Teenaged Jessie enters my bed and my heart.

Just a little after her sixteenth birthday, Jessie ran away from home.

Her mother was a drunk who was usually so plastered that she staggered around the house in her baggy house dress, falling over the furniture till she passed out. Her father was abusive, not sexually but he often hit her and pushed her around and verbally abused her. He frequently brought other women home to fuck while his wife was passed out on the couch. He did not pay any attention to his daughter being around. Several times she had seen him roughly throat fucking some slut that had come home with him till she gagged on his cock while he held her by the hair so she could not pull away. One time she saw him drag her mother's limp body off the couch and rub her face in the cum dripping pussy of the whore that he had just fucked.

Finally Jessie had had enough and she told her parents that she was leaving. Neither one of them seemed to care. She packed a big backpack and gathered up all the money she had saved. Her mother and father watched her walk past them and out the door without saying a word.

Jessie was a cute girl. She was petite and trim, only 5-2" tall and weighing 101 pounds. She had shoulder length brown hair. It was not long ago when she had had to buy new bras because she now need a B-cup. She was an OK student and never caused any trouble. She was quiet and a little on the shy side with no really close friends.

Jessie knew where there was a tree house at the back of a big lot. The people with the boys that had played in the tree house had sold the house to an older couple that never went back there, so that was where she stayed. She would go to a fast food restaurant nearby for breakfast and to clean up. She ate lunch at school and when she ate supper, it was fast food again, often at the mall. Jessie had a couple of blankets, an orange crate for a table and a battery operated lantern for light. There were heavy cloth coverings for the windows so the home owners could not see the light at night. When she first went in she found old used rubbers on the floor and several porn magazines left behind by the boys that used to live at the house.

Jessie lived this way for about a week. It was not as nice as her room had been but she was still happy to be away from her parents. She was able to find and add a few things in the tree house but soon she could see that her money was not going to last too much longer. It was also going to be fall soon and the weather would start getting cold. Jessie thought about how to get a job and improved her housing location but at her age she could not find anything.

I first met Jessie when I went to the mall to buy a new pair of shoes. When I left the mall, a cute young girl walked up to me before I got to my car. "Mister, I need some money for food. I'll suck your cock till you shoot your stuff in my mouth for $20." She spoke quietly and looked at the ground as she spoke. Something did not seem right. I let he in my car but rather than just getting a blowjob I started talking to her.

Jessie told me how old she was and told me about her mother and father and why she had left home. She told me about how she was living in the tree house. She told me that she was still a virgin and that I was going to be the first guy she had ever sucked but that she had seen her father and had watched porn on her computer at home and knew that she could do it right. Again she offered to suck me off for $20.

I took her out for a good supper and offered to let he stay at my apartment for a while. She said no. I gave her the twenty but did not touch her. I told her my address and told her to come see me if she changed her mind. Jessie got out of my car near where she was staying. She did not show me exactly where it was so I could not turn her in to be picked up by child protection services.

Two nights later there was a knock on my door. When I opened it, there stood Jessie. "The weatherman says it is going to get down to freezing tonight but then warm up again. If the offer still stands, can I sleep on your couch tonight?" I opened the door wide and she walked in. Like most single guys, the house was not very clean and I didn't have much in the fridge but I fixed her a meal. I showed her where the bathroom was so she could take a nice hot bath. She looked at me, "Would you like to come in and wash me?" I think she felt that she had to offer me something sexual for what I was doing for her. I told her that it was OK and I didn't think she needed my help.

After she finished her bath, she walked out wrapped in a towel. I went to my bedroom and got a long tee shirt which would come down almost to her knees. Rather than going into my bedroom to change, she dropped the towel and put on the tee shirt right in front of me. I got my first look at Jessie's cute little naked body. Then she sat on the couch next to me with her head on my shoulder and we watched several TV shows.

I got up and walked to the closet, got out some blankets and a pillow and gave them to her. I went to my bed and we both got a good night of sleep. I have to admit that I had to jerk off to relieve myself before I could sleep. The next morning we both showered separately. Jessie made sure that I got another look at her naked body while she was dressing. She went to school and I went to work. As we were leaving, she jumped up, put her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist and gave me a little kiss. "Thank you so much for being so nice to me" I shoved another $20 in her school bag.

When I got home from work, Jessie was sitting in front of my door. "Paul, may I stay one more night please. It is going to be cold again." I opened the door and we went in. Everything went much like the previous night till we went to bed. We had been in bed about half an hour when my bedroom door opened and a naked Jessica walked in. She pulled back my blanket and climbed in without saying a word. I sleep naked so when she cuddled up to me, the feeling of her young firm breasts pressing against my chest drove me wild inside. I got an instant hard on and she felt it grow against her leg.

I resisted the urge to just jump on top of her and fuck the shit out of her young virgin pussy. We cuddled till we both fell asleep. When I woke in the morning she was still sleeping but her hand was wrapped around my morning wood. I slipped out of bed and started a shower. The sound of the shower woke her and before I knew it, Jessie was in the shower with me. We both enjoyed soaping each other’s bodies. Then she dropped to her knees and took my erection in her mouth and my balls in her hand.

It had been almost a month from when I last had been with a woman. That, and the excitement of being with a very sexy young girl meant that I did not last long. She was not doing a very good job and she scraped my shaft with her teeth several times but I was not about to complain. I warned her that I was going to come but she only picked up the pace. She coughed and gagged a little when I dumped a big load into her sucking mouth but she did not stop till my cum was in her belly and I was starting to go soft. She looked up at me with kind of a 'yuck' look on her face showing that she did not think much of the taste of cum. I smiled and said, "It's an acquired taste." If she had kept it up much longer, I would have gotten hard again. As it was I was late for work and she was late for school. As we left I told her that she could stay with me as long as she wanted. Being late almost caused her a problem. They gave her detention but did not contact her parents.

That evening she was waiting for me again. I gave Jessie her own key to the apartment. From that night on there was no pretense of going to bed on the couch. We shared my bed and neither of us had any desire to wear anything to bed. "Paul, I want to give myself to you. I want you to be the first one between my legs." That night I was, but not quite the way she expected. I lovingly kissed her and then worked my way down to her pert breasts. I sucked and licked them for a while. Jessie moaned and pulled my face tighter to her chest.

Soon I moved further down. I placed a trail of kisses over her stomach on my way to her treasure. I pushed thru her pubic hair and parted her pussy lips with my tongue. The first touch of my tongue on her clit made her jump. I stopped long enough to ask, "Have you ever had an orgasm?" She told me that she rubbed herself there but that no-one else had ever touched her. I happily went back to work eating her out.

I lapped and sucked and poked till she started shaking and screamed out, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck." Then she went limp. Her pussy was soaking wet with her girl cum but I did not stop. "Oh, Paul that was so much better than when I do it myself. Thank you. I loved it." With that she spun around and we went at it in the 69 position. Soon we both came at about the same time. This time she did not choke or gag and she did not complain about the taste. We were both ready for sleep and we cuddled till we woke in the morning.

When I woke, Jessie was looking into my eyes. "Can I stay with you forever?", she asked. I smiled and kissed her deeply. She returned the kiss. "Will you fuck me tonight? Please?" I kissed her again. As we ate breakfast I asked her if her hymen was still intact and she said yes. I explained that when it was broken it often was quite painful and that I hated the idea of causing her pain and not having her fully enjoy our first sex together. I suggested that she use something to break it before we had sex together.

When I got home from work, Jessie was sitting on the couch, nude. "I did it. No pain tonight. Can we go to bed now?", she said. It took me a second to think about what she said she had done but it came to me. She had broken her cherry. "It didn't hurt much and there wasn't much blood." "Don't you want to have supper first?", I asked. She smiled, "No. I want to go to bed with you and have you fuck me now. Please." Jessie took my hand and led me to the bedroom.

Jessie jumped up on the bed on her back and spread her legs as wide as she could. I could see that she was already nice and wet. I quickly got undressed and got on the bed with her. I started to put my face between her legs but she said, "No. Just come up here and do it. I want your beautiful cock in me. I'm so ready to fuck."

I kneeled between her legs. I didn't need any help getting an erection. My rock hard seven inches was ready and anxious to go. I thought about a condom but decided that I wanted to feel her tight young pussy, skin to skin, gripping my cock. I leaned forward and placed my penis between her labia and started sliding it up and down, rubbing against her clit. Jessie moaned. "Put it in. Put it in now. Put it in all the way. Make love to me. Fuck me."

I reached down and placed my cockhead at her opening and gave a little push. Her hole, that had never had anything bigger than her finger in it up to today, slowly yielded to the pressure and my cockhead slipped in. I went slow and easy as I worked more and more of myself into my teen lover's love channel. I stopped half way in. Jessica's eyes were closed, there was a smile on her face and her hands were on her tits. God, her cunt was so tight, but then she was a virgin so I guess she should have been.

There was a smile on my face too as I thought about being the first man to ever enter Jessie's private sex. Now I pulled partly back out and started a rhythm. I started fucking a little deeper into her tight tunnel with each push till I was balls deep in her. I stopped and let her catch her breath. I could see that she had been holding her breath as I stretched her open and worked myself into her. I leaned forward and gave her a long kiss.

Now I started fucking her for real. Long and deep strokes in and out of her vagina got faster and harder as they continued. Jessie rolled her head from side to side and squeezed her breasts until she yelled out in a climax that more than rivaled the one I had given her with my mouth the night before. After several minutes of hard pounding, I felt my balls tighten and my baby juice flow thru my shaft and blast into her womb. I held still and deep as I felt my cock pulsing inside of her, over and over, filling her with my seed. I think she may have actually passed out for a few seconds. I kept my softening prick inside of Jessie as we kissed and kissed and kissed. Finally I pulled out and we shared a blissful sleep.

The next morning she woke me with a blowjob. Then she kissed me. It was the first time I had ever tasted myself on a woman's lips but I didn't hold back. I had a friend that worked with a doctor and he was able to get me a prescription for birth control pills without a lot of questions being asked. We kept fucking without condoms but the thought of pregnancy went thru my head several times until she had a period and it had been long enough that the pills should have full effect. I don't think that hardly a day went by that we didn't fuck at least twice and I did not get at least one blowjob. We were lucky but couldn't help ourselves. It was about a month after she moved in with me that we first shared the word love with each other.

My neighbors knew that I was single and when they continued seeing this young girl coming and going from my apartment, I started getting dirty looks and hearing people whispering behind my back. The school year ended and about the same time I got a new job offer in another city. I took the job and we moved. From then on, Jessie was my daughter in public and my loving wife in private. I was delighted that Jessie now enjoyed my cock in her mouth as much as she did having it in her pussy. She liked calling my cum 'Morning Honey or her Evening Treat'. No one knew our story and we were living a live that made us very happy. We started thinking that once Jessie was of legal age, we might move again and get married and be husband and wife in public as well as in our hearts and then we can think about starting a family.


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