. “It’s yours daddy. That ass is all yours.”, I replied. “Yeah, yeah that’s my ass.”, he shouted as he gave me another hard slap. He kept pounding away at my booty hole and then he finally stopped. “Whew, I need a break. You do the work boy.”, he said walking over to his big leather couch, after pulling out.

Chapter 8

Closed Kase

He sat down looking exhausted, I followed him and climbed on his lap. He lifted me up a bit and sat me down on his cock. It slid right in and he relaxed. I started grinding on him as he pulled me in for a kiss. We made out for a second and we both laid our heads back. I started riding as he assisted in lifting me up, just a little off the base of his cock and let me back down.

I kept that up a little bit as it required almost no effort. It gave myself a chance at a sort of break to get my bearings. Then once I was ready I sat all the way down and lifted my legs up, placing my feet on the sides of him. I then started popping my ass for him on his horse dick, as I held the back of the couch.

I switched between popping and bouncing. Back and forth taking his entire large cock in my ass. He moaned and groaned as he squeezed my butt cheeks. “Oh yeah, good boy Jordan. Real good boy.”, Mr. Kase told me as I treated him to the ride of his life. “Yeah, you like that Louis? You like my boy pussy?”, I asked. “Oh yea, oh yeah I do! Give that ass to big daddy Louis.”, he said still squeezing and massaging my butt cheeks. I knew he liked it hard and rough so I gave him some hard landing bounces. His huge cock was as hard as a rock. I flopped all the way down on his cock and started grinding on him.

“Ah yeah baby. Get it, ride that cock.”, Mr. Kase cried. I kept on grinding my ass on him. His huge meat had made it’s home deep in my ass. The squishing sounds coming from my butt with the feelings I felt. Made it clear he was hitting my P spot. It felt exquisite to say the least. “Oh fuck yeah! Your cock is incredible daddy. Ah fuck.”, I cried out.That must have did the trick. Mixed with my warm booty cream I’d assume. “Oh god damn Jordan, I’m about to nut!”, Mr. Kase exclaimed.

I hurried and hopped off of his lap, pulling out his huge cock from my butt. I got to my knees on the floor. He stood up in front of me, putting his hand on the top of my head and jerked his dick with the other. I sat there, mouth open awaiting his load. I didn’t have to wait long. With a roaring growl he blew his load all over my face and in my mouth. “Ohhh yeaaah”, he shouted. He finished shooting his load and I swallowed the cum in my mouth and sucked his dick a minute. Until he couldn’t bare anymore pleasure. I was making sure I drained him dry of all his man gravy.

I then stood up as he sat down and I asked where the bathroom was. He told me, “Just down the hall to the right there Jordan.” I went to the bathroom and cleaned up myself and washed my face. When I went back to the office Mr. Kase had already gotten dressed and was counting out some money. I threw on my clothes as he stood up from the desk where he had been counting money and he gave me a fistful of cash. “Oh no Mr. Kase you don’t have to pay me. I enjoyed it as much as you did.”, I told him.

“No, no”, he replied, “I’ve got more than I know what to do with. Just take it. It’s also for the work you did for me.”, he explained. “Well, thank you. But mostly for the awesome dick.”, I replied as I kissed him on the cheek. “We’ll have to do this again sometime.”, Mr. Kase said. “Definitely”, I replied with a smile. “Well I’ll see you at work Monday, it’s getting late and I should go. My moms probably getting worried.”, I said. “You bet, see you and that sweet ass Monday Jordan.”, Mr. Kase told me as he smiled back at me. “Please call me Jordi, Loui. All my friends and lovers do.”, I replied walking to his office door. “Alright then. See you Monday, Jordi.”, he replied still smiling cheek to cheek. I smiled back and walked out the door, after blowing him a kiss.

I then went to my car and counted the money. It was a thousand dollars! My jaw dropped, I couldn’t believe it. I shoved the money in my pocket and drove home. What an insane fucking day. I normally only get to fuck a real person maybe 2 or 3 times a month. Other than that I just fuck my dildo’s. But today is far from the norm and definitely one to remember. I thought, as I drove home.

The rest of my night on the other hand was totally normal. I got home, ate a light dinner with my mom, and we talked about her day. I lied my ass off of course and fabricated an entire evening I supposedly had. After dinner I went upstairs to my room. I stashed the money Mr. Kase gave me in a shoe box at the top of my closet with old love notes from high school. I closed the closet and flopped down on my bed. I threw on some Netflix, had a few glasses of wine I keep in my night stand and eventually passed out.

Chapter 9

Join The Party

The next morning my mother was off work, so we went and ran a few errands. Grocery shopping, shoe shopping and ate lunch. We dropped off the groceries and she went to see her boyfriend Raymond. My friend Justin, Randy’s son called and wanted to hang out. I agreed and he came over for awhile. We polished off my bottle of wine and talked for thirty minutes. We watched tv and snacked on a fruit tray my Mom got at the grocery store. I couldn’t help but think about how his Dad fucked the shit out of me just yesterday.

Justin sat there eating fruit going on about some chick he wants to screw. And I literally sucked his Dad’s dick right next to where he was sitting. He’d probably hate us both if he knew. While I was still day dreaming on sucking My friend Justin’s Dad’s cock. Low and behold I got a call on my cell. And sure enough it was Randy.

Do I answer, or ignore it? “Whose that?”, Justin inquired. “Oh shit, it’s my boss.”, I said with quick thinking. “I gotta take this real quick”, I told Justin. I stepped into the kitchen and answered the phone.

“Hello?”, I said. “Hey Jordi, how’s it going?”, Randy asked, I peeked in the living room. Justin was sitting there eating more fruit, texting the girl he was going on and on about. “Pretty good”, I said, “A little rough this morning. But pretty good now. What’s up?”, I asked Randy. “Well, a group of friends and I are getting together tonight for a party. And I wondered if you might wanna join in on the fun?”, Randy asked me.

I thought, ‘damn I’m about to blow off one of my besties to hang out with his dad. My lover.’ “Sounds good. Let me change my clothes and I’ll text you back.”, I said. I didn’t want to slip out and say anything that might raise Justin’s alarm. We hung up and I went back into the living room. “Hey Justin, I gotta get going. My boss needs me to come in and help get tonight’s shipment ready to go. Sorry man.”, I told Justin, lying through my teeth. “No prob, I’m actually gonna go to this girl’s house and try and hit this pussy.”, he said. We chuckled a bit and said we’d see each other later.

I then hurried up to my room and took a quick hot shower. I got out the shower, dried off and put on one of my jock straps and one of my favorite outfits. I finished getting dolled up by doing my hair and even put on a small bit of make up and perfume. I then texted Randy and said I’m ready to go whenever. I went downstairs and sat on the couch.

About that time Randy texted back. ‘I’m ready, meet me outside.’ I went outside and locked the door. Randy came out of his half of the duplex moments later. We said hi and got in his car. “So who’s party is it?”, I asked as we backed out the driveway. “My friend Fredo, he throws one of these once a month.”, Randy told me. “Awesome”, I replied. I was ready to cut loose and have a good time. And celebrate my recent endeavors even. We drove to his friend Fredo’s house about 20 minutes east of our places, listening to some rock music Randy had. We finally pulled up and there’s a bunch of cars in the driveway. It’s a pretty big house, not as fancy as Mr. Kase’s house. But still pretty big like an older Victorian style house. We parked and started walking to the door. I knew something was off, there was no music. Or any sound at all really for that matter. It was a little troubling at first. We got to the door and Randy rang the door bell.

Chapter 10

Sex Party

Randy’s friend Fredo greeted us at the door. He was a really sexy mixed dude. Muscular with a few tattoos that I could see. “And who is this sexy young thing?”, Fredo asked. “This is Jordi, my friend I was telling you about.”, said Randy. “Ahh, I’ve heard great things about you Jordi. Well come in we’re just getting started.”, said Fredo. I didn’t see a single person in the house as we walked in, but heard many voices coming from somewhere.

We followed Fredo to a door. He opened it and I heard all sorts of talking and sounds. It was a basement. As we went through the door Randy turned to me and whispered. “ I hope you like this as much as I suspect you will”, he said with a grin. We walked down the flight of stairs into the fully renovated basement. It was very nice and had a new house smell to it. I turned the corner and saw all types of older men from different ethnicities, naked men. And a very expensive camera set up facing the room. And a camera on the floor beside it. All that was in the basement was a big brand new looking wrap around couch, a pretty large black wooden coffee table, fully stocked bar, those cameras and all the older naked guys.

I turned and looked at Randy, he said, “What ya waiting for?” As he started taking off his clothes. Fredo was the only one in the basement still clothed. So I walked over to him and asked, “So what’s going on? Are we like gonna be making porn down here or something? Because I’ve never done that before.” I was nervous as hell. And I was kind of getting upset that Randal didn’t let me know what he was getting me into.

Fredo said, “This is a sex party baby. We do this every month.” In an assuring and calming tone. He continued, ”And yes, we film it for internet and for our own viewing pleasure. Everyone will get a copy emailed to them.” Fredo started tinkering with his camera and I stood there watching in disbelief that this was happening. I watched as all the naked guys started kissing and pulling on each other’s cocks. I never would’ve thought I’d be in a porno before. Or an orgy porno at least.

“We’re rolling, let’s get this party started.”, said Fredo, as he stepped away from the big camera. He stripped off his clothes and picked up the other camera. “Don’t be shy Jordan we’re all friends here. Relax and enjoy yourself.” Fredo said as Randal and the other men started getting into it, sucking each other’s dicks. There was 14 men I believe, in total including Randal and Fredo.

Bottles of lube and toys were scattered about the room and on the big wooden coffee table. Butterflies in my stomach were running wild. I almost felt like leaving. I walked over to the bar and poured myself a few shots of Tequila. I watched for a few minutes as they all sucked one another off. And the more I watched, the more I was ready to join in.

Randal walked over to me, “Hey Jordi, if you uncomfortable doing this I can take you home. I just figured you’d be into it.”, Randy whispered to me with his arm wrapped around me. All the other guys over in the living area were still sucking each other’s dicks and playing around. “No, I’m into it. I’m just loosening up a bit.”, I replied. He kissed me on the cheek and walked back over to the couch. Randy sat down as a cute blonde guy started blowing him. I took one last shot and walked out from around the bar. ‘Screw it, you only live once’, I thought. I kicked off my shoes and got undressed.

Chapter 9

Sheep Amongst Wolves

I had got off my shoes, shirt, socks and pants when I noticed. All the eyes in the room were on me. All the guys down there we’re at least Randy’s age or older. And I’m sure they all knew each other. So I’m like the young, uninitiated forbidden fruit of sorts. They all said different things as I dropped my jock strap. Good things, dirty things. Fredo pointed the camera at me as I walked into the living area everyone was in.

A big black guy and two white guys approached me and started feeling on my body and kissing on me. The whole room was jerking their dicks watching. Fredo had the camera pointed right on me still. “Wanna suck this dick?”, the black fellow asked. I started making out with him and one of the white guys at the same time as the third guy pressed his cock up against my back and squeezed on my booty.

I dropped down to my knees running my hands down the two I was kissings bodies. I looked up at the three men shoulder to shoulder, dicks erect in my face. I started sucking the big black cock that was pointed directly at my face. I licked it and did my favorite moves to his tip as he pre-cummed in my mouth. I suckled his puffy dick head and stroked his big dong.

I’d say his cock was as big as Randy’s, but a bit more girth. I went an inch or two down on his dick and all the way off several times, building up his anticipation. Every time I went back down I went a little further. Until finally I was full on blowing him. “Ahh damn, yeah that’s it. Take it all the way in.”, the black man said to me as I slurped on his entire long cock.

Fredo was up close on me with his camera and the two white guys had their dicks right there too, awaiting my attention. And like a good bottom boy, I didn’t disappoint. The black guy was sweating pretty good, because I was putting it on him so well. So I jerked him off mostly for a bit. While I gave the white guys my all. I went back and forth sucking their hard cocks. I slowly tugged on the black guy and on one of the white guys. While I serviced the other white guy.

The two white dudes were pretty sexy daddy types. One was like the dad next door. Average build, hairy body, clean shaven, balding black hair. The other white guy was a little more built, blonde hair, blue eyes, not very hairy, and tan with a few tattoos. But they both had good cocks. Not crazy large, but still above average. It wasn’t long before I had them melting in my mouth too. I even got a little silly and tried sucking them both at once. Mostly for the camera and just to be able to say I did it.

It was like the more cock I sucked, the more the other guys started circling around me. Before I knew it I had every single penis in that basement dangling in my face. And I was up for the challenge. I made my way around the circle. Trying to give everyone a piece of my time and effort. It become less of an orgy and more of a gang bang it seemed. And pretty quickly too at that. I was sucking one cock, jerking one or two off at the same damn time nonstop. Fredo was even in the circle with his cock out, camera in hand.

There were short cocks, long cocks, fat cocks, skinny cocks and even a few uncircumcised cocks. The biggest was definitely either the black dude, Fredo or Randy. I even have a bigger dick then a few of the dicks surrounding me. Nevertheless I sucked my heart out, trying to please every single hard cock that was in that basement. I think I sucked on every penis and was working my way back around the circle now. The guys that didn’t have my attention were either beating off. Or beating each other off.

I made it to Fredo who was standing next to the black guy now. Fredo had an uncircumcised thick, long dick about the size of Mr. Kase’s horse cock. I started really blowing him off. Going down on him as far as I could without hesitation. Making myself gag on his thick shaft. Swallowing his meat to the best of my ability. My throat was already pretty warmed up from sucking on the black dudes dick before him and Randy. All three men are very well endowed. Not to mention Mr. Kase the day before.

Fredo was throat fucking me like Mr. Kase had. One hand on my head the other holding his camera. He held me down on his thick, vain bulging cock until I couldn’t breathe. I gave him one hundred percent of my attention, since he was filming. And since I really liked his huge cock. I was jerking and sucking only his cock. I sucked on his hard cock with all my skill too. Showing off for him and the camera. Then Fredo said, “How about you get on that table? Let us see what that ass does sexy.”

I took a quick look around the room at all the guys who stood there pulling on their junk. They were all smiles and I knew they weren’t really interested in each other anymore, at all really. They were only even jerking their own dicks now. Zeroed in on their target, me. They all wanted one thing, me and my young boy pussy.

Chapter 11

Cocks and Tail

I looked back at Fredo and the camera and gave a grin. I then turned around and pushed all the toys and lube off the table. Randal handed me a bottle of lube that fell. And I climbed up on the table in doggy position. “Hold up with that lube sexy”, the one Asian guy in the room said. He dropped to his knees behind me. I felt him grab and spread my butt cheeks, his tongue then touched my asshole.

He was eating my ass like it’d never been ate before, fingering me here and there. A guy I’m pretty sure was either Mexican or Indian came up to me and put his dick in my face. “You want this dick, don’t ya?”, he teased beating off an inch away from my face. “Oh yeah”, I said seductively. He took a step closer to me.

I suckled on his dick like a frozen treat while the Asian dude ate out my ass. I could feel my own pre-cum dripping from my dick as my asshole was getting tongued out. My cock was hard and I couldn’t be more horny as I got my asshole eaten like a cone of ice cream. It felt incredible and the Mexican guy must’ve known because it made me really turn on the heat while I sucked him off. “Ayyi wey”, he hissed.

I knew I was getting him going. He was speaking dirty to me in Spanish. Or at least it seemed dirty. “Fuck you’re gonna make me cum.”, he said backing away. He must not have wanted to bust his nut until he tried my asshole.

The Asian guy stopped and took the lube from me. He squirted some on my ass and massaged my butt with it. He fingered me a bit with his lube soaked hand before squirting some on his penis. I had my attention focused on the white guy that just shoved his cock in my mouth. I felt the Asian’s cock penetrate my butt. “Oooo”, I cried out, pulling off the cock in my mouth. I was fully prepared to get my fill of cock though. He started fucking me and about that time the commotion in the room really picked up. Everyone was loving the show as he started working my asshole. Everyone wanted a piece of me and wasn’t planning on waiting.

A few guys stayed up by my head wishing to have me suck them off. But most gathered around my ass. Fredo kept filming, going back and forth from me giving guys head to my ass getting dicked down. Every couple minutes a new guy was lubing up his meat and penetrating me. It was a few smaller and one good sized, dicked guys at first. Which I was so turned on it didn’t really matter. They all still felt great inside me at first. And they all had their own style of giving the dick. Some liked it rough and completely pounded my ass. Others were fairly gentle and made love to my booty. A few guys had their run at me. Then the large cock having black man got his shot at my butt.

Chapter 12

Sexual Chocolate

The African American fellow didn’t even lube up upon entering me. Truth be told, I already had a decently lubed up butt though. Still, he just stuck it in. Nice and easy, but deep as fuck. And without hesitation he tried working it in me all the way with harder thrusts.

He was also the most vocal thus far. “Fuck yeah pretty boy. Yeah, take all that big dick!” He said loudly as he got further in my guts. A little over half way in he finally squirted some lube on his cock. Thank god for that, because the man was hung and I needed some help, even with the lube I already had in and on my ass.

After he applied some lube he started long dicking me. Almost pulling all the way out before going back in. As he was fucking me silly. His cock made me feel drugged it was so good. The man was honestly giving me some of the best dick I’d ever had. He also had finesse, not just raw power. He knew how to fuck for sure. I was sucking off the Asian guy who ate my ass and penetrated me first. He came in my mouth, holding my head crying out as if he was getting dick. I swallowed his load. And he flopped down on the couch as another guy stepped up to have his dick sucked. ‘One down’ I thought to myself with pride. Making one cum boosted my confidence pretty good and I got more into it myself.

The black man began hammering into me at this point. With one hand spread square on my lower back. As he squeezed and slapped my booty with the other. “Take that dick bitch”, he said to me. I couldn’t even focus on the cock I was sucking anymore. The man was hitting my P spot and my butt started cumming. “Oww my gawd, oh fuck. Yes, yes, give it to me baby. Fuck yeah!”, I shouted.

Fredo had the camera in my face. “Yeah, cum on that big dick for me. Yeah, you like that big black dick. Huh bitch?”, the black guy said. He slapped my ass hard as fuck. “Ah”, I shouted, followed by a growl. “Ooooo, fuck yeah.”, I cried out. “Damn, take that dick pretty boy.”, Fredo said to me with a smile. The white guy whose dick I was supposed to be sucking got frustrated.

He grabbed my head with one hand and stuck his cock in with the other. “Suck that fuckin’ dick”, he said. Now I was getting my mouth and asshole plowed into with cock. Fredo was going back and forth getting shots of both. And even underside shots.

The white guy let me take control of the cock sucking. After he was through barreling into my mouth. He stood there resting his hand on my head. Letting me bob on his cock. I was sucking the his cock like it was the last cock on Earth. Slobbering all over it. Deep throating and suckling the head at times. I wanted to make him cum. The black man wasn’t holding anything back pounding away at my booty hole.

Chapter 13

It’s Raining Cum

I started getting more vocal still. I was having to stop sucking the dick again, here and there. Because the BBC in my ass still felt overwhelmingly amazing. Although, I believe I was putting more effort in the whole thing in general. The black dude had been pounding at my back door for a minute. The white guys cock I was sucking began face fucking me again. His grip on my head tightened and his cock stiffened. He then shot his warm semen in the back of my throat. I swallowed and he had me suck his cock clean. ‘Two down’, I thought to myself.

The black man squeezed on my ass cheeks as he fucked me from behind. After I sucked the white guy dry. He backed away and started fucking the Asian guy. And another stepped in his place. I started sucking his cock while the black dude kept on pounding my ass. Fredo had the camera behind me getting a shot of the action and he came up to me giving head. He was going back and forth filming everything the whole time. While he was recording me giving some head he asked, “How’s that cock, huh?” The guy pulled out of my mouth and held my head. “I love it”, I replied. The guy put his cock back in my mouth and continued face fucking me. “Yeah you do. Suck that cock pretty boy.”, said Fredo before returning behind me to film.

Once he did he asked the black guy who’s name I was about to find out. “How’s that tight young ass Raheem?”, Fredo asked the black man. “Phenomenal, I love me some young white ass.”, Raheem said. As if it was possible he started drilling me harder and harder. “Yeah get it. Fuck that white ass.”, Fredo said. Then all of the sudden out of nowhere. “Ah shit, I’m gonna fucking nut!” He exclaimed. His thrusts got much shorter and faster right before I felt his load fill my ass.

Raheem pulled out and a few other not so special cocks had their way with me. Blowing loads in my booty, in my mouth and on my face. A few guys even left after cumming. Raheem and a few others sat on the couch, talking and watching. Getting their dicks sucked by each other. The white guy was nutting in the Asian.

I had already made eight guys cum, only six to go with Randy and Fredo’s big cocks included. Fredo stepped up to my face and another guy stepped up to my booty. Fredo was still holding a camera that he’d been filming with. This time though he was getting a POV shot. I really wanted to show off my dick handling skills for the camera. The guy who was sticking his dick in me had some decent sized meat. It was the Mexican dude I was sucking off at the beginning. So that was the perfect addition to keep me horny as fuck while I tried my best to make Fredo blow his load.

The Mexican guy behind me didn’t hesitate at all to start plowing me. He held my hips and throwing my ass back into him as he thrusted at the same time. “Look at that ass shake papi. God damn puto! You got a nice ass for a white boy. Ah fuck yeah!”, the Mexican guy shouted as he drilled me, clapping my ass on his pelvis. He was pretty giving on the ass slaps too. Maybe he just wanted to see how red he could make my cheeks. Or he may have just liked watching my butt jiggle. While he tore my ass up I was hard at work with Fredo. Sucking his cock with all my skill.

I couldn’t really use a hand since the Mexican guy behind me was getting so rough. So I was trying my best to show some skill with my tongue. Fredo was super into it, he was groaning and moaning right from the start. His hands were busy with the camera. But he still gave me a few slow thrusts. He kept telling me how sexy I looked which were very welcome comments for my confidence.

Chapter 14

Familiar Cock

The Mexican guy behind me shortly seized up and blew a big, warm load in my butt. Nine down now, only five to go. Randy was ready to give it to me now. And I was itching for another big one to dig in my boy pussy. But he was done with the table. He asked the guys on the couch to move. They did and one got up and moved the big camera into position, in front of the couch. Randy sat down on the couch, “Come here baby”, he said. I stepped over to the couch and mounted him. I ever so slowly sat down on his giant, lovely cock. Even after all the dicks I’d taken. Randal’s dick felt amazing with a capital A. “Everybody hang back a second. I wanna get some good shots.”, Fredo told the other guys. I starting to feel worn out from all the dick I’d been experiencing. So for a bit I let Randy do all the work.

I held on the back of the couch for a bit. While he lifted me up and down on his fat cock. He had my ass cheeks spread open wide on his huge dong. And Fredo was down low getting a close shot of the action, like he had done with Raheem and I. After a little bit of that he must’ve wanted me to give him some love back. He gave my ass a hard smack and grabbed me by the waist. I leaned back and started bouncing off his lap. I switched it up between the bouncing to grinding every few bounces.

I put my hands on his strong, hairy chest. I kept bouncing, instead of just sitting there getting treated. Randy slid down on the couch and started thrusting back. He was pushing me into his thrusts by the waist. I almost felt challenged in a funny sense. So I stopped him and sat down all the way on his lap taking his cock all the way in. I lifted my knees off the couch and positioned my feet on the sides of him. Just like I’d done for Mr. Kase.

He kept his hands on my waist. And instead of getting pounded I was doing the pounding. Fredo moved around the side and got some reaction shots of us. “You like that?”, I asked Randy. He had an angry look on his face. “Aww, yeah baby. Get it, ride my cock.”, Randy replied.

I started slamming my ass down on his fat cock hard and fast. Well fast-ish compared to some of the guys who’d been fucking the hell out of me. “Ahhh get it baby. Ah yeah get it, get it baby!”, Randy said. I knew he was about to cum.

I kept on trying my best to make it happen. Unbeknownst to me Fredo had handed the camera off to a friend. Fredo sat down next to us and was jerking off. Another guy stopped him and started riding his cock. Soon after the 5th guy got behind me and stopped my riding. I was confused for a minute and started to pull Randy’s cock out of my butt.

“Stay right there”, the unknown guy said as I only had Randy about maybe an inch in me. The guy then stuck his dick in with Randy’s dick. This was my first double penetration. Randy’s cock is already big as fuck. So the struggle was real at first. The guy drizzled quite a bit of lube on their cocks. So that helped a lot.

We all fucked like we were for a minute. Randy held still as the other guy fucked me. Randy gave me a few thrusts here and there but not much. Fredo was getting his cock rode by the 5th guy. Fredo and the guy fucking him stopped getting busy soon after starting though. They got on both sides of me and put their dicks in my face. While the mystery man and Randy double teamed my ass.

I had a dick in each hand jerking. And was sucking both, switching between the two. It was a moan explosion. The guy who was riding Fredo was the next to cum as I sucked on his dick. I swallowed his jizz and turned my attention to Fredo. The other mystery guy and Randy both simultaneously came shortly after. The mystery guy pulled out. And blew his load on my lower back. Randy blew his giant load of cum into my ass. Who knows how much DNA I had in my anus by now.

Chapter 15

The Highly Anticipated Fredo

It was just Fredo and I left now and to be honest I’ve been looking forward to fucking Fredo. Everyone must’ve known what to do or something. Because they all got behind camera. Fredo laid down on the other end of the couch on his side. “Come here sexy, get comfortable with me.”, Fredo said to me. Tapping the couch in front of him.

I laid down in front of him. We kissed and tasted each other’s tongues. Meanwhile Fredo lifted my left leg and stuck his big fucking cock in me. Like I said before he’s no Mr. Kase but he’s extra large. Thicker then Randy and pretty much just as long. He lifted his left leg at an arch and hooked my leg behind his. He started smoothly and slowly fucking my ass.

He put his hand on my neck and squeezed ever so gently and whispered into my ear, “I wanted to be last. I’m gonna fuck you good pretty boy.” And he was. He felt incredible inside me. His big johnson curved to the left ever so slightly which made experiencing him that much better. The guy holding the camera was getting lots of angles, close ups of him working my asshole with his cock. Reaction shots of Fredo and I and wide shots of the entire ordeal.

I didn’t even have to fake my reaction like most porn stars do, I feel like. Or at least I didn’t have to try and sell it. I was lost in the feeling he was giving me and being on camera got me even hotter it seemed. Everyone watched who was still in the room, as Fredo fucked me from behind.

He went at me from the side for a little while. And was practically full on choking me by the time we switched positions. But he couldn’t quite get all the way inside me. “Ride my cock”, he whispered. I got up after he pulled out and he laid on his back. I got on him reverse cow girl and he penetrated me with his dick. I bounced and rode him for several minutes. I started fast out the gate taking his meat in my ass with long strokes. He held my ass and waist at different times. “Ride that cock”, Fredo said. “You like that. You like that thick booty?”, I asked. “Oh fuck yeah”, shouted Fredo. If I were to touch my own dick I’d cum, no question.

Lucky for me it didn’t take long before he was ready to do the same. “Get up sexy, I wanna bust on that pretty face!”, he said. I got off him and dropped to my knees. The camera guy got in close for the cum shot. He jacked off for just a moment and blew a huge load all over my face and in my mouth. I was jerking my own dick and came shortly after he exploded on my face.

After he came the camera guy got a close up of my face and asked to get a shot of my ass. I bent over for him and smooched my butt hole for the camera. After that Fredo said, “Cut, that’s a wrap.” There was a little hollering in almost a cheering fashion. I got lots of compliments, hugs, and kisses from the guys and they all told me they hoped I come back. I teased and told them, “I might, if you’re lucky.” We all got dressed and people started leaving.

Randy and I were almost the last ones to leave. On our way out we told Fredo goodbye. We made our way for the door and Fredo stopped me. He whispered in my ear as he gave me a big strong hug, “If you ever want to hook up with no one watching. Feel free to hit me up.” He slid a piece of paper in my pocket and gave me a soft kiss. “Sure thing”, I said.

Randy drove me home, we talked about what just went down. Sharing our highlights with each other. He told me how glad he was I came. “Me too”, I said. We made it home and it was about 1am. He kissed me and said, “I hope you had fun baby”. “Ya know, I really did Randy. I really did, I’ll see you soon.” I said giving him a goodnight kiss as I squeezed on his junk. We said goodnight and went in our respective sides of the duplex.

My mom and her man were on the couch watching some movie. I went in and locked the door before heading for the kitchen for a bottle of water. On my way out of the kitchen as I began to head upstairs my Mom said, “Long night honey”. “You have no idea”, I replied. We said goodnight and I went to my room. I checked the piece of paper Fredo gave me, it was his number. I sexted him for a bit, we told each other how much we wanted to do it again. Except just us and no one watching. And how much we liked one another. But I eventually told him goodnight, I was tired as hell. I took a shower and put on a movie, eventually falling asleep.

Chapter 16

Studying Hard

I woke up the next morning surprisingly not as destroyed as I thought I’d be. I laid in bed and watched tv awhile relaxing from the last few days of smashing I’d had. Daydreaming of the many dicks I’d sucked and fucked. ‘What an insane two days’, I thought to myself as I lay there. I couldn’t relax too long though. I had to work today and get some studying done at the library.

So I got up and got dressed. I did a little yoga and grabbed some fruit and a water on my way out the door. I went to work and had a good normal day, nothing out of the ordinary. I almost hoped to see Mr. Kase, but he wasn’t in that day. I left work and went straight to the library at my school. There’s several large tables there to study at. So I sat down at one and started hitting the books hard. It was nice and quiet, peaceful even. There was hardly anyone there, so I could really focus.

After a few hours of studying, my math teacher Mr. Dryson saw me and came up to me. He sat down next to me, “How are things going Jordi? You getting a lot done today?”, he asked. “Oh hey Mr. Dryson. Yeah, I want to be fully prepared for the first test this semester. So I’ve been hitting the books pretty hard.” There was a few seconds of silence as I looked back at my book and continued reading. Mr. Dryson put his arm around my chair and leaned in to look at my notes. Or at least so I thought.

“I hope you study as hard as you fuck”, he whispered. I looked at him in shock, I bet my face was ghost white. “What do you mean?”, I asked. “Well a porn site I’m subscribed to posted a new video this morning. ‘Pretty Boy Gang Bang’, I believe was the title. And I’m almost 110% sure you’re the star.”, he said gazing into my eyes. I mean it’s not like I could get in trouble with the school by doing what I did. And Mr.Dryson and I are pretty cool. So I figured what the hell, I’ll own up to it. To me it seemed he liked what he saw, never would’ve figured he was gay though.

“Oh you saw that. Yeah I went to a party it ended up being a sex party. I had no idea and just played along, figuring it was an orgy. Which would’ve been a first for me. But I was the youngest and most tempting in the room, I suppose. So yeah, as you saw it turned into a gang bang. Which was a first for me also. And besides all that I never shot a porno before, so that too was a first. I never thought my teacher would see it. Or like it for that matter.”, I told Mr. Dryson. “I loved it”, he said. “Never figured you for the gay type”, I replied. “Well after my divorce, I started being more adventurous with my sex life.”, he said as he leaned closer.

“So what do you think about getting some extra credit done?”, he asked, putting a hand on my thigh. I smiled and was totally flattered. “That sounds good, it’d be nice to get a leg up this semester. Or two.”, I said as I put my hand on his crotch. Call me a slut, but Mr.Dryson is a stud.

Mr. Dryson has the big dick too. I never would’ve thought in my wildest dreams I knew so many well endowed guys. Let alone handsome guys with such big cocks that wanted to screw me. Using my hand copping a feel of his manhood, Mr. Dryson bit his bottom lip. He hissed taking in a breath as I did so. “How about we go to my classroom? I don’t have any lessons the rest of the day.”, he said. “I’ve got a better idea. How about you tutor me in the library.”, I said.

My school has a huge library and there was practically nobody there. I felt like we had less chance of getting caught there than his classroom. “But where?”, he asked with a chuckle. I took my hand off his cock, “Follow me”, I said.

Chapter 17

Extra Credit

I packed up my books and binder in my backpack and we snuck off into the library. I took him up a few flights of stairs to the nature and wild life section. I’ve never seen anyone there. We went to the very back corner at the end of the double wide bookshelves. He leaned his back against the ends of the bookshelves and I undid his pants. I dropped to my knees and pulled his large dong out of his boxers.

Mr. Dryson is sexy, really sexy for a teacher. He’s probably early 50’s if I had to guess. Dark hair and a 5 o’ clock shadow beard. He has a few tattoos on his arms and he dresses really well, always nice suits. As soon as I whipped out his long, fat cock and put it in my mouth. He put both his strong hands on my head. As I started to blow him.

I sucked his large cock like a popsicle as cliche as that sounds. Starting with lots of tongue action, I licked his dick up and down. Putting my tongue as flat as possible on his meat to cover as much area as I could. Then licking up to the top I flicked his tip with my tongue. I put the mushroom head in my mouth and suckled, just like a popsicle. Stopping here and there gazing into his eyes as I jerked on his stiff cock. “I love your cock Mr. Dryson. The bigger the better.”, I said to him as I jerked on his huge man meat. I put his tip back in my mouth and sucked it a bit more before surprising him with deep bobs on his shaft as I still worked the bottom. I played with his balls in my other hand and kept sucking. Being gagged by so many large dicks this weekend, I grew fond of it. And it was easier in all.

So I stopped what I was doing with both hands and gripped his hips as I shoved his cock down my throat. I went as far as I could until I gagged a bit. His hands still on my head I held myself down, choking on his fat penis. I gave a few long bobs again and then held myself all the way down on his base again. Gagging myself in utter arousal. He either had enough and just wanted to fuck me or couldn’t take it and was about to cum.

Either way he was done with the head and wanted my ass. He pulled my head away and offered me his hands to help me up. I swallowed to clear as much pre-cum out of my mouth that I could as I got up. I took off my pants, briefs and shoes after standing and tossed them in the corner.

He was checking down a few aisles, making sure nobody heard the noise of me gagging and sucking his dick. The coast was clear like I had figured it would be. He came back to me and pulled me close to him. We started making out, wrestling each other with our tongues. Mr. Dryson is a very good kisser. He squeezed on my ass with both hands as we swapped spit.

He stopped for a second and stuck his middle and ring fingers in my mouth. He then reached behind me as we proceeded to make out more and he circled my hole with his fingers. He started fingering me and I jerked on his dick a bit. After a little bit of warming each other up and some excellent kissing, he grabbed me just below the butt cheeks and lifted me up.

Chapter 18

Teacher’s Pet

‘Oh fuck yes’, I thought. I always wanted a top to do this to me. Hold me up in their arms as we fuck. He then spun me around placing my back against the end of the bookshelves. He leaned me back a bit creating an angle to penetrate me. He got his dick in and pulled me back against him, chest to chest. He lifted me up and down on his cock as we started making out again. I couldn’t get the whole dick this way. But nonetheless, being in public at the library, no less. Having sex with my teacher was hot as it is. We kept up with it for awhile. He was lifting me and dropping me back down on his meat while I tasted his tongue.

Mr. Dryson eventually grew tired, which was fine with me. I had been ready to feel him all the way inside me. He pulled out and let me down. I turned and bent over against the ends of the bookshelves using my hands for support. He had other ideas. He took off his tie and took my hands down, pressing my face against the ends with his hand after. He then tied my hands up with his tie. After which he spit on his cock, rubbed it in and stuck his dick back in me.

Once he got his tip in he spit on his cock again and started thrusting. He held me, one hand on my tied hands and one on my shoulder. He didn’t hold back with his thrusts. He was starting to pound me. I got a little paranoid for a second thinking someone would hear the clapping sounds of his pelvis striking my booty cheeks. Or the sound of his cock entering and exiting my booty hole.

But I eventually just didn’t give a fuck. Because it was so good. He slammed his cock into me with big jabs and threw in a few fast reaction thrusts here and there as my booty met his pelvis. He kept it up for awhile, tearing into my ass like he owned it. I loved every second of it.

His dick stiffened and he pulled out pushing me to the ground by the shoulders. He followed me and got on his knees as he pushed my chest to the floor. I made as good of a inverted arch with my back as much as I could. He lifted his left leg placing it beside me and began plowing into my booty hole again. Hard, hard thrusts almost as if he was mad or releasing built up stress and tension.

He fucked me in that position a little while. It took everything in me to be quiet, as I’m sure it was the same for him. Until he nutted in me that is, he made a bit of noise. Which didn’t matter too much.

After he came he quickly untied my hands and we both got dressed in a hurry. I kissed him good bye and said, “I’ll catch you later sexy”, We were both ready to flee the scene I’m sure. He grabbed me by the face and gave me a hard smooch, “You bet Jordan”, Mr.Dryson said. We left a few minutes apart as not to be suspicious. I left the library got in my car and went on home.

Chapter 19


It was starting to get dark outside on my way home. I smiled the whole drive in disbelief of what just occurred. At the library and the entire weekend. I just got fucked by my math teacher, how crazy is that. I was just a few miles away from my house. I wasn’t paying the best attention to my driving. Because my mind was still focused on Mr. Dryson and his huge cock. Next thing I know, red and blue lights start flashing behind me. It was the police. “Shit”, I said as I began pulling my car over.

I stopped the car on the side of the road and got my license and insurance card ready. I looked in my mirror as the policeman started approaching my car. He was about my height, but very muscular. He came over and shined his flashlight in my car. “License and registration, please.”, he asked politely. “Here ya go”, I replied handing him my stuff. He was an older gentleman about Mr. Dryson’s age if I had to guess. Very muscular as I said and black crew cut hair and a classic cop mustache. “Do you know why I pulled you over today?”, the policeman asked. “No sir”, I replied. “You rolled through that stop sign right back here at the intersection.”, he told me. “Oh crap, I’m sorry officer.”, I said. “It’s alright, just sit tight for me.”, the officer said walking back to his squad car.

I sat there for a little while scrolling on my phone, awaiting his return. I heard his car door close. He approached my window, “ Alright, here’s the deal pretty boy. I’m gonna let you off with a warning this time, okay.”, the officer said handing back my license and insurance card. “Oh man, thank you officer. It won’t happen again. I don’t know what got into me.”, I said to the officer. He grinned, “Oh I got a few ideas”, he said adjusting his belt. “You do?”, I said with a chuckle.

“Oh sure”, he said, “I think about, how many was it. Fourteen cocks.”, the officer said leaning over on my window. I knew I must’ve been blushing. “You saw that?”, I asked the officer. “Oh yeah I did. I’m a huge fan.”, the officer said. “You free tonight?”, he asked. I chuckled, “Actually yeah”, I told him. “Well my shift is about over. What’d a you say we go to my place and I can give you a few pointers on driving a stick?”, he asked me. “I’d hate to see you getting any tickets.”, he said. “Sounds good, I’d hate to keep getting run in’s with the law. Unless it’s you of course.”, I said to the officer in a sweet tone. “Great, here’s my address. I’ll meet you there in 30 to 45 minutes.”, he said.

He walked back to his squad car and drove off. I laughed out loud, “What in the fuck is going on with this weekend.”, I said to myself as I entered his address in my phone. I started my car and drove to his house about fifteen minutes away. I pulled up to the address. It was a pretty nice, smaller house. The officer hadn’t arrived yet. So I turned on my radio and scrolled on my phone, looking for my porn debut. Not too long later and the officer came pulling up in a really nice car, a Malibu I think.

He got out the car, “Hey, you made it. Come on in.”, he told me making his way to the front door. I turned off my car and got out, following him in his house. “Make yourself at home. There’s stuff to drink in the fridge. I’m gonna shower really quick.”, he said as he started unbuttoning his uniform. “Awesome, thanks”, I replied.

I walked in the kitchen and grabbed a water as he entered the bathroom. I sat on the couch, sipped my water and watched my porn. I was impressed with my own cock taking and head skills. My dick got hard and I was getting horny as fuck. I kept watching the porn until it was almost over. Then I decided fuck it. I stripped down and went in the bathroom where the officer was.

Chapter 20

Dropping Soap

The room was full of steam. I could see his chiseled bod through th clear glass. It smelled great like lavender and mint. “Can I join you?”, I asked closing the door behind me. He cracked the door open and looked me up and down. “Of course, get in here sexy. The waters warm.”, he said. I got in the shower and he immediately embraced me, feeling all over my body.

I held him and ran my hands down his back feeling his muscular body. He is definitely the most fit guy I’ve ever seen naked in real life. I knew he was going to destroy my ass. And hoping he’d be a more loving type. Then as I looked down I got a glimpse of the goods. There it was, the holy grail of cocks. A slightly stiff foot long dick! It was impressive and the girth was incredible. “Holy fuck”, I said as I grabbed ahold of it and started pulling on it. “You like that dick baby”, he said. I barely even heard him I was so stunned. I automatically dropped to my knees. He turned the shower head away and I grabbed his cock with my other hand.

Even with both hands on his cock it still hung out of my grip. He was completely shaved and his cock had a beauty mark on it, a mole if you will. I put his tip in my mouth and started sucking. I damn near had to open my mouth completely wide open just to get it in I felt like and I could barely even suck it. “Hold on one second sexy”, he said pulling his cock out my mouth. He got out of the shower and hurried out of the room.

I sat there and he came back with some lube. I was so fucking horny and ready to fuck I didn’t even want to give him anymore head. I got up and bent over with my hands on the wall. “Your ready aren’t ya sexy”, he said to me as he got back in the shower. “Mmmhmmm, gimmie that cock big boy.”, I said. He closed the shower door and squirted some lube on his cock. He rubbed it in and took the hand he rubbed the lube in with and put his large finger in me.

“Oh you’re ready”, he said in a surprised tone. ‘Yeah because I just fucked my math teacher’, I thought. He squeezed out a little extra lube on his cock and started sticking it in my ass. He eased his huge cock nice and slow in my ass ass he gripped my hips. I moaned uncontrollably, “Ohhhh yes, ah yea that’s good. Fuck you’ve got a huge cock.”, I said in between my moaning. “It’s on even fully hard yet. Just you wait.”, he told me.

I could tell he was only working his cock in me a little bit at a time. I was grateful and loving every second of it. He soon got his dick worked all the way in. And was giving me easy pumps off of his pelvis. His humongous cock grew harder and harder with every insertion into my ass. His thrusts got a little harder, but I didn’t mind by that point. I had already grown accustomed to his large man meat. Unfortunately the water began to grow cold. Just as the sex was getting great.

He pushed all the way inside of me and leaned his head up to my ear. He licked my ear and said, “Let’s take this in the bedroom.” He pulled out and turned off the shower. I then followed him into his bedroom where a huge California king sized bed awaited us. I walked in the room and climbed up on the bed as he squeezed some more lube on his dick. I got in doggy style position and awaited his cock. He threw two pairs of hand cuffs on the bed, but just left them there.

Chapter 21


“Oh my god you have a sexy ass.”, he said putting his hands on my booty. I winked my butthole at him and he then penetrated me. He went right back to being gentle with me, giving me nice and easy thrusts into my ass. He squeezed on my booty meat as he pushed into me. His thrusts and cock grew even harder. “Oh fuck yeah, give it to me officer.”, I yelled. “Give it to me, fuck that ass.”, I yelled. “It’s Officer Holden, you got that.”, He hollered grabbing his cuffs. “Get up by that head board.”, he demanded.

I did as I was told and he cuffed my hands to two of the several wooden poles in the middle of the head board. “Now take this dick bad boy, yeah, take it.”, he hollered slamming his cock in my ass. He wasn’t holding back now. He was tearing into me with his huge pole. The entire bed was shaking, because of how powerful he was ramming his dick in me.

I held on to the head board as tight as I could. Even though he was savagely fucking me like a prisoner. I was enjoying it to the fullest. “Uggoohhh yea, I’ll be a good boy officer Holden. I swear, I’ll be a good boy. Ahh fuck.”, I screamed as he banged me like a drum. “Oh fuck yeah, you’re gonna make me cum!”, he hollered. ‘Already’, I thought. “Cum in me daddy, do it. I wanna feel your hot sperm shoot inside me!”, I cried out. He groaned like he was having a heart attack and then released a huge load in my ass.

He kept fucking Me slowly. Giving me a few hard jerking thrusts as he shot a few more drops of cum in my butt. He stopped, pulled out his cock and slapped me on the ass with it. I squeezed the cum out of my ass and it dripped on the bed. Officer Holden got up and grabbed the keys to the hand cuffs. “You’re free to go”, he said as he released me from the cuffs.

I got up and went back in the restroom to get as much cum out of my ass as possible. Officer Holden cane in and asked, “That was great sexy. You want to stay the night?”. “I would, but I can’t. I got a lot to do tomorrow. But maybe another time.”, I replied. “Sounds good”, he said without any hesitation and a smile on his face. We both got dressed and he walked me to the door. We exchanged numbers and kissed one another good bye. Then at the same time we said, “Good night”. We both sort of laughed about it. I got in my car and drove home.

Chapter 22

To Be Continued?

I got to my house and my mother was already asleep. I closed and locked the door and went up to my room. Once I got there I thought about the amazingly erotic and sex filled weekend I had just experienced. I wanted to remember it forever. So I pulled out my laptop and here we are.

I typed this now, so I could remember every detail. I don’t know if I’ll ever have such another wild weekend in my life. But I’m sure glad it happened. I got fucked by eighteen guys in seventy two hours. I don’t know about you, but to me that’s ridiculous. I’ve only had a few lovers here and there. And lots of sex toy playtime. But the biggest cocks I’ve ever experienced were during this weekend. And the most sex I’ve had without question.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my sexual encounters. And who knows maybe you saw my video on the internet. If so, I hope you enjoyed that as well like Mr. Dryson and Officer Holden did. Who knows maybe next weekend will be a cock filled adventure too. There’s a good chance considering all the new lovers I’ve met. I doubt this is the last time I hear from them.

Anyway before I start rambling on and on. I just want to thank you for reading. I really hope I got some cocks hard out there.



Jordi Hartlind

The End

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