I Accidentally Pimped Out my Daughter

Post time3-02-2021, 03:26

I once met a 21 year-old man using a hook-up app, and he said he knew my 18 year-old daughter because she was friends with his younger sister. He seemed obsessed with her and said that she always reminded him of the girl in the Lolita movie. I thought it was kind of creepy that he was talking about her in a sexual way, but I wanted him to fuck me, and what he was saying was pretty kinky. So, I went along with his plans to go into her room and start groping her as I watched. She was on her bed in her plaid, schoolgirl skirt, listening to music and reading a book. She was startled at first because she didn't know there was a man in the house, but he was very charming had met her before which put her at ease almost right away. He didn't waste any time either: he sat on the bed and she arced her back up in curiosity and a bit of alarm. He started rubbing her leg and she looked at him a bit shocked, but intrigued. My heart starting racing. I couldn't believe how turned on I was getting. I had never thought of my daughter in an erotic way before, but there was something so sexy about her in her skirt right then and him caressing her soft, smooth skin.
She slowly turned over to face him, and started to relax a bit as he continued petting her, getting higher and higher up her skirt, until he had exposed her pink, silk panties. She grabbed the back of his hand as it explored her sexy butt and pelvic area. She was turning red in her face and clearly starting to experience a great level of pleasure. He had entered her underwear and pulled the fabric to the side to reveal her beautiful, puffy bare pussy. I couldn't believe that she shaved down there, and it reminded me of my vagina when I was that age. At this point, he started to lean in and use his other hand to rub her shoulder and back.
He pulled up her blouse and she had a pink and black bra that accentuated her cleavage in an impressive way. I had never realized that she was so stacked. Maybe it was the bra, or maybe I just had never her seen her like this before, or had noticed. I was so hot at this point, I hiked up my dress and started flicking at my clit and the pulsations of ecstasy were immediate and intense. I watched from the crack in the door as he laid beside her and started kissing her on her neck, mouth and the top of her breasts. She responded so naturally to this, I felt like this may not have been her first time (maybe not even her first time with him).
He moved her to her side so she was facing me, and he was behind her on his side. My heart sank as I realized she might be able to see me in this position, so I moved to a more concealed position behind the door. He was getting really passionate with his kissing and rubbing now and I heard her start to moan a bit. I wished I was her at that moment, but I was thoroughly enjoying it from this perspective, as well. He pulled her leg up with one hand, and started rubbing her wet cunt with the other. He pulled down his pants and revealed his throbbing, thick 7 inch dick and started rubbing her slit with it. He was kissing her passionately with his tongue, rubbing her thigh and teasing her pussy with his hard cock/ I was flicking myself rapidly as she started to lick his tongue, wrestling with it frantically.
That's when he got to his knees on the bed, turned her on her back, and slowly entered her tight pussy. He told her to wrap her legs around him and rub his ass, both which she did obediently. "I'm gonna fucking cum in your little cunt, you slut. Awww! You feel so good and you are taking it all like a fucking bitch". I was shocked by his abrasive language, but it was driving me crazy to the point where I thought I was going to explode right then. He was thrusting in to her aggressively, and she seemed to be loving every moment of it. My pussy-juices were gushing and I had to slow down to hold on. He was licking and sucking her tits and she was caressing his ass as e=he entered her repeatedly. She was also pushing down on his ass with her legs trying to get his shaft in her deeper and deeper. "Oh my god. Oh Fuck! I am going to cum in you you hot little cunt. You want this cum. Huh, you want it?" She, almost inaudibly, responded yes, and he plunged his tongue in her mouth and flicked at her tongue desperately and he started to twitch and convulse, letting out a loud moan. " Awwww, god, take it, take it".
This went on an unusually long time as he came powerfully as she started to shake and clearly she was cumming as well. After he started to relax and stopped convulsing, he pulled out of her, dripping with goo and made her lick it as he ran his hand through her hair. I was slowly rubbing myself after my own extremely powerful orgasm. I came at the same time as my daughter was at the height of her pleasure. He kissed her gently, rubbed her face, and pulled her pants up. She just lied there, calmly, as her body settled down from a powerful experience that she maybe never quite had before. She was still breathly pretty deeply and she licked her lips that still had some of his sperm on them. He walked out of the room, didn't even acknowledge me and left the house, as I watch in confusion.
I made sure I wasn't spotted my daughter and I tried to compose myself and go about my day. I talked with her later that night, just to feel her out. I hoped she was ok, and she seemed completely normal. we never talked about it, but I still visualize what unfolded so quickly that night as I am alone, horny in my bed. I had never had sexual fantasies about my daughter before, but it's still the source of some of the most intensely erotic feelings I have ever had.

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