The Permissive Purity of Father Fontane [2]

Part 2


Simon Dott didn’t know where he had lost himself. Maybe it was that first blowjob. Maybe it was Father Everett Fontane’s marginal justifications of how society had changed but vows of celibacy hadn’t and the gaps between were ripe with permissions for priests of Pristine Valley to be fellated by a few well-chosen cocksuckers.

“It’s a service,” old man Fontane had said. “Keep them boys away from the sins of the city.”

It was those sins of the city years ago that had defrocked Dott, yet after two weeks in the Valley, he had been re-ordained as a counseling priest and been blown many times.

He studied himself in the mirror of his office and was pleased that his appearance seemed in order and that only slight graying could be seen in his hair.

His counseling appointment for 1pm was still ten minutes away, but the Perlins were usually early, a matter that pleased him because their son was a good cocksucker and Dott was eager to feel that warm, needy, and longlasting mouth.

He still wasn’t convinced of Fontane’s doctrine, but he was convinced that getting his dick sucked often was worth giving the situation more time.

A knock on his office door was followed by the appearance of Jenni Hale, the pert and petite receptionist that he shared with Fontane.

“The Perlins called and said they will be here in about five minutes. Father Fontane said when you’re done to come see him.”

Dott nodded. “Yes, and just send the Perlin’s to my office. You don’t have to announce them.”

The girl laughed. “My, don’t you seem anxious?”

“It’s counseling, Jenni.”

“Sure it is, Father Dott. I know what counseling is. I just don’t know how you can do it so much.”

“It’s not like that.”

“Well, I’m glad they do it because I don’t want those nasty things in my mouth.”

She left and he murmured to himself, “I knew it. All that pouty little mouth and she has no idea how to use it. What a waste of good lipstick.”

The Perlin boy was a little older than the others but then, the age he wanted most was not an age he would ever admit. Perlin was also a deep-throat which made him a cast-off from Fontane who preferred “mouth bois”.

The Perlins entered and the parents thanked Dott for taking his time to help them.

“We were getting desperate,” the mother said. “so desperate that Roland and I were talking aboutyou knowmaybe trying to do it at home---like, let him suck my husband but he isn’t into that sort of thing.”

“You mean he’s not into cocksuckers?”

“Nomore likethe incest thing. We know incest happens in Pristine Valley but Father Fontane is against it.”

As soon as they were gone, the boy was on his knees with a big smile. Dott stood before the olive-skinned boy and slowly revealed his cock.

“Go ahead boy. Suck on it for awhile.”

In seconds, the boy’s eager mouth surrounded his stiff shaft. The feeling was like mouthpussy and in a short while, Dott began to push his shaft to the boy’s throat. After the boy gagged a few times, he was able to get his dick right where he liked it most.

It was so queer. So odd. He was a priest, in a church, and he had his dick down a young parishioner’s throat with the full blessing of the chief priest and the boy’s parents.

He held the boy’s head and began to mildly thrust. In time, he went faster. If they wanted the boy fucked, then he was just the man to do it.

He went a little faster but had to slow because the boy gagged often. He continued for nearly a half-hour before he felt his bone stiffening and the exhilarating sensations bringing him close to orgasm. He was beyond caring about what the cocksucker or his parents wanted. Father Simon Dott wanted to get his nuts off and he had a queer on his knees taking dick and….Yessssss!

He thrust hard and deep and released a mega-dose of sperm. He thrust again and again and again and with each thrust, he pumped rich, priestly cream into the depths of the cocksucker.

When he was finished, he pulled his dick from the boy, patted him on the head, and told him to wait in the lobby for his parents. He supposed he should feel guilty for using the boy’s mouth and leaving so abruptly but he had done the job everyone expected so there shouldn’t be complaints.

He made his way to Fontane’s office.

“Sit down Simon,” the older priest said. “I had a phone call from a lady. Says her son been having sinful thoughts and they ain’t our religion but she wants him to do a confessional. So, you and me are going to hear them out.”

“Both of us?”

“Sorta. You’ll be there to see how it’s done but you don’t make a sound so they won’t know. If they’re as needy as they sound, then I wana make sure we get the boy ininto ‘counseling’, heh-heh.”

He led Dott to a confessional booth that was like others he’d seen except that above a latticed opening for penitents to speak there was a one-way glass.

In time, they heard the opposite door of the booth squeak and Father Fontane put his finger before his lips as if to say “hush”.

“Are you there, Father?” came the meek voice of a woman.

“Yes, my daughter,” Fontane said. “You can speak freely.”

“This is difficult and new to me, but Father, my son has sinned and needs to confess.”

“Very well. He may speak.”

“He’s not with me just now. He is nervous and shy and I want to talk with you before he joins us.”

“Okay. Tell me how he has sinned.”

“HeHe’s been havingHe’s been having lustful thoughts.”

“I see. What kind of thoughts, my daughter?”

“About---” She stopped and sighed. “Father, this must all be confidential.”

“Yes miss, confessions are confidential.”

“My sonhe’she’s been having lustful thoughtsaboutmen.”

“Ah. Well, we hear a lot of that here. Please tell me what kind of lustful thoughts he’s been having.”

After some silence, the woman spoke. “HeHe’s been fantasizing about performing oral sex on men.”

Dott had just fucked a cocksucker’s throat less than an hour before yet, just sitting and listening, his cock was beginning to stiffen again.

“Well, there are many boys like that,” Fontane said, “so you needn’t be alarmed. We got more of them than other dioceses because we been successful helping them.”

“But, what do I do? Can you change him?”

“Change him? Not likely.”

“Then how are you successful?”

“Every boy is different so can’t really say without hearing from him. Can you call him in?”

He heard the woman open the door and call to her son. Father Fontane stood quietly and motioned for Dott to peer with him through the upper one-way glass. When they did, they saw that the two visitors looked as frail and meek as they sounded.

Fontane told the woman to discuss with her son what they had talked about and, after some whispering, she said she had done so.

“Son, it’s not unusual for boys to have those lustful thoughts. Heard it all before. You can talk about it here, but not away from here. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” a soft voice responded.

“Now son, your mother said you been having lustful thoughts about men. Is that true?”


“And she says you been having fantasies about performing oral sex on men.”

Again, the boy replied with a soft “Yes”

Simon Dott was astounded by Fontane’s next question.

“Son, you ever seen a man’s penis?”

“What kind of question is that coming from a priest?” the mother protested.

Fontane chuckled. “My daughter, we don’t do things like the others. That’s why so many bring their boys to us. We won’t get nowhere if we don’t talk directly about it.”

When she didn’t respond, he continued. “Lotsa boys fantasize about performing oral sex on men but when they actually see a penis, some get scared and realize it isn’t for them. Now son, you ever seen a man’s penis?”

“OnlyOnly in magazines.”

“Well, you haven’t seen anything til you see a real one.”

The woman asked, “So you’re saying I should find a man to expose himself to my son?”

“If you think that’s best but you’d be riskin’ confidentiality and once they find out you need that, a lot of them will coerce you to put their dicks in your boy’s mouth.”

“Then, what can I do?”

“Since this is all confidential and if you want, I could expose myself to your son.”

“WWhat? You’re a priest.”

“Like I said, we do things different.”

The sound of rustling was followed by the boy’s voice. “II want to.”

“Shhhh!” the mother responded.

“Best way I know for him to tell if he’s a cocksuc---into performing oral sex.”

After an exchange of whispers, the mother sighed and said, “Okay Father. If you think it’s best, then okay.”

The sixty-something priest stood and unzipped his black pants.

Dott had fantasized about such things in his years of confessionals but he never thought he would actually witness it. The iniquity of seeing it was enough to make him shiver.

It had effect on Fontane as well because the old man’s cock was hard. The older priest lifted the lattice and rotated it upward to open the gap between them. He stepped to the gap and pushed his erection through it. The sight of the man standing against the wall was as lewd as Dott would expect at a glory hole.

He heard a gasp followed by whispers and some rustling and after some time, he heard the mother’s voice..

“He wants to know ifif heif he can touch it.”

“Yes my daughter. Your boy can touch my penis.”

Dott saw the Father Fontane’s knees weaken and could nearly feel what the man was feeling.

After several minutes, Fontane jerked his hips back and said, “Okay. Enough.”

As he sat down, he flashed a smile at Dott that was one of dazed lechery.

“NowNow miss, tell me about your son’s reaction.”

“HeII don’t know.”

“I liked it,” the boy said.

“Ahhh…,” Father Fontane drawled. “I meanbecause that tells us a lot.”

“What does it tell us?” the mother asked.

“Well, he didn’t back away and he even touched it and that tells me that your son is a cocksuc---is a boy who will do more at some point. The question is whether or not he will do it in a safe place and with a safe and decent man.”

“Just from that you’re sure he’ll do more?”

“Yes my daughter. But, if you want more evidence, there’s more we can do.”

“Like what?”

Fontane stood and pulled out his erection and put it through the opening.

“Touch it again, son.”

The man’s body quivered as before and he asked. “Do youDo you want to suck on it, boy?”

“You can’t be serious!” the woman yelped.

“You want proof don’t you?”

“Butyou’re a priest! And my son is not a cHe’s never done anything like that!”

“My daughter, until you come to terms with things and you accept the word ‘cocksucker’, you won’t help him much. We’re in private and it’s just between us. Just a little suckingto prove it one way or the other.”

“I want to,” the boy said.

“Devin, he’s a priest!” the mother protested. “You want to suck on the cock of a priest in a confessional booth? You want to become a cocksucker in church? This is insane!”

“What better situation could you want?”

After several seconds, the woman sighed, “Okay.” And after a pause, she repeated, “Okay.”

“Now son, only do it if you want to do it.”

He didn’t have to wait long. He felt soft lips and warm breath and then the moist heat of the boy’s mouth as it slowly encompassed his rock-hard dick. He wanted to cream the boy’s tonsils right then and there but what kind of counselor would he be if he selfishly jizzed the boy instead of letting him slide his mouth on it until he knew if it was indeed what he wanted?

“Enough!” the woman said as the mouth abruptly left his cock. “I’m so confused right now.”

“My daughter, I have an associate you can meet with in his office and he is very good at helping people sort things out. We got a backlog of families wantin’ us to counsel their boys, but maybe we can make room for yours, if he qualifies, that is. While you talk to Father Dott, I will talk to your boy in my office, and see if we should get him into counseling.”

He whispered for Dott to leave silently and go to his office and wait.

“And don’t worry, you have my word we will only talk. In fact, my office girl will be with us.”

After more whispers, the woman agreed and all three stepped out of the booth and greeted one another. The woman and the boy had thick, shaggy, brown hair and were shorter than Fontane had expected. She said her name was Naomi.

He led them to Dott’s office and introduced them.

“Take me forty-five minutes to talk to the boy. So Father Dott, bring them to my office at 3pm.”

Dott patiently explained parts of the doctrine of the diocese to the woman and answered all of her questions. She calmed and seemed to be accepting things.

“So, you’re priests who help boys by letting them suck your cocks.”

“Well, I suppose that’s it in a nutshell, but it’s like what Father Fontane said: What better situation could you find?”


Fontane instructed Jenni to accompany him and Devin to his office. He explained to the boy how he might become one of the lucky ones to be approved for counseling.

Devin’s face brightened and he said he wanted that.

“I’m not sayin’ we’re going to put you on the schedule. Gotta have your mama’s approval for that.”


“Yes. Counseling schedule.”

He turned to Jenni. “Miss Hale, would you go to your desk and check out the schedule and see what’s available? Do a printout. You don’t have to hurry but bring it to me five minutes before three.”

As he admired her pert butt on the way out, he turned back to the boy, “Yes Devin, if your mama’s all in on counseling, then you can come in once or twice a week and talk. And, you know, if you want, I’m sure we could find a way for you to suck dick each time.”

“Oh I want!” the boy exclaimed. “I want to right now!”

Fontane chuckled, “Well not now. I promised your mother we wouldn’t do anything like that.”

The boy left his chair and came closer and with a devilish smiled said, “I won’t tell if you don’t. Devin went to his knees and looked up. “Pleeeease. No one will know.” The boy lurched forward and buried his face in the priest’s pants.

Breaking his promise to Naomi was a sin, but letting this cocksucker leave without sucking was dangerous and even more of a sin. He hated to go back on his word, but there was no way Father Fontane could live with himself if he let the desperate boy leave without letting him suck.

Within seconds, his hard-on was out and Devin’s eager mouth was on it. The boy seemed in dreamland as he began to slowly slide his mouth on Father Fontane’s erection.

Fontane ran his fingers through the boy’s thick hair and told Devin he was a good cocksucker. For quite some time, he stood and just let the cocksucker enjoy his erection.

As he felt himself approaching orgasm, he imagined that other priests would have asked first before cumming in a first-time cocksucker's mouth. Yes, those priests would consider themselves more honorable. But, Father Everett Fontane counted himself as a priest with a higher enlightenment. He knew that cocksuckers would go away unfulfilled if you didn’t give them a mouthful of jizz and that would only increase the danger for this boy. The honorable thing wasn’t to risk asking and getting a “no” answer. The honorable thing was to just do it.

In his view, had no choice. None! If he was going to help Devin, then he was damned-required to ejaculate in the boy’s mouth.

And so, at 2:51pm in his church office, Father Fontane did the most-honorable thing.

The boy choked on the sudden eruption and his head jerked back as he coughed. He sputtered and his eyes seemed watery. Yet, when Father Fontane told Devin that the best thing for him to do was to swallow, the boy nodded and began to slowly swallow the priest’s semen.

Fontane held some lingering guilt for cumming unannounced in Devin’s mouth, but he redeemed those feelings by handing the boy several tissues.

When the others joined them, all was in order. Naomi asked her son if Father Fontane had tried anything sexual and the boy adamantly said “no!”.

Fontane said, “My daughter, I gave my word I would do the best thing for your boy and that I had no intention of putting my cock in his mouth. Miss Hale was here and she’ll tell you she saw nothin’ like that.”

Jenni smiled and nodded. “I absolutely saw nothing sexual at all.”

“You see miss,” Fontane continued, “I didn’t do anything like that.”

Some might say that Father Everett Fontane lied with what he said, but he certainly had not. After all, it was true that he done the best thing for Devin.

And, and it was also true that he indeed had never planned to put his cock in the boy’s mouth.

And above all, he hadn’t lied to Naomi when he said he hadn't done "anything like” that.

Nope. No way, because indeed, he had done “exactly” that.

[part 3 follows]

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