Wives of Africa

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Conspicuous by their beauty but more noticeably their colour the four white women sat in the expensive bar of the best hotel in the capital city. All four of them were in their early twenties, three of them trophy brides for their high-flying husbands. They barely knew each other. The invite had been from Michelle.

Michelle was the queen bee of the social scene for the rich middle class in the capital. Her husband had a finger in every pie and could make or break people financially. She was not a person to say no to.

Rosemary was married to a fellow doctor and she was serious in her commitment to helping others. She had come out to Africa to work in a small hospital and had little time for the other three. They could only talk about their swimming pools or their clothes. They were so shallow. What had she got in common with the other three? The note the rather threatening note from Michelle suggested that they all had something in common. And that it would be best if they attended.

Kelly the tallest of them was nearly six foot tall. Her long blonde hair cascaded down to her shoulders. She had a slim figure 34 22 34 her breasts while not large were firm not needing a bra for support though she chose to wear one.

She had a very pretty face with full red lips, a small nose and light blue eyes. Her best feature was her legs that seemed to go on forever. She seemed distracted.

“Penny for them?” Louise asked.
“Sorry I was miles away.” Kelly replied.

Four weeks after her marriage to Roger she had arrived with him in their new home. She had three servants, Sarah, Andrew and Simon. At first she didn’t know quite how to deal with them but Sarah said she would organise everyone for her. Kelly felt useless despite her expensive private school education.

She was panicking Roger’s boss and some of his colleagues were coming round for dinner. Sarah told her not to worry she would organise it all.
Roger’s boss and his wife were the first to arrive. He was called Komo and stood nearly 6 ft 4 his wife Ula was a stunning black woman. Komo was not only tall but extremely muscular his shoulders looked twice the size of Roger’s.

The other guests arrived and the meal went smoothly. Kelly was nervous and drank too much. The men went outside to talk business and for a smoke leaving the women chatting.

Somehow the conversation got round to the subject of sex. Kelly found herself blushing as the women discussed sex in the most graphic style. She had been brought up quite strictly in a religious home and found the talk both disgusting and intriguing.

“It’s a well known fact that black men have the biggest cocks.” Amy a middle-aged woman opined.
Kelly had been silent for so long felt she had to say something.
“Well I’ve read that there isn’t much difference. Most men have a penis just under six inches and it doesn’t vary much.”
Kelly sounded quite pompous. She was aware of going bright red and Sarah looking amazed at her answer as she cleared aware the dishes.

“How big is Komo?” Amy asked.
Ulu grinned and held up her hands they were about a foot apart her fingers then indicated its width its diameter looked to be over two inches

Kelly was stunned but did not really believe what she was hearing. She needed to defend Roger’s honour even though she had not mentioned anything about his physique especially not his private parts.

“Anyway it’s all about technique and stamina.”
“Too right. Komo can keep going all night long. He wears me out.” Ulu replied to much laughing and ribald comments.

Kelly felt deflated but curious as well. She was not convinced of the truth of the claims made by many of her guests.

She was ready for sex that night stroking her husband’s penis she brought it to its full size and measured it against her hand. He climbed on top of her and with no foreplay made love to her. He didn’t last long before rolling off and falling asleep.

Kelly turned her back on him unsatisfied her hands reached down playing with her breasts her nipples erect sticking out over an inch. With one hand she continued to play with her breasts her other hand eased through her thick blonde bush to her sex.

She needed relief as always she needed to think of scene normally a romantic scene one of her eating a meal being serenaded. Sometimes she was on a desert island and a beautiful Tarzan would take her kissing her carrying her of to his tree house. Sex was romantic lots of kisses. Sometimes she would be a princess locked away rescued by a knight on his large white steed. In her fantasies the lovemaking always stopped short of sex.

Tonight her mind was filled with just one image that of Komo naked. She imagined him with his massive black member standing erect. In her mind it was the size of a truncheon. In her daydream she knelt in front of it kissing it licking it sucking it. She knelt in front of it worshipping it.

How could she behave like that? She believed in equality not some primitive phallic worshipping cult but never the less her dream would not disappear. She was taking his huge cock deep into her mouth into her throat sucking hard on it wanting him to fire his spunk into her.

It was disgusting something she would never do for Roger or her only two previous boyfriends. She did not seem to be able to control her mind as in her scene Komo was now fucking her and fucking her hard. He was fucking her doggy style pulling hard on her breasts smacking her arse biting her neck.

She could see his massive cock fucking her going in and out like some huge piston. She never had fantasies like this not explicit and never with someone she knew.

She squeezed her thighs tightly together as she found her little rosebud as she called her clitoris. She came quickly with a gush of liquid something that had never happened to her before.

The next day she showered and after breakfast got out her tape measure. Roger was just under five inches in length and almost one inch in diameter. She compared how long Komo was supposedly and how wide and shook her head muttering.
“It’s not possible nobody could be that big.”

Sarah had watched her and knew exactly what she had done and what she was referring to.

“It is possible no matter what you have read the men in my tribe are all very well endowed.”

Kelly shook her head and continued to say it wasn’t possible. No woman could take that much anyway.
“It is possible mistress.”
“Don’t be silly you’re just exaggerating.”
Sarah found her mistress exasperating arrogant and rude despite her youth.
“You want to bet?”
Kelly smiled.
“One hundred dollars.”
A sum worth about fifteen pounds but equivalent to what Sarah would earn in a month.
“OK but you can’t prove it.”

Sarah knocked on the window and indicated that Andrew should come in. He was dressed in only shorts a T-short and trainers. He was smaller than Kelly about 5 ft 7 but almost as broad as he was tall.

Sarah spoke to him in the local dialect. He smiled at her turned his back and before Kelly could say anything he lifted his T-shirt over his head and then he dropped his shorts. Kelly despite her better self could not help but look he had a beautiful body, strong muscular thighs and powerful buttocks. He stood in front of her looking like a body builder his black muscles glistening and shiny.

He turned round. Kelly almost fainted at the sight. From the front he was even more impressive. Strong thick powerful arms above his chest which was broad, his stomach a perfect six pack there was not a single gram of fat on his body.

She glanced further down and could barely believe her eyes. He had a thick wiry bush of short pubes and below it hung his penis. He stood with his powerful legs akimbo his cock swinging freely. It was huge even in its flaccid state it looked to be at least nine inches in length. It was so thick the lovely blonde estimated that it was thicker than her wrist at least two inches in diameter.

Sarah spoke to him. He nodded and rubbed his cock gently massaging it. Kelly could not help staring as it grew and grew. It stood erect. He was so much bigger than Roger Kelly thought almost enviously. It stood proudly well above his navel and as thick as a beer bottle.

Sarah led Kelly over and placed her hand on her servant’s erect cock. It was huge feeling even bigger in her hand. She could not close her fingers round it. She wanted to stroke it to kiss it. No it wasn’t possible she wanted to take it in her mouth to suck it.

“Measure it Mistress.” Sarah handed her the tape measure.

It was nearly a foot in length. Kelly continued to stroke him almost absent mindedly. He was near to coming and he pushed back at her hand. What was she doing? How could she behave like that? She stopped. She went bright red. She withdrew her hand.

“Tell him to get dressed. You win your bet.”
Sarah smiled.

Roger apologised he had to go away for the next four weeks. Kelly was obsessed by what she had seen. Sarah caught her staring at the large bulges in Andrew and Simon’s shorts. When she made Kelly’s bed she saw the damp patches where Kelly had come.

She listened outside her mistresses’ door each night as she masturbated showered and then masturbated again often as often as many as ten times. She answered Kelly’s questions about sex with a large penis. Her mistress was strange she wanted sex with a large cock but was much too timid to do anything about it. She was also rude and disrespectful. Arrogant as well she needed a lesson in humility.

Kelly could not get her vision of Andrew out of her mind. He had a beautiful body she had to admit. The thought of sex with anyone but her husband was abhorrent to her. Sex with a servant was unheard of. She didn’t consider herself a racist but her upbringing meant that she looked on black people as strangers almost a different species.

Ulu arrived one day to invite Kelly round to her house for a barbecue on the Saturday. Kelly arrived downstairs to find Ulu and Sarah chatting away. She was sure she heard her own name mentioned.

Ulu wanted to see the pompous conceited white woman swallow her husband’s massive cock. She wanted to see her take it all and then tell her white men and black men were the same size. That was not all she wanted the tall blonde to do.

Kelly was lonely without Roger and bored. What was even more frightening was that she couldn’t stop thinking about sex. The urge sometimes became so strong that she found herself showering three or four times a day using the showerhead on her cunt.

Sarah watched through an open door as her mistress writhed and groaned in a shower. Andrew and Simon joined her admiring the white woman through the frosted glass their cocks hard at the sight.

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