Frat Girl

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Typical Friday night frat party. We all gather at M. J.’s bar after class, make preliminary approaches for hook-ups and return to the House for hours of drinking and, hopefully, plenty of recreational sex.

That night for some reason I was having no luck with the ladies. I usually did okay. Nothing world class or urban legend level but better than average. That night I got a couple of kisses while dancing but no responses to my hints at escalating things to a higher level.

I nursed a beer and chatted with one of my fraternity brothers who was also having an off night. We discussed the upcoming chapter elections and our plans for Spring Break. While arguing the merits of Charlie Benz versus Victor Fitzgerald for historian, I saw her walk in.

I swear I felt her enter the room before my eyes picked up on her. I never got past looking at her eyes when I spotted her walking toward me, an intense look leading the way. Her smile melted me as she reached out.

“Let’s dance,” she said. I nodded while she took my hand and led the way.

She was a small girl, only reaching my breastbone when I held her close for a slow dance. She had a tight little ass and her breasts were just a little too big for her frame. They were very firm, almost hard, as they pressed against me.

I got us a couple of beers, even though I was sure she was under the legal age. We found a quiet corner to sip our drinks. As soon as we sat down her hand went to knee. She leaned in, inviting me to kiss her and I quickly obliged. Soon her hand was behind my neck and her tongue tried to drill down my throat. During the course of our making out she ended up on my lap, where she could no doubt feel my steel-hard erection pulsing against her sweet little butt.

“Wanna go upstairs?” She whispered in my ear. Her hand was gently rubbing my cock through my pants.

“Damn,” I muttered. This little minx got hotter quicker than any girl I had ever been with.

Unfortunately this late in the evening I was sure the few bedrooms in the house already held couples (or more!) fucking away. Luckily I had a quick Plan B.

“Follow me.” I took her by the hand and led her outside to my van. This had been my “fuck truck” since high school. The back still had a mattress and pillows for comfort. I opened the door and she quickly jumped in.

“Wow,” she said. “This is really cool!”

“Glad you like it. Now, where were we?”

We went back to lip lock in seconds. I became more aggressive this time and shot my hand under her top. IN one motion I removed her top and the lacy bra beneath it, exposing those hard little tits.

She had huge, pink nipples and they were hard and extended. I licked and sucked them in turn, causing her to make little mewling sounds. I unsnapped my pants and pulled them down a little. Tracy knew just what she wanted, reaching to massage my hard dick and balls. I had to stop her a couple of times for being too rough.

I eased my hand under her short skirt until I reached her soaked panties. I started to remove them when Tracy stopped me. She then lifted her ass up and pulled her underwear down and off.

“Fuck me!”

Things were moving so fast I could not believe it. She gripped my cock and pulled it and me toward her. She spread her legs wide as the head of my cock began to enter her hot hole. I don’t have a porn-sized cock but I was definitely above average. Tracy’s pussy was so tight it took me three or four strokes just to get halfway in her steaming box.

“All the way!” She screamed. “I want it all!”

With that I pulled out and with all my strength pushed all seven inches into her. She let out a scream as the head of my penis knocked at the door of her cervix. I grasped her hard little breasts and started pounding into her with all my might. My hips became a blur as I gave this girl the hard fucking she so obviously wanted. She pushed her hips up at me just as hard as I pounded into her. I heard about animals in heat but this was the first time I ever ever fucked a girl who resembled one.

“Goddamn it, you fucker! More! Harder!”

I put her legs on my shoulders, grabbed her ass and put as much power behind my thrusts as humanly possible. Her pussy grabbed at my invading cock as hard as I had ever felt. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold out. Her muscles and the tightness of her hole conspired to milk my sperm out as quickly as possible.

For as long as I could I kept up with her and stopped her from throwing me off. Despite my experience I could hold off no longer and screamed that I was about to come.

“Deeper! Shoot it all the way in. GIVE ME YOUR SPERM!”

My balls shuddered as they surrendered their treasure. My cock actually hurt as it ejected spurt after spurt of my baby batter into my thrashing partner. Even as I continued my pounding I could feel some of our combined juices drip down my shaft and onto the mattress below.

When it felt like I had emptied a pint of sticky stuff into the girl, I leaned down and kissed her. Myhairy chest crushed into her firm little tits. Though my hips were numb they were on auto-pilot, still slowly moving in and out. My penis didn’t get soft.

“Oh yeah, baby. Keep fucking me. Shoot me full with another load!”

Never one to disappoint a lady, I slowly worked my way back to full speed. Her hands grabbed my ass and pulled me into her as if I did not already know the way. A few minutes later I added another couple of million swimmers to the soupy mix of fluid in her steaming womb.

I rolled onto my back, finally breaking the contact between out overworked genitals. I reached for a cigarette. Next to me she had her knees together and hiked up as high as they would go.

“Can you hand me my bag, please, lover?”

I did what she asked. She rummaged around and pulled out a small box, then opened it and pulled something out and inserted it between her legs. As dumb and dazed by the sex as I was, it hit me that it was a diaphragm she inserted.

“Uh, aren’t you supposed to put that thing in before…?”

“If you are trying to keep the sperm out, then yes. If you want to keep it in, then you put it in after.”

I was about to open my mouth when it dawned on me. There was only one reason to keep sperm in…

“Are you telling me thatthat. You want…”

“To have a baby, yes. Ever since I turned thirteen last year, I wanted a baby of my own.” She got up and started to get dressed.

“So you tricked me into knocking you up?”

“Yeah. It was awesome! Thank you so much for the great fuck and for all the sperm. I bet we made a beautiful baby!”

“But, don’t I have any say in this?”

“Why? You had a good time, right? I’m not asking you for anything. I never asked for your name and I am not from around here. All I wanted was help making a baby and I already got that.” She leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. “Thanks again!”

Before I could do anything she was gone. I was dazed. There was a very good likelihood I was going to be a father in nine months. A part of me would be alive somewhere and I would never know his or her name, or what they looked like, or anything.

I got dressed and returned to the party. A couple of my brothers who saw me leave gave me a quick round of applause. I grabbed a beer and nodded.

Ever since I lost my virginity when I was fifteen I had worried about getting a girl pregnant. It always meant my life was over. Early marriage and a dead-end life. I should have felt guilty about impregnating a young girl, even if she thought she wanted it.

But I wasn’t.

I would have a baby out there and have no responsibility. I thuight I never wanted kids, but thje reality was I didn’t want the RESPONSIBILITY of kids. Not only did I not feel guilty, the thought was turning me on!

I looked around the room, eyeing every girl and wondering if she was fertile and not on the pill. From that day on I would make babies, as many as I could.

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