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I took Gwen to my west Texas ranch, she didn't hesitate coming looking forward to alone time with me. Gwen is 26 never married, she is from Lebanon. We arrived and got settled in and then went to the barn. The heat of the day was increasing, there were big fans blowing in the barn to cool the horses and cattle in the other barn. Gwen and I were leaning on a paddock fence watching the horses. The big stallion is sniffing around one of the mares and his cock is showing interest. She had never seen horses mate before and was mesmerized. She watched fascinated as the stallion's cock grew bigger and bigger, she is feeling flushed when he reared up and penetrated the mare. She stood her ground while he covered her and when he'd finished his cock dropped out, still big and dripping. Gwen is bright red and feeling very strange, especially between her legs which feel weak. She is embarrassed as she looked at me. I'm stone faced, showing no reaction then she noticed my hand was in my pocket clutching my cock. I suddenly looked at her and we stared at each other for a few seconds, before I gave an excuse about some work I had to do and went off towards the other barn. Gwen stayed there thinking about the stallion, the mare, my strange reaction and above all that tingly wet feeling between her legs.

In bed that night she rubbed her pussy while thinking of the stallion's big cock, but aroused, as she became nearer her orgasm the thought of me feeling my cock overtook the stallion and rode her to her orgasm. In her sexual fantasy she is kneeling like the mare and I'm mounting and covering her with my big dripping cock. Funnily enough she didn't feel guilty about dreaming of fucking me, it has been a long time since her last fucking. She just went to sleep with a smile on her face and a wider one between her legs. Over the next two days she thought I was avoiding her, but I may not have been as there was plenty of work on the ranch. At night though I increasingly sought her out in her dreams and she is making herself come three or four times a night thinking of me. In her naive and confident way she just assumed this was normal. That is when she started to play games with me. She'd let me find her kneeling on all fours like an animal while she did some cleaning, or bent over at some task with her rounded ass stuck up in the air. She made sure she wore her tightest clothes and brushed against me. She came round the back of the barn and up a ladder so she could see what I was up to in there. I was in an empty stall with my cock in my hand jerking furiously. She is pleased that she was having that effect on me. What shocked her was the size of my cock. It is long, straight and thicker than she had ever seen. She nearly wet herself as she watched my long strings of cum jet from the head of my cock before I looked round and packed it away in my jeans. She did wet herself, but not with pee, but with a nice flow of wetness in her panties.

That night she came three times thinking of me with my big cock and then she realized she could experience being fucked. She didn't just have to imagine it every night. She could get me to do it for real, she could seduce me, make me fuck her. The thought, once it was freed would not be contained and she sweated and masturbated for another hour before deciding that she was going to try and see what happened. If I rejected her, she could just say it was a game. We were passing the barn and she is surprised when I stopped, pushed open the barn door, and pushed her inside. Before she had a chance to say anything I followed her in and switched on a light. There were a couple of rows of stalls, four to a side. I walked briskly down the row between the stalls, checking each side as I went. She followed slowly, I was looking at the foals. When she reached the end of the row, I was standing next to an open stall, smiling. " All the foals seem fine," I said. " That's a relief. Have you seen this stall?" I nodded to the open stall. There is a sign above it saying Mare of the Day, but the stall is empty apart from a large amount of straw on the floor. " What's this stall for?" She asked, " Which one is the mare of the day?" " You," I said and pushed her into the stall. She tripped as she went in and finished sprawling on her hands and knees. Before she could protest I had her dress pushed up over her waist and pulled her panties down. " Don't bother screaming," I told her. " It's unlikely anyone will hear you and if they do they will just think it's one of the horses and will ignore it."
While I was saying this my hand had been busy rubbing her pussy then I was stretching her lips apart. Then I started trying to shove my cock inside her.

Her tightness made it very difficult, after three attempts to penetrate her, I became frustrated and angry. " NO!" She struggled harder, but I won. Finding the little indent I was looking for, I pushed my hips forward, letting myself enjoy that tight sensation of the first stroke slipping over my head and down my shaft. I pulled out slightly, then pushed in deep and held it there, " oh yeah, that's right", I groaned to myself. " Oh God, John!"
" I'm the stallionyour my mare." I waste no time, thrusting in and out of her. I'm rough, but the feeling it gave me made me want to fuck her harder and faster each passing moment. Soon I'm slamming her cunt with every bit of strength I had. She screams, but I didn't care. " You like that? " MMMmmmmmmmm," She moaned. " AAAAhhhh." My answer is to move back and forth, driving my cock deep and then slowly dragging it back. I paused so that I could get her dress off. I unzipped it at the back and then pushed it up, making her pull it off. When she protested I gave her a prod with my cock and told her to do it. With her dress gone her bra didn't remain for long. I like my women naked. Having her naked, I got serious. My hands circled her and grabbed her breasts, she closed her eyes and tried to brace herself for the searing pain that shot through her as I pushed my massive cock back into her. The pressure is so overwhelming, Gwen imagined being ripped in half as my cock impales her. Gwen had to admit that even though she is in pain, she is moving with me now. It wasn't that what is happening is distasteful. It feels damned good.

As I rammed my cock deep inside her it almost felt like I was moving her organs, reaching back she placed her hand at the entrance of her pussy, slowly she pulled herself off of my monsterous length, her legs feel wobbly as she stood up, keeping her hand wrapped on my length, she could tell how much I had inside her by how much of my cock glistened from her juices, she couldn't believe her eyes when she realized it was at least close to 9 inches, maybe a few inches off, and this turned her, so she quickly made her way back down on all fours in front of me. In a few seconds, she had pulled my monster cock up and allowed me to ram into her again, she almost feels like my bitch, like I can do anything I want with her, and she'd be powerless to stop me, after grinding herself onto as much of my length as she possibly could, she brought herself to orgasm after orgasm, I fucked her for forty minutes, her seventh and eigth orgasms are washing over her, I move slightly, she didn't recognize the move, then she understood what was going on, as she feels a very hot sensation inside her, confused as to what it was at first, it wasn't until she feels something run down her leg that I had orgasm and with all my cock deep in her pussy I filled her with cum, the feeling is truly amazing, she actually feels it leaving my cock filling her, causing her to orgasm two more times. After I was done, my cock then withdrew from her pussy and there was nothing she could do about it, she had just experienced the most erotic sensation in her life. She kneels down on the floor next to me and watched as the cum oozed out of her pussy, it turned her on so much she had to taste it, so she pushed a finger into her pussy. She pulled her finger up and closed her eyes as she put it in her mouth, instantly loving it, it is warm and creamy, it has a salty taste, but she liked it.

Now she is just going to wait for me to get hard again, I'm laying there barely moving. She starts to rub my limp cock, within a few seconds, my cock slowly begins to respond, she moves her head forward to meet it and instantly wraps her lips around my cock head, which barely fit into her mouth, she is moaning like a whore. She loves the feel of my cock in her mouth, still able to taste cum from the previous encounter, she got so carried away with sucking my huge cock that she ended up jacking me off too. For the first she enjoyed it, I moved and she is aware of this, but didn't move her head and she paid the price as her mouth and throat is filled with hot creamy cum, she then swiftly removed her mouth, licking her lips, she swallowed the cum in her mouth. Watching Gwen position herself on all fours
and taking the bottle of lube and squirt some of the lube onto her hand. She then started to rub it on her asshole. She fingered her ass for a few minutes on the floor, using more and more lube as she did, then taking a huge wad on her hand, she moved back to me again. She coated my now hard cock with lube, to make sure I would go in easy. She has never had anal sex, she wanted to experience anal sex for the first time. She is worried about how much it would hurt. I return to my place behind her, as soon as my cock head touched her, she knew I had wanted her exhausted and weak. Her fear made her heart flutter, but she found some excitement in that. My swollen cock head pressed and pressed, slowly ever so slowly she opens and my cock head eased its way in. Yes, I'm absolutely huge. The pain is intense and immediate. Her fear increased but so did her excitement.

Her anticipation growing as I slowly sank deeper, a pained moan is the only resistance she could offer. She is so weak and limp. She is at my mercy. Slowly I retreated. A reluctant whimper let me know I wasn't unwelcomed. Finally, I eased myself in a little deeper. " Ooww." She cried. I retreated then in a little deeper again. " Oowww." She groans again. With each thrust I sank deeper, with each thrust her reaction became a little more clear. " Ooww! Fuck!" She suddenly screamed. I stop, my cock has reached virgin territory. Her clit is tingling, I'm finally buried all the way. " Don't stop." She whispers. I pull back and slid in again. " Ooww, fuck!" She cries. Confident she would stop me if she needed too. I speed up, smooth strokes back and long strokes forward. Unable to hold myself in check any longer, I give her the last inch all at once in one deep hard thrust. " Ooowww!" She cries. Tears are falling from the corners of her eyes. I stayed there. Buried to the root. She feel my hot balls pressing against her pussy and she laughed. The pain is searing, my balls against her pussy is scalding. " You made it." She whispers. " Hmmmm." She blinked at her tears as she held me deep inside her ass. Finally I was in, not just in, but all of me was in. She fixated on my enormous girth and length painfully stretching her and her pussy moistening my balls. She took a couple steadying breaths. She clenched her hands a few times. " Please." She whispers. What would you like?" I ask. " Don't stop till you cum." My cock jerked inside her and she winced. I gaze at her. She is smiling through her tears.

My cock is jerking again, she is wincing again. Slowly I drew myself back till only my cock head had her stretched open. She sighs. In one long stroke I buried myself completely again. She winces, sucking in a breath through her clenched teeth and then let out a tense groan. I retreated again and pushed forward again, slowly gaining speed. Her discomfort grew with the speed, and then begins to fade as my balls slap against her pussy faster and faster. " Oh, fuck! Oh, Fuck! Please! Fuck! Don't stop! OooOoooOoohhHhhh! Her pain disappearing as her lust begins to take over. Her pussy is wet and hot, her clit throbbing gently as my grunts and groans behind her had her aching to feel my release. " Come on, baby! Come on, baby! Oohh, Fuck! Come on, baby! Fill my ass. Fill me. Fill my ass!" With a series of savage thrusts my body tensed as I pull her hips firmly back and drove myself completely inside her. The two of us cried out as my hot seed spilled inside her. Shooting out pulse after laden pulse, filling her with a deep warmth that she knew she would look forward to again. After my growth finally quit spurting inside her, I collapsed over her back, the two of us stuck together by a thin layer of sweat. With my face buried in her hair, I panted for breath. She adored my weight bearing down on her. Slowly my shaft begins to wilt inside her. While the relief is incredible, she missed the fullness too. " Thank you." She whispers. " Thank you." I whisper back. Slowly I stood up and eased myself from her raw and angry little ring. No cum leaked yet. She sagged down on the floor, I scoop her up and carried her to a dry part of the bed, where I turn down the covers, laid her out, covered her with the sheet and then climbed in behind her to hold her in against my body.

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