Twins - My sister Sophie #1

My name is Andy, I'm 16 years old and I live in a pretty average family, I live with just my parents and my twin sister, Sophie. I've always had a thing for her, I've always thought she was my dream girl, her beautiful long, curly, blonde hair, her bold blue eyes and her perfect smile. She is a girl of smaller size, standing at about 5 foot 2. Like I said, I've always thought of her as my dream girl, but the issue is, she's my twin sister I've always known this was wrong, but something about that made it so much more exciting, I figured I can't do any harm if I just kept this to myself. The main characters have been introduced so let the story begin. Enjoy!

Everybody in the house was in a rush to prepare for the arrival of my grandmother, she was travelling interstate to stay with us for a week as it was my twin sister and I's birthday. The arrangements had been made for her to stay in my room as I had just a single bed, so I had been cast out to sleep in my sister's room because she was the lucky first child to get a double bed. I didn't really mind, Sophie and I had always been very close as we had moved state quite a few times so our best friends were essentially each other as we never had enough time to make best friends outside of the house. Grandma's plane was due to land in an hour so my parents were wildly running around the house ready to get in the car and go collect her. With a kiss on the forehead from mom, her and dad were running out of the door to the car. I was watching TV in the lounge downstairs when Sophie walked in all dolled up ready to greet grandma. "So are you ready Andy? It's been a while since we saw Gran, huh? It's gonna be like old times sleeping in the same bed." she said with a giggle "Yeah it has been, I hope it's not too awkward." I replied. "I really doubt that And, it might have been a while but she's our grandma, it'll be fine. Anyway, I figure you should go at least make an effort to look presentable, smelly." I looked down and noticed I was still in my underwear, I glanced up at the clock and realised Gran was due to arrive in 10 minutes. "Oh shit, you're right!" I ran upstairs and got changed into some more appropriate clothes.

As the sun set, Gran came in through the door with mom and dad and everything went as expected, kisses her, kisses there, a few tears were shed and within 30 minutes everything felt normal once more. Dad asked "So, who fancies take-out for dinner? I bet you're starving, mom." it was like dad had just fired a gun, all of our glances shot toward him and we chanted in unison "Yes!". Dad called up pizza hut and ordered a humongous feed for the family. As we sat at the table we all shared stories and laughs. Gran commented a good few hundred times on how big we were getting as any grandmother does. Before I knew it, it was time to hit the hay. Mom and dad planned to show Gran around the neighborhood in the morning so all three had already gone to sleep, Sophie headed off shortly after them and I grew tired of cartoons so I headed up to bed. I reached my temporary bedroom and turned on the light, Sophie squinted as she looked up to me "Hurry up, I'm freaking blind" she snapped. I apologised and got undressed into my underwear. I went to hit the light and turned back to Sophie and noticed her looking toward my crotch. I ignored it and hit the switch, I grabbed my phone and used it as a light to find my way to bed. I lifted up the covers ready to get in when I saw Sophie lying there in a very old shirt and tiny little panties, her perfect legs shone even in the darkness and her perky nipples poked through the tight shirt she wore. She must have noticed me eyeing up her tits as she grinned at me when I looked back up toward her face "Get in, bro" she said. With that I got in and tried to get some shut eye. After a good hour of both of us shuffling around in the sweltering heat of her bedroom I finally got some shut eye.

I awoke in the middle of the night, possibly due to my new surroundings, or because of my sister sleep talking. She'd always been a sleep talker and it gave me a laugh every now and then. It was even hotter now and I was sweating under the heat of the covers. Just as I was rustling around to get on the top of the duvet where my sister had apparently already worked her way to already, I heard Sophie mumble what sounded like a sexual moan, I laughed and shrugged it off before 3 seconds later she unconsciously said "Oh, Andy" I froze and looked toward her. "Sophie?" I asked, she didn't say anything for about 10 seconds before repeating "Ohhh, Andy" this woke me up immediately, as well as my cock. I sat there wondering what she could possibly be dreaming about and all I was thinking about, and hoping, was that she was dreaming about me fucking her. I grabbed my phone and shone it towards her. She was laying facing me, her shirt had been pulled up by her comatose movements, to the point where the underside of her boobs were showing. She had such a perfect body, as I admired her perfect figure and scanned her up and down I noticed something which made my cock stand at attention like a soldier. Through her tight grey panties, there was a definite wet patch.

She was wet, she was dripping wet, I stared for a good 10 seconds before she said "Oh my god yes, Andy" my cock began to throb. I had made my sister wet without even knowing, like I said before I'd always had a thing for her, I figured this was the closest I'd ever get to fucking her so I bit the bullet and did what felt so right at the time. I dragged my boxers off and my cock flicked off of them, my 7 and a half inch member stood rock hard ready to be caressed. I looked back to my sister and began to stroke my dick, I took my chance and pulled up her shirt gently exposing her tits, they were perfect, perhaps it was how she was lying, but they looked divine. My cock was already oozing with pre-cum and I was near ejaculation already. I took a picture of my sisters tits on my phone to treasure forever. I had never felt so horny in my life, but at the same time I felt awful. I felt like I was raping my sister, I assured myself no one would ever find out and this would just be my secret and that was enough for me. It was a horrible justification but how could I stop with my sisters beautiful rack looking me dead in the eyes. It wasn't long before I felt an orgasm on it's way. In the heat of the moment I pointed my dick toward my sister, with a few more tugs I prepared the cannon, as my sister moaned one more time right as I desired her to "Yeees, Andy" my eyes rolled back into my head as I entered a state of euphoria, I had left my body and gone to Heaven. I covered my sisters belly in my cum, I took another risk and leant in and licked her nipples, I didn't care any more, I was in a state where I was completely drunk off of forbidden pleasure. As my orgasm had subsided and I slowly caught my breath, I felt the guilt. I felt the least I could do was wipe my sisters belly clean, I went and grabbed some tissues and gently wiped her up. I tried to head back to sleep and really struggled after what had happened, but I eventually did.

It had arrived, the morning after, Sophie had already left the bed and I felt like she had somehow found out. I got out my phone and took one last look at my sisters stunning pair of tits before I found the strength to stand up and head downstairs to my execution. I got downstairs, no one was around, I looked to the clock and it was 12:30PM, my parents and grandmother had already left to tour the neighborhood, I navigated my way around to the kitchen where I found Sophie, in just a small towel with her cute butt poking out of the bottom. She turned around and almost jumped out of her skin, "Oh sorry, Andy! You scared the shit out of me. I just got out of the shower, I had to take one, it was so hot last night, I woke up all sweaty and sticky, were you hot last night?" she asked "Uhhh, yeah, it was really hot, probably just cause we shared the bed." I hesitantly replied. I sat down at the table to decide what to do with my morning. I ate breakfast with Sophie before taking a shower myself. I had decided I would head out for a walk to the store to clear my head, I felt awful for what I had done the night before, I said bye to Sophie and she kissed me on the cheek, this was the first time she had kissed me since we were little, she smiled at me and said bye. What was that for? I had no idea, I had bigger things to think about, so I went on my way.

After ten minutes of walking and staring at the picture of my sisters boobs, I patted my pocket and realised I had forgotten my wallet, "Fuck!" I shouted, I turned and ran back not wanting to waste any time. I got home and knocked on the door, no answer. I tried a couple more times before giving up and jumping over the fence into the backyard, I ran to the back door and thankfully, the door was unlocked, as always. I entered the house and all was silent, I assumed Sophie had left and gone on an adventure of her own so I headed up to my room to grab my wallet. I reached the top of the stairs and thought I heard a voice, then another noise came from Sophie's room. I walked slowly to her door and heard a moan, her door was left ajar every so slightly, enough so I could peek inside. I held my breath as I held my face up to the crack in her door when my jaw dropped. Sophie was sat, legs up on the bed, with a dildo buried in her pussy while she violently rubbed her clitoris. I felt as if my dick was going to put a hole in the wall if I undid my pants. I took the risk of damaging the dry wall and pulled down my jeans quietly, once again my sister had my dick standing as solid as a concrete pillar. I wasted no time and put hand to dick and started pumping while watching my sister fuck her self. The noises she made got me so riled up. I was jerking off so damn hard when she yelled "Fuck me, Andy! Fuck me, Andy! Fuck meeee!" this sent me to another universe, I forgot everything I knew and came all over the floor, I had never shot so much cum before. I was still watching her and she pulled the dildo out of her little vagina and squirted all over the bed and screamed. She didn't know it but we just shared our first orgasm together. I was brought to my knees and just stared at her open pussy while we both caught our breath. 5 minutes had gone by and we were both still recovering from our orgasms. I found the strength to stand up and looked down at the pool of cum I had left on the floor, before I knew it Sophie was getting up and wiping her bed with a towel. I ran with trousers at my knees to my bedroom and hid.

I heard Sophie's door open and listened to her footsteps, she headed to the bathroom and I heard the shower turn on, I ran to her room and found her still soaked dildo on the bed, I clenched my fist around it and pulled to the top, my hands were covered in my sisters pussy juice. I rubbed it all over my once again erect cock and used it to moisten myself and began wanking again. I harvested another batch of Sophie's cum and put it in my mouth. It was almost sweet, I came all over myself when the thought came to me I was tasting my own sisters pussy juice and my cock was saturated in her liquid. I lay once more catching my breath from the intense climax I had just had when I heard the running water halt. I jumped up and try to run for the door but while I struggled with my left trouser leg I heard the bathroom door swing open. My heart stopped, I felt my nuts drop and roll on the floor. I was in panic and felt as if I was going to have a panic attack, as I frantically searched for a hiding spot in her room with pants at ankles I prepared for the worst moment of my life and looked at the door, I remembered that she had came thinking of me so I went for broke, with my sisters dildo in one hand and my cock in the other I braced myself for hell. Everything was going in slow motion, and my sisters door slowly opened, there Sophie was, completely naked, she stopped and stared at me, like I was a possum playing dead we shared a 15 second stare down before I managed to squeeze out "Sorry". Sophie smiled, she slammed her door shut and walked towards me, she threw me down on the bed and jumped on top of me, we started to kiss.

I made out with my sister for what seemed like forever, this was easily the most amazing moment of my life. Her tongue rolling all over mine, mine rolling over hers, I felt like I needed to eat her, I couldn't get enough and I wanted to finish her. I was so hard once more for my sister, I loved the taste of her tongue and her saliva, I lapped up the inside of her mouth like I hadn't drank for a month. We breathed heavily on each other, passionately kissing, I grabbed her ass and her tits, I took a break and ripped of my shirt before heading back to devour her pretty lips. I slid down my trousers and slipped them off and flipped my sister over and took position of top of her. Her pussy was so wet, I felt my cock rubbing up against her cunt, this reminded me that there was much more of my sister that I could eat. I headed down her neck leaving a trail of kisses, I grabbed her tits and sucked on her nipples. She was already moaning for me "I've wanted you to fuck me for so long, Andy." She said to me, "I want to be in your pussy" I exclaimed back to her. I licked down from her tits all the way to her groin. I kissed all around her perfectly waxed pussy, her thighs, her belly before I headed for the ultimate treasure. I licked up one side of her pussy and again on the other side, I could already taste that sweet juice again, I went from the bottom of her pussy and licked all the way up to her clitoris. Again and again I licked her vagina, I started to suck up her everlasting taste, she was groaning, over and over, my cock had a heartbeat and felt as if it would burst if it swelled any more. She began to grunt louder and I thrust my tongue into the depths of her cunt and drank her. She yelled "I'm gonna cum, Andy!" I pulled out my tongue and furiously licked at her clit before my face was flooded with her nectar, I placed my lips around her tight hole and allowed my mouth to fill with her liquid, I swallowed every last drop of it without hesitation, she was lying half-conscious after her orgasm and I headed up her body.

I sat on her chest and presented her my dripping, rock-solid cock, the sight of it gave her the energy to shoot her head up and lick the pre-cum from the end of my member. I trembled and she opened up wide and my dick was engulfed by the warmth of her mouth, I felt her tongue move around my dick as she sucked hard up and down my shaft. I fell back onto the bed and she lay down and once more took my cock deep in her mouth, she locked eye contact with me as she deep throated me. For a virgin she sure knew what to do. She was sucking so hard, so fast, like she'd never get a chance to touch a cock again. I held her head and thrust into her mouth as if I was fucking her. She took my cock so deep, I felt her tonsils on the tip of my dick and she started to gag so I pulled out, she pulled my dick straight back in and took it all once more, I gave her warning that I was going to cum and she took it all into her mouth and I came, she licked at my dick hole as cum filled her mouth and for a second I was positive I was dreaming. She opened her mouth and presented to me the hot load I had just emptied into her mouth, she unexpectedly swallowed, she came down to my level and kissed my lips. We began to kiss again, I lowered my hand down to her pussy and caressed her tasty clit. She pulled away and looked at me in the eyes "Andy, I want you to fuck me, I want my brother to fuck his horny sisters tight little cunt."

(I apologise if you were dying for Andy to get balls deep in Sophie, stay tuned!)

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