The New King - Using my Queen

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In the year of Our Lord, 455

My Father’s passing was a surprise to everyone; The royal family was the first to hear, with redundant hawks sent all over the nation to notify next of kin. The lineage has been passed on and I am the new king. My long afternoons spent studying our traditions and laws went from feeling like a boring waste of time to feeling like an opportunity to finally rule the way I wanted. My condolences are with the members of my family who knew him before his reign, but the rest knew he was a coward and a traitor to our way of life. I will lead us into a powerful global position with veracity, not squander our national resources to make my friends rich, at least not yet. First I need to cement my new rule, and make the one other person with power submit to my will. It was the first step of the plan I made years ago; I never thought I would be executing it so soon.

With a deep breath I opened the door to the royal chamber, my new bedroom. It was a marvelous example of the best architectural and art work our people have to offer, but I was after something else.

“who’s there?” I heard the smooth sweet voice of my mother, the Queen, call out to me. You see in our kingdom the king and queen share authority, and power was so cemented into our political structure that the queen kept her post after the death of a king.

“hello my queen” I responded. Her head turned over to me and her eyes widened as they met mine.

“what are you doing here hon?” she asked, sitting up slightly.

“I’m here to go to bed, this is my room now too” I shot back in a relaxed tone. I already knew what was going to happen, I played it out in my mind many times. After having a crush on my mom since I was a teenager I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I walked over next to the bed, opposite the side she was laying on and began to remove my clothes.

“Honey I thought we talked about this, I’ll keep this room and you sleep in your bedroom, right?” She complained, watching me undress. Her beautiful brown eyes tracked my hands as they removed my clothing, her hair was down and showing off its natural brown waves. Without saying another word I finished stripping, lifted the sheet, and hopped into bed next to my queen.

“I’ve been brushing up on our history since we found out about dad, I figured I should learn how things actually work here” I said as I laid on my back, hands behind my head. “Now that I’m the king, I get all the perks of being the king, all the perks” I said, looking back at her. “perks like sleeping in the royal chamber, and having my queen sleep with me”

“Honey you can’t be saying.. no, baby, that’s an old tradition, the crown hasn’t done that in generations” she begged, looking noticeably more nervous. She was making sure to cover herself with the blanket, and held it in place with her hands in a defensive position over her chest as she sat up next to me. I sat up as well, moving my body closer to hers as I did. As I got closer our legs met under the blanket, she tried to pull back but there was no more room. I had her on the edge of the bed still covering her warm fronts with the blanket. I could see her naked back reflecting off the mirror behind her, god shes beautiful, and what a wonderful figure.

“wow I didn’t know you slept naked too, it’s best that way isn’t it” I breathed. I raised my left hand and brought it to her face, I ran my finger from her forehead behind her ear and down to her shoulder. The look in her eyes was slight terror, confusion, and disbelief. I couldn’t help but ask “let me see what you look like?” as I moved my hand from her shoulder to her hand, still holding up the blanket.

“sweetie no” she begged again, clenching the blanket with both hands. I leaned in close, and kissed her cheek, I could see her flinch and close her eyes.

“shhhhh” I whispered as I backed my head away from hers “it’s ok, lets feel good together like a king and queen should.” I gripped her hand with mine again and removed it from her chest, dropping the blanket along with it. I dropped my gaze and eyed up my mother’s bare breasts. I had seen some illustrations in the human body study books in the royal library, but there was nothing in there quite like this. They were marvelous, each about the size of an orange. Her smooth light skin looked flawless following the curves of her body, all the way to her deep red nipples. She sat hunched over shamefully, trying to hide as much of her chest with her arms as she could without me moving them. I started to feel myself get hard, the realization of seeing my first set of breasts, on top of this being a political move to subdue my mother’s control, combined with knowing I was about to have the full experience started to hit me in the crotch. I began to move my left hand toward her chest.

“Honey… are you sure you want this with your mother?” she cried as my hand reached her breast. I pushed it up and squeezed, “please baby, you should do this with someone your own age, you have a whole harem full of willing women.” she begged. I leaned in again, hand still on her chest, and placed my lips on hers, pulling away with a light kiss. I moved my hand over and started fondling her other breast.

“I want my first time to be with my queen, that’s how it should be” I admitted, putting my hand back on her shoulder, caressing her.

“Do you even know what to do??” She asked

“I’ve seen you and dad enough times to know… and the library has imported health books with illustrations”

“OK… fine” she said after a sharp inhale and exhale.

“yeah?” I asked

“yes, I mean you’re technically right, I am your queen and this is one of my duties, I just never thought my son would call on it” she mumbled, disappointed. I didn’t care, I was too excited. “what do you want me to do?” she asked nervously. That question and her ton of voice while asking it turned me on so much, I wanted to get right to it.

“I want you to throw the blanket on the floor, so I can see you all naked here next to me” I commanded. She grabbed the blanket from the center of the bed and threw it over the edge, revealing our naked bodies next to each other. She tried to adjust her body to lay in a way that obscured the exact parts of her that I wanted to see. I couldn’t help myself from bringing a hand to my hard member and stroking it as I lay my gaze over her body. “now get on your back and spread your legs.” I was stirring from my crotch and ready to get it on, my hormones and testosterone nearly taking over.

“um honey, before we do that can I get you ready first?” she asked, biting her lip.

“what do you mean?” I asked

“I just..” she let out a deep sigh “I just want to make it slippery so we can do it easier. Lay back I’ll show you” She whispered as she looked up at me with a little grin. I was intrigued more by the way she looked at me than what she said, so I let myself lay back as she suggested. She crawled over me, placing her head above my crotch, my cock now laying on my stomach, still hard as a rock. She looked at me and said “just let me know if you’re about to pop.” She moaned before lowering her head in between my thighs and licking me slowly from my balls all the way up the shaft to the tip. It felt like bombs were going off in my brain as this was happening, I never felt so good in my life. She did that two more times, giving the tip a kiss before pulling away. She moved her right hand up to my cock and began to slowly stroke it up and down, at the same time she moved her left hand to her own crotch and began to rub herself. She stood my cock upright with her hand and moved her head over it, she gave the tip another kiss. Then a lick. Then she began to round the tip with her tongue.

“oh my god mom that feels amazing” She let out a soft moan acknowledging me. Then she moved her head down onto it, taking me into her mouth, it felt so warm and soft. Her tongue stopped rounding me so she could take it deeper. Without much effort she had all of me in her mouth, then she began to suck. “aaaaahhh holy shit” I breathed, barely able to form words. My dick felt better than it ever had, suctioned into the warm embrace of my mother’s mouth, my queen’s mouth. She began to move her head up and down on my member, stroking and sucking with her mouth. It wasn’t long before I felt an intense orgasm coming. I forgot what she asked me to do in the moment as a shockwave of pleasure ran through my body, I let out a few jolts of my sperm into her mouth. She kept her head in place as she took my load. After she could tell I was done she pulled off of my cock and let my load out of her mouth onto my stomach. “I asked you to let me know before you did that” she said, sounding disappointed. Wiping her mouth off with her hands.

“Hey, lick that up” I said to her.

“eww really?” she asked, looking at me with eyes almost begging me to take it back.

“Yes, thats so hot, I want you to swallow it every time actually.” she gave me a sad look before brining her head back down to my stomach and licking up the combination of our fluids, my cum and her saliva splayed out on my stomach. She gulped it down, looking like she was about to be sick. I sat up and leaned in close to her. I planted my lips on hers and began a slow passionate kiss. She was hesitant and kept wanting to pull away, but I kept it going. I shoved my tongue in her mouth to get the taste of us, it was amazing. I pulled away from her and once again commanded. “now, get on your back and spread your legs.”

“Are you ready right now?” she asked puzzled

“yeah lets go” I assured, I knew I was soft at that very moment, but the second I have he view from laying above her I’ll be good to go again. She laid on her back, still rubbing her crotch with her hand, and spread her legs wide. I positioned myself over her and sat as straight up as I could, taking in the view of her, her beautiful face, smooth skin leading down to her perky breasts then her stomach down to where our bodies will meet. I looked her up and down a couple times as she did the same to me. I lowered my crotch to hers and began to look for an opening. She saw what I was doing and took my cock with her hand, leading it to her entrance.

“be gentle with me baby, I am your mother” she begged, looking up at me with hopeful eyes.

“don’t worry, I just want to have fun” I said back with a devilish look. I began to push into her. Her head flung back onto the pillow and she let out a gasp. I let my body lay more on hers and slowly pushed in further. She took one hand and grabbed the end of the pillow she was using and squeezed it, hard, making a rasping noise with her mouth. “you ok?” I asked.

“mm yes honey, mommies make these noises when they have a dick in them.. AH” she said back, squirming under me as I began to rock back and forth. Almost all the way out, then slowly back in. It felt so warm and soft, and the more I rocked it began to feel like there was a suction as well.

“oh mom you feel amazing, you’re so warm and ohh” I breathed into her ear as I buried myself in her. I decided I wanted to go a bit faster, so I propped myself up a little more on my knees and lowered my head beside hers after a quick kiss. I started to ram into her faster than before, enough force to push her body back and forth with each thrust. Her moans grew louder. Her ear was right next to my mouth so I took part of it into my mouth and sucked on it, giving it light bites as we fucked. My queen sounded like she was actually enjoying herself and that was enough to put me over the edge again. I pushed myself into her as far as I could go and let out another load. This time deep inside her pussy. It felt amazing to release myself in her like that. I was already excited to do it again with her, not to mention all the others I could get my hands on.

After I was done convulsing I pulled myself out of her, and laid myself next to my mother, facing her. I put my arm and a leg around her, letting my dick rest on her leg. She seemed unable to move or talk while trying to process what we just did together so I just continued to cuddle up to her to take a nap. This was going to be a good chapter of my reign.

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