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By Mr Eaddy

I drove as fast as I could down the long narrow street in my blue Ford Focus trying to get this pizza delivered. This was my last stop of the night it was about 930 pm, and I could barely see where the hell I was going my high beam lights didn't help any. I kept driving till I ran a stop sign, and almost hit a squirrel that just nearly showed up in my high beam lights. Finally made it to the street and drove up to the side walk, park my car, and got out this pizza was burning my arm it was so hot. I walked up to the door and gave it a firm knock. I could hear foot, steps coming closer to the door then it stopped,

“Who is it?”

A manly voice responded

"Dominion's pizza!"

I said as loud as I could. So he could hear me.

"Oh yeah I almost forgot." he said quickly

It's hard to here through the door when the other person is outside. The door swung open a tall white man in his mid 30's emerged wearing a tank top and some basketball shorts he was kind of handsome

"Oh yeah I almost forgot.!" he said quickly

I was surprised he didn't yell at me for being almost late

“That’ll be 22.50.” I said he quickly he paused.

“Shit I don’t think oh man let me get my wallet you can come in just sit the pizza down over there on the counter.” he said as he ran down the hallway

I entered the house it was okay, but a bit of a dump he had boxes all over the place I don’t know if this guy had just move in or if he was planning some sort of terrorist attack. I laid the pizza down on the counter I usually don’t go in peoples houses when I deliver pizzas, but this thing was damn hot, and my hands were on fire. I took another look around he wasn’t much of a decorator he had almost no furniture just a couch and a 40 inch Tv next to an xbox.

“Man” I said impatiently what’s taking him.

I hope he wasn’t some serial killer and was gonna come back with a axe and chase me through the house he quickly emerge from the long hallway no wallet or money in his hand Oh shit I thought to myself.

“I don’t have any money.” he said nervously

“What”? I said arrogantly “What do you mean you don’t have any money why would you order a pizza knowing you can’t pay for it”? I was a very outspoken girl.

“I know I know I just moved here today, and I must have misplace it at my other house I’m sorry i can’t pay you.” he said

I rolled my eyes in frustration

“I’ll just drive back to work and tell them it was a misunderstanding.”

“Wait” he said calmly “you kinda of hot.” he said calmly as grabbed my arm

I turned around and gave him a odd look

“Excuse me? I responded firmly

“You have beautiful eyes and a nice body.” he said confidently

He didn’t respond if he thinks I’m giving him my pussy for the pizza he is dead wrong although he was cute, but I had a boyfriend anyway. In some weird way this was actually turning me on I was getting hit on my some random dude who I was to deliver pizza for. I guess I did look kinda cute I was about 5’5 had long black hair, a slender body, and almond eyes. I had one some skinny jeans which really did show off my ass I did a lot of squats so my ass was tight and I had my hair in a ponytail along with this tight domino T shirt that was a size too small that really did clinch my breasts. I didn’t think I really look all that hot but hey.

“I should go your crazy.” I said

Jerking away only made me want him even more I grabbed the pizza, and he squeezed me by the waist harder I turned my back against him. I was kinda getting wet, but pissed off at the same time

“Get off”! I yelled

“I bet you like to get fucked rough and hard.” he said softly in my ear

Omg this guys is a sex freak I thought to myself but, this was turning me on I started getting really wet he started kissing my neck, and rubbing my boobs from behind I really liked it damn he had me.


I moaned in pleasure


“I knew you were a slut.” he whispered in my ear

He turned me around forcefully, and my hat fell off he kissed me so hard we butted heads I didn’t feel it I was to turned on we went at it like two sex crazed monkeys he lifted me up on the counter kissing me more and more each kiss got me closer to and orgasm he was so hot


I moaned louder

He pulled off my top exposing my bra he ripped that off as fast as he did my top. Laying into my beast kissing, and sucking them my back arched as I move close against the counter I love when my beats are sucked it gets me so wet. My jeans were soaked by now


I let another a wild moan

“damn your wet.”

he said softly

I let out a giggle I kissed him more, and move raping his mouth with my tongue I wanted his dick in my mouth I love to suck dick, and I was good at it too or so my boyfriend says I pushed him off and got on my knees faster then he got me on the counter I ripped his pants off and his cock hit me in the face damn he was big I’d say maybe 8 or more I tounge the shit out of his dick edging him further into an orgasm I lick the tip like it was an Ice cream cone


He moaned in pleasure “that feels amazing your good.” he said softly

I didn’t respond I went for his balls sucking them like a wild beast I was so horny I could cum right there.I got his balls soaked with spit, and started to work his cock into my mouth it was too big. I couldn’t fit it all in at once so I took a little at a time gulp, gulp, gulp, the sound my throat made as I sucked that dick as hard as I could feel his pre cum running down my throat he was so hard. I gagged, and spit out a huge wade of pre cum, and spit

“damn you amazing.” he said again

I smiled as I went back in for more sucking that monster letting it feel every inch of my mouth

“I wanna fuck your pussy come here”. he said Eagerly

I stopped sucking, and he pulled me up turning me around on the counter he was so strong he pulled my pussy juice filled jeans down below my ankles, and slid the monster in

“ohhhhh”! I screamed in pain God was huge he hit my G spot almost immediately.

“damn.” he exclaimed

He had me bent over the counter, as I turn around to give him a firm kiss he fucked me harder

Oh!shit! oh ! Oh! Damn this felt amazing

“You like that you dirty pizza delivery girl.” he said very sexy

I almost laughed, but was in too much pain from that monster cock I didn’t respond. I just let him give it to me harder, and harder his cock was so big it felt like he was hitting my stomach walls.

“your such a slut” he said as he pounded me harder

He pounded me so ferocious that my shoe came untied. I bent my leg, and placed it on the counter until my shoe fell to the floor he was good

“Oh”! “Oh”! “Yess”! “oh” ! fuck me harder! Ohhh! I was really into it. I was so close to cumming he pulled my ponytail forcing my head back. I could feel my juices running down my leg his hard cock oozing pre cum inside me made me even more turned on his cock felt better with every stroke.

“You wanna cum for me huh do you you dirty pizza delivery girl” he said

“Yesss! Pizza delivery girl wants to cum for you!” I played into his fantasy I was so close my toes starting to curl through my shoes. My clit was on fire


“YESS BABY! CUM FOR ME”! He responded

I never said anything so loud in my entire life, my pussy trembled with the best orgams I had ever had my entire life my boyfriend never made me cum like this his sexy voice made me shiver even more with cum my pussy flowed, and flowed with pussy juice I squirted all over that cock the floor was soaked and he almost tripped it ws so messy he caught his balance and we fell to the floor he wasn’t done yet.

“My turn.” he said so softly

He striped of his shirt, and by now we were butt naked on his kitchen floor fcucking like animals I lie on my back and he position my legs upon his shoulders I like this position I always came he worked out a lot he shoulder blades were thing of beauty he forced the monster in again and I almost came right there.

“OH! FUCK mmmmm”! I moaned

“OH GOD”! Your the best he said

He gave it to me harder, and harder you think we were married by the way we talked, and fuck each other but nope it was the first time my back started to hurt from the hardwood floors, but I didn’t care I was getting the fuck of a lifetime his pre cum filled my pussy more and more he was close to coming

“Oh baby I’m close!” he screamed

I didn’t want him to stop I wanted him to fuck me to another orgasm I was close as well


He was so deep inside me every inch of that 8 or 9 inch cock got me closer to the edge my toes started to curl again I wanted to cum so bad


“OH! SHIT OHHH”! he was cumming

He moaned in pleasure letting loose in my pussy his warm cum filled me it was so hot

That was it that cum got my pussy excited I was cumming again


My body convulsed with a strong orgasm strong enough to knock down a tree. I squirted all over his cock again and again he was amazed at the sight of my juices all over his cock he fell on top of me.That was the best sex I had ever had I thought as I finished up my orgasm. My body was oozing with cum his and mine oh this was amazing I thought.

“Your fucking awesome” he said as he peered up to look at me

I kissed him“Thanks.” I said softly

We got our clothes back on and I headed outside before he grabbed my arm

“Hey hold up!” he yelled out

I turned around to see a 100 dollar bill in his hand SON OF A BITCH! he did have money he just wanted to fuck me did he do this to all the pizza delivery girls? I wondered “Thanks for the pizza.” he slammed the money in my hand I let out a nervous smile.

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