Seducing my cute little cousin sister

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Hi, here I am going to narrate you a new incest story and is not a real one.

Hi, I am ravi and this is my story at age of 19.i was good looking and good sized cock(8 inches).i am going to narrate you a the things that took place between me and my cousin sister.
I was only son and was free to be like what I want .but, days never be the day , my mother told me that her younger sister is about to visit India.(they lived in us and I have never seen them directly but used to talk on mobile and internet.).i have nodded my head and a few days later, they arrived to our house. That was the moment I have seen my younger sister TANVI.i cant turn my eyes away from her ……….and she has cute black curled hair…..her eyes are the most beautiful I have ever seen ……..her lips are juicy and tiny.she was in a tight red dress covering her good sized breasts.
I don’t know weather it is good to think about her like this or not but, I was not in my control.she is so hot that my cock has grew to its full size on looking at her hot horny body and her cute parts.
I stood behind my parents couch and tried to suppressed my feelings towards my her and started listening to their conversation.
My aunty said that her daughter tanvi has completed her schooling and was just 16 years but, they have to move to UK on purpose of their business. So , they asked my mother to take care of her daughter as they wanted to let her grow up in our Indian, my mother also accepted her request saying she would be her staying in our house as long as she wish.
I was happy to listen this that I can have a look at her every day.that day in evening, mother asked me to show her a room to place her luggage.i looked at her and she looked at me.laughter came on both of our lips .i took her luggage and asked her to follow me to upstairs (I took advantage of making her stay next to my room) beside my room.
Every day I tried to look at her but was afraid of being noticed by anyone and tried to talk with her.she is also very cute and replied with her husky voice. with in a short time , we were good friends rather than good brother and sister.few days later, tanvi’s parents left to us and tanvi looked sad and went to her room after her parents left .my mother told me to take care of my sister and I went to her room straight and saw her weeping. I don’t know how to react and so, I sat beside her and started consoling her.
It was first time that I have touched her by wiping her tears and from then, she used to move close to me and used to spend most of her time with me .i was in an excited state looking at her and I used to masturbate daily after she leaves the room dreaming to have sex with her.
Few days later, mother and father went on a tour leaving us both it was holidays for us both, both of us are at home and many of my feelings are raising towards her ……..looking at her boobs and at her structure and her thighs………I went to my room to masturbate but, I have noticed her following me to my room casually.then , I asked her to watch movie with me and she nodded her head with a cute smile.i made her sit on the bed beside me and played the movie original sin .it is an adult film and when such a scene rolled, willing-fully , i repeated replayed the part of the movie and started rubbing her waist with my hand .she was feeling some shy but is not resisting me from doing that.
I dared and placed my other hand on her cute boobs and pressed them softly and she followed me with light moan closing her eyes. i was not in a mood to waste the time and pressed and squeezed her boobs harder and harder with one hand and other hand on her waist …….she was moaning sweetly and slowly fell back on the bed. For the first time , I licked her boobs and I fell over her squeezing her boobs , pressing her thighs .
I slowly moved towards her lips and licked them with m tongue. she slowly opened her mouth and I locked her mouth by placing my tongue completely into her mouth and kissed her hardly that she struggled to breath .
Now, I dared to place my hand into her panties but she took of my hand.i tried many times but, same thing repeated. so, I made her legs apart and fell over her and between her legs feeling her hot pussy fumes touching my dick and it was already grown to maximum length.
Now, we are kissing and with one of my hand, I hold her both hands tightly and with my other hand, I made a way to enter her pussy. she opened her eyes suddenly as my hand touched her pussy but was not able to spell any thing as her mouth was locked by mouth. I have felt her juices oozing out of her pussy and ripped her panties and her dress and made her nude in front of me. then, I held her both hands tightly and placed my head between her legs to eat her pussy. As I started licking her pussy, she started moaning so loudly…..ahah.aaaaaaah!.brother….my pussy……………aaaaaaaaaaah! Oh my god………………..aaaaaaaaaah.
Slowly I placed my middle finger into her pussy and she moaned like any thing as I fingered her pussy hardly .she was shouting like aaaaaaaaah! are . aaaaaaaaaaaaah! ………tearing my pussy………..aaaaaaaaah! is too hard……….aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
But I ignored her and increased one more finger into her pussy and increased my speed.and she also increased her moans and shouts.
After a while , I stopped that and undressed my self and pushed her back and parted her legs and fell between he legs and my chest is not touching her boobs .i can feel her hot breath of tiredness .
I slowly positioned my self between he legs and pushed my huge cock into her pussy and she jumped and screamed in pain as half of my dick has entered her young pussy.but, I held her strongly and pushed the remaining part of my cock into her pussy with one more went inside her pussy like a rocket and she screamed loudly.
I held her mouth with my mouth and took out my cock and pushed it once again into her pussy. She closed her eyes in pain and tried to push me off but in vain.i pushed my cock deeper into her pussy harder and harder and she was screaming louder and louder.
I pressed her hard on the bed and was pounding her pussy harder and harder.she was screaming like………………aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!oh my god!.it is deep in my………..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!oh…………………aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!..yes………..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!it is get…ting .deeeeeeper……….aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! fuck me ………………..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!.
I was pounding her harder and harder into her small pussy with my 8 inch cock.and she screamed like any thing.i fucked her for about 20 minutes with out any break to her.
When I left her, she was taking her breath hardly and was completely tired.i then. Gave her some time to take some rest by sucking her boobs .i took my dick off her pussy and again after 5 minutes, I placed my cock back into her pussy ………and this time , all my cock entered her pussy with one stroke and pounded her too harder and cumed in her pussy and she has her final scream louder and fell aside taking some breath .

How do u feel about this story? please comment below after reading this story and contact me about your views and my email address is and I will be back with next part of this story.

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