In Denial

In Denial:

My name is Cynthia Parker. I'm 16 years old, and I live pretty comfortably. My mother has an excellent job in a large law firm that nets her six figures a year. Since it's only her, my older brother, and me, we have a pretty large financial cushion. My mother is smart with her money and doesn't try to live like some millionaire, so we always live in comfort without overreaching our financial boundaries.

My mom is 39 years old but she looks like she's 28. She has large D cup breasts compared to my C cups. She always loved to tell me that mine might grow even bigger than hers someday. She has long, straight blonde hair that goes past her shoulders a little bit, and her legs and ass are amazing. I loved watching her ass jiggle and bounce when she walked around the house

I'm in love with my mother. I can't remember when it happened, but my mom's good looks and great personality had me ensnared. Because we're both women and we're related, I often get away with a lot of actions that others wouldn't. But I can feel my desire for her growing more and more recently. It wasn't enough to occasionally slap her ass or playfully squeeze her lovely breasts. I wanted to fuck her and confess my feelings.

Something like this is insanely taboo though. Not only am I a child pursuing a parent, I'm a daughter pursuing her mother. Lesbian incest At least my mother is bisexual. And it helps that she hasn't had a boy or girlfriend for a while. She has to be lonely

Anyway, I have a plan. I'm going to turn up the heat of my advances and hope that she tries to talk to me about it. When we're talking, I can confess my feelings to her and see what happens It's not perfect, it isn't even all that good, but I've always been good at winging it.

I catch her after work one day. She looks like she's in pain.

"Mom, are you okay?" I ask in a concerned tone. I sweat a bit as she leans back into a C shape, unaware that her breasts are about to tear the buttons of her suit jacket right off. Even in a suit my mother's breasts were undeniably huge.

"Yeah, my back just hurts a bit today sweetie. It's just because my damn tits- er, breasts are too big," she says as she cups them for emphasis. I feel a familiar tingle in my stomach. And a growing wet patch in my pants.

"Oh come on, your breasts are awesome Mom. Just gotta get some better support. In the meantime, I could give you a back rub if you want," I say, trying to sound nonchalant about the offer.

She ponders this for a minute and looks at me. I wiggle my fingers and raise my eyebrows comically. She laughs and nods at me. I try not to drool as she strips off her suit jacket and her white button-up shirt, leaving her in a plain white bra. Even the plainness can't downplay her mammoth tits. They look ready to pop out!

I unconsciously lick my lips as she goes to take off her bra, not thinking anything of it. My fingers twitch hungrily as an image of me ravenously latching onto my mother's breasts like when I was a baby pops into my head. At the very last second, she lies stomach down on a kitchen bench and the straps fall away from her creamy back And leave her breasts covered and underneath her.

Damn it.

I shake my head to clear the explicit images from my mind as I crack my fingers one by one. I see my mom shudder in anticipation

I lightly run my shortish nails down my mom's back. She shudders and moans quietly. I feel her stiffen under my fingers. I freeze for half a second before I dig my fingers into her back and start massaging her. She instantly loosens up and I relax.

I move up and down her back, making sure I ease every knot I find. Normally I'd play my hands over her ass a bit, but she kept her work skirt on. Instead, I massage her sides a bit and brush my fingers against the sides of her breasts. She wiggles ever so slightly and I back off with an unseen smirk.

I keep it up for about ten more minutes before I back off and let her up. I'm sad when she clutches her bra to her chest as she gets up. Usually she isn't so guarded Hmm.

She hooks her bra back on completely and slips into her work shirt again, leaving it unbuttoned.

"Thanks a ton sweetie, my back feels a lot better. Maybe I can just have you rub my back whenever it gets bad?" she says in a question.

"Of course Mom, anytime. After all, I've got magic fingers," I say and wiggle them at her theatrically. This time I really am just being silly, and she laughs even harder this time.

I barely make it upstairs before those magic fingers are working into my pussy. My mind is filled with very explicit and vivid fantasies of sexual activity with my mother, the woman who created me.

My favorite imagined scenario was the one (out of at least thirty different ones all about her) about me confessing my feelings to her and her amazing reaction. In that fantasy, she doesn't say anything. She just calmly takes her breasts out and beckons me to them. I suck on her big tits until her sweet, creamy milk floods my mouth and makes me cum in my pants. After that it spirals into all sorts of woman-woman intercourse. My mom and I sixty nine, grind our pussies together, and even share a long dildo between the two of us.

I always thought of my mom when I masturbated nowadays. And I masturbated a lot more now. And a lot more intensely. My pussy was usually pretty sore from all the fucking it took from my fingers, my entire hand, and various objects that I crammed into myself. The biggest thing (so far) has been a smallish shampoo bottle that I stuffed myself with when I caught my mom changing clothes after work. I came so hard that my toes curled with that thing.

I moan softly as I dig my fingers further into my pussy. Three of my fingers are sliding in and out quickly while my other hand is playing with my hard, swollen nipples. It isn't enough though, I can feel a raw, animalistic lust burning in my stomach. I shove my entire hand up into my cunt and fist myself desperately.

I grab my clean up towel and bite it to keep from screaming, tasting my dried sweat and cum on it in the process. My legs splay wide and shake like I'm having a seizure while my hands destroy my pussy and strum my clit. I can feel it coming. My feet come down onto the bed and I arch my body up into the air as I cum hard and squirt my sex juices all over my bed and onto the floor.

I lick my soaked hand clean as I rest and recover from the intense orgasm. I like the taste of my pussy, it's very sweet. I lazily dip my fingers into my pussy for more juice while my chest heaves gently. I decide against a second round and start mopping up what cum I can get. I'll definitely have to change my sheets tonight.

At dinner, Mom looks a lot better than earlier. She's changed into a pair of gray sweat pants and a loose, white T shirt. She isn't wearing a bra underneath, and I'd bet she doesn't have panties under the sweat pants either. I stare at her nipples as covertly and often as I can.

Dinner consists of some steak and corn on the cob my older brother had prepared. Gary had been a good old brother, but had grown a bit distant from Mom and me after meeting his girlfriend Tabitha. They went out a lot and neither Mom nor I had any delusions about how often they were busy screwing. I can't blame Gary, Tabitha's fucking hot.

We all talk about our days like we always do at dinner. Mom talks about how annoying this one intern is. Gary talks about a girl who keeps stalking him at school. I don't have a bunch to say about today, it'd been uneventful. I blab about school and my current assignments a bit then focus on my dinner.

After dinner, I offer to help Mom with the dishes. I try to as often as I can because she usually gets water on her at some point. Gary receives his thanks for cooking and promptly heads upstairs for the night. I follow my mother into the kitchen, thinking of how to approach.

She's standing at the sink when I come into the kitchen. I grin and walk towards her. I catch her by surprise when I smack her ass, making it jiggle deliciously.

"So Mom, ready to rock some dishes?" I say playfully as I pick up a sponge and plate.

"I sure am sweetheart," she says as she spanks me back. My knees buckle a little and I kill a very sexual moan that tries to escape my throat. I try my best to do some dishes before I make my move. I fill up the pot that Gary had boiled the corn in and "accidentally" stumble and spill a quarter of the water onto the front of her flimsy T shirt.

"Oh shit that's cold!" she exclaims as her T shirt becomes transparent and her nipples harden. I can literally feel myself salivating and can barely tear my eyes away from her tits. When I do, I look up to meet her eyes.

She saw me staring at her chest. I scramble in my head for something to say

"I'm sorry Mom, I was curious about what a mature pair of breasts looked like. Mine are so pitifully small" I say as I cup mine and act sad. She takes the bait.

"Oh sweetie, your breasts are fine, don't you worry," she says as she hugs me and her breasts squish right into mine. I nearly cum in my pants and I hug her tightly. My hands roam her smooth back and she rubs mine comfortingly. I bury my face in her neck like I'm still sad but I'm really breathing in her delicious scent. I kiss her neck and linger for just a second past appropriate and then pull back and look into her eyes.

"Thank you Mom, I needed that," I say, which isn't really a lie. We finish the dishes and she goes to give me a kiss goodnight. I turn my head at the last second so her lips land on mine and I lean forward ever so slightly so it lasts a few seconds longer. I smile at her mysteriously before I nearly skip upstairs. I make sure to grab my shampoo bottle before I get to my bedroom.

I fuck myself brutally with that bottle for two hours, howling into a pillow as I give myself endless orgasms. It still wasn't enough, I only stopped because I knew I need to get to bed. When I wake up, I savage my pussy with four fingers and even stick two in my ass, which I rarely touch. I fuck myself until I have to start getting ready for school.

During school I have to go to the restrooms twice to finger my pussy and try to calm the raging fire in my stomach. As soon as I get home I lock myself in my room and start to masturbate but stop after a minute.

I can't keep going like this. I have to make my move today or I'm going to lose my fucking mind.

I wait patiently for Mom to get home. I decided I'm just going to be straight forward about it. I'm tired of beating around the bush. I finger myself a little while I wait and lazily fondle my breasts.

I finally hear the door unlocking. I stand up and compose myself. I'm not expecting what happens next. My mom walks in, looking like she does any other day, but something in my head snaps. I don't know if it's all my pent up love or the fact that I'd been fucking myself almost nonstop thinking about her the last 24 hours, but the floodgates burst open.

I shriek and run at her. She spins around just as I jump at her. I wrap my arms around her neck and my legs around her waist as I smash my mouth against hers and shove my tongue into her mouth while she's still surprised. She manages to stay on her feet and her hands hold my weight up by holding my ass. This excites me further.

My tongue writhes around in her hot mouth as I grind my crotch against her desperately, moaning and grunting the whole time. She tries to set me down but my limbs are locked around her tightly. I cum against her leg and even through my panties and shorts she can tell too. I moan louder and shudder in pleasure. I finally have to pull back for breath and she immediately reacts.

She take her hands back entirely and I fall onto my butt on the floor. She stands over me, looking more flustered than mad. She pants with me as we both catch our breath.

"Cynthia What were you Doing?" she wheezes out between heaving breathes. I look nervously at her and answer in the same manner.

"I'm sorry I just couldn't Help myself anymore I think we Need to Talk" I say as I climb to my feet. She tugs me towards her bedroom by my wrist, but even my sex filled mind knows it isn't for any good reasons.

We get upstairs and she points to her bed for me to sit. We both have our breath back and I sit down quietly. She sits at the chair of the small desk she has in here.

"Alright Cynthia, explain to me what the hell that was," she says in her stern mom tone. She's mad, and understandably so. I just sexually assaulted her.

"I'm so sorry Mom, I didn't mean to do it like that, I was just gonna tell you" I trail off uncertainly as I fight back tears, not wanting to be a little crybaby in front of my mom.

"Tell me what young lady?" she says in a tone that tells me I'd better answer her.

"That I love you And not just like a daughter loves a mother, I'm IN love with you I don't know why I did that downstairs, I was just gonna talk to you about it I'm so sorry" I stutter out. And with that, I start crying silently into my hands. After a second my mom comes and sits next to me, wrapping an arm around my shoulders and pulling me close. I cry into her shoulder for a couple of minutes before I calm down and look up at her, sniffling softly.

"It's okay honey, I'm not mad anymore. I'm not saying what you did was okay, but I know that love can make people do some crazy stuff. How do you know that you're in love with me though?" she asks. I think about it for just a moment before I answer.

"Because you're a smart, independent woman. You're kind and caring, you're always the best mom ever to me and Gary, you're really hot," I blush slightly as I say that out loud, "and I just can't stop thinking about you."

She looks at me carefully, studying me to see if I'm lying. She eventually sighs and shakes her head.

"I believe you. But Cynthia, it's not like I can just I don't know. What is it that you expect to happen now sweetie?" she says in an uncertain tone.

"I don't know I guess I was hoping that you would love me back. And have sex with me," I say before I think about it. I quickly slap a hand over my mouth and blush a deep red. My mom looks stunned too. Then I see it. Her realizing that the past few years may not have been wholesome family bonding.

"Wait a minute. So all those times you spanked me or when you rubbed my back the other day" she trails off as she looks down, thinking. I am so screwed, she's gonna ship me off to a nut house.

"Well, I'm pretty surprised. That was crafty," she says thoughtfully, not really talking to me but to the air. She thinks for another moment before she turns to me again.

"I don't know what to do here honey. This isn't usual parent stuff, so for now just I don't know. Go to your room for a bit and let me think, alright?" she pats my arm reassuringly to let me know that she isn't mad. I nod silently and head to my room.

I cry for a few minutes before I calm down and curl up into a ball to think. Why did I do that? I had a good-ish plan. It could've worked! And now

Now it was all over. She'd always treat me like a dangerous dog or something. I'd always be at arm's length. I didn't stand a chance anymore.

Just that realization makes me cry for another twenty minutes. I eventually fall asleep, out of tears and energy. I wake up about an hour later at 8:30. And an idea forms in my head

My mom is gone for work before I wake up tomorrow morning. It's Saturday, so I have plenty of time to set up my trap, and Gary is out with Tabitha all day. By 4:00 in the afternoon I have it all set up and wait nervously for my mother to get home. She ends up getting off early and arrives home a half hour later. I approach her slowly, acting like I'm still sad.

"Hi Mom, um, how was work?" I say hesitantly. Have to stay calm.

"It was fine," she says curtly as she sets down her work briefcase.

"That's good. Um, listen I wanted to make it up to you for yesterday so follow me," I say, gesturing to her with a crooked finger as I walk into the dining room.

My mom gasps a little when she walks into the dimly lit dining room. I have a fancy tablecloth over the table and vanilla scented candles lit on the center of it. A salad is already set out and a tall glass of wine sits next to it. A spoon, two forks, and a knife sit next to the plate.

"Oh honey, you didn't have to do this," she says, looking at me with love in her eyes.

"It's no trouble Mom, now sit down and eat. When you're done with the salad I'll bring out the next course," I say with a slight, shy smile on my face. I go and hide in the kitchen. I almost feel bad about doing such nice things with such a devious ulterior motive.

It takes her about ten minutes before she asks for the second course. I bring her out some grilled chicken that I'd seasoned carefully with some rice and broccoli. I also covertly refill her wine

After the rest of her dinner and several glasses of wine, she's very wobbly. She thanks me profusely in a slurred voice as I lead her upstairs to her bedroom. She immediately starts peeling off her clothes, muttering about how warm and cozy her room is. This is exactly what I wanted to happen.

I sneak up behind her and unhook her bra. She looks over her shoulder and thanks me. I reach around her and gently cup her breasts, fondling them slowly. She leans back into me, moaning softly.

"Ohhh, that feels so nice sweetie, thank you," she says in her drunk voice. She turns around and gives me a sloppy kiss on the lips. I wrap my arms around her neck and place a strong, sober-steady hand on the back of her head. She happily lets my tongue into her mouth and I'm in heaven as I explore every inch of her sweet (and still alcohol flavored) tongue and lips.

She falls back onto the bed as I finally release her a couple of minutes later. She half pants, half laughs as she lies back and shamelessly plays with her naked breasts.

"Ahhh, that got me so fucking horny. Honey, would you shove your fingers into mommy's sopping pussy? Pleeeeaaaase?" she pleads in an almost childlike whine.

"Of course Mom, anything for you," I say as I lean in towards her sweet pussy. Two kids and her vagina was still sexier than any I'd seen on the internet or classmates that I'd had flings with.

I gaze at it intently before gently rubbing her clit, teasing it. She moans deeply and mauls her breasts with her hands, pulling her nipples out and squeezing her breasts tightly. I lean closer and lock my lips around her clit, moving my fingers down to tease my mother's outer lips.

She groans in frustration and her legs wiggle. She thrusts her hips at me. I take the obvious hint and shove three fingers knuckle deep into her. She immediately moans loudly and starts bucking against my hand. I finger fuck her quickly while I flick my tongue back and forth across her clit.

It doesn't take long until she grasps my head and holds it tightly to her snatch. I withdraw my fingers and lock my lips around her hole as her cum starts to flow. The feel of her hands on my head and her cum suddenly flooding my mouth makes me cum into my panties hard.

Mom pants hard as I lick up every sweet drop of cum I can find. I slowly crawl up her body and latch onto her left nipple. She moans again as I suck like my life depends on it. I moan desperately, wanting her to give me her motherly milk. I almost give up, but when I bite lightly onto her tit she squeals and milk sprays powerfully into my mouth. I feel more cum pumping out of my still untouched pussy as I guzzle her milk and lovingly play with her breasts. I switch to the opposite nipple after a while and suck that one dry too.

After that, my mom looks about ready to pass out, but there's one last thing I have to do just in case this ends up being a drunken one night stand. I quickly stand up and wiggle out of my cum soaked pants and panties. I spank my mom's heaving ass to wake her up a little.

I quickly straddle her left leg and heft her right one up onto my shoulder. I scoot forward until my pussy is mere centimeters from hers. I take a deep breath to steady myself. She looks up at me with a tired but excited expression. I can still see her pussy weeping fluids. My own sex juices coat her inner thigh.

With a grunt, I hump forward and ram my crotch against hers roughly. She and I both moan deeply and start panting like bitches in heat. My passion is matched by her drunken lust as we both grind our pussies together, bumping our clits together in such an erotic fashion. I start licking and sucking on her smooth leg as it quivers in pleasure. My orgasm builds quickly and I can tell from her intense writhing that she's close as well.

Words can't describe the fiery lust that coursed through me at that moment. My mother and I climax simultaneously, spraying our juices all over each other and splashing it everywhere. As my body experiences this new mind blowing ecstasy, it craves more. And suddenly, I can't stop.

When I say that, I'm not kidding. I literally could not force my hips to stop frantically colliding with my mother's in an effort to prolong and exponentially enhance our shared orgasm. Insane amounts of cum squirt from both of us and coat our bodies from knees to nipples, and I start to shake like I'm having a legit seizure as my body is overwhelmed. And still my hips continue thrusting.

Our pleasure renders us incapable of sound at this point, as our bodies writhe as if electrified and our hips crash and grind. As I feel her cum spray and hit my face and my pussy clenches and pulses in pleasure over and over, I finally start to see my vision black out as my body is forced to shut down. I give my last few frenzied thrusts as fast and hard as I can, and my mother and I share our last and most intense orgasm together, literally covering each other's whole bodies in cum before we collapse against each other, unconscious.

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