Alma: Part One

Alma's eyes glazed over with indulgent lust as her right hand tangled itself in the sheets upon her bed. Her body writhed up and down as her left hand worked furiously between her legs. Rubbing the wet folds of her tight little cunt. She was gasping now and placed her pillow over her head to stifle her screams as she came. This had been a ritual for Alma. every night for the past three years. It all started at the innocent age of ten years old when she had caught her mother sucking daddies cock in the living room. They had thought she was asleep and she was ever so quiet as she tiptoed down the stairs and peered through the wooden rungs of the banister. Her mother licked up the shaft and engulfed his cock in one fail swoop. Alma couldn't imagine how her mother didn't choke on it as it went deep into her throat. It had to have been eight inches in length and was rather wide. Alma felt a tingling between her legs and quickly found that if her fingers teased her little cunny then she could make herself feel very good. That night Alma promised herself that she would find every way possible to get herself off, though then she didn't know what to call it, and thus began her voyage of self discovery.

Alma's birthday had just been a week earlier and at thirteen she had still not gotten what she really wanted. From her parents a new bike. Her friends had all given clothes and CDs. One gift she received away from everyone else however. It was given to her by her friend Sara. They had snuck away to her bedroom during her party and Sara gave her the rectangular box wrapped in silver paper that glittered in the light. A bow of red ribbon was tied around the box and Alma wasted no time in removing it. When she had opened the box her eyes widened in surprise. What she found was a pink vibrator about 6 inches in length.
"It was my sister's. I Thought you might like it." Sara said wrapping her arms around Alma's waist.
"I love it!" Squealed Alma giving Sara a quick kiss on the lips before the two returned to the party.
This was a great gift Alma admitted to herself, but it still wasn't what she wanted. All she could think about since that night three years ago was having a nice hard cock of her own. One she could lick and suck on and put in all of her tight holes. Alma fell asleep fulfilled, but still wanting.

Alma woke to the sounds of giggles outside her door. She looked over and saw two sets of eyes peering through the crack of her door. She hadn't realized, but her sheet had fallen off her bed and her young body was fully exposed. She knew who the eyes belonged to, her eleven year old brother Jack and his best friend Andy. Alma simply laid her head back down on her pillow and decide why not give them a show. She slid her hands over the her small a cup tits paying special attention to her erect little pink nipples. She slid her right hand down her flat stomach and and traced down over the smooth lips of her pussy. Just before she slipped a finger in between her folds Alma jumped off the bed and rushed the door swinging it open getting a good look at both the boys little bulges before slamming the door shut. She could hear both boys take off running down the hall. With a smile on her face Alma grabbed some clothes off the floor and got dressed heading downstairs to get some breakfast.

At the breakfast table Alma poured herself a big bowl of cereal. Across from her her mother Rose sat reading through the newspaper. She was an attractive woman with large tits. Her hair was a sandy blonde andher figure was very fit.
"Alma I need you to watch your brother and Andy today. I have to go into work to finish up some reports." Rose said to Alma.
Alma often had to watch after her brother and his friends, but after the events earlier that day she had new things working in her mind.
"No problem mom. What time do you think you'll be home?" asked Alma.
"More than likely it will be around nine, but I may have to stay later. Your dad will be home around ten so he can take Andy home then."

The rest of the morning Alma thought about what to do that day. She had so many things she wanted to try and she knew she had two little helpers there at the house. After her mother left she listened as the car drove down the road and made her way outside of Jack's bedroom.
"Can you believe what she did?" Jack stated fairly loudly.
"I know, I know. I can't believe we saw her pussy. You have no idea how hard I would fuck that." Andy replied with a smug retort.
"You wouldn't do shit. You'd probably cum in your pants before she did anything." Said Jack with a laugh.
"Atleast I'm not the one who jerks off to his own sister, but I guess if I had a sister that hot I'd do anything to get her to touch my dick." said Andy.
Alma could already feel her pussy getting wet and with a deep breath she turned the door knob to Jack's room. Bott boys turned their heads and jumped up off the bed apologizing fervently about earlier that day.
"You two have been very naughty boys haven't you?" Alma asked with a sly smile and walked over to the boys grabbing each one by the crotch. "mmm and I bet you need a little punishment."

Jack and Andy froze at Alma's touch, unsure of what to do. Jack looked over at Andy who shared the wide eyed open mouthed look of surprise and then back to Alma.
"Do you want me Jacky boy or you Andy?" Alma asked.
Both boys nodded their heads without realizing it.
"Good then you going to have to do whatever I tell you, understand?"
The boys nodded again.
"Take off your clothes." Alma demanded.
You wouldn't have to tell them twice. Jack took his clothes off as quick as possible. His little erection sticking straight out infront of him. Andy followed suit with a cock about 2 inches bigger than Jacke's four,
"Those are nice boys, but if you want me to take my clothes off your going to have to do something to get me hot." Alma said.
"What do you mean?" Andy asked with a confused look.
"Well if you thinky our going to get anything from me you have to play the game. I want you to jerk each other off. If you do good then I'll take off my top and I'm not even wearing a bra so you'll be able to see my little titties. What do you say?" replied Alma.
"Fuck that we're not gay" said Jack.
"I'll do it" said Andy
"What? I don't want you to touch my dick." screamed Jack.
"Dude seriously when are we ever going to get this chance again. I swear I won't tell if you won't. Plus it's just your hand. It's not like I'm fucking you in the ass." said Andy.
"Fine, but Alma you better not be fucking with us." Jack replied.

Jack and Andy got close together and hesitantly each put their hand on the others cock. Slowly tracing their fings of each others shaft, Feeling the smoothness of it and the rigid meat as they closed their hands around them. Jack started pumping away at Andy's cock and Andy at his. With heads thrown back in a moment of pleasure Jack looked over at Alma who had her top pulled off anf was pinching at her nipples. This only made him harder and work Andy's cock faster.
"Now if you want the pant's then i suggest you get to sucking" Alma said, rubbing her pussy outside the thin material.
"I'll go first then you can see it's not so bad Jack." Andy said while pushing Jack back onto his bed.
Andy got on his knees right between Jack's legs and looked at the cock in his hand. With a bit of hesitancy he leaned forward and licked the tip of Jack's cock. It's didn't really taste like anything he thought and he moved down licking from the base of Jacks shaft right to the tip. Jack moaned a little and looked at Alma biting his lip. Alma moved her pants down past her knees then past her ankles kicking them off at the two. She sat down on top of the hamper in the corner of the room just watching the two go at it. Andy was now taking Jacks hard cock into his mouth and bobbing up and down. Jack had never felt something so good and without warning he felt something poking at his puckered asshole. Andy was pushing his index finger to the first knuckle into Jacks asshole and Jack just couldn't take anymore. His body tensed and without warning he came right down Andy's throat. Andy gagged for a minute and tried to swallow down as much as he could, but there was just to much and it overflowed and spilled down his chin. When he swallowed all he could Andy leaned back and smiled at Alma who now had two fingers deep into her thirteen year old cunt.

"How was that?" Andy asked to anyone who would answer.
"Fucking awesome." Said Jack with a dopey grin across his face.

To Be Continued.

Constructive criticism is always helpful and anyone who simply likes to talk about all things taboo or depraved in a sense.

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