How i became a sex toy

My name is Tammy and i an now 20 years old and a freed woman. But it was not allways like this. First off I want to give you some back groound info about me to help explain how i became a sex slave to a mean black man. I live on a small farm with my dad. My mom left us when I was little so all i knew was how to be a tom boy. Around my 8th birthday or so i noticed that my dad's friends would look at me funny and if i wore my short skirts and tank top they would be very nice to me.

That is when i started to act like the girls and women on tv and try to act sexy. A few of them started to grab my ass more often playfully or give me a swat on it . If I was wearing on of my skirts they would ask me to sit on thier laps and tell me to be a good girl as thier hands would end up rubbing my inner thigh. To me it was fun and an easy way to make some money from them.

They really got grabby during the summer when i was 10. I was just getting tits and they would cop a feel when ever my dad was not around. Mike my dad black friend even got me a bikini to wear for them. My dad complained a little that I was too young and it showed off too much skin, but gave in after i pouted and acted like a spoiled brat for a couple days. My dad was so easy to let me have my way trying to keep me happy and not have me want to live with my mom.

A few times ike would come over when my dad was at work and spend time with me. Started out all innocent but it became very adult in no time. The first thing he convinced me to do was to go toppless whenever it was just em and him. He did this by giving me 5 bucks every time he was around. That may not seem alot but for a 10 year old with no allowance it is. to make sure i did not get sun burned on my budding titties he would put way too much lotion on them.

Things stayed the same till I was 12. My dad would have poker parties over at the house and Mike and the others would say i would be a great hostess. My tits were now a b-cup and i even saw my dad looking down my shirts a few times. It was a big rush to know i was haveing an effect on all those grown men. As the hostess i would get the guys beers and chips for some small tips. i soon learned if i wanted more tips i needed to dress mkore sexy. At first it was low cut tops and daisy dukes. Then the guys would get me outfits to wear. My dad as usual would say they were too slutty but I could allwatys wear them. i think i was the only girl in my grade that owned more thongs and g-strings then regular panties. Even my dad would tip me by putting dollars in my thongs.

After a long night of poker my dad passed out on the couch and Mike helped my clean up. While we were doing that he kept on pinning me against the sink or the table and rubbing his crotch against my ass. When i told him to stop he got mad and slapped me.

"Tammy your nothing but a little cockteasing piece of white trash." mike yelled at me
I was very shocked cause he never yelled at em and allways took my side in anything i said.

"Why are you mad at me Mike?" i asked him as i looked up at this big black man i thought would never hurt me.

" Because I love you and want to show how much I love you, and all you do it make fun of my love Tammy."

I felt real bad thining I really hurt him and looked down at the floor. "I do care for you but I was scared."

He stepped closer to me and put his hands on my shoulders. "do you want to make it up to me babydoll?" i nodded my head when he asked. Pushing on my shoulders, he forced me to my knees. Now be a good girl and undo my pants"
When i did i saw he had on no underwear and his big black cock came out. My eyes went wide when i saw it. "Now be a good girl and pt it in your mouth."

Looking up at him I shook my head no and wa feeling really scared, "Tammy do you want me to get mad at you and spank your slutty ass till it is all red?" Hearing that i put the tip of his cock into my mouth and kept it there. He then put his hands on either side of my head and started to guide it back and forth. When his cock hit the back of my throat I tried to pull away. Pulling ut of my mouth he then slapped my face as hard as he could. "Don't ever try that again you little pice of shit. Next time I will hurt you!"

Forcing his cock down my throat and making me gag and choke was what happen next. tears were running down my face which made him smile. The whole time he used my mouth like that he kept on telling me how sexy i was and how much he wanted to do this for a long time. After what seemed forever he pulled out and siad it was time to go to my bed room.

While sitting on my bed he tod me to get naked. when i was fully unclothed he pulled me close to him. "Baby doll i want to become your boyfriend but that emans you will have to do some thing you might not like. One of them is letting me play with this sexy, slutty body of yours. All you litte white girls need to know your body is made for black cock."

After saying that he made me bend over the edge of the bed with my ass sticking up. "Now my little baby slut this will hurt, but if you scream i will hurt you even worse."
With that he forced his cock into my virgin pussy with one hard thrust. Let me tell you i thought he was killing me. I was bitting my bed sheets as he took my cherry hard and rough. with each thrust he went deeper. The whole time he was laying ontop of me whispering i was a good girl friend for letting him do this to me. In and out he went like a psiton. I felt him tense up and then a flood of fluid enterme. He was also moaning when it happen.

When he was done using my little body he picked me up and took me to the bathroom. There we took a shower together and he used the spray nozzle to clean out my pussy.

"Since your dad has to work tomorrow I am gonna come over and take you shoppign. I know a nice little shop where we can get you same real sexy clothes. Is that fine with you Tammy?"

My mind was still in a state of shock when he said that and all i could do was nod my head, After the shower he carried me back to my room and changed my bed sheets and washed them. Tuck me into bed and left.

Please let me know if you want to hear what happens next.

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