Such is life 2 (edited to comply with new policy)

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As I woke up that next morning I realized that I had quite a few messages from Miss Roberts. They were all pictures of her fucking herself as she watched porn. It took every ounce of energy I had to keep from touching myself. I started sending her a bunch of selfies and undressed as I took them. I then sent them all to her.

Miss Roberts: omfg! U r driving me so crazy!

Me: I want to fuck u so bad Miss Roberts! Your pussy feels so good!

Miss Roberts: oh god I love how your massive cock feels deep inside of me

Me: I'm going to fuck you so hard tonight

Miss Roberts: mmmmmmm make it hurt baby

Me: fuck I'm so hard for you right now!

Miss Roberts: my pussy is so wet and aching for your cock! God I can't get over how huge it is!

Me: I can't get over how tight u r! I never knew an older woman could be so tight!

Miss Roberts: I've never had a cock that big inside of me

Me: god I can't wait till tonight!

Miss Roberts: neither can I I want u so fucking bad!

After a while we stopped sexting and I went and completed my chores. After that I helped my mom clean the house really good so she didn't have to do a thing. I mowed the lawn, cleaned the pool, garage and my room. This was a very normal ritual for me. Later that night, I went to the hotel a little early. I was hard and ready for more of my sexy little teacher. She wasn't there yet so I stripped down and laid on the bed, stroking my cock to keep it hard and ready for her. I was sitting up with my back against the head board. As I sat there my phone rang.

"Hey sexy." I said.

"Hey, please tell me you are on your way to the hotel baby, I really, really rrrreally need your cock right now, it's all I can think about." Miss Roberts said.

"How close are you?" I asked.

"I'm about five minutes away." She said.

"I'm already here." I said.

"Oooooohhhh god! In the room?!" She asked.

"Yes I'm sitting on the bed right now." I said.

"Hhhhok, are you naked?" She asked.

"Yes, and my dick is really hard and ready for you." I said.

"Fuck, if I don't make it in the next minute, it's because I'm speeding and got pulled over." She said.

"It's ok, I'll still be hard and throbbing for you when you get here." I said.

"Oh my god you make so fucking wet baby." She half moaned.

"So are you stroking your massive cock thinking about me?" She asked.

"What do you think?" I asked as I very slowly stroked myself.

"I think you are, just don't start without me baby. I'll be there in a minute or so." She said.

I sat there anxiously awaiting her arrival. After almost two minutes I heard the key card enter the lock. I stood up and walked toward the door and waited. She opened the door and walked in. Once she saw me standing there with my cock standing at attention, she gasped and slid her hand between her legs and shut the door. She grabbed the do not disturb sign and put it in the outside of the door. She shut it and looked at me.

"Oh my fucking god you are so fucking hhhhot!" She said as she walked towards me.

She walked up to me and immediately started to kiss me hard as she wrapped her little hand around my cock and started stroking me slowly. I started to undo the belt she had on holding her long coat closed as we kissed. She pushed me back into the bed as she smiled. She started to unbutton her coat and and opened it.

"I'm all wet and ready for you baby." She said as she open her coat and slid it off of her shoulders slowly dropping it to the floor.

"Oh my fucking god Miss Roberts!" I moaned as I stared at her naked sexy body.

"You like?" She asked.

I didn't say another word. I stood up and walked to her and immediately kissed her hard as I slid my hand onto her drooling pussy. I slid my finger inside of her making her moan into my mouth. I turned her around and broke the kiss. I picked her up and threw her on the bed. She squealed as she was thrown. She sat up and spread her legs really wide and rubbed her pussy. I grabbed her legs and pulled her to where her ass sat on the edge of the bed. I leaned down and slid two fingers deep inside of her as she rubbed her clit in fast circles. I dropped to my knees and launched an all out tongue and lip assault on her pussy. She placed her hand on the back of my head and moaned out loud as her hips thrusted up. I looked up at her and she was looking down at me with her mouth wide open. I slid my "freakishly" long tongue deep inside of her and started to fuck her with it. I rubbed her clit with my thumb and she started to go absolutely crazy. I slid my tongue out of her and kissed it like I did her mouth making sure that I licked her pussy walls and her g spot.

"Ooooooooohhh ffffffuck, right there, right there, right there, right therehhhhhhhuuuuuuaaaahhhh ffffuuuuuck, oh god!" She moaned as her body thrashed around.

I continued to lick and suck on her pussy, making sure to probe my tongue deep inside of her. I felt her pussy begin to spasm and squeeze my tongue as she started to cum. I started drinking all of her juices as her pussy squirted into my mouth. I didn't stop kissing and licking her pussy. I kept tongue kissing and licking her fast and hard. I then wrapped my lips around her clit and slid my finger inside of her. I turned my hand over and started to rub her g spot. I then slid a second finger inside of her and began to rub that g spot with both of them. Miss Roberts went absolutely crazy! Her back lifted off of the bed and as her entire body tensed up. She shook like crazy and I could see every muscle in her petite body tighten as she moaned out loud. Her voice was shaky as hell as she cried out. Her pussy filled my mouth several times with her sweet cum as I kept on eating her out. I didn't even think about it, I just did it.

After quite a few orgasms, I slowed down in order to let her come down. She sat up and put her hands on either side of my face and looked in my eyes.

"Fuck your pussy tastes so good Miss Roberts." I moaned.

"You're a fucking natural at that! Oh my god!" She said just before she kissed me really hard.

We kissed hard as I started to stand up. I was so tall that she didn't have to get on the floor or slouch at all. My cock was right in her face. She grabbed my cock and wrapped her lips around my cock head, swirling her tongue around my cock head. I was so thick that I almost didn't fit in her mouth at all. She kept sucking my cock and jerking it at the same time. She spit on it and then tried really hard to get more of me in her mouth, but I was too big. She sucked what she could and jerked the rest. This woman was amazing with her tongue, I will say that! It was obvious that she had done this a lot of times.

"Oohhhhh mmmm.mmmy ggggod baby!" I moaned as she tried over and over again to get more and more of me in her mouth.

Finally she just relaxed her jaw and throat, opening her mouth as wide as she could. She stuck her tongue out and slid her mouth onto my cock, sliding it deeper than she had ever had before. I moaned really loud as this extreme amount of pleasure ripped through me in violent waves. She started to suck my cock like crazy using this technique. She finally got to where she got 5 inches of my cock in her throat. I moaned really loud and my cock pulsed like crazy in her mouth. After several more times of swallowing my cock, my balls tightened and my cock started to swell more.

She knew that I was about to cum, so she wrapped her lips around my thick cock head and licked the underside of my cock head as she sucked hard. She jerked my cock really fast and before I knew it, I saw stars. My body convulsed just before my cock erupted into her sexy mouth. After several minutes she released my cock as my cum dripped out of her mouth. She swallowed every drop as she looked up at me. She wiped my cum off of her chin and sucked it off if her finger.

I leaned down and kissed her hard and passionately as I pushed her onto her back again. My cock was still twitching as hard as hell to my amazement. I started sucking her tits as she wrapped her arms around my head. I sucked one after another for quite a while as I fingered her drooling hole. I then started kissing my way down her body as she helped me work my way down by pushing my head down. I finally got to her sweet pussy and started to lick and suck her sweet 24 year old cunt. She moaned and cried out as I launched yet another assault on her. Her hips lifted and dropped, grinding her pussy in my face. After several minutes she started to cum over and over again, soaking my face in her juices.

She sat up and grabbed my face and kissed me so hard that our teeth started to collide. She exhaled so hard in my mouth as she moaned. She reached down and gripped my throbbing cock and started to jerk it like crazy. I pushed back and grabbed a condom and started to open it. She took it from me and looked up at me.

"It should be very very illegal for a guy your age to be so fucking amazing at this." She moaned.

"Why is that?" I asked.

"Because no guys your age are this good, It should also be illegal for a hot guy your age to be so fucking sexy." She said.

"It should be illegal for a teacher to be as sexy as you." I said.

"Well it's not, so you'll have to deal with it." She said as she giggled.

I stood there and watched her start rolling the condom onto my cock, looking up at me the entire time.

"God I have no idea what the hell was wrong with your ex girlfriends, if I had a boyfriend like you, I would NEVER have broken up with you. They are so fucking stupid!" She whispered.

"It's ok, that just means I don't have to cheat on them when I fuck you Miss Roberts." I said making her moan.

"I want this cock in my pussy so badhhhhh, it's all I thought about today." She said.

"God I want to fuck you so bad." I moaned.

Just as she finished rolling the condom on all the way and stood up. I pushed her onto her back and hooked my arms under her knees and pulled her pussy to me. I grabbed my cock and started to push it deep inside of her making her back arch as she moaned out loud, gasping at the same time.

"Ooooooooooooohhhhh fffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuck!" We both moaned at the exact same time as I pushed my cock deeper and deeper inside of her incredibly tight pussy.

As I pulled out a little, her back arched so hard that only her head remained on the bed. I felt her pussy begin to spasm right away as I started to fuck my teacher harder and harder. She started to cry out and her body started to convulse violently. I moaned and hissed as pleasure ripped though both of us like lightening. She started to cum really hard as I continued to fuck her brains out. After a while longer and several massive orgasms, I put her down. Her body rolled several times as her hips jerked like crazy. Cum was squirting from her pussy like crazy. She instinctively put her hands on her pussy, making her cum spray through her fingers.

I stood there stroking my cock as she finally started to come back to reality. She rolled over and stuck her ass out at me and looked back at me with a very sexy grin. I shoved my cock deep inside of her as fast as I could, making her body tense up so bad that she sat up. I watched her arms flail around trying hard to find something to grip. I reached around and grabbed her tits and pulled her to me. Her finger nails dug into my arms as she grabbed them. She looked up and I watched her mouth open wide as she let several very loud moans out. She tried to reach up and wrap her arm around my neck, but she had lost control of her body. I could feel her cum squirting out of her pussy every time I pulled out.

I groaned and moaned loud as I began to really fuck my teacher as hard and fast as I possibly could. All I could hear was this very very wet slapping noise as my cock pistoned in and out of her tight pussy, and our moans. Her body continued to convulse very violently with each orgasm she had. I never slowed down, I kept pounding her really hard. Finally one of the most powerful orgasms she had ever experienced ripped through her body. She slid forward and laid on her stomach. I moved with her and kept fucking Miss Roberts like we were going to be dead in the morning. Her body twisted and really started to jerk and move under me as I ground my cock against her g spot.

She started gasping really hard and screaming. It wasn't real loud, but loud enough that people would be able to hear her if they stood outside of the door. She held her breath and started to shake really bad as her body tensed up. I pulled out, only for her to squirt her cum all over the place. She lifted her upper body off of the bed using her hands as she let this long shaky moan out. She fell back down and her ass lifted up into the air just before she rolled to her side arching her back. Her legs and arms were all over the place looking for some stability. She kept gasping and moaning as her hips jerked very violently as she continued to cum.

As I watched her, I realized that the condom I had on was broken, so I grabbed another one and replaced it as quickly as I could. Once it was on, Miss Roberts had finally snapped back to reality.

"Hhhhhholy fucking ssshhhhhit!" She said as she got up on very unstable legs and grabbed my arms.

"I love making you cum." I said.

"Fuck I have never ever had an orgasm like that. I want more." She said as she started to force me onto the bed.

She basically pushed me into my back and straddled me, shoving her pussy on my cock and sitting down on it. She started to fuck me really hard as she placed her hand on my chest. I massaged her tits and rubbed her clit as she rode me hard and fast. My cock started to pulse inside of her as she leaned forward and started to fuck me as fast as she could. It wasn't long before she was cumming all over my cock again. By then I reached down and grabbed her ass and bent my knees. I started to fuck her as hard and fast as I could. She began to have one massive orgasm after another after another. I started to feel my balls tighten as her pussy squeezed the shit out of me. As she orgasmed she fell on top of me and started to bite my chest.

I reached down and grabbed her ass as I kept fucking her really hard and fast. Soon my entire body started to tense up like never before. She was cumming when I felt my cock get harder and my balls tightened. Seconds later everything got extremely fuzzy, and I felt my cum shoot up the length of my cock and erupt into my condom. My hips jerked with each shot of cum. She knew I was cumming, but she was so caught up in her own orgasm that she couldn't stop, or say anything. My back arched really hard and I gripped the sides of the mattress hard as my orgasm ripped through my body. After several minutes, we both collapsed and just laid there panting, jerking and shaking. It felt like we were both paralyzed, neither one of us could even move. Finally after a while we were able to get our muscles to move. She started to laugh as she sat up and had this look of total bliss on her eyes.

"So how does it feel to be fucked by your student?" I asked as I smiled.

"Oh god, Adam, you are no boy, you're a man for god sakes, all man. Where the fuck did you learn how do please a woman so damn good?" She asked.

"Experience I guess." I said.

"How much experience do you have?!" She asked.

"Not much really." I said.

"I don't believe you." She said as she laughed.

"I've only had three girlfriends, and maybe a few hook ups, but that's it." I said.

"Well, let me just say this, I am 24, and I have never, ever orgasmed like that with a guy my age, or any older guy." She said.

"Its been amazing for me too." I said.

"You never did tell me what the girls say about me." I said.

"Would you like to hear what they say?" She asked.

"Yes I would." I said.

"Well, besides that fact that they all think you're the hottest guy in the entire world, their words, but that you had a freakishly large cock, and a freakishly long tongue. They say that they swear that you're an older guy trapped in a teenagers body. The ones that you did have sex with, say that sex with you was beyond amazing." She said.

"Funny, the other girls don't try to fuck me." I said with a grin.

"Oh they do try hun. But they know you're not the type of guy that will just fuck anything with tits and a pussy." She said.

"I never have been that way. That's not a bad thing is it?" I asked.

"God no. That's very admirable actually. You really have no clue how many girls there are that want to fuck you do you?" She asked.

"No I don't." I replied.

"Every cheerleader in the school and at least a hundred or more girls want you really bad. Trust me, I have been listening to the girls talk ever since your freshman year." She said.

"So is that what peaked your interest in me?" I asked.

"Yes it did, but you're my student so I never thought it would ever happen. I've wanted to fuck you ever since I heard your ex girlfriend start talking about you." She said.

"I only go after what I want. I only have sex with who I want, not just any girl." I said.

"And you wanted me?" She asked.

"Your sexy ass is sitting on my dick, what do you think?" I asked.

"I think yes. If you would have told me two weeks ago that I would be getting fucked by one of my students, and that he would be incredible, I would have laughed in your face. You sure as hell didn't disappoint. You far surpassed everything all the girls talk about." She said.

"That's a good thing right?" I asked as I smiled.

"Let me just say that I am already insanely jealous of any other future girlfriend and wife. They are going to be so so lucky to have you." She said.

"Well, I'm single now, so why don't you and I just be, I don't know, friends with benefits for a while?" I asked.

"How many of those do you have?" She asked as she laughed.

"Just one." I said.

"And who is the lucky girl?" She asked.

"I'm looking at her. You're the first one I would ever have." I said.

"Wow baby, I would be honored to be your first friend with benefits." She said.

"So, why the prepaid disposable phone?" She asked.

"That way if anyone finds out, they will have absolutely no proof that you have an ongoing sexual relationship with one of your students. It's not traceable. So if someone finds out it'll just be their word against ours. No evidence what so ever. Basically I wanted you so bad that I had to do something to protect you.

"You really put a lot of thought into all of this didn't you?" She asked.

"I may be younger than you are, but I am kind of smart." I said.

"Yeah you are. I wish all guys your age were as smart as you." She said.

"When your determined there is no stopping you is there?" She asked.

"I'm here with you aren't I?" I asked.

"I really wish I was your age, you'd make an amazing boyfriend." She said.

My cock had gone down and she had to lift off of me to get my cock out of her. She helped me take my condom off and we threw it in the trash. That night, we fucked like rabbits. It was the most incredible night of my life. I was with the sexiest teacher who ever lived and the sex was absolutely amazing. Truthfully, I don't think I could ever have sex with a girl my age again after being with Miss Roberts. We tried anal that night but my cock was so big that it hurt her too bad to keep trying. She did teach me a shit ton of positions that night that blew my mind. Oh my god she was extremely flexible, that made it so much more fun!

She did a take a ton of selfies with my cock that night as well. She took pics of just my cock, then some with her fingers wrapped around my cock, making sure that she showed that her fingers didn't reach all the way around me. She had me take her phone, not the prepaid one, and had me take several of my cock against her face, her licking it, and sucking it. She took quite a few of them with a ruler showing how long I was. She took pictures of how wide and thick I was. She then had me take pictures of my cock sliding into her pussy, from my head until I was as deep inside of her as I could get it. She must have taken at least 100 pics, or at least that what it seemed like.

I can't count how many times I came, let alone how many times she orgasmed. We used up every single condom I had bought and just started fucking bare back after that. It was quite literally an all nighter, neither of us got so much a second of sleep. All I know was that this was the best night of my life. I was living out every guy in my schools fantasy of fucking her like I was, let alone being fucked by her.

Sunday morning I left and she checked out. I went home and crashed really hard. When I woke up, my cock was really, really sore. I didn't have to do anything all day that day, so I just decided to catch up on sleep. When I woke up late that evening I realized that I had several text messages.

Miss Roberts: I had to go to the urgent care today lol

Me: why? R u ok?

Miss Roberts: I'm fine, I am so fucking sore from last night. They say that u tore me up, not their exact words.

Me: I'm so sorry Miss Roberts! I swear I wasn't trying to hurt u.

Miss Roberts: don't u worry about it sweetie! This pain is ssssooooooo worth every second with u and ever inch of u!

Me: r u sure?

Miss Roberts: oh god yes. When I'm healed we are definitely doing that again!

Me: how bad did I hurt u?

Miss Roberts: I have been bleeding. They said I have to wait a whole month before I have sex again.

Me: oh god, that bad?

Miss Roberts: no, you fucked me that good! I don't regret a second of it!

Me: u r so fucking hot that It's not going to be easy to not fuck u.

Miss Robert: oh god I know how u feel! That's ok, I can still suck u off baby.

Me: that's going to be a long ass month.

Miss Roberts: tell me about it!

Me: did they give you anything to help?

Miss Roberts: yeah they gave me something for pain and antibiotics. I won't be there tomorrow

Me: damn, that means I can't look that u!

Miss Roberts: I know

Me: I hope u feel better. I feel bad that I hurt u.

Miss Roberts: don't be hun, I've never been fucked like that and it was so so worth it!

After a few more texts I got up and made dinner. Mom was at work so she wasn't home. After that I lazed around and watched TV. Miss Roberts didn't return to school for at least a week, but we texted each other at least once a day. When she came back she wasted no time yanking my cock out and sucking me off at all. She did that as often as she could, and I was loving it. After almost two months she got the all clear from her doctor and we met up at the hotel that weekend. That was yet another all nighter, only this time we didn't use condoms at all. She started birth control and we both kept our fingers crossed that she would not get pregnant.

There was no emotional attachment, or feelings that ever came up, it was strictly sex. During that time, I would buy us both prepaid disposable phone once a week and destroyed the one before. She was able to keep the pics of my cock mainly because it didn't show anything from my waist up just for our protection. There was no way to prove that it was me at all.

By the middle of my junior year, someone found out about us, or thought they did, and she was immediately suspended. After she texted me letting me know that, I had her completely destroy the phone that she had, and I destroyed the one that I had. I actually burned mine to a crisp and then some. I reduced it to a pile of ashes. There was absolutely no trace of it. But before then, I let her know that her credit card info was in the hotels system, so we had to come up with a story she could use, and that story was that she had a friend named Stewart that would come up every weekend and they would meet up there. I then started to find ways on how to beat a lie detector test and started to practice like crazy. I didn't use the internet. Basically the only evidence they might have was the security cameras they might have had.

I was then pulled into the office later that week and was grilled by the police and the school administration. Deny, deny, deny. That was my game plan. I must have been pretty damn convincing because after almost an entire week of interrogation, they bought it. I even volunteered to take a lie detector test and had several of them. I passed every one of them! I went as far as calling them fucking perverts and fucking stupid to think that she and I would have done something like that.

They told me that they had accessed her phone records with a warrant and they even had her computer. They dug through everything with a fine tooth comb and came up with absolutely nothing, despite the fact that she had tons of pictures of my cock. Even the hotels cameras showed her going into the lobby to get the room, but that's all they had. Room 323 was our room, we didn't use any other room at all. The cameras on that entire wing of the building weren't working, and hadn't been for quite some time. So again, they came up with absolutely nothing. I had so many girls and quite a few of my friends who tried to get me to confess to them, but they failed miserably. Look, I really liked Miss Roberts, not as girlfriend material, but as a really great friend. The sex was amazing yes, but she had an amazing personality too. I am a very loyal person to my friends, so that being said. I did everything to make sure that her name was cleared. Yes I lied, but I did it for her.

Three weeks later, she was able to return to work with absolutely no record of her and I, and with no restrictions. They were forced to drop all charges because all they had was the word of one person, and suspicion, and that's it, nothing else. She was elated that I kept my mouth shut about it. She wasn't expecting me to go to the lengths that I did to protect her. With all of the interrogation that she knew I was going to endure, she was fully expecting me to cave. She was scared to death. She didn't sleep or eat. She was expecting to loose her job, go to prison, and become a branded sexual predator. She was prepared for it.

During all of that time, we got more prepaid cell phones and communicated. It was like a covert operation to exchange them. Only this time, we changed the phones out every other day. It took a lot for me to convince her that I was going to keep it our secret, all the way up to the end. It also took a whole hell of a lot to keep her from confessing to it all. I did not want to see her life get destroyed by something that I initiated, me, not her. I spent hours on the phone with her talking her out of it several times. She was so damn happy when they called her back to work and told her that any and all charges that may have been pressed, were all false. Nobody knew who turned her in since it was done anonymously.

The day she returned it took every ounce of energy for her to keep from hugging me. We exchanged phones that day and when I got home from school, we started texting again.

Miss Roberts: hey sweetie! I can't thank u enough for what u did 4 me!

Me: you're my friend. I'll do it again and again.

Miss Roberts: u know I lost hope that u wud not say anything.

Me: I know u did. I told u that u cud trust me.

Miss Roberts: and now I know for a fact that I can trust u with anything!

Me: yes u can. U shouldn't doubt me. I understand why u doubted me, trust me, and that's y I didn't get mad at u

Miss Roberts: u r an amazing man for your age! Ur mom should be very proud of the man u have become! I hope I find a guy like u!

Me: so do I, I really do, u deserve it! And if he is a douche I will kick his ass! And thank u! I'm only the person I am now because of u! I was nothing like this before we hooked up.

Miss Roberts: if u ever need anything, u better let me know or I will kick ur ass!

Me: oh trust me I will!

Miss Roberts: by the way, my first name is Janine. Don't call me Miss Roberts anymore, u r my greatest friend! I doubt any of my other friends would have gone through what u did 4 me.

Me: I'm a very loyal person to my friends, I will walk thru fire for any of them. And just so u know, I got it..Miss Roberts :-/

Miss Roberts: smart ass

Me: yes I am! And by the way, i know that we had a hell of a lot of sex and it was amazing but u r an amazing person. u r like the older sister I never had.

Miss Roberts: aaawwwww! U r going to make me cry! I would love to call you my brother!

Me: done then sis

Miss Roberts: god u r so awesome! I'm lucky to have u as my brother.

After that we destroyed our phones and got rid of them. We both reluctantly stopped meeting up for booty calls, mainly because we didn't know if anyone was watching her, and we didn't want to take that chance. Mom at first hated her and was convinced that she and I were hooking up. But as time went on, she started to get pissed off that Janine was going through all of this. The irony of it all, my mom and her are good friends now. She and I started acting like actual siblings from that day on. She became very protective of me and really stuck her neck out to make sure I didn't date any girls that she didn't like. Remember, she was the head cheer coach, and she was friends with all of the cheerleaders, so she had the inside scoop on who was a bad person to be with and who wasn't. I took her advise as well.

I didn't date again mainly because I wanted to focus on school. I had to jerk off a hell of a lot and I always relived my nights with Janine as I did. She came over a lot to hang out with mom and she helped me with my homework. We started smacking each other and goofing off like real siblings would, only we didn't have any fights. As a result of her help, I breezed through the rest of my junior year. Thanks to Janine, I now had a GPA of 4.0. I was excited as hell because it proved the rest of my teachers, who fully expected me to fail, proved them so so wrong.

She started to date this guy and at first it was going very well. After several months, mom and I didn't see her at all and she started to become very distant. Then one day she came over sobbing. Her face was severely swollen and it took me back to the days that dad beat the shit out of my mom. To me, she was my sister and I cannot explain to you the feelings I had at all. I held her tightly as she sobbed and told us everything that she had been through. Mom took one look at me and knew what I was thinking. She knew that I wanted to kill that mother fucker! Janine was family now, and in the poly culture, you mess with one, you mess with us all.

Janine asked to stay with us and of course we said yes! We got her settled in the guest bed room. Mom gave her something for the pain in hopes that she could get some sleep. Mom thought it was so cute that I laid in the bed with her and held her until she fell asleep. After she was out, I got up, covered her up and I walked to my room and got my car keys. As I walked to the door to leave mom looked at me and saw something in my eyes that she never expected.

"Adam." Mom said as she tried to stop me.

"Mom, I watched you almost get killed by dad and I couldn't do anything. Now I can, and I will be damned if I'm going to let that son of a bitch get away with this." I said.

"I know son, just don't kill him and don't get caught. You kick his fucking ass." She said surprising the shit out of me.

"Done." I said as I walked out the door.

I only knew where she lived after I dug through her purse and found a recent bill with her address on it. I immediately plugged the address in my GPS and drive to her house. I went and nocked on the door, and like a moron, he opened the door like nothing was wrong.

"Hey brudduh, Howzit?" I asked.

"Good man what's up?" He asked all chipper.

"No much, can I come in?" I asked.

"Sure come on in here man!" He said as he opened the door and let me in.

"We need to talk." I said as he shut the door.

"Sure man whats up? He asked.

"You know my sister?" I asked.

"No, I'm sorry I don't." He said.

"Are you sure about that?" I asked.

"Yeah man, I don't even know you." He said.

"That girl you beat the shit out of, I'm her brother." I said as I watched his face turn white as hell.

"I don't know what you're talking about." He said.

"Oh yeah, you do you mother fucker." I said.

"Look man, you're fucking huge, I don't want any problems man." He said as his face started to fill with terror.

"You should have though about that before you hit my sister." I said calmly.

"Look man she fell dude, I swear to god that that's what happened."
He said tripping over his lie.

"You're full of shit." I said.

I closed my fist and knocked the holy shit out of him, pushing him back against the door really hard, head first. He fell to the floor with a dazed look on his face and after a few seconds, he sat up with blood pouring out of his mouth. He sat up against the door and tucked his knees to his chest and held his hands up.

"Please, please stop I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! He pleaded.

"What the fuck is this?!" I asked as I grabbed his bruised and bloody hands.

"I don't know what your talking about!" He pleaded as he started crying.

I squeezed his hand really hard, twisted it so his bruises and bloddy nuckles were in his face.

"This dumb ass! These bruises and blood! Were the hell did you get this?! And don't give me this I fell bullshit!" I said.

"I'm sorry man, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to." He said as he all but sobbed.

"Didn't mean to do what?" I asked.

"Hit your sister, I didn't mean to!" He sobbed.

I let go of his hand and grabbed him by the neck. I picked him up and slammed his back and head into the door really hard.

"Let me make this very clear you little fucking bitch, you ever, ever come around my sister, if you ever call her again, if you so much as breath her name, I will hunt you down and I will fucking kill you. Do I make myself clear?" I asked.

He didn't answer, so I pulled him away from the door and threw him across his living room. I walked up to him as he was doing the spider walk backwards and grabbed him again. I picked him up and threw him into his dining room. He landed on his table and I grabbed him again, picking him up and slammed him against his wall as hard as I possibly could. His body broke the sheet rock. He looked so terrified.

"Do I make myself clear?" I asked.

"Yes, yes you do, please don't kill me man, please, I'm so sorry." He sobbed.

"Whenever you think of her, you better think of me and what will happen to you if you come near her again." I said and I dropped him and nocked the shit out of him again.

Since he was out cold, I decided to leave before he came to. I left and went straight home. When I got home, I noticed that there was an ambulance and a fire truck there. I tried to go in, but I was told not to. Then mom came out and she was crying.

"What the hell happened mom?!" I asked.

"She started having a seizure. The paramedics think she has multiple skull and facial fractures. There may be some brain damage." Mom said.

We stood there and waited as they loaded her on the ambulance. We went in and she got dressed. We grabbed her phone and our stuff and high tailed it to the hospital. We found her parents number and called them. They lived thousands of miles away so mom and I stayed with her until they arrived. We explained to them what happened, and we explained to them that we had contacted the police. Just as we finished talking to them, the detectives arrived. Needless to say, he was picked up and put in jail. He had to be taken to the hospital first. Apparently I did some pretty heavy damage to him.

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