Don't Use Mom's Panties 3

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He started stroking his cock right in front of me. I turned in my chair, but continued to absent-mindedly brush my hair. My eyes were focused on his thick cock and the reddish-pink head as his hand stroked back and forth.

"You don't have my panties," I observed. "Is it going to work?"

"I don't need them if you're going to be watching me," he said with a slight grin.

That stunned me. I thought that it was the panties that turned him on. I had a lot to learn about men and their desires.

"You mean" I began, "you mean you're turned on byME?"

"Well, yeah!" He said proudly. "Sis, you're so beautiful. I've been thinking about this afternoon all evening."

I had stopped brushing my hair and was just frozen in place. This was getting too weird.

"Mark, you can't be getting turned on by me," I told him. "First, I'm your sister and you shouldn't even be thinking of me that way. Second, I'm not even sexy at all so that shouldn't be doing it."

"Then explain why I'm like this," he said as he moved a few feet closer to me. His cock seemed to grow larger as he moved closer to me. A drop of pre-cum oozed out and began to drip onto my floor.

"Watch out!" I whispered urgently. "You're about to drip onto the carpet!"

He just grinned and kept on stroking away. I watched the droplet as it grew and began to break away from the tip of his cock. If he wasn't going to do something, I was going to have to do it.

I reached over quickly, putting my hand underneath his cock. I could feel the heat coming from him as he gave his cock a really hard squeeze. The drop fell into the palm of my hand. I pulled my hand away from him as if I'd put it on a hot stove.

"Yeah, that's it," he moaned. "Let me cum in your hand!"

I stared at the single drop in my hand. It had landed in the center of my palm and I found myself moving my other hand toward it. I was in a daze as I touched the tip of my index finger to it. I moved it around. It was slick. I understood now how that would help us have sex. His cock was so huge and thick that I would need to coat his whole shaft with this for it to fit inside of me. My mind wandered to a picture of me lying on my back on the bed while he moved above me, his cock about to slide inside my pussy.

"Let me cum in your hand!" He said urgently. That woke me up from my trance.

"What? No!" I whispered back at him. "You're not doing that!"

"I'm going to cum, Sis!" He said quickly. "I'm about to cum right now!"

I looked frantically around for something. A towel, tissue, something! I looked over at him and his hips were pumping toward me. It was too late.

"Okay!" I hissed at him. "Just do it!" I cupped my hands underneath his cock. He pumped away faster and faster. In the split second before his hand froze on his cock I flashed back to earlier and I remembered the strength of it as it shot out of him. I knew I wouldn't be able to catch it in my hands.

"No!" I almost shouted. "Wait!"

It was too late. A string of white cum about 4 inches long spurted from his cock and landed on my left arm just above my wrist. I could feel how hot it was. I instinctively put my palm up to stop the next spurt and it splatted into my hand. I had to use my other hand to catch it from dripping to the carpet. The next spurt actually hit me in the chest!

"Yeah!" he moaned. "That is so hot!" He continued stroking in short pumps, his hips pounding into the air between us violently.

I was covered in his cum! The last few strokes produced just a bit and I was able to catch this in my cupped hands.

I looked up at my brother with a mixed look of disgust and amazement on my face. His face held satisfied relief and a bit of amusement.

"I'm so sorry, Sis," he said with sincerity. "I just couldn't hold back."

"Yeah, whatever!" I whispered angrily. "Now get out so I can clean up. Your cum is all over me!"

He pulled on his boxers and left the room. I sat there for a few seconds wondering what the hell I was going to do. The cum in my hand was sliding around and about to fall off of my hand. I guess my reaction was instinctive? Some hidden trait from deep inside of me?

I licked it up. I actually put my hand to my mouth and licked up my brother's cum juices from my hand. The taste was, well, nothing really. I don't know what I was expecting from it. I guess it was a bit salty, like sweat would taste. It wasn't bad though. In fact, I was getting a bit turned on by the whole idea of what I was doing. I was licking up my brother's cum that he had just jacked off onto me!

I sat there like a kitten licking up spilled milk. I brought my arm around and licked it where it had landed there. I even pulled my shirt off and sucked the cum from where it landed on my chest. I was licking my hands and wrist when I caught movement in the corner of my eye.

I looked over to the wall and caught myself in the reflection in my full length mirror. I was topless now and licking my hands and arm with my tongue. "Oh, wow!" I thought to myself. "You're a slut. I'm a cum slut."

I felt my nipples harden and I turned until I was facing the mirror. I took the last droplet of cum I could find and rubbed it onto my left nipple. I was so nasty!

In seconds I was lifting my hips and sliding my panties off. Totally nude, I sat in front of my mirror and masturbated. It was so sexy seeing myself in a new way. I watched my own fingers spread my pussy lips until I could see the wetness inside. For the first time, I really saw my clit and how aroused it was.

I thought back to what my brother had just done. I thought about how he'd really like to see me right now. I just knew he would jack himself off again looking at this view!

That was all it took. A few rubs against my clit and I came hard. I could see my pussy clinch and release as my orgasm took over my body. It was incredible. I pulled my cum-stained shirt back on and slowly crawled up into the bed. I slept the contented sleep of the sexually satisfied.

The next few days were a blur of holiday activity. Dad was able to call home on Christmas Eve so that made Mom a both happy and sad since she missed him. Mark hadn't come to me for his sexual needs for three days. I chalked it up to just being busy with the holidays.

The day after Christmas, Mom went shopping to return some gifts and we were alone in the house. I puttered around, cleaning up a bit and just being lazy. Mark must be sleeping late as he didn't come out of his room. Finally, I just decided to be lazy and pamper myself.

I took a long, hot, relaxing bath in the tub. I even used scented candles and brought the radio into the bathroom. I shaved my legs and I think they'd never been smoother. I was rubbing lotion on my legs and looked into the bathroom mirror and caught the reflection of my naked body.

Mesmerized, I squirted a bit of lotion onto my fingers. I watched myself in the mirror as I slowly rubbed the lotion onto my breasts. My nipples were screaming for attention so I put a bit of lotion on them and then twisted and pulled on them.

I thought of Mark. I thought of how he had held his thick cock in front of me and shot his cum all over me. I wondered why he hadn't come back to me for more. Suddenly, I had to know.

I grabbed my robe and left the bathroom and turned down the hall to his room. I opened his door without knocking. He was, just as I had predicted, just sleeping the day away. He was sleeping in only his boxers as we lived in Houston where Christmas was usually warm.

He looked up at me and smiled. "G'morning," he mumbled.

"Its been a few days," I said with a knowing smile. "You haven't raided Mom's panties again have you?"

"Nope," he said with a grin reaching under the sheet. "I still have the pair you gave me. It's been all I needed lately." He pulled out the pair of my panties to show me.

"You've already done it today?" I asked him incredulously. The boy is a sex machine!

"Yeah," he responded, a little embarrassed.

"How often do you have to do that in a day?" I asked him.

"It's not that I have to," he responded. "It's that I want to do it. But to answer your question, usually about five times."

"Oh my gosh!" I said. "How do you even function if you need relief that much?"

"Well, I get by," he said with a grin. "But it's better to get by with a little help from my friendsor family."

It had been three days. Three days since I watched him and then let him cum on me.

"Do you need to do it again?" I asked. "I mean, is it time already?"

He pushed the sheet down and said, "You tell me."

His cock was making another tent in his boxers. It seemed larger than before.

I licked my lips and felt a tingle between my legs.

"Well," I began, "if you need to do itI'm here to help you. As long as this keeps you out of Mom's panty drawer."

"Can I cum in your hands again?" He asked as he slid around to stand up.

I looked over at him and said, "Yeah, that was the plan last time and you came all over my shirt."

"I didn't really mean to do that, you know." He said with sincerity in his voice. "I just never know how powerful it's going to be. Plus, looking at you just made it even more intense."

As he said this, he stood up and slid his boxers down to his ankles. Once again I was staring at his hard, thick cock.

I found myself saying, "Well, I don't want to ruin this robe" My voice faded as I undid the robe and let it fall to the ground. I was now completely naked in front of my brother.

"Just cum on me," I told him. "I can always take another bath."

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