Amandine 2

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I had to month to make a plan and find Amandine’s address. The first part was quite easy: I could show the videotape to Amandine, blackmail her and obtain what I wanted. That was the idea, and I could do with it. Even though, I wanted something more subtle. I wanted to play with her as she did with me. I did not want to rush things. She had frustrated me too much, now I wanted to crush her will.
I will not hide that this idea did not upraised any moral conflict. But I believe that after death, it is all black and nothing, no matter what you did in your life. I dealt with this conflict by saying to myself that moral was unnecessary, and that I wanted to enjoy my life.
As for Amandine’s address, this was a little more complicated. For security purpose, I did not have access to it with my job, and her name was surely an alias. I had to find it thanks to the camera. But I already told you that she was always aware of the camera. In one week, my hope had been crush: she had been very careful with the camera and she had never showed anything giving an hint on who she was and where she was living.
After one month I had nothing. I had one month left to find where she lived, or else… I would have ended up with evidence to control a gorgeous women life but without the opportunity to use it. But I am a lucky man. From the beginning, Amandine had done one mistake with the camera: she did not warn her daughter about it.
Thanks to this mistake, I ended up with the video of the two of them fucking together. Thanks to this same mistake, her daughter was not as caution as she was. She gave one opportunity to find their address, just one, but I did not miss it.
One day, as I was alone at work a Sunday, deep down hopping for Amandine’s show even though she had stopped them, the daughter walked into her mother room. Amandine was reading a book (thankfully, that was not Twilight…).
- Hey mom, I opened one of my letter but there has been a mistake and it was for you. I put it on your desk ok? Oh, and I am going with my friend for a walk this afternoon.
- Okay, have a good day.

Unfortunately for me, the desk was on a blind spot for me. But the daughter had waved the envelop of the letter. Thanks to our deer technology, I took a screen shot of it and zoomed on the address on it. I could barely read the name and the state on the image.
This is how I learned the daughter first name: Jennifer. As for their last name and their state, I would not give them away, sorry guys. This was not perfect, but it was a beginning. I searched for homonym on the name: 356 people were living with this last name on this state. As Amandine was a single with a single child, Jennifer, I eliminated all Mr. guy names… I ended up with 78 matches, with 18 Jennifer first names. On these 78 names, I had not addresses for 2 of them.
I run the 18 Jennifer with their town’s name on the net. Thanks to linked in, Google image and most of all, Facebook, I ended up with one who might have been “my” Jennifer. She had the age of Amandine’s daughter and she was blond. But on every profile picture of hers, there was a black and white picture of her at 5 with friends.
With the same method, I checked the 60 other names during the following week. I ended up with 5 more possibilities for the mother. I asked to Pete, my boss , for a week of time off. He gave it to me happily, I had worked every Sundays for more than 4 months and helped as a technician with our system: he was more than happy with me and had no reason to decline my request.
I took a plane for Amandine’ state and then a bus to the town of my best guest, the Jennifer one. I rent a car and went to the address. I parked and I waited. If it were them, I wanted to be unnoticed. They would notice me soon enough… It was the first time that I spied a house, but it was obvious that if I waited too long in my car, I would raise suspicions. I decided to lay down my seat and waited two hours. If someone would ask me what I was doing, I would just pretend to be lost and exhausted: I parked my car and take a nap before taking the road again.
At 3:00 pm, after an hour and a half of waiting, a blond girl arrived at the door of the house. My heart jumped into my chest: it was no doubt Amandine’s daughter! My hands were shaking of excitement. I quickly ignite my car and drove off. I had what I wanted, I did not want to stay more, afraid of being noticed by the neighborhood. As I was passing Amandine’s house, I stopped. There was a sign on the door: “Renting a studio with room, bathroom, kitchen and furniture at the back of the house: call XXX…”. I took the number and drove out of the neighborhood.
I did not want to rent the room, too risky that the guy who used to watch a women ended up renting a room of hers. It was just perfect to take an “innocent” contact with Amandine. I stayed the week on the motel of the house, making acquaintance with the town, its people and must of all, Amandine and Jennifer habits. It was the beginning of the summer. Jennifer were beginning her summer holidays, and I did not found what was Amandine doing for her living. I also find a local store looking for a part time computer technician.
When I went back to my job, I went directly to Pete’s office.
- Hey, so how was your holidays?
- Hi. Well… quite instructive. I have to ask you a favor Pete.
- You just came back for your holidays and you want something more?
- I don’t want to abuse your kindness but… how can I say it. This week was not holidays for me.
- What do you mean?
- As you know, I am studying to become an engineer. In order to reach my goal, I need more time for myself. After the project on which I am right now, I would like to work part time… at home.
- Wow… I surely did not see this coming. I… well I understand of course; but I can’t give you an answer right now. I will try to work something out for you. Give me one week and I’ll let you know. Okay?
- Sure, thanks.

One week later, I had Pete’s agreement. Three weeks after that, the project on which I was was finished. Two weeks after that, I was working part time. I move out of my studio and went to a motel in Amandine’s town.
I called her on a Wednesday.
- Hello?
- Hi. I am calling about the room you are renting. Is it available?
- Hi, well it happens to be. Are you interesting?
- I would not know. I need to see it first…
- Of course, I’m sorry. I am not really comfortable on the phone. When could you come and see it?
- How about tomorrow at six?
- It’s fine by me. Do you need directions to come?
- No, it won’t be necessary. I’ll see you tomorrow then.
- Just a minute! I am sorry but you are…?
- Oh Jesus… I mean… I am obviously not Jesus! I just feel stupid to not introduce me. I’m Jack.
- Alright Jack. See you then.
- Good Bye.

And that was it. One day and I will finally meet her face to face. My plan was not perfect, I was taking a lot of risk by doing it, but I would surely enjoy it.

The next day, she was waiting for me outside. It may sound ridiculous but I almost fell off my bike (during summer I ride a bike as much as possible: sport and green behavior… yeah, I am an ecologist bad guy, it is weird): she seams younger than on a screen. She was looking like a woman in her early 30 (I may had said younger if I did not know she had a daughter of almost 18). She was wearing a short and a white T-shirt, but damn she looked sexy on them.
After introduction, I finally learned her real name: Amanda. They sure did not put a lot of thoughts in her alias in my company… She kindly offered me a glass of water before the visit. As I was sitting in her kitchen, there were a weird silence between us.
- You sure have a big house for a single women…
- What does make you think I’m single?
- Well… no ring.
- Oh, right. Actually, I live here with my daughter.
- You have a daughter?
- Jennifer, she is a few years younger than you.
- I haven’t met her but I am quite sure that I am older than you think…
- I don’t think so. I just happened to be pregnant really young.
- Oh, I see. And the father?
- Divorced. I am renting the studio to buy his share of the house. Shall we begin the visit.
- Sure!

I have to say, the studio was nice. But I was not interested, so I will spare you the detailed. I had one thing in mind. So at the end I went for it.
- I am sorry, I have seen the TV screen and the DVD player. Are they working?
- Of course, I would not have put them here though.
- Yeah, you right. I am sorry but I watch a lot of movies and I would like to make sure that they meet my expectation. Can I ran a DVD of mines for a few minutes to see?
- Well… why not?

Finally, here we were. I put the DVD with Amanda watching behind me. I had made a compilation of the best moments of what I used to call Amandine’s shows. I still think that it took her two minutes to fully understand what was happening.
- The definition is really good Amanda. Is it HD?
- You should not know where I live.
- But I know it. You’re quite an exhibitionist, aren’t you?
- Get out…
- I am sure you would be delighted to do me a lap dance.
- Wow, you don’t have to take it like this!
- You freak! Get out or I call the police!
- What?! But… but you were the one showing me… I mean…

I was playing dumb on purpose. In order to crush her, she had to have the power in the beginning. Strangely, her response was quite calm.
- Look. I am short on money these days. If I have shown you this much, it was for you to post them on the Internet. I would have sue your company and make a lot of money out of it. If you imagined me doing anything to you, you’re wrong. I do not know you, I haven’t meet you until today. Now take your shit and get out.
- I’m sorry if I disturbed you Amanda. I thought that you would be excited by the tape and…
- Yeah, but no. Now get out.
- But you owe me…
- I owe you?!
- Yeah, you played with me to make money!
- Don’t tell me you did not enjoy this!
- Yes, but on the other hand, I am quite frustrated because of you.
- And you were expected a handjob or a blowjob from me?
- Obviously, I made a mistake…
- Yeah. Obviously. Now get the fuck off before I call the police! And be sure that I will report this to your superior. I WILL get your ass fired.
- Go ahead, call the police. I am sure you will be excited and wet to know that they will be watching this video. In a town like this, the rumor of you being a slut will spread really fast. You know what? Let’s both of us watch this waiting for them.

She did not expected that from me. I had touch a sensible point: she had a reputation to keep. Good to know. Nonetheless, she dialed 911. My heart was playing the bass of a frenetic rock in my chest but I was enjoying myself. I was purposely putting myself in danger, and I would escape from it… unless she did not care of being prosecuted for her daughter’s rape. During our discussion, the video had run. It was at that point in the beginning of her last show.
- Hello? My name is Amanda XX and I lived in XXX. I am currently alone with a man in my house and he is kinda creepy. Could you send me an officer please? No… no… yes, it may be nothing but I would be really grateful I you send me someone. No he doesn’t know… he is in the bathroom. Between five and ten minutes? Perfect. Thanks a lot. I have to go.
- Smart move Amanda. Really.
- You were right. I don’t want any rumor in this town. You can keep the video and your job as long as I do not see your face anymore. Understand?
- Cristal clear. Can we at least enjoy together the end of the video together?

For the second time, she looked at the screen and she saw herself with her daughter’s clothes, sucking her dildo. For a moment, I saw her quite uneasy. I could easily read her mind: “Oh my god, it is that day! But I turned off the camera before. I risk nothing.” A smirk grown in her face. She looked at my crotch with an obvious bonner.
- All right honey. You liked it, watching me young pervert, didn’t you?

Every second this women was surprising me! A moment before she was calling the police and now, she was teasing me.
- I am sure you were waiting for my orgasm like the little virgin you are. And it was quite an orgasm, wasn’t it? Oh, I’m sorry… you wouldn’t know.
- If you change your mind about the handjob. I am staying at the little motel outside the city. Room 5. I will be waiting for you Sunday at 3 pm. Your call.
- I might change my mind…. Mmh, I feel hot right now. As I was saying, I might change my mind and call the police to arrest you, and your bosses.
- As I said: your call.

And we stayed like that in silence. I was watching her and she was watching the TV. She had begun to move her hips and breath heavily, like a women in need. She was even whispering little moans.
- … I am going to cum! Do you hear me up there? I am about to cum! In just a few seconds. It will be so fucking great don’t you think? AAAahhh! But… mmh… but… fuck yeah… I won’t let you see it.
- Aaaaand, the end.

Amanda looked at myself. With the victory in her eyes. She was really good at faking to be horny, she almost caught me.
- Now get out before the police arrive. They should be here in any minute now.
- I am going to take a showeeeh… Mom! What are you doing in my clothes?!
Hearing Jessica’s voice liquefied Amanda’s face. She turned and looked at the screen. She was horrified. I came really close to her, and I whispered in her left ear:
- I was almost as shock as you when the remote did not work. In your excitement, you mustn’t have push hard enough the button.
I placed myself behind her and rubbed my dick on her ass. I continued to whisper:
- You know, all I want is a handjob. Maybe a blowjob. Right now, right here. I think you should call the cops to cancel them. I am sure now that you don’t want them to see your beautiful daughter fucking you.

As she was calling 911, I was licking the lob of her ear while rubbing my cock on her ass. When she hanged off, she was livid.
- They won’t cancel them. Procedure. They’ll be here in 3 minutes…
- Too bad for you. Don’t worry, I will visit you in jail.
- NO! please… I will do anything.

I had to play in thigh: in less than 2 minutes, I had to be out of the house. But I took 15 seconds, as I was thinking about something.
- Alright. Like I said earlier: Sunday, 3 pm, motel, room 5. You will give me the best orgasm of my life. The first one will be the decisive one. If you don’t show, it will understand that you prefer to play with the police.
- Okay, thanks. Anything…
- What?! Oh no… don’t get me wrong. I do not want to rape you: you will take the initiatives. And relax, I have only been with inexperienced young women. Just watching you gave me my best orgasm. I am not a complicated man, you know.
- Madam?

Someone was calling from the garden. The police was arrived earlier than expected. Shit.
- If they caught me, I will give them the tape. Are we clear?
- Please no!
- Then help me! Are we clear?

She nodded.
- Tell it.
- We are clear.

I heard footsteps on the stairs.
- Ma’am?
- Do not forget to bring back my bike Sunday.

I bite her ear, get my DVD, turned around, and jumped from the window. This may seem “heroic” but I did not exactly jumped. I let me fall… and I hurt my ankle, the right one. I am not in bad shape but I spent most of the time in front of a computer and in the rushed, I made some bad move to reception myself. I knew there was a door at the back of the garden (Amanda had shown it to me: “your own entrance”): I ran for it and took off. Luckily, I had not been caught.

During my preparation for this day, all I was thinking was: crush her will, fuck her and then live your life. If I was planning to move in the town, it was to remind her of my power I had once on her. But I did not want to play too much with my luck. I would not last long in a jail.
She had shown herself with more willpower than expected: she had called the police. I did not expect that. And as my plan was ruined, a new one, more perfect, appear at the same time. It was so perfect that I still think this was my real plan, I just did not confess it even to myself until this point.
The three next day were the longest of my life. I had a constant hard on, and all I could focus on was: Sunday, Amanda, the feeling of my cock on her ass or the taste of her ear.
Sunday, as every other Sunday, arrived after Saturday (I am sure I blew your mind with this Truth!). I was boiling with excitement. At 2:47 I heard a car parking. I had kept my curtain closed (with the “no disturb” sign on the door) but I gave a fast look outside. I recognized a car from Amanda’s neighborhood. She was more than 10 minutes early.
I was so boiling with excitement that I began to rub myself. I am a little ashamed of it but I cum in no time, without wanting to. If I confess it, it is because it helped my plan: it allowed me to cool myself.
At 3, she was not knocking on my door. At 3:10 neither. She was chickening out. This could be really bad or just great… If she was not going to come, it was obviously bad. But if she was going to come… she was likely to be timid. Timidity was good for my plan.
At 3:15 I finally heard knocks on my door.
- Finally. I was about to call the cops. Come on in Amanda.
- No.
- What?!
- We need to talk, first.
- Then come on in and let’s talk.
- I’d rather not.
- Okayyyy… I’m listening.
- What will happen if I go in this room?
- It depends…
- Of what?
- Well, the correct question if of who? Or whom? I don’t know… Never mind. It depends of you.
- You promise me you won’t…
- Okay, let’s cup the crap. I already told you that I do not want to force you of anything… All I want is the best orgasm of my life. If you give it to me, I will let you in peace. It don’t matter if I have it right here, right now, or by watching you dance or thanks to a blowjob or the more bestial fuck a man can think of. I want you to make me cum really hard. Just once. You decide what you do and what you want. Any question?
- No
- So come on in.
She was wearing a loose pull as well as loose pants.
- I was expecting a little more daring clothes…
- You don’t like them daddy?
A single word and my cock woke up from its sleep. Have you ever been called daddy by an older women with her child voice? There is no word for the feeling. And then she began to rip off, literally, her pull.
- I won’t wore them any more if you don’t like it. I am really sorry for my mistake. Please forgive me? (I was speechless) Do you forgive me daddy?
- Huh? yeah, sure.
- How am I now?
- Wow… I mean, fine.

I made a mistake, and we both knew it. Without my “wow”, she would have put off her pants to. She had prepared her play to give me just the necessary. But when I realized that she was naked under her pull, I lost contact with reality. She had her daughter’s breast but heavier. They did not need any bra, were perfectly round and pale with dark pink nipples pointing outside. In my hast, I was rushing over her to feel heavens. I was finally seeing her boobs, and I could not wait any longer to feel them. She grabbed my hands before they could reach their goal. She snaps her personality and push me against the door of my room.
- You naughty boy! This is not the time for you milk. Mama knows better. But you’re hot! You must be sick. Let me help you with your shirt.

She dropped on her knees, her mouth almost on my obvious hard on. She grabbed my shirt and push it up, rubbing her body against mine. On the way, she stopped at my belly button to lick it as her breasts were against my pants. I would have cum if I did not ejaculate earlier. I told you, the time she gave me had save my afternoon. After that, I finally felt her breast on my chest. They were the softened thing I ever felt, with hard on nipples. She could say otherwise, but her body was turned on, at least a little. But this afternoon was for my pleasure, not hers.
I raised my arms to help her with my shirt, but she stopped before putting it off entirely. She licked my lips. As I opened my mouth for a kiss, she pulled off. She began to rub my body with hers. She had also raised her hands to keep mine on the door. Her stretched breasts were massaging my torso. While rubbing herself on my body, she said with a mad voice:
- Hey! You should behave yourself boy, or there will be consequences and… Oh my gosh! You are ridiculous. Don’t you think that I know that you put a coke bottle in your pants? I have been a kid before becoming a teacher, you know?

I do not know how she did it. I had already been her daddy, her son and now her student. She was realizing every dream of a man in seconds! Most of all, she was performing them well…
- You know what boy? I will let you go with it if it is a diet coke. I am dying of thirst.
She ran her right hand on my forearm, caressed my chest and my belly and put it in my pants. Firm but gentle, she took my shaft in experts hands and began to stroke it.
- You played me a trick!
- No, I…
- Shut up! This is not diet coke, not even regular coke. I wanted to drink and I find in your trousers a sausage.

And now it was the dominant women. I am not really into this (I am a dominant, not a submissive) so it cooled me a little. She pinched my nipple, hard, for a second. I almost lost my hard on.
- This is your punishment! It should be worse but I am also a little hungry.

Her right hand were back on my shaft, the left one was on my pants, taking them off. With this position, she was pushing her breasts on my chest. I am sure this was not a coincidence. She had prepared for this moment. She licked her lips, mine and then bite my lower lips. She then whispered into my ear: “don’t worry. I will not bite it. I prefer letting my sausages melting in my mouth.”
And once again, she dropped slowly on her knees, putting my pants down. I must have had a ridiculous look with my pants around my ankles and my shirt around my wrists. Totally naked but with clothes not really off. But as a breast was touching my shaft (barely, but it brushed it… again: not a coincidence) I did not care of my look.
I was feeling her breath on the tip of my cock. And then she did to it what she used to do to her dildo for me: she kissed it, licked it and then put her lips around it and began to suck it. Only one women had given me head before so I was not really an expert. Her lips were soft and moist, her mouth full of saliva and her tongue was licking the back of my dick. It was really fucking good but during less than a second I thought I wish she would use more her tongue.
The pleasure was too intense and I felt myself ejaculate. I did not even had the time to warn her but she had felt it coming. She put off her mouth, took my dick in her right hand and rubbed up her all body against mine. She was stroking me hard and as I was ejaculating she whispered in my ears:
- How is it?

Quickly, she let me go, went to her purse, took in it a shirt and put it on. I was still in heavens when she said:
- Keep your word. I gave you your orgasm so let me alone now.

I looked up on her with an obvious grin on my face.
- I am an honest man. And I can tell you this was a really good one. Almost as good as the one I had watching your daughter fucking you.
- What do you mean almost?
- I mean that you made several mistakes: I blackmailed you for this, so you should have known better that I was not in the submissive trip. Your blowjob was great but I am sure you usually use more your tongue when you give head. You did not put any intention on my balls. And most of all, you have been obviously avoiding my semen.
- What does that mean?
- Let me put it in simple word: I asked you for the orgasm of my life, you just gave me the second one. I would have keep my word if you had performed your part of our deal. You did not.

She began to take off her shirt.
- Then I will give it to you this time.
- No. I told you that I am a man of my words. I told you that you would give me one orgasm today and you gave it to me. This is over.

She began to shake.
- Please do not call the police… not the video… my Jennifer she…
- Shhh… shhhhh… I will give you a second chance.
- Oh thank you. Thank you. I will do better I promised. Just tell me when and where.
- I will, but before that…
- Before that… what?
- You need a training before I give you this second opportunity.

At that moment, she understood that this was just the beginning. She agreed, she had to, and I told her that I would be at her place the next day at the same hour.

To be continued…

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