A teachers class enjoys teaching her.

It was a Friday and Ms. Fitch was ready for the weekend. Making plans as she headed for her classroom. She had dressed in a pair of black flat shoes , black silky thigh high stockings , short silky black skirt , a silky white sleeveless collarless blouse and having been in a rush she had skipped underwear.

Reaching her classroom she entered telling her students to take their seats she started class. The day seemed to go quickly but as it went by she began to feel strange and as the final bell rang she felt herself falling and she blacked out. Regaining consciousness Alyssa found she could not do anything as she lay tbere listening to her student talk.

You sure she is okay one student asked. Yea another replied in fact she is probably listening to us now she is paralyzed. Perfect another chimed in the school is empty now and we have aall weekend to do anything we want to the bitch. Alyssa felt hand all over her body slowly stripping the clothes from her body until she lay naked and exposed.

Eeww one student said she does not shave her pussy. One of the girls said I will fixthat and Alyssa felt herself being shaved until her pussy lay 3xposed and hairless to her students. She sobbed as each of her male student used her to lose their cherries. Then she heard sometihing that made her cry even harder.

One of the girls said do you think she will get pregnant. Another girl replied I'm pretty sure she will Monday I snuck into her purse and replaced her birth control with sugar tablets. Hey guys one of you could soon be a daddy. Ms. Fitch was fucked by her students all weekend and was ashamed to admit had many orgasms over that time.

The students took many picturesand filmed the action in such a way it looked like she was actively participating. Moday arrived and they let go to teach class but let her know that with the films they owned her. She taught her classes but as she sat behind her desk a student hid under it and licked her pussy to an orgasm.

Every day she was given instruction on what she was to wear the next day. She thought she would get warnings about her clothing but the male teachers and some female teachers enjoyed her risque wardrobe. Then one day the class was on a school trip to the local animal shelter when the class went into the large outdoor cage.

The dogs encircled the class but a few of the male dogs started leaping up onto Ms. Fitch they knocked her down and as the class and attendant watched the dogs mounted her as she attempted to get up. She screamed as the dogs ripped the clothes off of her body leaving her naked in shreds of her outfit. The first male dog mounted her thrusting his large cock into her vagina.

Her students watched and took pictures and even filming the action as the dog raped her. They watched and filmed as six more dogs used her as rgeir cum dump. Finally laying dazed and exhausred the male student took their turn. Ms. Fitch this all can stay our secret but from now on you will do what we want you to do.

one day one of her smallest student told her to lay on her desk and two students grabbed her ankles and forced her legs as far apart as they would go another two held her shoulders down.then the small student sat between her legs and shoved into her pussy up to his elbow. She went to scream but a cloth was shoved into her mouth to muffle her scream and she was masturbated to an orgasm as her students watched as his hand was occasionally displayed on her stomach.

Then as she lay exhausted a student brought the pet snake from the next classroom and too exhausted she kept saying no as they forced the large snake into her vagina. Being terrified of snakes her mind shutdown as the snake lay in her womb. It layed its eggs and months later as she walked down the school hallway baby snakes began dropping from her cunt on to the floor.

This Saturday you will drive four of us to the mall you will not wear underwear , a very short burgundy skirt , a sheer silk sleeveless, collarless loose blouse. You will wear an ear mic so we can give you instructions. Saturday she drove to the mall with three male and one female students along with one male and one female dog.

She walked the mall with her student following behind giving her orders. At one point she was opposite a bench of older men and ordered to bend over with her legs spread much to the old mens enjoyment. Finally they had her stop in the busiest part of the mall. She sat down and spread her legs and the dog came over pushed between her legs and began lapping at her cunt.

As a crowd gathered she had a vety noisy orgasm. Laying back on the bench exhausted she felt herself being stripped and laid down over something and the crowd took turns using her body anyway they wanted. She was used by many both men and animals. The crowd filmed her and she was popular on the internet. She kept her job only because she was used by many students , teachers , and parents daily.

She even put on animal sex shows on the weekends. She became rich selling her movies to people on the web.

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