She Wanted A Massage

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It had been one of those days at the fitness centre and I was looking forward to closing time so I could clean up and get home. The day had been relatively quiet with few customers, mainly those that wanted to use the gym and the baths. They were the worst because they tended to leave a mess that I had to tidy up. The staff was already to leave as the last customer had left about 30 minutes ago. They came into the reception area and milled around.

“Can we go Bram”? One said “everything is clean and ready for tomorrow”.

“There is still 15 minutes to closing time” I said.

“Oh come on, even if someone comes you will say that we are about to close”.

“Oh alright” I said “you’re right. Off you go, see you tomorrow”.

"Bye Bram" they chorused and trooped off "happily chatting".

I started to tidy up the reception desk moving the paperwork into the "to-do" tray which could wait until tomorrow. I moved to the waiting room and tidied up the magazines putting them on the shelf under the table. I then went to the back and started to switch the lights off, room by room starting in the ladies washroom, moving on to the gents, the fitness rooms, the staff room and finally moved onto the massage rooms. I was nearly finished when I heard the bell on the entrance door ring.

"What"! I thought to myself, "Who can this be"? I walked to the reception. There was a lady standing against the desk and just about to bring her hand down on the "Attention" bell.

"Good evening Madam, is there anything I can do for you" I asked politely even though I was quietly annoyed.

"Yes please" she replied "I want a massage".

"I'm very sorry but all the masseuse have left for the day. I am just closing the centre down for the day as we close in 10 minutes".

"I really do need a massage" she said "it has been a terrible day". As an afterthought she added "I am a member" and pulled out her membership card to prove it.

"But I don't see how I can help you. Everyone has already gone home already. I am the only one here". However it was business so I continued "Unless you don't have any objections if I perform the massage".

She thought for a small while and then said. "That will be alright".

"Okay Madam. If you would please proceed to Cubicle No 1 I will get everything ready. Just through that door and down the corridor you can't miss it".

"I know where it is thank you" she said bruskly "this is not my first time here. I told you I was a member".

"Of course Madam" I replied coolly "You will find everything laid out in the room. If you would get ready I will be with you immediately. I hope you understand but I will have to lock up as I don't want to leave the reception unattended".

"Yes, of course" she said as she walked away.

I locked the front door and flipped the sign to "Closed". I then went to the staff room to change into the short sleeved white shirt, white slacks that was the 'uniform' when performing a massage. I started to pick up one of the trays that were already prepared with the oils when I thought to myself ‘Why not’?

I left the staff room and into the corridor and, taking a key, unlocked a door marked "Staff Only". Behind the door was a dark narrow corridor that led to a small room which was lit by the light coming from Cubicle No 1 through the two way mirror. The lady was taking her clothes off. She already had her dress off and was hanging it on one of the hooks behind the door. She was facing away from me. She put her hands behind her back and unfastened her bra, slipped it off her shoulders and it joined the dress on the hook. She then placed her thumbs inside the top elastic of her panties and pulled them down lifting one leg at a time leaving me with the view of her totally naked back. The panties were also hung up. Then she went to the door and locked it and turned around to look at herself in the mirror.

'Mmmmmm' I murmured.

I was looking at two large, round, firm breasts with lovely areola peaked by sensitive looking nipples. Her pubes nestled at the base of her stomach above her mound and disappeared in-between her nicely shaped legs. She placed her hands under her breasts and cupped them. Her hands moved down between her legs and rubbed her thighs before moving around her stomach.

'Nice' I thought to myself 'not bad at all. I wonder how relaxed she wants to be'? I smiled.

She moved to the massage table, picked up the folded towel and wrapped it around her body covering her nakedness. She then walked to door, listened, then unlocked it, went back to the massage table and lay face down.

I left the room, went to pick up the tray and proceeded to Cubicle No 1. I knocked on the door.

"Come in".

I opened the door and walked in.

"Sorry to keep you waiting. My name is Bram. Apologies but I don’t remember your name”.

“Rosa”, she replied, “It is the first time I have been here since I joined”.

I placed the tray on the small table next to the bed.

“You mentioned a stressful day. Is there a particular massage you are looking for”? I asked.

“Not really. I feel tense all over, particularly in my back” Rosa replied, her voice muffled as it was coming though the face opening on the massage table.

I put the oil dispenser into one of the shirt hip pockets.

I moved to the head of the bed and pulled her arms up so they were resting crossed above her head. I placed the heels of my hands on her shoulders and pressed hard down and started to rotate them around; moving my hands slowly down the sides of her back on the outside of the towel until I reached her waist. I then moved my hands together at her spine and continued the rotation, pressing down hard and moving slowly back up. I continued this for four or five complete rotations.

I then went around to the other end of the table and squirted some oil into my hand from the dispenser and rubbed them together. I lifted one of her feet and applied the slickness all over the sole, between her toes and the upper side. Then I pressed my knuckles down into the sole and ground down towards her toes. I repeated this about ten times getting harder and harder. I then massaged each of her toes for about 30 seconds each letting my fingers slip between her toes. I repeated the same with the next foot.

“Is this too hard”? I asked.

“No, it’s lovely”.

I applied some more oil and spread it along her leg, starting from the ankle and working upwards letting my fingers stop just under the bottom of the towel. I pressed deep down into her muscles, working my thumbs deep down hard either side of her leg with my fingers dragging her skin up into waves. I moved my hands up and down her leg slowly, each time going a little further under the towel forcing it to ride up higher revealing a small gap and some pubes.

I kept up small talk while I was massaging “What work do you do?”, “Is you office far away? “Is this too hard” (as I pressed even harder). Her answers were partly muffled by the massage table and her groans.

More oil and I started on the other leg repeating the same actions ending higher and higher. I squirted even more oil and spread it over both her legs from foot to top of thighs until they were slick and glistening.

‘Lovely legs’. My hands were working the oil from her toes up to her thighs working my fingers around the inside of her legs and with each stroke slightly lifting her leg up from the bed.

I picked up her heels and pulled each leg, hard, in turn. Then lifted her ankles, crossed them and pressed them back until they touched her buttocks, and pushed hard, then back down and repeated the movement another ten times. I then lowered her leg back down and closed her legs together.

I moved to the head of the table.

“Could you please lift up a bit”? I said. She raised herself on her elbows. I pulled the towel sides out from under her body and adjusted it so it lay evenly and flat. I then rolled the top down baring her shoulders down to the top of her back revealing the swell of her breasts that were being squeezed against the bed.

I spread more oil on her back, loads of it, and spread it with rapid motions all over her back and shoulders. There was so much oil it was pooling in the small of her back. I started to massage her neck, then her shoulders, pressing hard into her muscles forcing the skin to bunch up into waves as my fingers pressed hard and moved over her body. My hands moved down her spine and back up around her sides brushing against the side of her breasts and under her arms. I repeated this many times reaching down further each time pushing the towel further and further down until her buttocks were partly exposed.

I moved to one side, applied some more oil and started work on the small of her back, squeezing my fingers deep into the muscle.

Rosa was moaning slightly with each stoke.

“Plenty of stress here” I said “that’s the problem with high heels. Also causes stress in the buttocks”. Saying that I moved the towel down further until her buttocks were totally exposed. I started massaging one of her buttock cheeks, pressing down hard, first pushing in and then pushing out opening her crack allowing me to see her anus and top of her vagina.

I spread the oil that had pooled in the small of her back and moved it over her buttock and continued pressing in, then out, opening, closing, allowing my fingers to get closer and closer to the centre but never quite touching. More oil, then moving down to the underside of the buttock and pressed up hard massaging the muscles. My hands were moving rapidly and never getting too close to her private parts.

I moved around to the other side of the table. At the same time I took her hands and laid them down the side of her body. I repeated the same exercise on the other buttock, massaging it harder this time opening her crack even further. More oil. I then put one hand on each buttock and pressed them wide open and was rewarded by the sight of her holes winking at me at each stroke. This time I allowed my fingers to move towards the centre of her bum cheeks and let them brush against her anus. Then I stopped and sat on the edge of the table feeling her hand underneath. I then placed my fingers in the middle of her bum crack and slipped them down the centre of her cheeks keeping to one side and pressing out. They passed her anus (loud moan from Rosa) and then past, but not touching, her vagina pushing into the muscles at the base of her buttocks. I repeated this a number of times, stopping only to squirt some more oil directly onto her anus and watching it run down to her vagina. I continued this action noticing that she was starting to lift her buttocks off the table with each stroke. Once or twice I allowed my finger to brush her anus and her labia , moving down to the inside of her thighs and then back up again. Rosa’s legs opened slowly, inch by inch as I applied opening pressure to the inside of her thighs. Eventually they were open enough so I could see her vagina bordered by her oil moistened pubes.

I moved to get a better position and took the towel off completely and placed it on the side table. I came back looking at Rosa’s gorgeous naked and totally oil slicked body in front of me.

I pushed my hand down against the inside of her buttock allowing the heel of my hand to touch each of her holes in turn while spreading her cheeks. I repeated the move over and over again until I heard Rosa panting and felt her pushing up against the movements of my hands. I moved around to the other side and repeated the same movements. Rosa was breathing heavier and heavier and her body movements were getting more erratic. Her legs had opened so they were over the table sides and I could feel her hand trying to get down the side of the table where my crotch was pressing in order to be able to apply more pressure.

I pressed one of my hands flat on the small of her back and with my fingers leading, pressed hard down moving my hand slowly down directly over her anus and further on down over her labia, her clit until my palm was cupping all of her privates and feeling her pubes between my fingers. I moved my hand back this time letting my middle finger slip between her labia and into her cunt as it passed. I repeated the same movement getting faster each time feeling Rosa’s body jerk her buttocks in the air with each pass of my hand.

I then placed one finger of each hand on both sides of her vagina and massaged her labia together mashing the tips of my fingers together at her clitoris. I continued massaging her vagina moving my hands together and watching her labia bunch up between the heels of fingers while the tips of my fingers were playing the ‘piano’ on her clitoris. Her hand had now found my cock and was holding it, feeling my hardness, though the cloth of my slacks.

Rosa’s body shuddered and with a muffled scream an ORGASM rippled through her body.

I stopped to pick up a towel from under the table. I placed my hand under her waist and lifted her up slipping the pillow underneath lifting her sex holes up. I spread her knees apart and settled her down so she was comfortable. I went to the basket and picked up another bottle of oil. I took the top off and poured the oil over her buttocks and back and spread it all over her body, from feet to neck until her body was a sheen of glistening oil.

I placed my hands back in between her legs and continued the same vagina and clit massage as before but with one of my hands further back so the fingers were now playing ‘piano’ into and out of her vagina while the other continued making music on her clitoris. Rosa’s moans were louder now as she had turned her head so she could see where I was. Her hand soon found my swollen cock under my pants and she grasped it tightly.

I put one finger of each hand deep into her pussy and massaged her vagina inside, puling the lips apart and pressing against the walls. My fingers moved forward until they could go no deeper; then back out with the fingers playing “piano” inside her and on her clitoris; then back in again, out, in, out, in, faster and faster, harder and harder.

Another scream, another orgasm wracked her body but I did not stop…only slowed down getting slower and slower as her body subsided and relaxed.

“Please turn over” I said. While she raised herself I took the pillow out from under her and helped her to turn over. I placed the tower over her lower stomach.

I moved to above her head and looked into her eyes which were all dreamy. I poured some oil over her breasts and stomach and massaged it all over and, leaning over her so my cock was pressed against her head. I leant forward, pushing my hands down over her stomach onto her thighs and then between her legs and rubbed her vagina. I moved my hands back up over her stomach and up to her shoulders.

I then started to massage her upper body, pressing my fingers and thumbs in deep and hard. I then moved to one of her breasts, kneading my fingers into her flesh forcing her nipple to jut up and out. I wrapped my hands around her breast and squeezed hard and up until my fingers were crushing her nipple until it was almost flat.

“Oooooohhhhh” Rosa moaned “that’s soooo good”.

I repeated this over and over again only occasionally stopping to squeeze her nipple only between my fingers. Then I moved to the other breast repeating the same movements.

Whilst I was working on the second breast Rosa’s hands were fumbling at my crotch that was rubbing the top of her head trying to grasp my cock.

I leant forward and moved my hands down across her breasts, her stomach and down to her pussy. I slipped two fingers deep into her hole and started to finger fuck her with the fingers of my other hand pressing down hard simultaneously moving towards her anus from all sides and meeting at the middle. I looked up to the mirror on the wall directly in front – the two-way mirror.

While I was doing this Rosa was lifting her knees higher and opening her legs wider. My fingers were now slipping in and out of both her holes pulling them wider and making them slicker with oil.

I pulled my fingers out, moved to her side and pulled her ankles together and up towards her head.

“Please hold your ankles and pull them up as much as possible” I ordered.

Rosa complied. She wrapped her arms around the back of her knees pulling them so they were touching her breasts. By doing this I was now looking at her gorgeous buttocks with oiled skin pulled tight and her two holes clearly exposed. I leaned closer so my lips were a few inches from her holes and blew hot breath over her vagina a number of times enjoying the moans of pleasure.

I pressed a finger against her anus and with a little pressure watched my finger slowly slip in.

Rosa panted harder and harder in time with my finger slipping in and out of her anus. At the same my other fingers were playing with her labia and clitoris, occasionally slipping into and out of her vagina. I kept this up, keeping the rhythm constant for a number of minutes until I felt her pleasure peaking again. Her body was shuddering and little screams were escaping her lips, both getting wilder and wilder as my fingers were fucking both her holes, squeezing them together and apart. Not long after her ORGASM shot though her body and her pussy filled up and overflowed. Her love juice dribbled onto my hands.

I continued moving my fingers in and out, over and around her sex until her movements calmed down and her moans changed to whimpers. I pulled out and walked around to her head. I pulled the chord of my slacks. The weight of the oil dispenser caused them to drop to the floor. I stepped out of them. I grabbed Rosa’s head with both hands and turned her head to the side and tilted her head upwards. I rested the tip of my cock on her lips. I moved forward and her mouth closed over my stiff throbbing cock. I pushed it in deep causing her to gag. One of her hands came up and pushed me back. Her hand grabbed my cock as it came out. However she did not pull away, she took a deep breath, leaned her head back and forced her mouth over my member until its full length had disappeared and my balls were hard against her chin. We stayed like that for a long time until she pushed me away and gasped for air. I held her head tight and started to fuck her mouth, thrusting deep, pulling back and out trailing steams of saliva…..and then back in again, over and over. I started massaging her breasts again and looked at one of her hands playing with herself between her legs which were open but with knees still high.

I pulled out of her mouth and moved to her side pulling off my shirt.

“Rosa, stand up please. I am going to fuck you now” I said.

Rosa swivelled her legs over the table side and stood up. I reached under the table and brought up a shaped cushioned bolster. I placed it on the table. It had a high raised part which sloped down to a head rest.

“Get on the table and lie face down with your hips on the top of the bolster with your head this end” I said tapping the pillow end.

I helped her up onto the table. She knelt down and leaned forward over the ridge until her head was on the pillow. Her buttocks and both holes were now presented to me and the mirror.

“Lift your legs and hold them up with your hands” I ordered. As she did so it caused her legs to open. I walked around the table looking at this gorgeous babe’s beautiful body that I had felt, caressed, poked every orifice and now I was going to fuck with my cock. Her eyes were looking directly at my member, following my progress around the table. I rubbed and slapped my cock against her face and back.

I then climbed onto the table and knelt between Rosa’s legs that she was holding apart. My eyes were fixed on her glistening pussy lips. I grasped my cock, aimed and thrust deep feeling the warmth of her vagina close tight over my member. I moaned. Rosa moaned. I thrust again, and again and again keeping a steady and slow pace enjoying the feeling of her pussy slipping over my cock which was growing with every thrust.

I moved my hands to her buttocks and started massaging again. Heels to the outside and fingers pressing down hard starting at her coccyx and moving down to her anus and then back again causing Rosa to squeal with a mixture of pain and pleasure as my fingers pressed down hard and my cock fucked her vagina. I could see her watching what I was doing to her in the mirror.

“Uh uh….uh uh…..that’s so … uh… good” she panted and pulled her legs harder forcing them to spread wider.

One of my fingers slipped into her arse hole. I could feel my cock sliding in and out on the other side of her membrane. I raised my hips so I was squatting above her with my cock entering her vertically from above. I raised the thrusting tempo. My balls were slapping against her clitoris with every down stroke. My finger in her arse was working at a different tempo. I put a hand down and started to play with her clitoris. The effect was immediate. Rosa stopped breathing but deep moans were coming from her throat getting louder and quicker until she took a huge breath and screamed out loud as yet another orgasm rippled though her body.

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God” she cried as I continued my thrusts and fingering.

When she quietened down I pulled my cock out of her pussy and standing a little higher, pushed my cock down so it was pointing directly at her arse. I lowered my hips and pushed down. The head pushed her anus apart and slid past the first constriction. Rosa gasped. I slapped her buttock hard, first one then the other and continued my downward thrust. The thickness of my cock was now spreading her anus even more and then I through and sliding down until I met resistance when about 3/4 in. I pulled back until the head was back at the entrance. Down again a little deeper this time. Her arse was lovely and tight as I moved in and out again, and again and again until I was penetrating her arse with my complete full length.

My hands were pressing down on her back, holding her down, trapped as I continued thrusting my cock in and out of her arse. She could not escape me and it felt like she was having a continuous orgasm.

I could feel my sperm rising up from my balls and that my orgasm was near. I pulled out, got off the table and went around to her face. Rosa let go of her legs and grabbed my cock and started to masturbate it directly over her face. She turned her body around so she was on her back. She now moved one of her hands between my legs and her fingers tickled around my arse hole while she continued to masturbate me looking at me with her mouth open.

I spurted my load. The first shot reached her navel leaving a white stream of sperm reaching back to the top of her breasts with a dribble on her chin. The second did not reach so far but left another trail over her breasts and a glob dropped into her open mouth and over her lips. Her tongue came out and licked around her lips in a complete circle. She aimed my cock so the third shot went directly into her mouth. She used her tongue to round up and push the sperm upwards to show me how much she had in her mouth. Then she swallowed and pulled my cock into her mouth which she licked and sucked clean of all sperm and let her tongue play over the sensitive tip.

I leaned over and massaged the sperm all over her stomach and breasts. I picked some globules and smeared it over her face. When she stopped sucking my cock I leant down and kissed her mouth letting my tongue search around playing with her tongue.

I stood up.

“Madam would like a shower now”? I asked as I took her hand and helped her stand up. I led her out of the room and into the men’s showers. I turned on a number of faucets and we both walked into the streaming water. We soaped each other’s bodies…… I started to get aroused again…… it was going to be a long night.

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