In love with Granny

My name is tinku and I'm now 18 yrs old. I was grown up at my granny house. I used to be with her all the time

on weekends. When I feel sick or while sleeping, she cared me alot and sometimes, she asked me to suck her

nipple and sleep like a baby, I used to sleep in same way. I don't have any bad intentions till I am 11 years

old. She took me with her to bath also! She used to apply on my body and bath me! While bathing she

concentrated on my lower part, which I was not aware of when I was kid. My granny is of 45yrs old widow when I

was 7yrs. A typical indian house-wife granny with assets of 38-42-36 and being a 8 grade stud, I had developed

my dick well to size of 6inches with an athelete body of height 5ft 2inches same as of my granny height.

It went till I was 8yrs old and we shifted to another city. When I was 11yrs old, we came back and I am happy

to see my granny. She came to receive us and I went to her and hugged her tightly in my arms! I used to go out

with my friend called kruz to play shuttle. One day he started saying about fashion TV, which was famous in

India 15yrs back for fashion shows. We started watching it whenever we got time! Then we got idea of boobs

sorry tiny tits of models, as kids we said breasts! Haha, technical word! Then we started watched LINGERIE show

according to our timings and now my mind started to thinking, how does it looks like inside of women underwear

(panty)? We went to cyber cafe and started watching porn sites and learnt about masturbation too, but unluckily

got caught after somedays and we left with scoldings from owner! I stopped watching and concentrated on my

studies and finished my final exams for 8 grade! Now during vacation, mom sent me to granny house! So I went to

her house! Few days went normally, but one night I felt urge to piss in mid-night! So I woke up and I was about

to wake up my granny to accompany out, as it is dark and I'm feared to it! But I felt horny after seeing her

one of tit outside of her saree blouse! As she sleeps in sarees and due to summer, she must be feeling hot and

removed her blouse! Most of Indian grannys never use panty or bras.

I asked her to wake up and accompany me to piss! She's irriated and woke up coz I pressed her tits to wake up!

She accompanyed me and I held her finger and pissed well and back to bed! My devil mind thght to hug her and

sleep. I went close to her and said I'm feared! She pulled me close and I took her nipple in mouth as a kid and

slept by holding other! After couple of hrs I think, I woke up and saw I'm in same position, but she moved

towards me! I felt horny and I started sucking hard and nipple became hard as small finger, a moan escaped from

her mouth. I feared and slept quietly. Later when I woke up, I noticed my pyjama are wet, i thought whether

granny had seen me or not. It made me worried more and more. I immediately left to bath and thrown pyjama into

laundry. I had seen her petticoat handing on bar, I took it into hands and saw it had a wet patch inside, I got

a instant hardon by seeing it. I planned to see her reaction over me and started rubbing my dick in petticoat

and cummed in it. I came from bathroom and started playing videogames. She went to bath and came later, I had

noticed nothing(expressionless) but she came in just petticoat by covering her whole body and i am hard again,

cummed half an hour ago, it made me horny. All i wanted is to pin my granny to bed and make love and loose my

virginity to her. She's in opposite room and showing her back. Then she dried her body with towel and i got a

view of ass when she bent down to dry her feet. This made me go crazy and then she tied her petticoat knot and

wore jacket and saree at last. Then i came back to normal world from heaven. I concentrated on game lot. This

went on like 4-5days, I got bored of doing same things and cumming in my pj's. I thought of doing something

strange, as my vacation is going to end in 6weeks, it made me to speed up things and feel naked matured woman

in hands. That day, I asked "granny let's go to movie", she said "ok beta, I too need some shopping we can do

it after it". So we went to movie and started watching, I pulled her hand into mine and hold it tight and

started watching movie. My elbow is rubbing on tits and her hand is with me. Suddenly i felt her nipples hard

and pressed them hard, she held my hand suddenly. I was shocked to it and lost my breathe, but was ready for

anything. I noticed a couple smooching in front row, i thought of showing them and felt strange but she didnt

said a word pulled me close and said "you do everything in darkness not in light". Then i understood how

naughty is my granny, all these years I thought she's reserved but I noticed that she's loyal to her ex. she

also said "I am noticing ur cum on my petticoat and today for you, I didn't washed it and wore the same. I made

my mind that if you won't come to me, I thought of seducing you". Now I'm under shock again but with happiness.

She pulled and kept hand on her tit, but I removed and kept hand around her from back and asked her to cover

with saree. Now, I pulled her tit out and pinching her nipple. She held my arm tight and lay her head on my

shoulder and enjoying it. I can hear her moans but she's trying to stop them by ducking her mouth into me. I

think she must have cummed twice, coz i felt a her hugging me tight suddenly. Then I have moved my hands down

into her saree to her pussy region, but I was unable to reach there. She adjusted herself and kept her tit

inside and made room to my hand. I felt she has a large bush over there, when I asked she said "who's going to

see and worship my old pussy", I said "don't worry granny, i will take care of it". I pulled her hair and

starting rubbing over her pussy hair and brushing them and caressing them. I wanted to see it but i pulled my

hand as it is intermission, anyone may see us. I brought a coke and popcorn for us, after lights went off, i

inserted again and i felt wetness and which made her petticoat wet completely. I felt the heat of pussyon my

hands but cant reach it. She widened her legs and guided me inside. I started rubbing pussy lips and when i

entered one finger inside, suddenly she held me hand and came in my hand. I wanted to taste it but hands are

struck inside. I asked her to let me know when she is about cum and i started rubbing her pussy lips and

pressing her clit. I can feel the heat building up inside coz, it was hard to keep 2fingers inside, suddenly i

kept coke glass inside her saree and finger fucked her hard when shes about to cum i said to move front and

hold the glass to collect her pussy juice, when she's about to cum, i kept 2 fingers and made her cum high

thanever in her life. she came hard into glass and we took it out and i tasted her juice, thou it's salty but

felt energy running through my body with high voltage.

I kept a handkercheif inside and cleaned her pussy and said let the cum on ur thighs be like that. Now she kept

her hands on my trousers and started rubbing slowly, she came near to me and said "wanna finger me again beta?

will u taste my cum? will u lick my pussy? will u smell my pussy? do u like hairy pussy? do u drink my piss?"

all I can say is yes yess yess yess yess..she took my hand and started licking my arm, current passed and

saying mmmm grannnyyyyyy love itttt, faster fasterrrrrrr grannyyyy..i came in my undiesaaawwwwwwwwwww

grannnyyyyyyyyyy yesssssssss mmmmmmmmmmm soo swweeettttt granny and I kissed her for the first time on lips

with passion and a memorable kiss for both of us. Now we adjusted ourselves and made dress straight but messy

inside. Few minutes later, movie finished. Now, we are in hunger for SEX. She said we need to do some shopping,

so we went to buy clothes and some food items. I asked her to buy panties and bra. As she never wore one of

them, she said i dont know my size beta, dont worry granny tell sales girl to check size and she will give you,

while buying she looked at me asked colors and designs i said flower designs and white and blue and pink

colors. As I am the only one to spend more time with her we became so close and attached to each other.

Exploration begins

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