Paying For It

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Kevin was tied semi-upright, stretched out, his legs about three feet apart, his arms raised, shackled to chains that hung from the ceiling. He could only move his head, guaranteeing no relief for his tired body for the next hour or so, or at least until the latest client had finished with him.

A cool breeze brushed over his naked body. Since he’d started working, he’d been back in this room at least once, more often twice, a week. He’d had to entertain clients, regardless of their particular preferences, for an hour at a time.

His employer let him take a cut of his earnings and provided all the equipment and treated Kevin like a friend. He was pulling in a couple of hundred a week at least. People, his employer had said with a wry smile, would pay over the odds for a pretty young man who would do anything.

Now he was awaiting the latest client. He had been warned of the agenda for this evening; there was a vicious, two-tongued whip lying on the bed behind him, and he was stretched out, powerless. He could scream all he wanted; no-one would come to his aid.

The door opened, making him shiver. The client, an older man, muscular and heavy-set, wasted no time with pleasantries. He just locked the door. Kevin could hear him getting undressed and the heavy thump of jeans as they hit the floor.

He walked around in front of Kevin again, making sure that Kevin got a good look at his big, heavy cock, already stiffening at the thought of what he had planned. He smiled at the captive young man, then walked around behind him. Kevin didn’t even hear him pick up the whip, but he sensed that something was happening. He tensed up, but nothing could prepare him for the pain of the leather slicing into his flesh. He arched his back and screamed, unable to even try to twist out of the way.

The other man drew back his arm again and brought the whip around with all his strength. The two leather tongues bit into Kevin’s soft back, exploding in a fine spray of blood as they sank into his flesh. The other man drew back, paused for a second, then swung the lash again. Kevin tried to twist free of his restraints, but all that happened was the leather straps bit harder into his wrists and ankles.

He could feel blood running like fire down his back and started to beg for mercy, but the other man only came round to his front. He eyed Kevin critically. Kevin dropped his eyes, not daring to meet the stranger’s challenge, the pleas still escaping his lips in hoarse, choking sobs.

The other man drew his arm back. All Kevin could do was to turn his head away as the whip came down, again and again, barely giving him time to draw breath between the vicious strokes.

After about ten minutes, the other man seemed to tire of his sport and dropped the whip. Walking up to Kevin, he cupped the sobbing young man’s chin in his hand and lifted his head up. Kevin looked at him with red, tear-filled eyes. He’d never imagined such pain could exist. His entire body was burning.

‘You are pretty, aren’t you?’ the other man said. It was the first time Kevin had heard him speak and, through the haze of pain, he thought he recognised him. Was it possible that this was an old customer?

‘Don’t look like that. I’m not going to kill you.’ Laughing, the other man turned away. Kevin heard him walk up behind him and tensed as the other man’s hands gently but firmly settled over his hips. He could feel the hot, dry length of his cock pressed up to his skin. The other man pushed his lips to Kevin’s neck and shoulders, lapping at the spray of blood and sweat that glistened on his skin.

The older man’s fingers slowly began to work around, between Kevin’s thighs, cupping his balls and rubbing the base of his cock. Kevin felt himself stiffen at this unaccustomed gentle touch and groaned, despite himself, pushing back into the other man. The hand withdrew, leaving Kevin panting, his cock fully hard and trembling.

He heard the other man spit into his hand and felt his fingers gently probe at his asshole. Kevin, too weak to even think about resisting, didn’t move as first one finger then another was pushed into him. It was only when the hot, slimy head of the other man’s cock was pushed right up against him that he began to moan, pleading with him not to do it, not to hurt him.

His words had no effect. Kevin carried on moaning, only half-serious now as he guessed that this was just what the other man wanted out of his unwilling victim. The head of the other man’s cock was pushing harder against him; Kevin felt the popping sensation of rough penetration, and the sudden stab of pain up into his gut. He groaned and twisted on the stranger’s cock, still begging, but the other man’s hands were on his hips, dragging him back onto his wide cock.

Kevin couldn't resist.

In just moments, the man’s cock was deep inside him. Kevin could feel the heat of it, but there wasn’t much he could do except stand there and hope that this wouldn't take much longer. There was only half an hour left of their session; maybe the client would just shoot his load and leave. Kevin knew from experience that the clients rarely bothered to extend the session to enjoy him longer like this. Very few of them actually went for more than ten minutes. That’s why the sex was usually the last thing to happen, why what passed as foreplay to these bastards was all-important.

The man began thrusting hard into him. Kevin gritted his teeth to stop himself whimpering or moaning as the man’s cock tore at his flesh. After a few minutes, the pain began to ease and he could breathe again. The other man was biting at Kevin’s shoulder, but a few love bites were nothing to him. A love bite very rarely left a scar.

The other man was pushing harder now, and, as Kevin relaxed, he began to pick up a rhythm, the head of his cock burying itself deeper in Kevin’s bowels with every savage thrust. Kevin was groaning now, and making no effort to silence himself. His body still burned from the lashing, but his cock was still hard and being fucked fast and deep like this was only arousing him further.

He could feel the orgasm building in the pit of his stomach and began moving slightly to meet the other man’s thrusts. Hands were around his neck, half-choking him, as the pounding only increased.

Suddenly, something inside Kevin snapped. Arching his back, he let out a low moan, shuddering as his cock jerked, shooting streaks of cum over the floor. His convulsions must have pushed the other guy over the edge, for he shoved himself in as far as he could and let go. Kevin didn’t feel the other man’s semen shooting up into his bowels, but he did feel him shudder as he emptied himself, and then pull out.

Kevin stayed there for a moment, panting, trying to recover, hanging against the straps because his knees were too weak to take him any more. The other man was still behind him.

The other man hadn’t finished. He slid one finger into Kevin’s asshole, well stretched and lubricated with his cum, and began gently rubbing him.

Kevin groaned, enjoying this, and his cock, though it was still dripping thick white semen, began to harden again. His abuser pushed three fingers into him, pushing in and out, trying to loosen him up.

Kevin stiffened as the man withdrew, then tried to force his clenched fist into him. He tilted his head back and squeezed his eyes closed as the pain became more and more insistent as first one, then another knuckle, was pushed hard into him.

Suddenly, the man gave a hard shove. Kevin screamed and tried to twist away, sobbing in agony, but the other man grabbed his shoulder and pushed down, forcing his fist further up inside the stretched and bleeding ring of muscle. The broadest part of his fist was almost inside him now, not that Kevin could know that. He hung against his restraints, praying through bitten and bloody lips that it would soon be over. He could feel the semen trickling down the inside of his thigh, but he would have gladly traded many other nights of the normal abuse just to get out of this.

With a sudden surge, the man’s fist was inside him. Kevin almost passed out from the pain, but then it was over, leaving behind just a burning sensation. He stood there, panting, though his knees threatened to buckle at any second.

The man began to pump his fist back and forwards, slowly at first, but gradually pushing deeper and deeper into Kevin’s bowels until the young man’s screams became a single long howl of agony. Suddenly, the man stopped and made to withdraw. Kevin, crying now, instinctively tightened his torn muscles around the man’s wrist. The man, not caring what damage he’d done the young man, pulled out. Kevin screamed again.

The man squared up behind Kevin and pushed his cock head up against him. Kevin felt it enter him in one smooth thrust, but his muscles were so stretched that he could offer no resistance.

‘You feel just like a woman,’ the man grunted into Kevin’s ear.

He clamped his hand over Kevin’s mouth and started fucking him. Kevin could taste blood, sweat and semen, and tried in vain to either bite or spit out the foul taste. It didn’t take long; though the other man had shot his load only half-hour before, he was soon groaning and writhing into Kevin’s back, biting at his shoulder as his cock jerked, shooting threads of semen deep into the young man’s guts.

He eventually pulled out, letting Kevin breathe again, and slapped him hard across the rump. Kevin whimpered.

Kevin stayed, hanging against the chains, listening to the other man get dressed. After a few minutes, he heard footsteps and the key turning in the lock. The door opened, then closed again. Kevin stayed there, not daring to move.

After about ten minutes, he began to yank at his bonds, trying to free himself, but his muscles, stretched as they were after being suspended for over an hour, were too weak and struggling only made red-hot pain lace across his broken body. He had no choice but to stay there and hope that his employer would come to cut him down soon.

He’d lost all bowel control and now blood and semen dribbled down his legs in a slow, thick stream. He could feel a hot, searing pain spreading across his gut, and hoped desperately that he wasn’t too badly injured.

His eyes had slipped half-closed by the time he heard the door open again. He was too exhausted to even lift his head

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