Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fanfic Chapter 6

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By Hana M Brimeck

I push through my apartment door exacerbated, “Uh, can’t I have just one normal date. Please!” I yell into my stuffy empty apartment.

I walk over my AC unit and flip it on, reveling in its cool comfort. As the cool air passes over my dewy skin, I feel a shiver run through my body; my nipples tighten under my satin dress. I let out a sigh and caress my neck in the cool air letting my hand pass over each breast, feeling each tender nipple, gently rolling it between my fingers. I let out a slight moan and a rush of warmth makes its way between my thighs.

Without warning my beloved AC starts to make a clunking noise and dies. “Oh, for fuck sakes, really air conditioner. You’re freaking kidding me.” I roll my eyes and give it a few hopeless pounds on the top, like it’ll magically fix the problem. “It’s too stuffy in here tonight” I say to myself so I make my way to my 5th floor fire escape.

“At least the air out here is cooler.” I say to myself in a soft monotone voice.

“It sure is.” A voice answers back.

Startled I turn to look, realizing the voice came from above me, “What the…” Above me is a familiar face in red, “Raphael, what are you doing here?”

Raphael with no effort does a single flip landing on the railing of my fire escape, “I was out on patrol and I saw you, thought I’d come over and say hi, so, hi.” Trying to act nonchalant he realizes I’m upset. “Hey, uh, you ok?” He asks, letting himself down next to me.

I lean forward, onto the railing for a moment, not sure how to answer but before I know it I’m overwhelmed with emotion, I drop my head and start to cry.

Raphael not sure how to react, takes a step back, “Uh, Aimee, I, uh… come on dude, don’t cry.” He says nervously.

“I’m sorry, I just had a bad date, the guy was a self-centered jerk, and then my AC broke, and work is so busy and life just sucks, and I feel so alone here.” I try to hold back the tears but it’s no use.

Raphael lets out a deep sigh; he puts his hand under my chin, gently lifting my head. “You’re not alone kid, you have us, we’re always here when you need us.” He gently holds my face, while he wipes my tears away.

We stop for a moment, looking at each other. He feels so sweet and warm, so sincere. “Listen Aimee, I think you’re awesome. You’re super smart; you’re really pretty, any guy out there would be lucky to have you.”

“Thanks Raph.” I smile, tilting my head into his hand.

We turn from each other, leaning on the railing, taking in the site of the city. “You think I’m pretty.” I nudge Raph with my elbow teasing him.

“You damn well know I do, you’re sexy as hell.” He says softly.

He takes his hand and brushes back a stray bit of hair back over my shoulder, revealing my neck to the breeze. I feel a slight shiver run through my body, as the breeze touches my skin.

With his hand on my shoulder I can feel his finger ever so slightly caressing my neck. I can’t help but notice it’s like he’s trying to decide something.

“Raph, I…” but before I could say another word his hand slipped around the back of my neck and his other around my waist.

His kiss was deep, passionate, strong, yet tender all at the same time. I was thrown off guard that he was capable of this and before I realized a moan escaped my lips. I push my body into his, I can’t get enough of him, I hunger for more. My body is shaking, burning to feel him again.

While embraced in his solid-muscled arms, I feel him getting hard against me, I moan into his kiss. I wrap one hand wrapped behind his head, “I don’t want to miss a moment of his kiss.” I thought to myself. My other hand slides down his body grasping around his hardness. He moans into me this time as I stroke the length of his cock with my hand. I finally relent from his kisses and go to move down his body only to be stopped.

“What? I don’t understand.” I said.

“I want this to be all about you.” Raph says, “You deserve it after the day you’ve had.” He leans me back against the railing, lifting the front of my dress, “Aimee, those heels, they make it perfect.” He says with a wide smile. With that he pulls my already very wet panties down, revealing my pussy to him. I step out of them so I can open my legs wider; I want him to have everything.

Kneeling in front of me, his hands explore my lower body. He feels the curves of my hips, my thighs, my backside, running his hands down my legs, feeling every inch of my body under my dress. His hands caress the inside of my thighs as his tongue teases my navel down, down, oh he’s so close but he just won’t touch me there, kissing the inside of my thighs, up and down.

Between moans I finally manage “Please Raph, I can’t take it.” I beg, “Please, let me feel you.” I bite my lip, looking into his eyes, begging for him to give in and release me from this torment.

He doesn’t reply, he stands kissing me again, this time his cock is between my legs. Teasing he slides it between my legs dragging it across my clit. He takes a breast in one of his hands and his arm around my back with his other arm. He gently pinches my nipple; I let out a gasp and a moan. A rush of warmth hits my body as feel myself I squirt my juices on him as he rubs between my legs.

Raph gets even more excited and pulls down my top exposing my breasts, taking both nipples in each hand and pinching slightly harder. I gasp and moan as I push my body into his.

“Beg for me again.” He says.

“Please, I want you so bad, your fingers, your tongue, your cock. I want it all, please give it to me.” I beg.

Satisfied Raph pushes me back against the railing once more. He kneels in front of me, with one hand holding onto the railing and the other he slides a finger into my pussy and another over my clit. His tongue and finger take turns on my clit, his finger inside me sliding in and out. He occasionally lets his finger slide all the way out just to hear my breath catch as his finger slides in. It feels so good; I moan and sit into his finger wanting him to go deeper. My wetness starts running down his hand and down his arm, as I moan louder. My toes curl in my shoes and I have to grab the railing to hold myself up. My blood rushing though my entire body, my clit swells with every push of finger his, lick of his tongue.

“More.” I beg, “Raphael, don’t stop, I’m going to cum. Please don’t stop. Harder. More.” I beg.

Raph smiles, plunging his finger into me deeper, I can feel my juices splashing against my thighs. I can no longer hold it, I throw my head back as I cum. My body trembles as I cum on Raphael’s hand.

I realize now that I’m still outside and anyone, everyone could have heard me. Thankfully this city is loud and my back was at least turned so no one could see me.

“Now it’s my turn.” Raph says. He completely undoes my dress and it slips to the fire escape floor. I’m now standing in only heels, five stories up. At least it’s somewhat dark, but we’re in the city, so there’s enough light.

He turns me around and bends me over the railing. “Out here? Everyone can see us, me.” I worry.

It’s the city, we’re five stories up, no one is going to notice or care, so what if they do. Let them look, let them enjoy the show.

“I, uh…” I gasp as Raph easily slid into my wet pussy. There was no protest, I didn’t want to protest. This was exciting and god he felt amazing. He started slow, I could feel every inch of him as he glided in out, I closed my eyes and just felt him. When he would push into me, we would hang there for a moment just pushing into each other, trying to take as much of each other as we can.

With each hand he cups my breasts taking my nipples between two fingers. He leans forward and gently nibbles my shoulder and neck; he pinches and rolls my nipples. He speeds up his thrusting, I moan, I try to stay quiet. He pinches a little harder and speeds up, thrusting deeper. He releases one breast only long enough to spank me then takes it back in his hand. I push myself into him with each thrust. He feels so good, this is so exciting. I’m getting so wet that I can feel it start to run down my legs and splash with each thrust. This only encourages him to thrust harder. I beg him to.

“Oh, you feel so good, I want more, fuck me harder.” I beg Raph.

“Whatever you want, I’ll fuck you as hard as you want, tell me you want me Aimee.” Raph responds.

I turn and look at him “I want you, I want your cock, fuck me harder Raph. Please, harder.” I bite my lip after I plead.

He surrenders my breasts to grab onto my hips, I grip the railing as hard as I can, Raph starts to thrust hard and deep. I keep opposite rhythm with him, and mmm, I feel all of him. I can feel his cock grow, he’s getting close. I’m close too.

“I’m so close Raph, give me more, I want more.” I can feel his excitement grow which makes me get even closer. “I’m almost there.”

“Oh god Aimee, I’m going to cum.” Raph moans.

“Cum in with me, I… I…” I feel the rush of heat through my body. My toes once more curl in my shoes as my clit tingles and pulses with exhilaration.

I cum and very quickly Raph cums as he feels my warmth rush over his cock, he almost instantly grabs me pulling my body into his as he still gently thrusts into me. We’re standing, together, me naked, him still inside me, with him embracing me from behind. He gently kisses my neck, my cheek, down my shoulder.

“You’re being surprisingly tender and sweet.” I tease, “What if your brother’s see you.”

“They’re having a video game tournament and at this point I don’t give a damn who sees.” He whispers.

“Are you sure about that?” I ask.

“Why do you ask?” Raph questions.

I point to the roof across the way “Because your brother is here…”

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